Phoenix verses Los Angeles – Moving to Phoenix

Phoenix verses Los Angeles – Moving to Phoenix

Today we’re talking about Phoenix versus
Los Angeles and we’re not talking about the Suns and Lakers. So if you’ve been
thinking about moving from California to Arizona today we’re gonna compare the
two biggest cities Phoenix versus Los Angeles to see if you should move to
Phoenix. So let’s get started. Hi I’m Amy Hayslett and I’m a real estate agent in
Phoenix Arizona and on my channel I talk about life in Phoenix and the Phoenix
real estate market. So before we get started if that’s something that
interests you go ahead and click that button to subscribe because I don’t want
you to miss a thing. So for years Californians have been flocking to
Arizona making Arizona one of the top states where Californians move to and
you can see this just by going out to see the Suns play the Lakers or the
Diamondbacks play the Dodgers because you’re gonna find that there’s probably
more fans rooting for the LA team than the home team. And that’s because we have
so many Angelenos living here in Phoenix. In Los Angeles County the population
right now is right about 10 million and the whole state of Arizona’s just over 7
million. So many people are leaving California in fact, that in 2017 the
Census Bureau reported that 142,932 more locals left the state than came to
the state. Meanwhile, Arizona increased their number of residents by a 107,000 that year. And Arizona is right behind Texas as the second
state where Californians are moving to, with 64,765 people moving from California to Arizona in 2017. So let’s
talk about Phoenix versus Los Angeles and five reasons why you might want to
move to Phoenix. Number one reason why you might want to consider moving to
Phoenix from Los Angeles is the cost of living. We all know that California and
specifically Los Angeles is one of the most expensive cities to live in so
let’s compare Phoenix cost of living to LA. According to the website Best Places
Phoenix is actually 49.1% less expensive to live in then
Los Angeles. So if you’re making about $50,000 in Phoenix you’re going to need
to make about a $125,000 in Los Angeles for
about the same standard of living. So I’ve often heard that people say that
you can’t make as much money here in Phoenix than other areas. While that
may be true, for Los Angeles the gap may be smaller than you think. In fact the same website Best Places states that the median income in Phoenix
is just over $52,000 versus Los Angeles which is just under $58,000. And Phoenix
as well as Arizona is experiencing some great job growth job. Growth in Phoenix
is ranked number 3 versus California which is number 16. Next we’re going to
talk about taxes. California has one of the highest income taxes in the country
topping out at 13.3% while Arizona income taxes ranged from 2.9%
to 4.54% . But California has a lot more
tax brackets then in Arizona, so to put this into perspective. Somebody making about a
$150,000 per year can expect to pay about4.54%
taxes in Arizona versus 7.25% in
California. Reason number three. Home prices. You can also buy a lot more home
in Phoenix than you can in Los Angeles. Median home prices in Los Angeles are
going to run you probably in the mid $600’s versus about t$280,000in Phoenix Arizona and rents are also about twice as much in
Los Angeles versus Phoenix. Number four reason to consider moving to Phoenix
versus Los Angeles is the weather and climate. Now hear me out here I know
Phoenix is super hot in the summer our average temperature in July is going to
be 104. Meanwhile in Los Angeles it’s going to be 84 degrees as an average in
summer so they’re definitely going to beat us a few months out of the year but
other than that we do have less rainy days in Phoenix than Los Angeles with
212 days of sunshine in Phoenix versus Los Angeles
with 147 and our winters are fairly mild with December
and January temperatures averaging around 63 degrees versus 68 degrees in
Los Angeles. When it comes to safety and natural disasters we don’t get those
earthquakes here in Phoenix. Number five reason traffic. LA has been ranked as the
worst city for commuters in the US according to a Texas A&M study in 2017
lLA drivers wasted a total of 119 hours sitting in traffic versus 62 for Phoenix
commuter.s Hey thanks for joining me in this comparison of Phoenix versus Los
Angeles. There’s really great reasons to live in both communities. Los Angeles has
great beaches and the ocean it’s got great food great entertainment and some
great venues like Disneyland but the cost of living and the traffic in LA
tell me that Phoenix beats LA. Now I want to know what do you think. Share your
thoughts below in the comments and let me know if you have any questions about
moving to Phoenix. Thanks and I’ll see you next week. Bye bye!


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    Sending this to my son pronto! He's been in LA since university (2008) has a job, married and renting. At least 2x/year since his graduation I urge him to get out of there. Things are spiraling out of control in Cali, so he should get out while he can (I offered him a condo 5 mins from Waikiki rent-free). Sadly lots of the good folk have been moving out since there is no longer any hope for a decent future.
    How much are the excise/sales taxes in Arizona?
    Interesting series on Cali here and related video here

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