Top 10 most Violent Small towns.

Top 10 most Violent Small towns.

What is going on everyone? It is time to
take a look at the most violent small towns in America we all know big cities
are filled to the rim with crime but statistically you have a better chance
of being involved in an assault or worse in a small town there are some amazing
quiet small towns in this country then you have some that need to be started
over you know like mowed down burnt whatever start them over this list is
based on the FBI’s 2018 crime data report looking at towns with a
population of less than 20,000 but more than a thousand if you get into the
100’s like population a good bar fight could make it statistically look like
the worst place in the country the FBI defines a violent crime as
basically whacking someone non-negligent manslaughter robbery and aggravated
assault there’s another word that goes in here but I don’t want to be
demonetised so we’ll just call it the unauthorized use of another person’s
body I’m not making light of anything you just don’t want to trigger the
algorithm takes them a couple days to manually review it and it sucks
anyway this list is focused on towns that really aren’t in the middle of a
metro area sort of out by themselves as an example if you took the City of
Industry it’s just mixed in the middle of the LA metro area and it’s horrible
and it’s probably worse than most the ones on this list but it’s also got
horrible neighborhood so it’s like one big mess these ones are their own
individual messes so if you look at towns with that criteria you got to
start with number ten Henderson North Carolina this
small town has been around for a bit Henderson as a community there’s very
deep in history it was actually settled in 1785 be exact now it’s not too far
from the state capital and the place sucks Henderson has a serious problem
with violent crime and that’s why it’s on this list at nearly 15 violent crimes
per 1000 residents it makes Henderson one of the worst
places in North Carolina to live the town had 192 violent crimes in 2018 that
should be enough to tell you to stay away from Henderson but if you still
want to call a local real estate agent you should know that they had a
staggering 93 property crimes per thousand residents in 2018 this
community has some serious issues across the board including an elderly woman
that throws rocks at cars from her porch a local told me about this it was great
they said that she used to do it from the woods but as she got older you know
she you know didn’t hike into the woods by the highway anymore now she just Hux
rocks from her porch and screams profanity Henderson has about 15,000
residents and about 28% of them live in poverty that is always a factor in a
crime rate of any place number nine Columbus New Mexico the
small town of Columbus New Mexico shares a border with Mexico and you don’t want
to live there I would suggest not even driving close to there in recent years
Columbus has been a hotbed of organized crime where there’s an estimated 15% of
the 2,000 person population maybe involved in illegal activity serious
legal activity not counting like dudes and daisy dukes we’re talking real crime
like drug smuggling drug smugglers have made Columbus their home the town small
police force is scandal-ridden and constantly in disarray and disarray is
being generous in March the mayor of Columbus the town’s police chief and a
village trustee were among several city officials indicted for trafficking
firearms to Mexico like I said don’t move here the violent crime rate is
about 18 for every 1,000 residents number eight Dillingham Alaska in 1881
after the United States purchased Alaska the United States Signal Corps built a
weather station near where Dillingham is today the Arctic packing company came in
and built its first cannery Bristol Bay right there in 1883 it’s just across the
river from the site of modern-day Dillingham operations began the
following year with a pack of 400 cases of salmon that’s it not many by 1903
there was a total of ten canneries they’d built along the river including
four within the current city limits and produced as much as 1 million cases of
canned salmon most of these canneries were closed for
a variety of reasons including coastal erosion and there is really nothing else
to talk about when it comes to Dillingham other than it’s a great place
to stay if you have a bail bondsman looking for you oh and one other thing
they apparently don’t mind assaulting each other they have just over 2,000
residents in last year 38 of them were assaulted in one way or another 19
violent crimes per every thousand residents in Dillingham Alaska I I can’t
think of a reason to move there honestly I mean you also got to worry about being
trampled by a moose that’s a real worry in Alaska I kid you not number seven Lumberton North Carolina
the city of Lumberton was created by an act of the North Carolina General
Assembly in 1787 so it’s been around a bit actually Napoleon was 18 when the
place was settled the town was only 20 years old when he started wearing his
hat sideways what I hate about this place and yes I’ve been there it looks
like a really nice town homes are well-maintained streets aren’t dirty for
the most part they have an incredibly green building you know the place is
nice-looking they just have crime issues that nobody can fix in Lumberton thirty
five point one percent of the population is living below the poverty line and
they have had serious drug problems for years between April and June of 2017
three young women were murdered in the same area nobody’s been arrested they
don’t know what’s happening the overall crime rate in Lumberton is 51 percent
higher than the national average there’s 22 Violent Crimes for every thousand
residents in Lumberton number six doniphon Missouri doniphon is
in the middle of frickin nowhere but about two thousand people call it home
and they don’t really seem to mind I guess they don’t really seem like
they’re leaving they don’t lose people they don’t gain people they’re just all
the same people it is in between st. Louis and Memphis almost the same
distance with st. Louis to the north and Memphis to the south so if you decide
you need to get to the nearest big city your choices suck doniphon doesn’t seem
much better it’s suckage is just a smaller scale
Google the place they got flooding buildings being set on fire and six
idiots that are like in their 50s assaulted some dude that assaulted one
of their friends or something like that that’s something high school kids do but
they’re in their 50s and decide to do this the bad part of it they didn’t know
what they’re doing and the guy didn’t make it through the assault that’s just
one of the many weird stories about this place
they have 26 Violent Crimes for every thousand residents remember what I said
about starting a town over number five Osceola Arkansas just up the
