Small Apartment Tour – Colorful One Bedroom in Tehran, Iran

Small Apartment Tour – Colorful One Bedroom in Tehran, Iran

hello welcome to my cousin’s apartment
in Tehran Iran so I just saw this for the first time today a couple of hours
ago and I am totally totally obsessed this is what you see when you walk in so
it’s so colorful it’s so bright and happy and cozy and modern like all at
the same time so I just like fell in love with it immediately and as I’m
walking around I’m like oh my god you’re so amazing you’re the most talented decorator
I asked if I could do a tour and she said that would be fine
so I’m so excited to share with you so this is basically
like a very modern sort of design like a lot of the lamps and furniture and
things that they bought have a very modern but in terms of color like modern
design elements but colorful so I thought this lamp was so cool and it’s
like this place is so bright that’s the other thing that I love about this
apartment and all of the apartments that I’ve experienced in Tehran so far
is that like I know in my own apartment and a lot of others back in Kansas City
it’s like there’s no overhead lighting and you pretty much just have to light up lamps
and at nights it’s dark but they have so much overhead lighting so you can see
first of all this chandelier is like so Persian it’s so beautiful like Persians are
all about their chandeliers so that’s gorgeous and there’s all this
light all around lots of overhead lighting so it’s actually midnight
I think that we’re filming this but it’s still so bright in here they have this as
their table as their coffee table it’s just this one vase on it and I just
think it’s so colorful and modern like it’s like simple but really unique I
really like it then I love love love the couches I love this they’re each a
different color so this one’s like a navy that was a light blue and over
here we have a pink so I just think that it like
it just makes the place like kind of have a little bit of an eclectic feel
but it’s also really cohesive so I think that’s really awesome another thing
about these couches is that not only are they so like cool looking but they’re
actually really really comfortable we’re actually going to be watching a
movie tonight and having tea after I finish filming this tour so the floor
which is another thing that’s like so amazing about Persian homes it’s all
tile so I feel like in America most people don’t have tile floors
unless it’s like in your bathroom or in your kitchen but in Iran the apartments
have tile floors most of them I say really do and I feel like in America we
do a lot of wood flooring or carpet ugh I hate carpet
here it’s all about the tile and they’ll usually throw down some Persian
rugs or whatever so here again you get this a beautiful white clean tile and
then a rug over it the other thing that’s really awesome about this
apartment is that my cousin-in-law basically loves to light candles so
there’s all these like adorable candles everywhere and she lights them at night
and it just makes this place so so cozy and then we were talking about this so
this is actual bamboo and I’m in love with this like grandfather style clock
let’s talk about this bookshelf over here so I’m like a sucker for really like gorgeous
bookshelf displays and I feel like this is perfection
I love the bookshelf I love how modern it is and then I just love the things
that she put on the bookshelf and there’s a lot of like really Persian
elements too so pomegrates are the Persian national fruit and so she has
this pomegranate set right here um this is actually in Farsi letters it says
“hich” which means like “none” or “nothing” and I actually asked her I was like what’s
the significance of that and she said that a famous poem by Rumi basically it says
the word “hich” a lot in it and it alludes to the fact that like this world
is really nothing you know it’s all about the eternal life and spirit and stuff so
that’s kind of what this is a reference to down here they’ve got basically some
I think copies of Willow Tree Angles these aren’t originals but they look a
lot like them there’s other really nice designs some crystal like gemstones and
stuff like that and then over here more candles
I wish you guys could smell it because it smells fantastic in here with all
these candles lit and we’ve got more pomegranates this is one thing that I
think is so cool about this department it’s not just that they’ve decorated it
really beautifully it’s that like the actual design elements of the apartment
are amazing so it has this like built-in crystal display case and
then over here so that’s actually another thing I love about the kitchen
and see more beautiful design everywhere candles and very modern style chairs
right here at this table you know when they want to have lunch and it’s just
the two of them this is like so cute and perfect for whenever they want to eat
together the other thing that I love is the kitchen
so this kitchen is so open so like you could be here cooking like if you have
to cook all night you still feel like you can hang out with people like you’re
here you can still watch TV you can still talk to your husband or whatever
so it’s very nice very cozy kitchen and we actually are boiling some water
because we’re going to have tea later as I said I think is also super cool is
over here they have all their pots and pans in this holder thing and I
said wow I used to live in a really small apartment which by the way I have an apartment
tour video up on my channel of my apartment that I used to live in and I
just moved out of a year ago and I’ve also a studio but this is so
awesome for apartments that don’t have a lot of storage or cabinet space but she
was like yeah these are really popular in Iran if we head on over this way this
is actually the bathroom and shower area but so it’s very interesting in Iranian
homes they have like an american-style toilet so you can get let’s turn the
light on the light’s broken but anyway so there’s
an American toilet in here and also the shower but then Iranian homes also
have an Iranian toilet which is a standard sort of Asian squat toilet I’ll
have to do a whole video on how to use an Asian squat toilet if you’ve never
used one I love the bathroom also so how adorable is this around
like around mirror I love all these little things are so cute and this is
the most adorable little medicine cabinet and then again the tile in here
is really nice and unique and then it is a one-bedroom apartment so over here
tada so they have their bed obviously taking
up most of the space but again lots of really adorable design elements in here
and little personal touches again lots and lots of candles really cool little
light here I also have noticed that a lot of Iranian people I feel like
especially in my generation take their wedding photos and kind of do a big
canvas with their wedding photo and put it up you know either in the bedroom or
somewhere in the living room so they have that as well and they got married
like one year ago so it’ll be their one-year anniversary coming up soon it
also has a great view out the window I’m going to show you guys the view of the
“Borj e Milad” or the Milad Tower which is like a famous basically
monument here and so they have a nice view of it out their window I’m going to
actually also leap over the bed this way they have a nice full-length mirror
this is where my cousin does her makeup and gets ready and stuff like
that so very cute I’m going to try to see if we can show you a view of the
tower like I was talking about I’m going to open this window
here and so right across the street is actually another apartment building um
oh my god this is amazing so it’s that the “Borj e Milad” Tehran
tower and the weather is perfect really nice breeze happening outside right now
and that’s it


