Wholesale Real Estate: How to Build a Driving for Dollars ARMY!!!!

Wholesale Real Estate: How to Build a Driving for Dollars ARMY!!!!

imagine if you had a whole army of people going on every single street in your community in your market and finding you the absolute worst homes out there in your community and in what if there is an app that they would just click it and it all was centrally located to your database so that you could then reach out to them through their marketing or prospecting well check this video out because we're going to show you exactly that tool to use to do that Brent Daniels welcome back to this channel I'm so excited you came back because this episode right here could be absolutely game-changing life-changing for you because we're going to talk about a strategy for finding the absolute most distressed properties in your market and this is no BS here this is the real deal I am back again with mr. David Lecco nice yeah David Lego owns a company owns an app has created the app deal machine okay now this is a phenomenal tool for you to use well deep dive it here in a bit we'll pull this computer up show you that will pull up the give the the phone but most importantly what this app does is this app is like the rolls-royce the premium for being able to drive $4 and scale it and scale it yeah even more important that's what this video is gonna be about this is about building an army of people so that they can get you the absolute best list I'm telling you guys after millions and millions of calls after millions of mail pieces after everything the number one list of all time is always a driving $4 list and here I mean this is your business you've been in this for so long how many times have you heard that around the country from the biggest people doing in the industry right when that's how I started doing it yeah as I kept hearing it yeah yep so you keep hearing and you've seen it guys if you've seen the video down on this channel it was just me driving around four dollars writing down these deal of writing down addresses of distressed properties what do you mean distressed properties Dyson drive around go see the ugliest houses on the street that's what I mean by distress they're physically distressed now does maybe the homeowner loves it like that maybe they don't know it's like that maybe they even seen this property in years and years and years but the fact is only two things happen with those properties one they have to sync a ton of money into them it took fix them up to sell them or to fix them up to live in I'm going to fix them up in general or two they have to sell though cash buyer mmm-hmm right yeah that's it so what if you could get list how valuable of a list would it be if you got every single active distressed property in your marketplace in the country in different marketplaces that's what we're gonna be talking about on this video that's why this is so exciting yeah rightly so okay so I'm gonna I'm gonna tell you what I've got going on here with my group okay and you can kind of tell me what other people are doing strategy was perfect okay so what I did what I've done is I am getting an elite and a select amount of people five or six people here in Phoenix and I am going to they're gonna each drive $4 drive using your app all connected to my account right and they're gonna have different territories and they are going to get they're gonna do at least two hours a week eight hours a month and for exchange for that I'm gonna mentor them weekly for an hour and a half on this business on real estate on investing on whatever it is Yeah right so really I'm training the mentorship time for them bringing in all these for me the deals all these addresses yeah that'll turn into deals yeah right exactly so they're gonna be driving all around so that's the strategy that I use if you're an influencer in your marketplace if you and your buddies all get together want to do all your friends get together and you want to do a business and want to do driving for dollars and you can get everybody on the same account this is what I'm talking about this is a strategy that you can use to get other people to drive around and get these distressed addresses for you yes and we actually call those people that drive for you deal finders and so they get the login to easily submit properties and if you're leveraging your time but they can't actually spend any of your money so they can't do things in the app such as sent mail and they can't do a skip trace that's all up to you to buy you on your account so that way you have to worry about them you know stealing your list or or spending your money yes now do you have to have how many accounts you have to have do you ever have an account for each person I would recommend that because then you can tell who submitted which property to you and if you're splitting the profits on the deals which I know a lot of people like to view mm-hmm then you know who to split that profit with got it so if you so they can so you have to get what they have to download and do they have to pay for each one that's on each side like if there's five phones out there you have to get five you have to pay the amount to the deal machine amount times five no actually so deal finders you can have up to three deal finders on your basic deal machines bonus plan for just the cost yeah there's no additional cost to that so we actually recommend having those deal finders on there by the way coupon code TTP you get it nine bucks cheaper right what's the total cost right yeah it's $10 off and that