Under $1000 Guest Room / Home Office Makeover

Under $1000 Guest Room / Home Office Makeover

KATELYN: Okay, come on in. What? It’s so nice! (saloon music) When you just wanna
makeover your guest room, but it’s filled with robots. You got really close! Oh, whoa. Oh? MAN: Thank you,
Evan and Katelyn. (yelling) (laughs) (kissing) Just needed a boost! (laughing) This is more for
me than for you. Got me too, baby. Hey guys, we’re Evan
and Katelyn and today we’re going to be giving our
guest bedroom a makeover. We’ve kind of been giving
it little makeovers here and there for the
past five or six years, but you know, it’s just like
the problem child of the house. (chuckling) Big thanks to Lowe’s for
sponsoring this video. And uh, it all started
by throwing all of our hand-me-down
furniture in there. KATELYN: I think
that’s pretty common. EVAN: It’s pretty common but– KATELYN: Everyone
neglects the guest room. It started to fail
us when we started manufacturing products
to sell in our own store which we did a while
ago and in order to scale it up, we went
with 3D printers everywhere. We had an entire robot army, which lived in the guest room. Still does. EVAN: We tried to consolidate it using a 3D printer cart
which worked for a while. And then we were like, let’s
take this a step further. Let’s build a Murphy bed to add even more room to
our guest room! So we did that,
added more space. EVAN: But this is the room where everything just
comes and gathers. It’s just like, kind
of the junk room. (chuckles) So before we go into
what we’re gonna be doing in this project, let’s show you what it looks like right now! (scary music) KATELYN: So here are the
issues we’re dealing with. One, the robots have gotten
even more out of control and spread beyond
the 3D printer cart. And we don’t really need
this many robots anymore. We also have this big,
fold out plastic table. It just always ends up
getting covered with junk. (chuckles) KATELYN: Evan is constantly hitting his head on the fan. Constantly. (laughing) It’s literally a hazard. EVAN: Aside from the Murphy bed, which is the one thing
we have put effort into, everything feels kind of bland. KATELYN: And lastly, clutter
just attracts clutter, so this has fully
become the junk room. It’s gotta lot of junk. In its trunk. (chuckles) So here’s how we’re
gonna fix this room. We still use a lotta
these 3D printers and this is still kind of
the best spot for them, but we’re gonna give
some robots away to a local Makerspace and
consolidate their accessories into baskets on the cart. We’ll also replace
the big fold out table with a nice, small wood
desk that we’re gonna DIY. A custom one that fits this
space a little bit better. KATELYN: This will allow us
to occasionally work in there when needed and it
gives our guests somewhere to set their things. We’re going to replace the
fan with a flush mount light that can clear Evan’s
head and the Murphy bed. We’ll add updated decor
like curtains, a plant, a mirror for our guest to
get ready with and a chair for them to sit in, and
anything else we happen to find. I have a theory that if
we make this room prettier and put a little bit
more love into it, we’ll be less likely to just
fill it with junk again. Last, we’ll reduce
clutter by storing items we don’t need year-round
up in our attic storage. (clapping music) EVAN: Okay, Katelyn,
where do we start? KATELYN: The three-part method that we have used
in past projects– EVAN: POO! KATELYN: The POO Method. (laughing) Purge. Because you can’t fix
a room when it’s filled with so much stuff,
so we’re just gonna get it all out of here. Next, we optimize the room and
kind of get it how we want it then we bring back in the things that we are gonna keep
in here, organize them, and lastly, we shall decorate. EVAN: So it’s more
like the POOD Method. Instead of the POO Method. It’s the POO’D, the past
tense, POO’D Method. EVAN: All right,
let’s get purging! Let’s get POO’Ding, I mean. (laughs) EVAN: Let’s go! (soft music) It’s just… just so
many random things. We have, like, a turkey baster! That’s for the 3D printer! Gonna get worse
before it gets better. Yeah, the only downside is when we purge something
from another room and then it gets stuck
wherever we do it. Like that table which we
purged from our garage! (both laugh nervously) It’s like the shuffle. (laughing nervously) The Supurrvisor’s
helping us purge. KATELYN: Yes, Purrge. I don’t know them. EVEN: Purrge. KATELYN: Purrge. The Supurrvisor art! (yelling) You got it, you got it! (beeping) I wanna put this up somewhere. (laughs deeply) I think the hard thing
is we make things at such a speed we don’t
always have time to like, figure out where is the
best place to put them or finish that last
finishing touch, like making feet. (laughs nervously) You know, stuff like that! Let’s go for a walk. (laughs) C’mon, over here! (thudding) (laughs) KATELYN: All right, I
think just the table and then we’re
good on that side. EVAN: Yeah, now on
this side we have Evan’s rollin’ box of
shame which is just like all the stuff I don’t
wanna deal with, and then we have Katelyn’s
box of organizing…boxes. This is my box of
pride, not of shame. Look at all of these
things I can use to organize all the
things I need to organize. I’ve got bins. I got bags. I got boxes and bins in my bags! EVAN: So all the
rest of this is stuff we’ve just been collecting and getting ready to
move into the attic. It’s been really hot and we didn’t want to go in. EVAN: Some of the
stuff we’re keeping for practical reasons, and some just for mainly
sentimental reasons. This is our wedding
backdrop that we DIY’d before we had the channel. It’s on a very old
blog post somewhere. (laughing) We made it! EVAN: Yeah! There’ll be a
picture right here. I still love this. Part of me wants to just like, hang it in the house somewhere. EVAN: Just like, as art? Yeah. EVAN: Yeah. I feel like you
could put it like, behind your bed or like, over your window in
place of curtains! I don’t know.
