What is a Good Deal when Buying a Used Car? (How to Buy a Used Car)

What is a Good Deal when Buying a Used Car? (How to Buy a Used Car)


  1. John Lennon

    Jaguars are junk. Never buy one new or used unless you like pouring good money after bad in repairs.

  2. Omar Zowila

    I saw a 2007 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 on Facebook marketplace and it says it’s $1500.00 because it’s a repo and a down payment

  3. Gregory Lee

    Yea life must be rough if you have to take the kids to soccer in a Jag.
    omg what a setback dam kids lol

  4. Derek THOMPSON

    Thanks these videos are good and contains a lot of useful info I am in Australia and much the same applies we do have an Automobile Association inspection service not cheap US$100.00 per vehicle but does cover all points of the car done by qualified mechanics its good for non mechanical people.

  5. Adam Paula

    I need a urgent help. I am buying Hyundai Santa fe 2008 model. But the ownership said He is paying the lease for the car and he only have small portion to pay for the full lease. He have all the paper works ready. Is it safe for me to buy the car?? Since he is on a lease?

  6. Victor Velazquez

    Chris u just hooked me up with a 2016 Honda Accord thanks man ur the best!!! 7k for 49,000k mile car and had absolutely nothing wrong with it only some scratches and the smell of cigarette smoke other than that its amazing

  7. In Cognito

    I thought the ad was sketchy the vehicle sounded way too under priced ,I pulled up in the parking lot it was 7:30 and dark already,the guy walked over to my car "you the one buying the car" I said yes he said he had it parked behind the store so I said well lets walk over there and see it . I get out of the car put my badge on my belt my 38 revolver in the holster …he froze for thirty seconds and ran so hard I lost sight of him in 10 seconds. Locked the car pointed my flashlight behind the alley and watched two more physically active persons exercising their way over the fence. Found a car matching the description missing four tires and a radio called the office turns out to be on a repo. list

  8. Roy Adamson

    I bought a Toyota flood car at a salvage auction. It looked like any other wrecked vehicle. It had a salvage title (as most of my cars did) but no mention of being a flood truck. I got it fixed looking as good as new with several new parts and lots of labor. The truck then began to have electrical problems and the check engine light came on. With enough investigation, I found out it was a flood truck. I took it to an auction, announced it as a flood truck and lost my ass on it. Flood vehicles should have their titles branded FLOOD not Salvage and stay that way forever or better yet" For Parts Only" Wrecked vehicles can be repaired as good as new by a reputable rebuilder, but flood cars get us screwed as well as the public.

  9. jake bird

    Did anyone else think this was staged at the start, and that it was chris talking to himself to set up the scenario for us.

  10. Laurence Loreto

    This are good tips, but how about internally can i take it to like pep boys? If i want to get it inspected, what kind of inspection should i get done with it. Like theres a name for like a whole bunch of inspection theyll do. Like check engine light, brakes, etc TIA! Bout to see one this weekend, the guy sound old so i think ill be fine and he dont mind driving to me cuz hes going to his daughters that live near me. Im feeling good about tjis one but well see.

  11. Greg Eiselin

    Why does Chris go by the Trade-In value instead of a Private-sale value when looking at the worth of the car?

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