month and so what what is it what is the cost it's 39 for you for TTP normally it's 49 so 30 $40 you can have three people on your app this is bananas this is bananas so then the I so if you wanted to get other people on there yeah so there's we do have an additional plan that lets you have unlimited numbers of deal finders okay so I mean you can run ads on Craigslist or are indeed yep with a job posting yep and the call to action can be sign up on my deal finder signup page yeah so these people will see all this information about working and driving okay guys we'll pull up my deal fighter pal I'm gonna show you exactly what this is this is just will get all this stuff out of the way and then we'll get into the cool stuff so you're constantly recruiting and onboarding new deal finders so without you really doing I love it yeah and what's the unlimited play that's $1.99 per month $2 yeah I mean you got in our industry I mean $200 gets you like I don't know four or five hundred postcards I mean it's like nothing and you know yes they $200 yes to get unlimited people out there bringing me the best list of all time yes oh my gosh that's I think you need to charge more government discount yeah okay they if you use CTP they get a discount on $200 yeah they do how much it's still $10 off I love it perfect there you this is a no-brainer I'm telling you this app is super user friendly you literally drive through you pin the the address you press a plus button it adds it and now it's in your database correct and now you can you have it in Excel correct and what you can do is you can literally mail you can add it to a mailing list and you're gonna automatically send it out for them yeah yeah I struggled to follow through yeah so we Boris that mail feature automatic so you can do it right from your phone one at a time and you don't have to worry about you know a minimum mailing amount to use like another service provider button like that right yeah incredible and you can skip trace them yes you can do that instantly in the app and get phone numbers emails and additional addresses right when you're in front of the house and talk to them right when you're in front of the house if this is a no-brainer guys especially listening if you were starting out in this business and you were not driving four dollars if you're not using this app you're just leaving so much money as so much you're doing too much work instead of having quality conversations with distressed properties so what is around the country are people paying for for the amount of addresses they send in do they pay for if a deal closes like how does this work so if you have never done a deal before ever you should either be somebody's deal finder like that worse yeah or you should find somebody who's gonna have your back and will do the work for free so like your mom or your girlfriend or your boyfriend or relative so they learn I think they want you to succeed yeah okay but once you've done a dealer to the payment structures for deal finders that we often see is like $1 or $2 per house if I'm talking to a mailman or like a delivery man who's got a full time job but I know they come across really good deals I want to make it worth their while so I'll do like five dollars in each mm and then if you're really wanting to scale up I would recommend paying an hourly rate and in Indianapolis I paid $15 an hour and with a goal of at least 10 properties emissions per hour hmm so the hourly fee make sure you do have a goal yep and then the bottom line is you know you want them to know what your criteria is we've made it really easy for them for you to convey that with the recruitment page yep that you can set up for your business with the video the deal finders get inside the app and then also tags in the app list out all the criteria that you would want to look for like it shows it gives them training on what to look for yeah which property yeah so you don't have to like literally drive these people around in your car for now and be like that's a property that's one that's one that it'll show what to look for because it's all the same characteristics you know an ugly house when you see an ugly house yeah exactly there's certain things that you can see that understand from the outside what typically the inside is gonna look like yes the the biggest time waster that you'll face is is actually training people and meeting people before they add properties for you yep because they'll see your ad and they'll be like oh man I want to read some of that money and then they'll be like tell me more they'll take a lot of your time and then they'll end up fizzling out with all kinds of bizarre reasons like aya met with somebody for two hours and then she was like hey I decided to move to Florida with my mom mm-hmm and I was like what the hell yeah yeah so the the little tweak I made was make it really easy for them to get on my deal machine team and then have them add 50 properties I'll pay them for it I'll say I'll pay you $50 if you find these in the next three days then we can have a conversation about a long-term agreement I love it so you want to make them Joe in that hoop but you can clearly tell who's serious yeah yeah before you invest time incredible and that's it so there's there's a couple different rods here right there is hey your you've done a lot of business you're you're known in your marketplace you're known around the country you're able to recruit people to be able to do those the driving for you now I don't know how long it'll stick hopefully it'll stick for a while but who