She Built a TINY HOUSE with Covered Porch in the Woods

She Built a TINY HOUSE with Covered Porch in the Woods

So I built this tiny house
about five years ago. Wow. That’s a long time. Finally,
I’ve decided to establish roots. I found a parking spot on Whidbey Island. I’m renting the tiny house out
on Airbnb when I’m not using it, and so I thought maybe I can upgrade. Maybe I can afford to put a
porch on my tiny house. Finally, I just think it’s really going to
improve my lifestyle in multiple ways. Let me introduce you to my build team. There’s me and Nabil and
of course my dog Salies My boyfriend is an engineer, so he was able to design the layout
of the porch and he went all out. I mean he wanted to make sure
this thing was structurally sound. We went and we got all the materials that
we could from the local hardware store here on the Island. The hardware
store here is a bit limited. It’s like I had to wait weeks
to get the roofing panels, but I really enjoy shopping
local, so I did it anyway. The hardest part of the entire porch
build was definitely leveling out the ground. I was so frustrated. I didn’t
realize that this would take so long. I didn’t even really film it cause there
was just so much shoveling and just getting dirty and dealing with rain that
there wasn’t a whole lot to show that took us a half a day right there. It’s just making sure the ground was level
so that we could start the build off right. I mean I’m used
to building on a trailer, but you just level the trailer and what’s
this whole leveling the ground thing. But um, I’m glad we did it
because now I have a level porch. After we had a level area, we began
cutting our four by six deck beams. You’ll notice throughout this video that
I’ve used a combination of wood types. For the most part I wanted to use
Cedar, but it’s really expensive. So I used treated wood in the exposed
structural areas and I used regular old two by fours to save money on the areas
that would be covered by the roof. Salies was not a lot of help. She kept
wanting to play fetch the whole time. She kept running underneath the porch.
She’s just a distraction for me. I just can’t not pet her and
play with her the whole time. That’s all the screws up there. Right. So one of the saddest things about this
whole build is that I had to remove the porch post that I’ve had on the
house for about three years. So I found that porch
post just happenstance. As I was driving around in 2015 I found
a beautiful piece of wood that was on the side of the road, and since
it was a fallen piece of wood, I felt like that it was a sign that I
could take it and it fit perfectly on my porch. It’s not structural. It was just something that I really loved
and something that was aging with the tiny house. But we needed a structural porch post
for the extended porch that we were building. So I had to make a sacrifice and that
sacrifice was my beloved old porch post and she didn’t go easily there. We had to actually saw
her off of the tiny house and enough to catch it too,
or I’ll fall on your head. RIP porch post. I miss you. Next we cut our porch posts. This required some math to make sure that
the roof would have a slight pitch but wouldn’t be too short that most people
would bang their heads on the beams. Then we attached our posts to
the deck beams on blocks Salies this video isn’t about you. Next up we cut the deck and
blocking and attach it 16 inches on center At this point I could see the portraits
finally starting to take shape Finally, we were cutting
the Cedar decking. We used a jigsaw to trim around the porch
posts and the facia boards that were already on the tiny house.
I love cutting Cedar. It smells so good and I keep all the
scraps to burn later in my woodstove. This porch is a separate
structure from the tiny house, so it’s not actually attached, but we wanted to make sure it
would be as plush as possible. We attach the decking,
which took no time at all. And by nighttime of the second day,
which came around 4:00 PM and winter, I officially had a porch The next morning we were
back at it. And so was Salies One of the farm owners, Jake
actually helped out with the build. He helped us build the stairs on
the front and back of the porch. It’s always great when you can get a
little bit of a community build going on. I did a lot of that when I
was building the tiny house. If you’ve been following me that long,
you might remember I did the BB BBQs, which was the build beer
and barbecue in that order. And uh, yeah, it’s always fun. when you can get friends and community
members involved in your build. We began attaching the roof
beams using Simpson hardware. This took way longer than it should
have due to my butter finger syndrome. So it turns out I’m a bit of a klutz I can’t seem to do anything right. Once we were sure that we were square, we began placing our two by four
at 24 inches on center. Nabil did a lot of the work
on the trellis because he’s so tall. It was just so much
