The Truth About “New Construction Homes” In Tampa – What Is Really Going On

The Truth About “New Construction Homes” In Tampa – What Is Really Going On

Hi everybody. This is your Tampa Bay
Reorder Lance Mohr and in this video I made a go ever about the truth about
new construction homes in Tampa what’s really going on and I think I’m going to
be talking about some stuff a lot of you may not want to hear it personally won’t
like but that’s what I’m going to talk about in the short video so as most of
you know we’re in a seller’s market in other words there’s a lot of buyers out
there and not a lot of inventory and a lot of people are starting to wane have
been leaning toward new homes in the Tampa area then the reason is because a
lot of sellers just aren’t realistic on their price if you look at a lot of
pre-existing homes they’re either over priced or they’re not nice condition or
their assumption something functionally wrong with them and it’s just drawing
people to a new construction home but the problem we have here and it’s not
just in Tampa it’s not just in Florida it’s in a lot of places across the
country is that everything is going up so labor Costner’s is getting higher
prices that people want is getting higher material cost a whole bunch of
different factors and there’s not enough qualified people around the country to
build homes or having to do a lot of training then of course people get the
training they want to go somewhere else to make more money so this is coming up
everywhere now this is something if you watch my new home videos I talk about
all the time in inspections inspections inspections but maybe a couple examples
so the other day I was talking to a representative with multi homes he
showed me this upgrade on the home and he said see that upgrade over there and
I said yes he said last week that was $3,800
this week it’s $5,200 he said that’s not something we’re doing he said the
company that we go to that does that their cost to us went from went up
$1,400 I was talking to another builder and he was telling me where I always
tried to get my buyers to get scheduling when they if they’re coming
in from out of town to go into the Design Center and take a look at
everything before their appointment and a lot of builders will actually let you
go in before you even write a contract so I had buyers go into this one company
before they even wrote a contract and I had them take the pricing catalog to get
a good idea the problem was the Builder just cut that out they said you know
what we’re not when people in our design center of they’re on the fence there’s
no more of that you have to be under contract with the home once you’re under
contract with a home then you could go to the Design Center and just look
around before your Design Center appointments so things are starting to
change and a lot of is this because a lot of the builders especially the good
builders and the good areas are just busier than they know what to do it they
have so many buyers out there and there’s so many consumers I’m going into
these model homes and I’m walking in and there may be one or two cars in the
parking lot all of a sudden I’m walking out an hour later the entire parking lot
is full with people parking on the streets so it’s just something to keep
in mind when you’re looking in a new home just take everything with a grain
of salt because things are changing they’re always changing it’s not that
the builders trying to be mean it’s just that they’re very very busy right now
and they’re really taken their pick and working with buyers that are ready to
buy right now opposed to sitting on the fence in another six months or a year in
this happens when the markets did busy so hopefully you’ve had a chance to
watch some of my new construction videos and how to save money and understanding
the process I’ll put a couple up above and if you have any questions at all
don’t hesitate to give me a call if you like these videos give me a thumbs up
and if you’re in the Tampa Bay area and you need a good real estate agent let me
know I’d love to talk to you help you out thank you very much for watching my
videos I wish you the best of luck no matter where you’re building a new you


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    Donavin Roberts

    Yes sir, it is really busy. Some pre-existing homeowners are just plain unrealistic about the value of their home. Some people feel that they can just slap a sign in their yard and get the highest price possible, smh. good luck with that.

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