knows but to get people to sticky typically have to pay them typically and you're saying per address or once you get somebody that's doing well for you just put him on hourly and sometimes they prefer that even if they miss a day yeah that's what I did for you no we did it for about 6000 addresses paying a retired pastor you know and he was I mean he got out yeah he was out he was consistent he was doing it but I want to go big I want everything I want to know I want people all over town finding me these opportunities and then I want to scale that down and I want to be obsessed with that list yeah you know what I mean I want to be obsessed with the worst houses because I think that's one in my experience we've haven't absolute biggest deals from the biggest profit margins from and to the conversations are a lot easier because you know what when the time comes for them to make a decision and you're the one calling them right you're the one on that conversation you get that deal you get that deal that's it yeah so phenomenal good so we're gonna spin this camera round we're gonna look at what the website looks like for the deal finders how they can put their their information in there and then also what it looks like on the app yeah so David's gonna take over from here explaining all the the kind of the cool features of the the deal machine process this is David from deal machine and I'm going to show you the features and the tools we have to make recruiting and managing deal finders to drive for you and find deals really really easy and not take up a lot of your time so the first step is with the dual machine enterprise plan you can set up your own landing page where you can direct everybody to go where they can learn about how to make money while they drive to drive for you and so this is what that looks like my page is deal find your dot team slash Indy because I live in Indianapolis and it says get paid to explore your city earn up to twenty dollars an hour while exploring your city by taking a photo when you see a home in need of repair this site is hosted for Lecco Properties LLC and that would say your company and it says look for these houses that meet any of the criteria stuff fil mailbox broken are boarded up windows tarp on the roof you get the idea they can also find out why to take pictures the benefits for them are listed out here and they can earn money they'll get payments directly made to them they get their own schedule so they can drive when it's convenient for them and they're gonna help the company beautify and restore neighborhoods and signing up just takes a few minutes as long as they meet the following requirements and those are listed here so you have to be 18 years old have a valid driver's license with insurance have driven at least a year and they've got to have an Android or a smart and iPhone and enjoy using technology and they can actually get started by signing up right over here and so as soon as they sign up they're actually going to get emailed instructions on how to get started with the deal machine app and get it on their phone in a way that's going to make them a deal finder so when they submit properties they're going to actually be sending them to me so this isn't going to cost them any money they're just signing up on my team alright so I just got a notice on my phone that says my team is growing david Lecco applied to be your deal finder they're already downloading the app and watching training videos and then it suggests some next steps for you which is basically you know just send them an email and talk about payment structures so I'll get into that in a second so on their end it's gonna say adding properties takes just 10 seconds plug in your phone number and you'll get a link to download the deal machine app on their phone so here I am they're gonna text themselves a link and that should come through just a second cool and it says thanks for applying to work with Lecco properties follow these steps to get started open this link with your smartphone click login and sign in with the same email they used to signup originally and then the fourth thing is going to say say hi to your team owner and that's going to your email down there so when they click this link they're gonna open the deal machine out at that point you can click on your team tab and you can see all of your team members so you're going to see them here and then what I want to do next is show you what it looks like on their end when they sign up and see that training video that they get to watch I'm as a deal finder logging in for the very first time and I'm gonna get this a little guide that's especially designed to train a deal finder how to use deal machine and look for these properties so this video is different than what you guys see it especially for deal finders so it's going to go through how to use the app how to add properties and also how to get in touch with you the team owner to discuss their payment with you okay so you might be wondering where do I find these deal finders and we actually have sample advertisements you can post on Craigslist as well as a sample job posting you can post on indeed.com and of course you can invite your friends family and anyone you meet at a meet-up that wants to be mentored and you can have them go to your page and sign up so again quick tip is to have these job postings go directly to that page so that they can sign up without you being involved once they're signed up they're going to see that video that I just showed you and I wanted to give you a few tips on how to