(sigh) – Who is in my house? (sigh) I know I heard something. – Hey Sharers, what’s going on
and welcome back to the blog. Today’s blog is gonna be
totally absolutely crazy. Here John, take this real quick. We gotta go undercover. John and I are currently in
the mystery neighbors house, we set up some pranks vlog
and let’s just say things got completely crazy, they were
going really, really well and then she heard a noise
and she thinks that we’re in the house right now. – She knows we’re in the house. – Or she knows somebody’s in the house. So we currently have to get
from upstairs in the top of this mansion all the way down,
through the hallway, past that creepy picture of
her, out into the kitchen, past the kitchen, out the door. If we can make it out there
without her finding us, we’ll make it out okay. – Yeah and the pranks will finally work, the only problem is Stephen,
if we don’t make it out, these pranks, they’re a fail. – And she’ll catch us and we’ll be in super, super, super big trouble. So John I’m thinking the best
thing is that we split up. Do you have walkie talkies
in your backpack still? – Of course. – Okay, grab your walkie
talkies, we gotta split up. I don’t know where she is,
she’s somewhere in the house. We gotta find out where she is
and when the coast is clear, we’ll radio to each
other, “coast is clear”, we’ll get outta here. Sharers, we’ve gotta
make it out without the mystery neighbor catching
us so smash the like button right now and give us good luck. John, grab these. Are they working? (beeping) – Yep. – Perfect. Test, test. (static feedback) (beep) That was loud. – It works. – Okay, you ready for this? – Yeah, all right, you
go ahead and I’ll follow. – Okay, I’m gonna go check out. Here we go, let’s go, okay. Let’s see. Wish me luck. – I know I heard something. Who is down there? (eerie instrumental music) – There she is. John I see her, she’s
walking down the stairs, she’s walking down the
stairs, over. (beep) (heavy footsteps) – You see her? – Yeah, she’s walking down
the stairs, hang tight. (beep) Hang tight, there she is
Sharers, there she is. (muffled speaking on walkie talkie) Okay. All right hang tight, I’m
gonna go radio silent for a little bit. She’s downstairs. (beep) – Sounds like Stephen
is really close to her and I’m not supposed to
radio him or else it might give away our location. Got my backpack zipped back up. Let’s put it on. – Who is in here? – Can’t see Stephen anymore
so now we’re relying on these walkie talkies. – [Stephen] There she is,
there she is, there she is. Okay, okay, okay, okay, k, k, k, k. (loudly exhaling) She’s downstairs right now. These stairs are so loud. Okay, now where did she go? (slamming) Oh my goodness. This house is so. (thumping) Come on Sharers, where is she? Okay John, start entering
the top of the staircase. I know she’s downstairs
somewhere but I don’t know exactly where, come on out, over. (beep) – [John] Okay, exiting the bedroom. (eerie sounds)
– Oh, oh. Hang tight, hang tight. She’s coming, she’s coming. Hold on, hold on, hold
on, hold on, hold on. (beep) – Hello? – John, don’t say a
word, don’t say a word, she’s right there, hang tight. – Stephen I hear something. (beep) – Hang tight John, don’t say a word. Shh, there she is, there she is. (heavy footsteps) Okay, hang tight, hang tight. She’s going down the hallway. John, she just went down the hallway. Let’s start moving. Meet me at the top of the stairs now. – Okay, going to the top
of the stairs now. (beep) (light intense music) – John, come on, come on,
come on, come on, come on. Shh, quiet, quiet, quiet. Okay, I just saw her. She went into the hallway. Let’s head downstairs,
go to that yellow room with the piano. Okay, come on, let’s go quietly. – You go first, then I’ll follow. – Okay. – I’m gonna stay up here. – Let me know if you see
her, hang tight, hang tight. Let’s see. (intense eerie sounds) She’s looking at her painting. I’m gonna move, I’m gonna
make a move, here we go. Go, go, go. – Okay Sharers, Stephen
just said she’s looking at her own painting. Which is a little weird. I don’t see her from up here. – John I’m in the yellow
room, I’m in the yellow room. There’s a pool here. That’s awesome. – Stephen, should I go
downstairs now? (beep) – John, the coast is
clear, come on down. (beep) – On my way. (beep) – Let’s do this, okay. Coast is clear, come on John, come on. – Did I just hear something? (dramatic trumpet sound) – Uh, Stephen. – Ooh, hang tight, stay there, stay there, stay there. (beep) – I’m staying here.
(muffled speaking) (beep) (heavily exhaling) She’s outside. I need to make a run for it. All right, making a run for it. (beep) – Go John, go, go, go, go, go, go, go. You’re clear, you’re clear. Come in the yellow room,
in the yellow room. Hide, hide, hide.
