Secret House Party?!

Secret House Party?!

(upbeat music)
(audience cheers) – It’s time for Ask Wendy. Hi. – Hi. – Jumpsuit, come on over. How you doing? – How you doing? – Wait, come on over so
people can look at you while you complain. (Maizey laughs) About whatever’s going on in your life. I love your earrings and everything. – Thank you. – Who are you and where are
you from and what do you do? – My name is Maizey. I’m from Arland and I work in fashion. – Okay, obviously. – Obviously. – And how can I help you, Maizey? – So my boyfriend of
six years is an engineer but currently pursuing
a career as a boxer, a professional boxer and so
he’s always posting pictures of himself topless on
Instagram and girls are sliding into his DMs. And I just wanna know how,
do I let those girls know that he is taken? – He should let them know. – He should let them know? – Yeah. You know have that conversation with him so that he can say it. “You know. I’m taken, but this is me.” Cause I don’t think he should not post. You know, if he’s making
a career with his body, then you have to body fly. But have him do it. – Okay. – All right. A polite conversation. – Okay. (audience applauds)
– Good luck, Maisey. Come on. I love this. – How are you doing, Wendy? – How you doing? Come over. – Good, I’m great. – Rollerset.
– Yes. – Old school.
(audience cheers) Yes, yes. No, no, look. You’re on TV though. You gotta pay attention to the camera. – How you doing, Wendy? – Fine, thank you. What’s your name? Where you from and what do you do? – My name is Trinelle. I’m a hairstylist from New Jersey. – Okay. – And actually I have a question. My daughter actually turned 18.
– She’s here now? – No. – Okay. – Actually, she turned 18
yesterday and what I did was found out that she gave herself a Airbnb surprise birthday party. So her prom is coming up–
– Good for her! – In May. (audience laughs) – Good girl. Good girl. How’d you find out, Trinelle? – Actually, she told me
because her friends were trying to tell me and keep it a
surprise and I found out. – Okay. – So I was trying to
find out am I too harsh for canceling her prom? It’s in May.
– Yes. Yes you are. – Okay, okay. – You know she had the party
and no one was arrested. – No. – And she came to you
and told you respect– I’m just sad. – Trinelle, don’t act
like we haven’t lived. – You right.
– Girl. – You right, Wendy. Yes, yes. – You know what I mean?
– Thank you. – She wasn’t arrested. There was no trouble there. She’s not pregnant. She came home. She was in her bed when
you saw her this morning. – No, Wendy. She didn’t come for the Airbnb. – Well, fine. – She’s okay though. – She’s okay? Don’t cancel her prom. She’s still in high school. This is her senior year. Let her ride out. – Okay. – All right, Trinelle.
(audience applauds) – Thank you, Wendy. (audience applauds) – Okay. Come on over. How you doing? – How you doing? – Your fans are that way. – Oh, yeah, right. – What’s your name? Where you from and what do you do? – My name is Bret. I’m from Florida and I’m a writer. – Okay, Bret and how can I help you? – Okay, so, my sister, she’s
letting me stay with her rent free until I get on my feet. – How long have you been there? – Two months. – Okay. – Yeah, it’s hard to find a job, but she went home to
Florida to visit my family. There’s this guy that I’m talking to. – Wait! Where is her apartment? – Midtown. – Okay, so she lives in Manhattan? – Yeah. – And so here you go. – Here I go.
(audience laughs) There’s this guy I’m talking to. Listen, I haven’t had sex in two years. That’s the premise.
(audience laughs) – Why? What has been the problem? – Men are mean. – Okay. – Yeah. Now I’ve lost my train of thought. I, okay.
(audience laughs) – Not me. Go ahead.
– Yeah, I know. So she told me no guys at her apartment but this guy that I’ve been
talking to can’t have me over his place. – Why? – He lives with his family. So it’s like, should I just bring him over and then ask her for forgiveness later? – No! Get one of those cheap,
dirty sheet motels– (audience laughs) in the town. You know. (audience applauds)
Don’t do that to your sister. – I could never. – All right, Bret. Behave. – Thank you. – Or do your best. (audience laughs)
– Yeah. – Two years. Okay. (audience applauds) – Hey, Wendy! How you doing? – How you doing? Come on over. – Hi, how are you? – I’m warm just looking at you. I’m freezing over here. (audience laughs) What’s your name? Where are you from? What do you do? – So my name is Gloria. I’m from Las Vegas. I am a sales manager. – Okay, how can I help you, Gloria? – So my ex and I recently
broke up after three years. I found out he was being
really flirtatious online and in person right in front of me. Obviously I’m not gonna
stick around for that. So I dumped him. – Okay. – I blocked him. He changed his number. He’s still trying to
contact me and my friends, my family. How do I get him to get the
message without being too mean? – First of all, you gotta be mean! Exactly! (audience cheers and applauds) This is what you tell your friends. – Okay. (Wendy clears throat) – If they’re really your
friends, they’d block him also. – Okay. – All right, cause you
were the plug to him. If they’re really your family, your mom, your dad, your brothers,
they would block him too. – Okay. – He’ll get the message. And by the way, there’s
nothing wrong with being mean. Sometimes mean works the best. (upbeat music)


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    Kate Not Effin Katie

    Oh my god every outfit. Wendy. 🙁 I know she has to wear flats now for her health, but there are options other than wearing J’s with every outfit and this nonsense😭

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    K K

    My first impression with Bret was that he is trouble, I think his situation is deeper than just what he says. 🤷🏻‍♂️

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    Melyssa H

    the mom seems like the type to freak out over anything, even though her daughter getting straight A's and well rounded. oddly enough 😅😅, her getting pregnant at a house party is the exact situation the mom was protecting her from lol

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    Lady 1 she should let them know and get a picture of yourself with him on there lol like in a bikini to make it relevant to his page if that’s what he’s about. If he gets offensive about letting girls know, let him go and save yourself the heartbreak

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    Yup! Wendy right about the 4th lady! If they are really her friends she should’ve blocked him right after they broke up. No business staying friends with him. And the “new number” thing easy to do in 2 mins by downloading an app that lets you call from it a different number with only a WiFi connection. Guys who call like that have a big ego and think that you want HIM to chase you because he was such a loss. They should be too embarrassed to call if they had a leveled head on their shoulders.

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    Amazing Amy

    I was in the back listening.. after you left he said you were a prostitute but you get money 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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