– Oh yeah Sharers, what is goin’ on? Welcome to the vault, welcome back to another
super epic awesome day! And yes, I am here to tell you that we have probably the
most exciting news ever, so if you haven’t
already, make sure to hit that Subscribe button
(mouse clicking) and join the most epic family on YouTube. That’s right, become a
part of the Sharer Fam! Okay, so check this out. So for a long time, we’ve had the JustDustin
Unbreakable Box Challenge. It was a crazy box, it
was totally unbreakable, but it included $1 million
(cash register dings) inside if we could get it open. And we’ve tried everything for the past couple vlogs to open it. We’ve done everything from
dropping it 45 feet high, to grinding it with chainsaws, to burning it with a heat gun ray, a bunch of stuff, and Sharers, I’m happy to announce that last vlog we finally opened the $1 million! (cheery organ music) Oh yeah, so that means today we are going to take the $1 million and see what kind of car we
could get with all this money. Last time we went to the car dealership, we got a Lamborghini, Sharerghini. Check it out. This is the Sharerghini, the
coolest Lamborghini out there. It’s convertible, it looks so cool. It’s super loud, super noisy,
(engine revving) totally epic, and of
course, it’s got the Sharer license plate on it.
(bell ringing) But today Sharers, we are going to pack
up the million dollars, and head back to the dealership to see what other types of Lamborghinis and other cool cars they have there today. So I think Grace and
Chase are in the basement right now packaging up the
$1 million into a briefcase that we can carry around, but
we have to be super careful because we’re transporting
$1 million with us. So we gotta make sure we can
get to the dealership safely, see what we can buy, go car shopping, a bunch of cool stuff, and
maybe even make a crazy purchase at the end of this video. So if you haven’t already, smash the Like button.
(mouse clicking) And also major shout out to
all the Sharer family members who commented on our previous videos on what tools and gadgets we could use to open the $1 million unbreakable box. So let’s see what everyone else is up to. Oh yeah, what’s goin’ on Grace, what’s goin’ on Chase? – Oh, hey Stephen! Look what we got! – Oh yeah! – [Stephen] All right,
what are we puttin’ it in? – This fireproof box, so it’s super safe in here. – Grace, this is what I’m thinkin’. After we pack all this up, is
this all the million dollars? – Yeah, looks like all of it. – This is all of it right here. – All right. A whole $1 million, goin’ in
this box, this safe box thing. I’m thinkin’ Grace, I’m gonna take Chase to the dealership today because Chase, you’ve never been to the
Lamborghini dealership, have you? – Never.
– Have you ever even been in the Sharerghini?
– I have never been in the Sharerghini.
– All right, so Chase hasn’t even been in the Sharerghini yet, so we definitely gotta
take Chase for a ride in the Lamborghini/Sharerghini, stop by a dealership, we’re gonna bring this box with us, because we might just
get a purchase today. (exclamatory chiming)
– Ooh, sounds fun! – Whoa, what type of purchase? – Yeah, remember, we have $1
million that we can spend. So there’s a lot there. They might even have your
favorite blue Lamborghini. (exclamatory metal dinging)
– Ooh, I hope they have that! – I did surprise Grace in LA with a bright blue Lamborghini Aventador, but it was only rented, so
we only had it for 24 hours. – Yeah, but we can get it forever now. – If we could actually get one forever, that would be amazing. Is that all the money,
you packed it all up? – This is it, right here.
– Yeah. – Okay, close it up.
– All right. – [Stephen] Is there a lock or anything? – [Chase] There is,
Grace, you wanna lock it? – All right, let me lock it up. – [Stephen] Secure it
so we can’t unlock it till we get there. Perfect, is that good?
– All locked up. – [Stephen] Perfect, okay so
let’s go ahead and bring it. Chase, you ready?
– All right, I’ll grab it. – Okay, don’t forget the key.
– Here we go, it’s heavy. All right.
– All right Grace, we’ll be back, we’re gonna
go to the dealership. Let’s go Chase. – ‘Kay.
– To the Lambo dealership, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! – [Chase] Oh yeah! – There we go.
– All right, here we go. – [Stephen] There’s not much space, but this is what I’m thinkin’. If we put this in the bottom here, we can cover it with towels. – Okay, I’m gonna put our
mobile safe right in here, nice and secure. – [Stephen] Just like that,
put some towels over it to secure it in so the money
doesn’t go flyin’ everywhere. And then close the trunk up. – Here we go.
(hydraulic whining) – Just like that, press
on the Lambo logo, boom! We’re closed, we’re locked, we’re loaded! We’re ready to go. Sharers, smash the Like button, this is Chase’s first ride
(mouse clicking) in the Sharerghini. And if you ever want a ride in
the Lamborghini/Sharerghini, comment down below #Sharerghini! Oh yeah! Just be careful gettin’ in. It’s super low to the ground. – Oof, here we go!
– Ooh, see, it’s low, isn’t it?
– I’m ready. (engine revving) – Whoo! Let’s go Sharers. (both yelling excitedly) Yeah!
(engine accelerating rapidly) Did the money make it here safe? – [Chase] I think it did! – Oh yeah!
