OUR APARTMENT TOUR! ✨ First home as a married couple!

OUR APARTMENT TOUR! ✨ First home as a married couple!

Hello it’s Allison! I hope you’re having a super happy day so far I am so excited to finally be filling in our little home a perfect
tour I have lived here for over a month now so if you’re new here my name is
Austin and I live in Orlando with my husband and he has lived here for a few
months already since October and I just moved in after we got married last month
in February so it’s been really fun to just live with each other and make this
cozy little apartment our home um and when Brandon my husband moved in in
October I definitely added a ton of decoration throughout the months before
I missed it but right now it’s pretty much complete and we’re not gonna add
too many more decorations just because it is an apartment and you know we can’t
really customize it that much um and we do want to you know look for a house and
save up for a house and that’s the goal for the future so we know we won’t be
living here for forever so we kind of just stopped decorating so I’m super
excited to share everything we’ve done so far in this video I’ll be sharing
where I got everything lots of lots of our decorations and furniture I’ve had
for a while or Brandon have had um for quite a bit but I’ll try to link
anything that I can down below and I just really hope you guys enjoyed this
little apartment tour you walk in and you have our Islands which is really
nice happen sometimes we eat breakfast here and we have our little bar stools
which we got from charge I take a target and they work such a good price that
they’re still available I’ll definitely
well we got them on sale and I want to say it was like was it 60 who’s around
$60 which is really good for our stools cuz we were looking at West on ones that
we’re way more expensive stuff we’re happy with these and damage toxin lovely
flowers you know and a candle to just make it extra cozy and we use this
little bowl from West Elm we put them on our registry but we use it to power our
wedding ring from stuffing when we do the dishes so that’s really a great task
its I would eat different my wedding ring to go down I think so over here we
have our fridge our apartment came with all the appliances which is super super
nice because if it did it and we just have like all our you you know I love
how organized our fridges thankfully Brandon is my husband is a very
organized person as well so we live a very organized life okay so over here we
have our KitchenAid mixer which was also on our wedding registry we haven’t used
it yet I’m so excited to use it soon and bake something super tasty and then we
have our blender and our fruit basket this this bowl is actually like a
serving bowl but it was from West Elm and it fits all of our yummy fruit which
is great and then we have our fun little smelly toaster and this is from Weston
as well and it works really really nicely and it’s all so adorable which is
quite a plus then we have our little kitchen towel as this one’s my favorite
from my friend face it says to the happy couple
how cute that’s from an thorough preparation okay
we’ve you never here we have this rug by the sink and that is from I got it from
Ross for about nine dollars which is amazing and it’s perfect to have a you
know little rug by the sink in case any waterfalls and
it just makes a little cozier and oh up here I love how our permanent came with
this open shelves we have all of our coffees supplies here and we love coffee
and media every morning so it’s nice and handy right there and then we have just
some bowls and strap and then we have but Disney vegetables cookbook which is
one of my favorite cookbooks what’s really really neat and really just well
done and then up here we have a picture of Brandon the knife from high school
this is actually the first homecoming that we went together and then we also
have that little glass thing I don’t even out training to Miriam to rehab you
think that’s difficult that we use other ways to put a little lip in so yeah
that’s pretty much it for our kitchen we don’t have a pantry but we have that
this is our pantry it’s like a huge cupboard which is really nice and up
here we also have some entry items so really great and like i said violent is
perfect for storage as well because it has cabinets all in it and then over
here we have this really pretty the Andrea that I got from sugar buco at
Disney springs and it says thank you for the world so sweet thank you for the
food we eat thank you for the birds that sing thank you God for everything and I
think that’s really cute and perfect for a little kitchen Oh
also here we have the beautiful clock that Brandon’s mom
actually like it was a hand-me-down from her cuz she didn’t have a place for it
anymore but it’s really nice it’s over our door we actually have this pretty
little sign that says the bigger staffs table is 2019 it’s so good to be home
which is so cute and so true I’m definitely a homebody so I love I love
that sign and then in here we just have a storage closet which is really great
where we just keep a whole bunch of random stuff vacuum and lots of
Brandon’s sporty and strap and some gift wrapping
you know just like necessities and then over here is our
that sandals are super super high which is great because it just lets it a whole
lot more light and it makes the place feel so much bigger even though it’s
just on one bedroom one bath apartment so right here we have our dining tables
/ Brandon’s death good his little office so this tables from Ikea and the chairs
are from Amazon but we eat here at lots of minutes but also Brandon does all his
computer work here it’s a cute little day and then over here we just have some
books a free little plants and then our apartment just came with this whole
little little section which is nice I feel like they packed in as much storage
as they could which is super helpful and then over here our couch it’s from
Missy’s actually Brandon bought it when he moved into his first apartment but
it’s super nice they love the color and the size is a really good floor of space
which I really like and then our coffee table is ceramic Amazon and we have this
little tray from West Elm and some candles we love candles and always have
memory and pretty much and it’s just really yummy smells um and then this rug
is from runs the USA and I bought this a few months ago and it’s just really cool
be not super well it was a really good price and this is one of my favorite
things and Brandon’s favorite thing about our apartment because even though
we have carpet I just really love how the rug adds a more put-together look
for the living rooms and then over our couch has have all these frames so we
got the exploding shells from Ikea there are two different sizes actually
you can tell this really bothered Brandon when you put them together
