1. trival_21

    I traveled 1,000 Miles on a motorcycle from CA to Taos NM and I discovered this song. Love it and I think about it everytime I get on the road leaving NM.

  2. Dan J

    Loved you guys until someone got all rapey , I would say the same for Mr.Alex caulder except I never liked his music.

  3. alterniemand73

    It's very interesting for me that many are chilled or relaxed by this song, or you can say by most songs of them. For me there is many melancholy in that and some kind of nostalgia. Nostalgia, as Mad Men taught us, is like pain from an old wound. So for me the feelings when i hear Real Estate go deeper inside. It's not easy to describe. Perhaps it's easier just to say that for me their music is less relaxing but more touching.

  4. Archlefirth 177

    This song brings back nostalga of a childhood I never had: nursery rhymes, playgrounds, picnics on the grass, block parties, July 4th barbeques, birthday parties and lemonade stands

  5. Jesse Negrete

    First time hearing thing song today I'm so fucking happy the sound found me I've been looking for it since I discovered good music! I'm in love with this track this is a song worth working hard and buying and supporting the hard work for us to enjoy!!!!

  6. Noble Clan

    I honestly began to cry the first time I heard this song, I was just smoking some herb in my house and this came on and it was just so powerful. I felt extremely at peace

  7. Idk delete or something

    First heard this song when I was on shrooms and I was so chill guys. The world felt peaceful.

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