Robert Cresswell testimonial – Me Smarter Mortgages

Robert Cresswell testimonial - Me Smarter Mortgages

so help people get the house they wanted whereas other lenders of turn them down he takes away all the hassle it's a lot easier you can relax into the fact that these can be there you can do the job they often save money which is when you're looking at debt repayment really crucial so rich is able to source a mortgage that is less than they're paying in the moment so client save time by not having to go around ten twelve fifteen lenders themselves I think now it actually impacts their credit score as well so going to one broker can really help get the job done quicker I don't think he gives up and the mortgage market is vast and and it takes some searching and knowing what a lenders criteria is that's where he's skilled comes in his experience comes in yes you pay a fee but that's a lot of time a lot of aggravation hassle and at the end the day you get the better product by using somebody who's experienced to what they do definitely they're not gonna change if they're not going to save money so the first thing is he's got to offer them a better deal than they can just simply transfer within the same lender the high street banks and building societies will offer headline-grabbing rates but it's often the tie-ins and the penalties that you pay that really capture people out he spends time explaining those and making price very where or the good bits of mortgages and also the the catches that can come and bind people I think it's a case of benefiting from his experience benefiting from his connections I trust that when I pass her a filter and it's going to get dealt with in an ethical swift cost-effective way and the clients are always very happy for what happens the outcome is good you

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