(laughing) Don’t get my butt. At least I don’t have a
hole in my pants this time! (laughing) EVAN: Oh, let’s get
your stylish socks. KATELYN: Yeah, I
got fuzzy socks! EVAN: The only sock that
now Katelyn now wears. (soft music) EVAN: Comin’ in handy! I know. EVAN: Oh my gosh, I do
not miss this heat though. I know, it’s still hot up here. But our storage is awesome. How many times can we
thank Lowe’s in this video? (laughing) Still hot! Here you go. (laughing) (yelling) (beeping) (upbeat music) KATELYN: It’s
lookin’ pretty good! I feel like we can
move around in here and finally have a blank
slate to work with. EVAN: Yeah. This looks great! Now, the other side of the coin. Is that this is our living room! Yay. EVAN: Yay! It always gets worse
before it gets better. EVAN: Yeah, but I’ll
start dealing with this while Katelyn gets her edit on. Yes, good luck. (pencil scratching) We hit the windshield
with the mic. (beeping)
We are on our way to Lowe’s. We’re gonna pick up stuff
to make our desk today. This is gonna be like
a nice, easy desk. Yes. Yeah. Then we’ll get some
decor and stuff, too, so it’s gonna be fun. (quirky music) I have to get a jump
start on the table. *exaggerated grunt noise* We’re just gonna use
this butcher block and it’s like, pretty much done. We just need to add legs. KATELYN: Cheat code entered. Yeah! We’re gonna make some
simple legs using poplar. (quirky music) EVAN: Fancy! It even has a USB! (singing softly) (beeping)
Okay, so since the top already came finished, all we have to do is
apply some finish to it. Time to work on the legs which should be pretty easy. KATELYN: Ready! (sawing sounds) (classical music) I’ll apply the glue
and you can spread it. KATELYN: Aw, yes. So our legs are basically
two little open squares that we’re gluing up, and then
we’re gonna add a stretcher which should keep it all sturdy. All right, so you place it and I’ll screw it. Are we having like,
a Ghost moment? I don’t know what music
plays during that scene. (singing softly) (jazz music) (beeping)
Yeah, think that’s pretty good. KATELYN: Sweet. I mean we can– On one side we’ll sand
it the rest of the way– We’ll sand it down, we’re
just dyeing it ebony. Nothin’s gonna show up. No one’s gonna be able
to see our mistakes. EVAN: Giving it the clamp. (snapping) KATELYN: One down. Yeah, there’s a
little bit of twist, but we’re persuading it. (laughing nervously) Okay, one more glue up
and that is our structure. We wanna make it the
same thickness as these so we’re gonna glue this up into one… Thick guy. (laughing) Oh, Katelyn, check it out. Silicon spreader. KATELYN: Oh, fancy! Fancy. It’s like mayo dip. Like, more liquidy
than mayonnaise, but thicker than milk. (laughing) EVAN: That’s disgusting! All right, that’s probably good. Good, ’cause we’re almost out. Oh, yeah. You don’t need these anymore. (classical music) We haven’t used
poplar in a while ’cause it kind of like, it
has like, a greenish tint, but it’s cheaper than oak
and it’s decent hardwood. It’s a decent hardwood. I’m not sure why
it’s not more poplar! (laughing) (beeping)
And it’s ready to assemble? KATELYN: Yes! (classical music) Okay! So we will see you guys
next when these are dried. (soft music) Next up was sanding, cutting down our stretcher, and assembling the leg assembly. EVAN: Nice! Yeah! EVAN: Looks good! It’s backwards. You do it like that way? You savage! KATELYN: For the stretcher, we just Google’d
where to place it. Looking at a bunch of images
(typing sounds) really helps when you’re trying to design your own furniture. (singing) (Zelda chest sound) (laughing) KATELYN: So glue’s
dry, clamps are off. Instead of gluing this down or just screwing
it or something, we’re gonna be fancy
and we got these threaded inserts that we’re
gonna add to the countertop that we can just screw
these fasteners to ’cause that way, in the
future, if we decide we wanna change what this is, ’cause this butcher
block is really nice. We can just remove the legs
or change them or whatever. We’ve changed this