manage your deal finders so I'm gonna pull up my smart phone again and I wanted to show you this is this is a brand new deal finder that just joined your team and what you're gonna want to have them do is click start driving because if you're gonna pay them for their time you're going to want to make sure you're tracking how much they drive so when they click start driving there's a little timer up here and also mileage is being tracked over here so that they can start adding properties that they see and you got all the data so I'm gonna add one house and after that gets added I'm gonna stop my driving so by tracking this information you're not gonna overpay your deal finders so this is a little bit confused because we're downtown but this would be their actual driving route and I'll show you how that looks okay so now I'm on the admin side and I want to make sure I pay my deal finders but I don't pay them too much and so I'm gonna go check out the previous driving routes that they've logged and so I can scroll through and see some of these like legit routes that have been driven this one was five minutes in April 19 properties were added 1.81 miles driven so if I wanted to see those 19 properties I just click that and then it's actually going to show me on the map where those properties are I'm gonna change it to satellite right now and here those properties there in Indianapolis and if I wanted to see the route that was driven I can just click the map options button as well and click show driving routes so now you can see there's a green outline and it's going to be green for six months after six to 12 months it'll be yellow and 12 to 24 months it'll be red and then after that it's going to go away so you're gonna have a color indicator that's gonna tell you when this route needs to be read Riven and this is how it's going to look like so if I want to see just all the properties and all the routes on one screen I mean just click off of this and now I can see additional routes that have been driven as well so your deal finders they're gonna see these green routes but they're gonna be a little bit transparent so theirs are gonna be nice and bold like this everyone else is on your team is going to be transparent so they can tell the difference and they don't duplicate work that someone else on your team has already done another key thing is if you know the subdivisions super-hot the the route tracker is going to allow you to make sure you don't miss a street because it can be confusing like right here where you've got to double around you can see I totally miss a spot right here thanks to the route tracker I can go back and cover that area in case there's any jail last thing I wanted to show you guys is how you can get a mileage deduction at the end of the year for all these miles you've been driving so the government actually lets you write off 58 cents per mile driven and as you can see your own miles and your team's miles are all tracked right here and so the way to calculate your mileage deduction is actually to click this little download button here on your desktop and then you can export all of your routes you'll get a picture summary of all the routes driven as well and you can tally up all those miles driven so everyone's going to get this feature for the route tracking and you're always gonna be able to start and stop driving if you do hit this map button showing the driving routes while you're driving and that export are in additional twenty dollars a month but you don't need those to get started you just have to click the stop and start driving to get that mileage tracked and to see those summaries over here in the driving routes so you've got quite a bit that you can work with right here and no additional charge Oh guys I hope you got so much impounding so much quality quality value in this video so I mean you you've got all the resources you need to be able to create a team and arming a group a business of people going out every single day finding you the best properties to go after but here's the most important part of this whole thing you need to take action on that list okay whether it's in is some people are killing it with direct mail we kill it with TTP we pick up the phone we want to be proactive we want to call these people but you have to take action to get the results that you want don't just have a list and not do anything with it don't get a ton of properties be overwhelmed with it and not go after him go after these deals you will find amazing opportunities if you're looking to join the most proactive group in real estate investing it is the TTP program you can go to wholesale regain com4 slash TTP take a look at all the testimonials take a look at what it's about and you have a lot of teaching to you guys oh yeah of the using deal machine right now and they are using it extremely effectively anyway guys as always I encourage you to talk to people love you see


  1. Rainier Home Solutions

    Can you make a video on when a lead isn’t a deal? As far as amount of equity, mortgage owed, liens, etc?

  2. Ephrem Bekere

    Hi Brent, you should put your videos in podcast form. A lot easier to consume that way while at the gym or driving. Love your content!

  3. VideoGrabBag

    Would like to know some stats on AVERAGE of how many d4d properties one needs to get a deal (assuming one does calling, texting, and postcard follow up for each property).
    Is it more like 500 properties to get one deal or 50 ? (of course I know it differs per area)

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