Mississippi River from Memphis Tennessee you have Osceola Arkansas here’s the
thing with Arkansas if a city or town isn’t in the northwest corner of the
state chances are you’re risking your life visiting any town or city that part
of the state is great the rest of it is always dangerous sure you can find the
occasional gem but most the places are dangerous like Osceola Osceola has more
than enough violent crime to go around recently they had a police officer
indicted after shooting two people during a traffic stop and in 2017 an
officer that had been suspended four times fired rehired by the Osceola
Police Department accidentally shot a 16 year old she was chasing it’s just not
safe in this town they have 26.5 Violent Crimes for every thousand residents and
Osceola it’s like they’re trying to catch up with Memphis or something like
that number four Espanola New Mexico it is
believed that the town that began as Espanola was named by rail workers in
the 1800s at the time of the railroad construction a small restaurant in the
area was nicknamed la Espanola this was because the large presence of Spanish
women near you you see they didn’t speak the language really well
I think they thought they were saying something else anyway about ten thousand
people called this northern New Mexico town home and they probably spent a lot
of time locking doors and researching security systems I don’t want to make it
sound like this place is dangerous but there were safer beaches on Normandie
this town appears to have never left the most dangerous towns in New Mexico lists
since they started making lists they had 306 Violent Crimes in 2018
that gives them 30 violent crimes for every thousand residents number 3s told South Carolina the town
of Estill is located in the southern half of Hampton County Estill was formed
in 1901 they needed a rail line between Augusta Georgia and Savannah Georgia
upon the construction of the rail line the new town of a still was incorporated
in 1905 now if you want to have some fun well it’s not really fun it’s kind of
gross Google I still crime people appear to be getting shot every single weekend
in this town and I think it’s one dude I really do he’s police sketches all over
the place I texted a friend who grew up in Hilton Head South Carolina it’s
another world away but really it’s an hour away I asked him if he knew
anything about this town and his response was I try not to
then he texts me back what the hell is going on in Estill that you’re making a
list about I said violence he said oh well they got that he said the town is
like going back in time to the 1940s the only thing that doesn’t look like it was
put there in the 1940s are the cars and what people are wearing said everything
else is just like it buildings that have been standing too long and too empty
it’s just he said it’s just a nasty place anyway these people are big into
hurting each other not all of them obviously but they have a good amount of
idiots here you know in the south you’re always gonna have a large majority of a
town is they’re good people they’re good family people they’re good to each other
but for some reason these towns always have these idiots in there that just
make the whole place look bad it sucks anyway they have 34 violent crimes per
every thousand residents in Estill number two Anniston Alabama our old
friend if you’re looking for an all-star suckage look no further than Anniston
Alabama they appear on all these negative lists about small towns not
just mine everyone’s I am working on a list currently that’s about towns that
are losing people that may actually disappear within the next couple three
four decades Aniston is on it I promise no matter what the subject is if you
research worse town lists or something like that Anacin will be on it somewhere
in the top ten so why don’t we approach this a little bit different I mean they
know they’re bad they know things go bad all the lists know they suck why don’t
we approach it today from a more supportive manner so here we go they
know what they’re doing and they are motivated it’s like they’re on a mission
or something you go get a manís ttan you see they’re just in such bad shape
there’s no point of just talking about the bad let’s just all except Aniston
sucks they’re violent crime rate is outstanding I mean come on
37 violent crimes for every 1000 residents I mean that’s some work right
there they maybe next year they’ll get 40mm I hope so actually I don’t hope so
but still and number one Kotzebue Alaska Kotzebue
lies on a gravel spit at the end of the Baldwin Peninsula in Kotzebue sound
Kotzebue served as a trading and gathering center for various communities
in the region it’s not a bay with like three rivers flowing into it so it made
it easier for the inland residents to make it to town hence it becoming a
trading center there’s no valid reason to live here other than a court order to
ankle bracelet and judging from the stats I would say there’s a lot of those
people so these are the things that you can do if you visit Kotzebue Alaska and
this is on like websites and travel sites that they have there’s a Cultural
Arts Center okay that could be interesting fishing I’m down they have a
hot spring and a nature preserve both great and then you can finish up your
stay with a visit to the indigenous people cemetery in the center of town
this large cemetery contains many decorative spirit houses that have been
built over many of the graves here you know nothing’s more satisfying than
after a long day of not working then sitting on your porch having a drink
chewing on some whale blubber and watching tourists stomp all over the
graves of your relatives hmm sounds like a good time when these people aren’t
trying to turn a dime on the back of their dearly departed apparently they
commit violent acts against each other and not all of this can be attributed to
drinking Kotzebue Alaska is a damp community
this means you could bring in to Kotzebue alcoholic beverages for
consumption if it’s improperly labeled containers and it’s within your monthly
limit you have a monthly limit here okay it is a felony offense to manufacture
sell possess or barter alcoholic beverages you can’t trade a beer for
like someone fixing your tire or something I guess anyway this year
they’re projected to have 121 Violent Crimes this city barely has 3,000 people
that’s about 40 for every thousand people in the city I can’t think of a
reason to visit this city above the Arctic Circle they have some wind farms
okay I don’t know stay away from Kotzebue Alaska and that should be
pretty easy because it’s kind of hard to get there
all right so that is my top 10 most violent towns in the United States for
2019 hope you guys enjoyed it hope you got some information out of it don’t
forget all the links below subscribe if you haven’t buy a t-shirt enjoy your
holidays be nice to each other