guest room so many times so we don’t necessarily
trust this latest makeover to stick for years and years. EVAN: And then we’re going
to stain and finish it and we are done! It’s like, is this the
guest room makeover or a desk building video? (laughing) (beeping)
All right, it is 12:30 in the morning and it is time to
finish our things. Yes. Okay, we had to set up a divider so I don’t get
stain on this piece and Evan doesn’t get
finish on this piece. Okay, you bread? EVEN: Yep, I’m bread. We’re about to apply the like,
really really dark finish for the first time. I hope we like it. There’s no going back. I mean, theoretically we could
like, sand it all off, but– EVAN: But that’s
not gonna happen! No. That is dark! And we went with a dark
stain instead of just a paint ’cause you still can kinda
see the wood grain through it and we thought that
that would look nicer. Where ya gonna start? Just right in the middle? (chuckling) Yep. It’s not that much
of a difference, but it does release like,
a little bit of the shiny. I did not realize how
late it was until I looked at my clock to like,
say what time it was. I was thinking it
was gonna be like, “Oh, it’s just 11 “or 11:30!” Look how liquidy stain
is, it’s so liquidy. It’s so liquidy. (beeping) Ah-hah-hah… It got more on you? Yeah. At first, I thought that
was like, a victorious like, “Hah-hah-hah-hah!” No. No. I’m just getting
covered in stain. EVAN: Oh my gosh, your hand! You should probably just go
out and put on a glove now even though it’s
already stained. It’s just gonna get worse. Ugh. (laughing) (beeping) What are ya doin’? Experimenting. Yeah! (laughing) I don’t know how
much better this is, but I feel good. You feel accomplished. EVAN: Zoop, zoop. Looks like you
got the pox, baby. Oh my god! You have so much! Yeah, I didn’t escape
unscathed though. (chuckling) Yeah, I’m lovin’ these
lines here though. I think once we put the
finish on top of it, woo! KATELYN: Woo! Okay, so we’ll just
wipe off some areas it’s pretty soaked in. Oh yeah, it doesn’t change much. That’s good. EVAN: Yeah, yay! Maybe we’re done. Aw, that looks so nice! Look at how you see
the grain through. Does that pick up on camera? Yay! EVAN: Yay! KATELYN: Oh, hi! Am hungry. KATELYN: Hello. (soft music) Good morning! So while our stain
continues to dry, we are actually
taking our 3D printers to a local Makerspace
called Maker Barn. Yeah, and for those
of you who don’t know what Makerspaces are,
they’re basically like, a collection of people
that come together to share tools and
resources in a central place because not everyone
has a workshop or all the tools to make stuff. So places like this exist
and they’re really cool! Yeah, so we’re glad to be
giving them to a good home. Yes. Walkin’, walkin’. JOHN: Hello! KATELYN: Hi! (laughing) It’s good to see you! JOHN: It’s good to see you! (country music) I’ve got the muscle. Thanks for donating this! This is–
KATELYN: Totally! EVAN: Perfect. Who are these people? EVAN: I dunno! Vandals, pretty much. (laughing) And it comes with a
free googly eye, too. Did Katelyn already
make that joke? KATELYN: Yeah, I did. EVAN: Aw, dang it! (laughing) JOHN: Thank you,
Evan and Katelyn. EVAN: Of course! KATELYN: Thank you! I’m glad that we can
give these a good home. (clapping) All right, so we’re
back and it is time to replace this fan because
our Lowe’s order has arrived! I am excited. Me, too. EVAN: I believe
this is the switch. (clicking)
Yep! I think we’ll just take
it off all at once. Okay, it’s pretty tiny. Been a while since
we replaced a fan. Oh my gosh. There’s just so many wires! There’s just so many wires! So this might or might
not undo the whole thing. KATELYN: Okay. Want me to spot you? Yeah. Okay? Oh, whoa. Oh? Oh? (laughing nervously) I feel like I should
take out the light bulbs. The light bulbs are the
nicest part about this fan. All right, now when I
lift this next thing out it’s gonna fall down. It’s gonna fall down? Not fall down, it’s