– She’s right there Stephen, you’re not gonna believe it. – [Stephen] Okay, stay
down, stay down, stay down. – Okay. – I don’t know. – John, we gotta take
cover, we gotta take cover. She’s coming in this room. Hide, hide really good. Hide really good, I’m gonna go over here. – Okay Stephen, I’m gonna
hide right over here. (beep) (crickets chirping) Stephen, I’m outside. – Okay, John, I’m in here. (gasp) I see her, she’s
coming, she’s coming in, hide. Look, there she is. Bingo, I see her John, I see her. Hang tight. (gasp) There she is, there she is, there she is. (gasp) She’s coming into the yellow room. She’s in the room. John, hang tight, she’s in
the room, she’s in the room. Hang tight, hang tight, hang tight. She’s in the room, hang tight. – Looks like somethings
been messed in here. Hm. (thud) What was that noise outside? – John, she just heard noise outside, she might be coming to you. – All right Stephen, I’m going over here. Gotta hide, gotta hide. (intense sound) – I swear I thought I
heard something out here. I don’t know. Something’s fishy going on here. That’s for sure. – Sharers she didn’t see me. Stephen, she went back inside. – [Stephen] John, I see
her, she’s coming back in. She’s back in, hang tight. Hang tight. – I don’t know if I’m hearing
things or what but hm. Huh. Checkmate. – Okay John, coast is clear. She just left the room. I say we start heading
towards the kitchen and try to work our way out of here. Where are you John, where are you at? John, where you at? – Okay, coming Stephen, on my way. (intense instrumental music) Stephen, there you are. – Okay. She just left the room. – Yeah. – We gotta make our way to the kitchen as fast as we can. I don’t know the best way to get there but we’ll make our way to the kitchen and we’ll make our way out. – Should we split up
or should we together? – I don’t know what do you think? – Maybe you go that way, I’ll go this way, we’ll
meet up at the kitchen but if you hear something
or see something, just radio me. – Okay. Here we go, you ready? – Yeah, you go first. – Three, two, one, let’s go, come on. I’m gonna go to the kitchen. Sharers I’m on this way to the kitchen. Hang tight, hang tight. Come on. – Okay, Stephen’s on
his way to the kitchen. Now I’m gonna go that way. – Coast is clear, I’m
moving towards the kitchen. – Okay Stephen, I’m following you. All right, let’s go up here. Let’s peak around. Wait Stephen, is that you? – Coast is clear. – Okay. I’m coming. – We’re good? – [Stephen] We’re good. – Okay. Should we keep moving? – It’s straight to the
kitchen, we can do this. Straight to the kitchen. Okay, you ready, just move slowly. If you hear any noise, besides our feet. Squeaky. – I know someone’s in here but I’m just hungry so,
just gonna get a snack. (sigh) (crack) – If you hear any noise,
we just gotta make a run back upstairs (muffled speaking). – Okay. Our escape plan, go up
that way, make a left, go upstairs and just hide. – Good idea, okay, keep going. (intense sound) (loud clanking) Oh my goodness. – What was that? (dramatic instrumental music) I know I heard something. – Okay, John, sh, sh, shh. – That was so loud. – Just quietly put it back where it was. (loud rustling) (loud squeaking) (muffled speaking) You just broke it. – Are we sure? What do we do now? Stephen, it’s not gonna
stand up like this, look. – Just put it back John, just
put it back, just put it back. Just put it back. (loud rustling) Here, just give it to me. – You take it. – John, we have to quietly put this back. She’s gonna know we were in here. – Hey, be quiet though. Do it quietly, come on, she’s
gonna know that’s missing. – I got it, I’ll hang it
back up and everything. (tearing) – What was that noise? – Oh my goodness. – [John] No Stephen. – This is not good John, it just ripped. Okay, okay, all right. Oh no, what do we do? – [John] We’re gonna have
to just take it with us. – Okay. (loud rustling) Here, just take this. (muffled speaking) Just take it. Just take it. We gotta get his out the door. – I got it. – [Stephen] You got it? – Yeah. – Sharers, is this your camera? Are you the one doing this to me? – She’s coming, she’s coming. We gotta hide. Shh, shh, come on, come on. She’s coming, she’s coming. Hide back here, hide back
here, quick, hide, hide. Quick, hide, hide. Turn off the light, turn
off the light. (click) Okay, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh. – I know it’s you who’s in here. I’m not letting you
get out of here. (sigh) (eerie instrumental music) – Okay, shh, stay quiet, stay quiet. – (sigh) I know my self portrait was right here on this wall. I know it’s always been there, it’s been there for a while now. It was a gift from my sister Karen, you know that was something she gave to me and that really meant a lot to me and I. It’s not here, if it’s not brought back in impeccable condition, you
Sharers gonna pay, you know. These prank wars ain’t over yet. Y’all be doing this to me. Wait, I thought I just heard
something on the piano. Let me go check that out. (sighing)
(heavy footsteps) – Okay, we’re good, we’re good. John let me just grab, let
me just grab this prank. This is prank number one. This is called, glue hand sanitizer prank and let’s just say it totally worked. We got her hands stuck to a muffin, totally epic Sharers. Make sure to check out last
vlog if you didn’t already. Is she playing the piano? (piano music) Yeah, she’s definitely playing the piano. (loud rustling) John. – What was that? (intense sound)
(gasp) – She’s coming, okay
quick, make it to the door. Just go, just go, just– – Grab the muffins. – Come on. I’ll grab a banana. – Grab me a muffin. – Just go, just go. – Sharers, is that you? – I don’t have any hands free. – [Stephen] Hang on, hang on, hang on. Door, door, door. (squeaking)
I got the door. John back up, back up, back up. Back up, back up. We gotta go, we gotta go. She’s coming, she’s coming, she’s coming. – If I find you in my kitchen, I’m not gonna be very happy. I know y’all aren’t in there. (intense dramatic sound) What, Sharers? – Quick, come on. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. Let’s go, here we go, here we go. Go, go, go, go, go, go. – What’s going on? – Stephen wait up, I’m coming. This thing’s pretty big. Sharers, I think we just made it out. Hit that subscribe button. (click) – [Stephen] Let’s go, yeah. – Did I just leave the door open? Maybe it was the wind the whole time. Maybe I made it up. All right then. (slam)

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