– It’s my little old safe. – Here we go, we got it.
– That’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout. Let’s head over to the show room and see what kinda new cars they got. Okay, well here it is Chase. We are outside the dealers.
– Oh yeah! – They have literally every car possible. Check this out, we got a Rolls-Royce here. – Look at this Rolls!
– All right, this could be something we shoppin’ for. Oh, check it out.
– I like this, I like this. – [Stephen] They got a
blue Lamborghini Urus. – Check this thing out!
– Right? – Oh wow!
– This is pretty cool. This could work for us. – This little Lamborghini SUV, this thing is awesome! – Right, this could actually work. This could be the new
big Spy-Wagon Mobile. This thing’s pretty cool. And it’s super fast, it’s blue, Grace likes blue, so that could work. – Grace might really
like this car, actually. – [Stephen] Yeah, Grace might really. Are there any other blue cars? No, there’s more Lambos here, but there’s nothin’ blue. Hmm, do you think any of these will work or they’re not bright enough? – Nah, I think we need somethin’
a little more exciting. – [Stephen] A little more
exciting, a little more bright. That’s cool, Aventador, but it’s white. I think we need somethin’
like really bright colored. By the way Sharers,
(computer keys clicking) comment down below what
car is your favorite that we’re gonna see today and what car we should end up getting. Do you like that Rolls-Royce SUV? – This one?
– Yeah. – I like the red a lot. – [Stephen] It’s pretty cool, right? – [Chase] Look how big these rims are! Look how big these tires are! – They’re huge!
– It comes up to my hip! – [Stephen] It’s almost
like the Spy Wagon. Wait a second.
(dramatic drum beating) Someone, what are they
doin’ with the Sharerghini? What?
– It’s leavin’! – [Stephen] Wait a second! Where’s the Sharerghini going? – Who took your car? – Ah Chase, I’m just prankin’ you. We actually also brought
(Chase laughs) the Sharerghini in because we had to get it serviced real quick. So ooh, why we’re shoppin’ for cars, they’re gonna be
servicing the Sharerghini, gettin’ it all ready to go
for the rest of the summer. Oh, there goes the Sharerghini! They’re takin’ it for a test drive, (engine revving)
making sure everything works. Oh yeah, there it goes, whoo! Chase, let’s go inside. They got even brighter cars inside. – Okay, sounds good.
– They got some of the coolest cars, so these were all just the Rolls-Royces and some of the Lambos, but inside, they have McLaren,
they have more Lambos, and a bunch of other stuff. So let’s go in right over here Chase, and we can make our final
purchase decision today! – Oh yeah!
– Oh yeah! All right, go ahead in Chase. – Thank you. – [Stephen] Oh yeah, this
is what I’m talkin’ about. Check it out, they got
a blue Aventador SVJ! – This is just like the
one that you got for Grace! – Yeah, look how awesome this is! Oh, it looks so good! Uh-oh, wait a second. We got a problem, this one’s sold! This one’s perfect for
us, but it’s sold already. Oh man, that’s not good. We gotta, hopefully they
have somethin’ else though. They got this one, red. – What about this one,
I like the red, Stephen. – That could work really well.
– The money box looks really good next to this one.
– Yeah, and this could definitely buy it, How much do you think it is? – I’m gonna guess half a million dollars.
(cash register dings) – Half a million, so 500,000? Oh no, there’s no price tag on it. We’re gonna have to find a salesman. Let’s go over this way Chase. There could be somethin’ over here. Here Chase, maybe there’s
a salesman back here. Oh, it’s the McLaren section! – Ooh!
– This is what I’m talkin’ ’bout, wait, check out
all the colors you can get. Oh, bright lime green, orange, red, orange, blue, they have
so many color blues! – Oh, do they have orange? I love orange, I hope
there’s somethin’ in orange. – [Stephen] Look, they
got two orange versions. You can get this color orange,
(electronic beeping) this color orange,
(electronic beeping) oh, even that color!
(electronic beeping) – I like this one.
– You like that color the best?
– That one’s really cool. – Ooh, I like, so I feel
like Grace will like this color blue.
(electronic beeping) I would like the green,
(electronic beeping) like the Sharerghini. This could definitely be our section. Let’s see, we gotta find a salesman
so we can figure out the prices on these cars. Hey excuse me, do you think
you could help us real quick? – Yeah, what’s up man?
– We recently, let’s just say–
– Came into quite a sum of money.
– Yeah, so we have a lot of money in this box. We have $1 million to spend, and we’re currently car shopping. So we’re wondering if you can help us kinda pick out a good car? – Oh man, well, you got
quite the selection here. You tryin’ to go McLaren,
tryin’ to go Lamborghini, tryin’ to go Rolls-Royce? – [Stephen] Hmm, what
are you thinkin’ Chase? – I don’t know, I’m
kinda thinkin’ McLaren. We’re in the McLaren section right now. Might as well look at ’em. – Well you could pretty much
get one of all three models. You have the 720 here, you have the 600 LT there, you have the 570 over there. I’d say, so this one is the 720, (engine revving)
720 horse power to the wheels. – [Stephen] Whoo! – Whoo!