gonna be loose. You don’t mind if that shirt gets a little bit dusty, do you? Cool. Yay! I feel like the
Statue of Liberty. (chuckling) Well that’s not good! What? This side must be stripped
or they’ll just like push it all the way in. My gosh, that’s scary. It was really only hanging
on one that whole time. That’s scary. Wow. (laughing) Let’s not drop the glass. I know. Here, can you just
hold it again? I don’t feel like
I have a good grip. (singing) Nice. I can walk underneath it! You ready to turn it on? Yay! Nice! Oh, that looks good. That looks so much better. It just feels so much
more open in here without that fan looming. EVAN: Yeah, look at that! Let’s high-five underneath it! I thought you were
gonna punch it. All right, I think now
it’s all up to you! You can make everything
in here pretty now. Thank you. (laughs) (pencil scratching) So since we always
do projects together, we never really get to
have like, “a reveal.” So I thought it’d be
fun to do this last bit of the makeover today so
that I can surprise Evan. Hello? Do I have a helper? Hi! You gonna help? I fits. KATELYN: Good job! Thank you. Oh, this looks so good! Paint is dry, gonna
add some finish. Oh yeah! (upbeat music) (clapping) KATELYN: Okay, come on in! What? It’s so nice! Oh, wow! KATELYN: Right?
I can’t believe how much those little changes helped! (upbeat music) This looks, I just wanna
pull up and just sit here! Oh my wow! This is so nice! (laughing) Oh, yes. KATELYN: Don’t draw on the desk. (beeping) Wow, the curtains
look so much better! KATELYN: Right? Isn’t it so nice? Like, they’re so much
more light and airy and like, they bring
in a little pattern. It makes me realize
like, I thought like, “Okay, our home is
getting pretty g’done, “it’s getting pretty nice.” It made me realize
that we just need to keep on adding more
curtains, adding more plants, adding more tiny little pots. KATELYN: Curtains, plants, pots. Evan’s recipe.
(dinging) I think one interesting–
You did an awesome job. Thank you! I think one interesting
thing is like, you know, on HGTV they’re not gonna
be dealing with rooms that also have an
army of robots, but this is real
life and we need to keep our army of
robots, but like, I feel like we did a good
job of making it look nice. Like, it’s a huge
update, but we’re still keeping it functional, too,
for what we personally need. Yeah, and I love that
chair and desk combo! KATELYN: Right? Isn’t that so nice?
EVAN: My gosh! And also, this chair isn’t
just like, gonna be used there. When we don’t have guests over, then we’re gonna
have the chair here so that we can like, sit here and use it as a work
station while things print, and when we pull
the Murphy bed down, even though it does… Actually, I mean we could
technically keep it, it does fit. But if needed,
EVAN: It does fit! we can move the desk
into the living room Uh, move the chair.
to add– Sorry, move the chair
into the living room so that we have extra seating
when we have people over, so it kinda works out. (upbeat music) Well thank you guys so
much for following along with the journey of this
room and we look forward to seeing you next time. Bye! Bye! Joobie’s like, “I
want in that basket!” (laughing)
Release me. (beeping)
Don’t look, close your eyes. Close your eyes fully, actually. Close my eyes?
Yeah. Close your eyes fully
because I wanna react live and I want you to react
live, so I haven’t like, fully prepped everything yet. Oh my gosh, okay. Okay, Katelyn, look in the general
direction over here and open your eyes. Three, two, one, open. IN UNISON: Oh my gosh,
oh my gosh, oh my gosh. (beeping) Three, two, one, open. What? Do you recognize this? Baby, look at this
fountain right here! Nightmare bBefore Christmas? What the crap? (spooky music) Look at this zombie chicken! Oh my freaking gosh! Look at the green lake. Look! Oh my freaking gosh! This is what I’ve been
working on every night. I’ve been building this
village from memory. No you did not.


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