easier for him. I mean, I was happy filming and playing with Salies We also cut and attached three one
by fours which will be used later for attaching our Polycarp roof panels At the end of day three, Nabil
tested the strength of our work. Oh, there we go. It took us about three days to
construct the porch and to the trellis. We didn’t get to the roofing because of
weather and because I was waiting on the roofing panels, so for a while I
just had a porch without a roof, which was great, but Oh gosh, it’s winter
here in Washington. It rains a lot. I really needed the cover. A few weeks later we
obtained the roof panels. I was lucky that the panels
came in eight foot lengths, which fit perfectly on my deck. I bought six panels and I
didn’t need to cut them at all. Aside from a few notches. For the roofing panels, we actually had to notch them out a few
times just to get around some of the trim on the tiny house and in order to
do that we would normally use 10 snips. But in this case we didn’t have
any, so we used garden sheers. It worked we went with the semi clear panels. They’re actually just like slightly
tinted because I thought that would be a great way to let light in on the porch. I was a little hesitant because I’m
afraid of all the debris from the trees around falling on it and it getting
really dirty and it being just a huge task for me to clean it off all the
time. But I’ve loved it so far. It’s really increased the amount
of light that I have on that porch. So I think it was the
right decision to make because my roofing is ribbed. We also purchased the wood spacers that
line up the panels you can see to be placing them here. So Nabil who can actually reach
the roof on our little step ladder is screwing in the roof panels now the height comes in handy at
this point, right Nabil. Always. Always? Didn’t you just hit your head
when you went inside the front door. Okay. It doesn’t always come
in handy in a tiny house. It’s impossible to film with
Salies right now. Look at her. She’s just putting her butt
in my face. It’s like obnoxious One of my favorite things about
the porch is the lights that I got. I love them because
they can change colors. They are controlled by my smartphone.
They can be put on a timer, so the majority of the year I’m
going to use the tungsten balanced, just regular, you know, warm white color light by during
Christmas or maybe during a Seahawks game, I might change the colors just
to put a little flare out there. The porch was a lot more expensive than
I originally thought it was going to be. It costs me about $2,000 in materials. I haven’t upgraded this house in five
years except for like buying new sheets and pillows and a couple of small things. So as a homeowner I think
that it’s a small price to pay. and I extended my house
another 60 square feet. So Hey, I no longer have 165
square foot tiny house. I have a 225 square foot tiny house. At least that’s what it feels like. One thing I really love about what
the porch has done is we’ve created an entrance way. It’s always been kind of awkward that
the front door of my tiny house is on the back of the trailer. So when you back
in the trailer to a parking spot, you end up having the tongue side of
your trailer facing the parking lot. So when people come up to it, they
don’t see the doorway. They’re like, how do we get into this thing? They have to walk around the house to
find the door or the staircase and the porch itself sort of leads
people to my front door. So I think it’s really an improvement
of an entryway. If nothing else. I also included a staircase
at the front of the porch. The idea is that maybe in the future I’ll
put a barbecue out there or a firepit. I might hang some hammocks and just sort
of make that into a nice little Oasis. Another thing I’ve noticed,
my house is cleaner. Now. I’ve enforced a no shoe policy since
there’s a big enough porch, you can take your shoes off
outside, store them outside, so no one ever wears shoes in here.
Oh my God. Game changer. I mean, I always knew that if you didn’t wear
shoes inside, it would be cleaner, but that was just really too difficult
with my little two by two foot porch. Now I have a spot for shoes outside
on the porch and my life has changed. Everything is awesome. It didn’t really solve the problem
of Salies tracking in mud though. What can you do about a dog? I mean,
can you train her to wipe her paws? If you know how to train
a dog to wipe their paws, you just put that video down in the
comments right now because I need to see that. I just do my best. I wipe off
her paws. Sometimes she tracks in mud. I have to clean it up. But you know,
it’s kind of part of having a dog. It feels so good already that I can just
go outside and enjoy my coffee in the morning, look out in the beautiful
forest that I have in my front yard. It’s amazing. So I hope you enjoyed seeing a little
piece of my lifestyle and how I’m expanding my space. Make sure to subscribe and hit the bell
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    Elisabeth Blackwood