– That’s a lot! – That is a lot!
– We recently just took this one on track, the 600 LT, which is very much more
focused on that spec. So LT stands for Longtail. This is a very much, very raw, raw. This little machine, even on the back, if you look around there.
– Oh, the exhaust comes right out the back!
– Look at that! – Whoa, that’s sick, it
almost looks like it shoots, does it shoot flames or something? – It does a little bit. (metallic banging)
– It shoots flames? – Fire!
– Okay, whoa. Do you have any of these in
a bright color right now? – Look at that one. – Oh yeah!
(bell ringing) Is that the orange color you wanted Chase? – That’s perfect.
– That’s perfect. Can we go look at that real quick? – Sure.
– Sharers, I think we might have found the car. This thing looks insane! – Oh yeah!
– Oh yeah! Bright orange McLaren that
shoots flames out of the back! This is what I’m talkin’ about! Oh my goodness! They have so many bright colors! – Stephen, look, it’s perfect! There’s a green, an orange, and a blue one for you, me, and Grace!
– Oh, you’re right, that’s so perfect! (gasps)
– We can each get one! – [Stephen] Oh, and it’s
unlocked, your key unlocked it! Oh my goodness!
– Oh my gosh! – Oh my! Check this thing out! Sharers, these cars are so cool because check this out,
you press right here, you lift it up, oh yeah, the doors go up. Chase, this thing is amazing! – Oh yeah, I want this one. – I want this one too. Whoa, and Sharers, inside, check it out. It’s got orange seats! This thing looks awesome, it’s super racy. See, so then you hop in this thing, you literally sit like
you’re in a racecar. All right Chase, check
it out, I got the key. This is the McLaren key. I’m gonna fire it up, you ready for this? – Oh yeah, start it up Steve.
– Here we go, three, two, one.
(engine revving) Oh yeah, that’s what I’m
talkin’ about Sharers. This is epic! Oh, the doors too? All right let’s press
on the pedal a little. (engine revving) Whoo! (engine revving) Oh yeah, that is what I’m talkin’ about! This is perfect Sharers. It’s bright orange, the doors go up, it’s super loud, and it spits flames, and we can buy it with some of this money. This is perfect. How much is this car? – Probably around 300.
(cash register dings) – 300,000?
– Give or take, yeah. – Chase, we could buy it for 300,000. – We could buy all three of these. They’re the perfect colors!
– This is cool. – The green one for Stephen,
(bell ringing) the orange one for me,
(bell ringing) and the blue one for Grace.
(bell ringing) – Okay, I think we’re
ready to move forward. I think we would go for the green, the orange, and the blue. – So these three right here? – These three, yeah.
– Okay, that’s easy enough. All right, let’s go inside
and do this thing, shall we? – Yeah, I mean, Chase, Grace, and me, we all helped open the unbreakable box. – Oh really?
– Yeah. – That must have been quite a sight! – Yeah.
– But then you know what, I think I saw you, when you
put your G-Wagon on that thing. – Yeah, we did the Spy Wagon, ran over it, but that actually didn’t work. All right, let’s see
how much the price is. Hopefully, it’s not over a million, ’cause if it’s over a million, we won’t be able to afford all three. – All right, let’s go to the back. Perfect little things, huh? I think we’re gonna be close. I think you’re gonna
be just about in luck. Right now, you’re actually lookin’ right around 965,000.
(cash register dings) – 965,000, well hey, that’s
under $1 million Chase. We got it.
– That’s a good thing. Shall we?
– Let’s do it. Here, can you grab the key real quick? – I don’t, I thought you had the key? – [Stephen] Wait no, Grace handed you the key in the merch room. – No, no way.
– Yeah, check your pocket? – Let me check my pockets. I just got my phone. – Wait, what?
– Nothin’, nothin’ at all. I don’t have the key.
– Yeah, yeah. – You definitely had the key Stephen! – I don’t have the key! I don’t, wait, I know
I don’t have the key. – [Chase] Here Stephen,
check your pockets. He does have the key.
– I have my phone, that’s the only thing I have. I don’t even have the car keys ’cause they’re test driving
the Sharerghini right now. I literally don’t have anything. (phone clattering)
Chase, you have the key. – Stephen wait, so do
neither of us have the key? – Where did it, wait, Sharers, replay that
scene in the merch room where Grace was handing the key to Chase. I’m almost positive
Grace handed it to you. We’re gonna have to be back. We kinda seem to have misplaced the key. – [Salesman] That’s fine, no worries. That happens. – I don’t think I have the key, but if I do, I mean, we gotta
go figure out where it is. We gotta go find that key.
– Sharers, go back, replay that scene, we gotta
figure out where it is. – Yeah Sharers, let us know where it is. – Well let’s get home Chase. Hop back in the Sharerghini. All right, well we’ll be back. – All right, all right.
– Sorry about that. – I’ll see ya later.
– All right, so Sharers, we’ll be back, we’ll see
you in the next vlog. Until then–
– You know what to do. Stay awesome and share
the love, peace, whoo!


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