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    Peter Jermyn

    I find some of these small villages founded by native Americans names 10 to 12 letters long to be very shady and if your not one of them and don't belong there they get nasty

  3. Post
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    Dustin Jackson

    The photo at 1:30 is inaccurate. The city of Henderson, NC is in Vance County, which is north of Durham, NC. Henderson is also the county seat. The sign in the photo isn't part of the town of Henderson at all – it's the welcome sign at the state line. Henderson County is in a different part of the state, and its county seat is a city called Hendersonville. I know this because I was born in Henderson County, and spent much of my life in Hendersonville. I'm not complaining, mind you. I immediately recognized the sign and thought that I should waste valuable time posting a comment that probably will not be read by the individual who made this video. In case that person does read this comment, thanks for the laugh. I found it amusing.

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    kieran franey

    Idiots are always thick on the ground , my home town in Whyalla South Australia was like a wild west town when I was growing up, good thing we didn't have guns , I probably wouldn't of made it hey.

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    Jason Esquibel

    There are plenty of cemeteries all over the country that are part of the culture of those towns and that are actually considered historic.

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    Thomas Bostick

    He should do a video where Small towns don't want the public to know about the high crime rates and they do anything to hide it πŸ˜–πŸ˜‘!!!!

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    Sagatuppercut SF2

    Here's something politically incorrect that YouTube doesn't want you to mention: two of those small towns have a majority black population. I'm not saying other races don't have these problems, I'm just pointing out that black Americans, in particular, have some serious problems in their communities, and part of the solution has to do with having a STABLE FAMILY. In other words: children are not being raised by a responsible mother and father that provide moral guidance and financial security. If we, as Americans, ignore this problem, it will spread to other communities (of all races). We should face the truth: it is not in the best interest of children to be raised by impoverished single parents—-particularly those who cannot be weaned off of welfare programs.

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    Sweeptheleg !

    I'm so glad no towns in Florida made this list. Although if you made a list of top 25 there are some here that probably would make it.

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    Rex Haney

    Not all Southern cities it's everywhere on this planet you'll find bad people they need to be dealt with wake them up they might become a good person then

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    Sheyanne Barton

    Fyi Henderson is in Vance county you showed the sign for Henderson County, which is in western nc, and is where Hendersonville is. Two different places.

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    Lawnmowerman lawnmowerman

    My take on your list is,all these town's are non-passive and will deal harshly with you if provoked. Sounds sort of like where I live.

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    Kaylee Sorrells

    I’m surprised being an Arkansas local living here all my life the two places I’d never ever live weren’t on the list north Little Rock and pine bluff I’ve never stopped in one of those towns and not have something bad or sketchy happen

  29. Post

    North Carolina, Arkansas and Alaska have 2 each. Then Alabama, Arizona, Missouri and South Carolina. Wow! Burt Reynolds did a movie about small town corruption. Ned Beatty was the crooked cop. It's called White Lightening.