    I love your dog. How can you get anything done when she has that cute little nose in need of kisses?

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    Such a sweeet puppy! And I love this porch! So worth the money and effort! You could try a little rubbermaid plastic dishpan outside with some shallow water in it for a 'paw dunk' and have a 'paw towel' nearby for drying UNLESS you you could rig a little tap nearby…uhh? Puppy bathing station? 🙂 I always dunked and dried my doggie's paws before entering the house on muddy days..then no worries.

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    sonya griffy

    The "Porch Post" story was so sad for me, being a tiny home owner myself I can relate. My kids and I found a large piece of drift wood at the ocean one day and took it home and our 3 cats love it. So "Drifty" is part of our home. We have a beautiful memory and we incorporated it into out home and hearts. RIP Porch Post.♡ And thank you for sharing.

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    Vitus Ink

    Этот маленький домик в лесу и симпатичная женщина, отличное начало для фильма ужасов с маньяком! 🙂

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    lucky bunny

    How is the surrounding at night? It gives chill just imagining myself alone in a small house in the woods…

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    Luis V

    Congratulations love your home and for real the porch add not only square footage but a space to enjoy a cup of coffee and a good book as well, can I said you have a beautiful smile? when can I bring the steaks?

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    Lovey Lynn

    I would have used that porch post for something if it meant so much to me.  I would have maybe braced it horizontally & hung bird feeders from it, or wind chimes, hummer feeder, something.  wonder just what she did with it anyway?

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    Might be good idea to warn about the light flickering for seizures. It very nearly set me off.

    I love watching your videos and home 🙂

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    Teacher Benson Channel

    To the 3% of people reading this, I hope you'll have a good health through out the year. God bless us 😊

    Small YouTuber here. Hug to Hug

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    Maria Reyes

    Jen I'm proud of you, rest a couple day's, can you help Marie Reyes the Missionary built my TINY HOUSE I'll go to where your at. Bless you

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    Random Shenanigans

    You have given me hope…My hubby is 6'7" and I just haven't pushed the I want a tiny house issue due to his height
    So maybe it's possible

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    Nate D

    I enjoy watching your videos, me and my family started fulltimeing 2 and 1/2 years ago and are still in the trailer currently at st.louis Missouri, I miss widbey island, one of my favorite locations we stayed at.

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    Ruth Thomas

    I have a small (8×10) "she shed" clear plastic covered porch off my kitchen that is my favorite room "in" the house. I bought a beautiful outdoor rug made from recycled plastic bags and woven into an oriental design and then have just plain green plastic chairs. I have lots of pots with flowers, some on an upscaled back of toilet shelving unit — a freebee — and also on an old microwave cart that my son had damaged the top that I had to cut that part off. I can sit out there summer or winter, rain or snow, and of course in the sun. Love it, love it, love it.

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    Patchwork Gardens

    The funny thing is I can see my neighbor building a small house, and all the women are standing around, playing with a dog, and saying what they want.

    $2k for a porch? Holy moly

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    Lilian Greyce Amadio

    Hi there, I loved your tiny house, please let me understand something,you can stop where you want or it's your land?
    How does it works?

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    Misty Hinds

    There are specific pet rugs that i put long ways in front of my doggie door to soak up all water and wipe off mud as she walks over it. They look just like welcome matts.

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    Trina Hill

    Love watching all of your posts Jenna, you were and are great inspiration for my tiny build just finished my 3rd year living tiny and wouldn't change it for the world.

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    Marie Hercules-Benn

    Great looking tiny house & the porch really changes everything Love it & the lighting system you installed Love love love your dog also She's adorable & I love her eyes & colouring

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    oh she added a Porsche to the "tiny house' so it's tiny no more all the minimalist hypocrites starting with small and ending up in large after all!

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    Did you have to work out a reservation with the ferry to move the tiny house. Hoping to build and move to my parents property on Lopez.

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    Denise Lo

    barbeque barbecue when we love nature and animals we do not eat meat
    even more so now that we are in the middle of an ecological catastrophe👨‍👩‍👧🧘‍♀️🌍🌱💜💜💜

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    Enoeth Ylnodna

    You could have recycled it incorporating it in some part of the house. Eeven attached horizontally on the new porch engraving with a blessing or name of tiny home. Your dog is absolutely beautiful and adorable!!! God Bless you and your tiny home. Snuggles to doggie Celise!!

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    Emily Brekke

    This dog is so cute! We have two big huskies with paws that seem to bring in everything from outside. I have now gotten the Norwex Dog Mitt and wipe their paws at the door, and even their backs from light rain. I made a little hook by the door and it's so quick and easy, but makes a world of difference. Just follow the cleaning instructions, since they are microfiber. Hope you found/find something that works for you! And hope you repurposed your awesome post.

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    Deborah Peterson

    I love the new porch that was added. It adds a finishing touch to your "little" house. I have a feeling that it will be used a lot in the morning, noon and night for years to come. 😊

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    Johanna Weber

    What a beautiful home you have!
    A thing a friend of me does to prevent the dog of making things dirty is to wipe the paws and the dog itself with 2 different towels outside the house. This way everything stays clean ^^

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    Terkel Algevind

    Wish one could do this in denmark.. Buy a small plot and make sure everything is as enviromental as it should be.. But even if we could do it, the permits would be like 1 million usd to shit in your composting toilet. Sadness. :S

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