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    Sedef S

    What a beautiful apartment! Btw, I wish you could do another Tehran vlog, I loved the one you did a few years ago!

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    Joely Olson

    Very pretty apartment! Can't wait to learn more about the squatting toilet! Also, when was this building made? Were the apartments redesigned at some point as they are so up to date! Also noticed there are no screens on the windows which is cool. In the USA there are almost always screens.

    Her decor is fab!! My home is very rustic but the other part of my personality always loves bright with pretty colors and a modernesque look like hers.

    Love all the shelving, candles, and her design aesthetic overall.

    That little table and those cool chairs are one of my favorite things and of course those sofas!!

    Love her appliances – did they have to furnish those themselves or do they come with the apartment?

    Oh and what does an apartment like that cost every month or do they own it?

    Sorry so many questions but that is only because it was an awesome video and totally kept my interest – you do great work!

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    Thanks for watching guys! Leave me a comment and let me know if you were surprised by what the apartments in Iran look like! And which part was your favorite?

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    what a super-cute apartment! I have house-envy for sure. I like how there are lots of colourful touches but the apartment still seems very sleek and modern and not too cluttered. Tile floors in the livingroom… huh! 🙂

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    Behzad Nezami

    Heech is one of Parviz Tanavoli's signature bronze sculptures.FMI:

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    king J

    Your video is cool but makes me laugh every time u say American toilet or asian toilet 😂😂😂😂

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    Robert Moore

    Such a beautiful place! I am so glad to see this. Thank you for sharing this and thanks to your cousin for allowing you to share his home with us!

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    Mohsen H

    The "heech" statuette is actually from a famous collection by Parviz Tanavoli and I don't believe is a direct reference to Roumi's famous poem "Donya hameh heech o ahl-e donya hameh heech, ey heech baraye heech bar heech mapeech".
    From a Guardian article on how the heeches came about:
    "In 1971, the then queen of Iran commissioned Parviz Tanavoli, a young artist in his 30s, to make one of his signature bronze sculptures for the palace of the shah. The tall, majestic bronze statuette depicts the word heech, which means “nothing” in Persian. Its message in relation to the shah’s grandiose rule was ambiguous, to say the least."

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    pop Split

    وای پسر این اپارتمان دیزاین زیبایی داره! ولی این خونه جزو خونه های کوچیک به حساب نمیاد! بنظرم بزرگ نیست ولی خوب کوچیکم نیست متوسطه! مرسی نیلو

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    Alex Abedi

    wow what a nice place. but american toilet???? did the native americans really had a toilet like this?? im confused… looks like an european toilet to me.

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    Essi M.

    This is such a modern looking, happy and colorful, yet not crowded place to live. Enjoyed your video, actually all of your videos, totally.

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    Amar Yasir

    Thanks The Nilofer . Such a nice video about iran and tehran and such a nice house and really like ur interest in small step in real estate. Can u plz mention the price of the apartment with decorations and without. Any way u and ur interest is touching

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    Yasmin Alibazoglu

    I also hate the carpet in houses in the US, also love Rumi!!! Really live the turquoise color of the couch 😊

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    Really disappointed in how small the apartments are you are showing us. And the decor seems very cold and impersonal. Tile flooring is very popular in Latin America as well due to it being so durable and easy to clean..but it is very cold on bare feet and very hard on your joints. Carpet is a luxury in the Middle East that most cannot afford to have or upkeep..and one I cannot live without due to it's soft warmth. These small apartments are probably fine for single people..but I can't imagine families living in them due to the lack of privacy and space. Thanks for the showing!

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    Matt Davis

    I love how well the space is divided for how small it is. I'm American and I rarely see apartments make such a great use of space.

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    Al Ray

    Thank you for the tour as well as your video is well made and the apartment is so fabulous ! Art + Architecture = Iran !

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    Noey Tindol

    I just saw your KC video today. I wish I could find a one bedroom like your studio here. By the way, I love the view from this apartment.

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    Angels Dynasty

    Just found your channel and I have to say that your videos are super. I live in Cyprus and our apartments here are having exactly the same layout. As in Iran, here too, and all Middle East / Mediterranean countries the floors are tilled, the reason? Because of the very hot weather and the huge amount of dust/sand that we have on the air. The tilled floors made the home/atmosphere much coller also much easy to keep the home clean 😉 Greetings from Cyprus 💗

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