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    Stefan Schleps

    Wow!! Alaska made the list twice!! Watch out Baltimore. Alaska's jealous and trying to steal your territory. ( Top Ten worst neighborhoods in America.) Sht some of those neighborhoods in Baltimore have more residents than these itty-bitty teeny-weeny little shittle small towns.
    And people still want to move to the USA? WTF is wrong with them? Fun fact. It costs $3,000 to renounce US citizenship. And if you think we should only let in rich people. Guess again, their all moving to New Zealand. USA, USA, USA #1 in violence since……?

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    Comics Forevermore

    The funny thing is these small towns were ok before meth and drugs came in, drug runners knew these small towns had little attention from law enforcement so they were easy drug routes to push guns and drugs through on the way to big cities. It’s like America is rotting from the inside out

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    Tara Jackson

    Junction city ks would fit nicely on this list. Its a tiny TINY town outside of fort riley that packs in more crime than statistically possible.

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    Nolan Is Innocent

    Although I really do find your videos entertaining , I'd never take your vidz as more than that, as you rely too much on statistical anomalies.

    And anyone taking these as travel advice – or worse, migration advice – are as ignorant as those whom are offended by your show.

    But keep up that a + trolling, please :-

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    Johnny X

    What about Gaffney, SC? I was considering buying a house there until I read this:
    "With a crime rate of 81 per one thousand residents, Gaffney has one of the highest crime rates in America compared to all communities of all sizes – from the smallest towns to the very largest cities. One's chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime here is one in 12."

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    Jeffrey Amerman

    Obviously you haven't done your homework, as the crime in Fayetteville, Northwest Arkansas violent crime has increased over the last five years. Your statement that all of Arkansas is dangerous besides the Northwest is misleading. Except for a few cities, Arkansas is safe.

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    Sookie 1X

    Prisons are owned/operated by PRIVATE corporations (NOT the federal GOV). The more prisoners, the more money made by the corporations. Each year, the state is bound by a contract, to supply a certain amount of prisoners to said prisons. The state can be FINED, up into the MILLIONS of dollars, if the agreed amount of prisoners is not delivered. Google it

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    Jeffrey Scott

    Camp Verde, Arizona. I guess it's cleaned up some from my time there as a teen, but not by much. Drug Testing town of street drugs before they hit phx.

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  66. Post

    Kotzebue's problems sound like that of marginalized indigenous communities, where their cultural traditions were replaced with alcohol. Sad.

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    Daphne Rodriguez


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    jimbo boogie

    you forgot about Fairbanks Alaska,there is about 35 unsolved murders going back to about the 80's,mostly against Alaskan natives

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    Long Life

    honestly thought baton rouge flint Mi, Birmingham or Montgomery AL would be here even though there cities there really small

  76. Post
    Gerry Gizzy Garcia

    Sunnydale south park and south acres should sll be in there too all in Houston texas 5th ward as well i was therr dsm its bad

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    Drew Bishop

    As a friend of mine said… Espanola N.M has a population drop. Its because when a 15 year old girl gets pregnant 10 guys leave town.

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    Kamiyamay K.

    Always love your narration with extra comments. Priceless-totally unique. Love the trivia and personal comments. Like being trampled by a moose. Ha

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  84. Post

    You missed Uniontown Pennsylvania. It has a higher crime rate per capita than Philly.
    60 crimes per 1000 makes it one of the highest crime rate cities in the United States.
    According to statistics, it is only safer than 2% of United States cities.

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    Miles Dyson

    3:00 Columbus, NM had boarder patrol Station there ans also where Poncho villa and the Army made its stand. You can also see Polomas Mexico from Columbus. People were nice, didnt encounter anything or see anything out of the ordinary. 3:10 is NOT an ancurate picture. 7:30 Espanola is a Drug town Corrupt Sheriff Tommy Rodell is Now in Prison in TX federal time 10 years for shoving his badge in a guys face after road raging. His crime family deputy son was with him but not charged.

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    The Shadow Of Death

    I just traveled through Columbus NM this year on the way to Mexico. Stopped at a local grocery store. Everybody was nice.

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    thug life

    Hey you should do one were im from' hartford ct north end side, the south side is no picnic either, just the street next over were im at its dangerous you cant just come here and set up shop you get beat stabbed or the top 1 shot n killed, these mother fuckers take nothing but head shots.

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