talking about Brenda in October 2016 19 33 houses were sold that comprised of all type of housing detest Sammy's townhomes condos and lengths poorer the ratio soared to new listing was 71 per 4 percent as end of October 2016 Brampton had active inventory of less than one month detest sales were more than all others followed by semis the average price of a detached home in Brampton as reported was seven hundred sixteen thousand two hundred and ninety nine dollars with an average dealer market being 15 the home sold at 100 point 8 percent of the list price the average price of his semi-detached home as rounded to the nearest thousand was 557 thousand dollars and this soul winning 11 day is act 1 2 percent of asking price the third highest selling housing type in Brampton was townhomes wrong fat-assed homes 127 of them was sold with an average price of 500 mm in average of 10 days since the inventory in Brampton Homes is less than a month and there is still big mark it to sell your Brampton home at the best market value and in the shortest period of time vendor is not going to stop it for specific information on home sales enterprises around your Brampton house you can go to website and input your contact information and property description I will send out a full report to you all your information is treatable but most confidential and you will hear for me only if you want as I hate spam called spam emails and spam messages as much as you do thank you very much will it trust and confidence in me for any other information call me my name is Paul Cheema I'm sales representative with Remax professional tour of Canada serving at home become premier Mississauga if you need any kind of real estate related information if you want to take advice from me about how to market your property or best to get you to get the value for your property give me a shout my best number to call is 6 4 7 3 3 3 2 2 7 3 thank you very much once again and don't forget I am your neighbor specialist

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