because it doesn’t like match up perfectly but I think it looks pretty
good and works out nicely and then we have some
let me picture is sending the pictures and then that palm tree and that ocean
print are from society6 and that’s just a website that has a ton of different
prints and artwork from different artists but you can wear it so love that
oh and the pillows meets where ones are from Target and the circle one I don’t
remember that round but I just had that before and I bought beads for Brandon
for his first apartment and then we have my little desk area which is so helpful
because I work from home but most of the time I do go in the office one or once
or twice a week but most the time I work from home so this is super great we have
this pink chair that I bought for our target
I had it I’ve had it for over a year now because I bought it in college last year
so I’m not sure if it’s still available but it’s super cute and comfortable my
desk is from ikea and I’ve had this through like ten years I’ve had it since
I was really young but it’s such a great size and I feel
like they would still have it because it’s kind of like an Ikea staple and
this top part is from Ikea as well so just have my laptop and you know there’s
some little decorations this is for her wedding actually um I’m going to switch
it out soon but I love it reminds me of our wedding day so yeah that’s pretty
much all for over there and then over here we have a little cozy little
reading nook I love sitting in this chair we bought this chairs this is like
the first piece of furniture we bought together after we got this apartment and
this chair is from Ikea so now my hands from Target and it’s so soft it’s like a
velvet and I just won it it’s so comfy and this pillow is from Target as well
pretty much everything I’m showing you is from our wedding registry so thank
you to our family and friends through helping us to create our permit and this
light is from Target as well and the not table is from Amazon but yeah and just
love this cozy little nook and then we have a play so this our fireplace slash
TV mantel and it has just been so fun to have a fireplace it was like one of the
things I wanted most when we put it on our wedding registry and our good
friends gave it to us which is so sweet but we have the TV on here and you see
that it opened so functional I know we live in Florida and I know we don’t use
the heat that much but it’s so functional it’s so cute so let’s show
you that’s what it looks like when it’s on and you can turn the heat on but if
you don’t want to turn the heat on you can just have the light which is which
we use a lot to play music and oh did I say that the proof is from Target
I’m not sure if I said that but the proof is from Target super super cute
and then this little rug is from Ikea for like nine dollars so yes and then
over here we have this basket full of cozy blankets
I love playing kids and this one’s from Amazon no sorry it’s from Anthropologie
definitely helped her making this on and then the basket I’ve had since I was
little also I think it’s from like Pottery Barn
Kids or something but I just love that and that’s very much of our living room
and kitchen so now go into our bed 0.o we have these little hanging um just
Mary do not disturb door hanger from our sister mission all she gave it to us
before how you made and we just hung it on her doors to review um but this is
what our room playing we have I think that real star
of the show is Army on site the biggest times we have this our wedding and we
repurposed it as our bedroom decoration and you love it it is so bright at night
it just lights up the whole room but it’s really cute and I’m so happy you
have that and you bought it honey so yeah I’m super fun and then the other
star of the show is definitely our wallpaper this is from a new wall decor
and it’s basically a huge marble sticker that we just stuck on our wall and it’s
serving as wallpaper but I feel like it looks really pretty and it’s even more
white than our walls are so I feel like it brightens up the room a whole bunch
and I love it I hope it doesn’t peel off the wall when we take it off good we’re
renting but they created this wallpaper for people with apartment so I’m feeling
pretty good about it and then we’ll just go to the bed now
this big chunky knit blanket is from Targa’s love another thing on our
registry and then we just have a white limited linen duvet cover your pillows
and this pillows from society6 as well super simple super cute and then our
bedside table that one it’s from Amazon the same one that was in the living room
by the blue velvet chair and the light is just from Ikea so yep there’s a
little track you know once over things are built our gate and IKEA everything
really affordable and then this full-length mirror oh hey my cameraman
that is from Ikea as well it’s great to have a fully clear so you can you know
check out your full outfit Bradon never had a full-length mirror before like you
never thought you needed one guy I think the lake necessity and then we have this
poo from Turkey as well and the rug is from Turgut – I bought these for my
college dorm so are really just repurposing as so many things and then
this is a really nice dresser that Brandon brought from Target for his
first apartment um and we have this round mirror from Turkey as well and
then this cute little floral garland that’s kind of like a Valentine’s Day
decoration but I just think it’s so pretty and we have a cute little cactus
and a little Kindle and into this Kindle actually it’s from when Brandon proposed
to me so it’s the one of the ones he used like set up cute little engagement
so I love that and then this is a beautiful tapestry that we actually got
married in front of it was at our ceremony at our wedding and it’s so
beautiful it’s first Corinthians 13 4 through 7 love is patient love is kind
and I just love it I love waking up and seeing this every morning and where we
go to bed so yeah and then this is the other dresser and it is from Target
where I do put it together for us but it’s really great size and also we
wanted to pick one with three different drawers for the maximum amount of
storage and we’re using every inch of it okay
Palestine two more little rooms we have our closet which is pretty big
thankfully because the girl has a lot of clothes
um and then so this is Brandon side this is all of his clothes he has plenty of
space but thankfully I have a little more space so over here is all of my
clothes and then we have like our laundry basket and Brandon’s shoes this
organizer is from Walmart I believe so that’s really great but I have
everything hanging up and it was super great to put these shelves up here so I
can put all my mini ears and hats and all that good stuff and just use the
length of our closet and we a bunch of office supplies here as well
which was super great because we don’t have like an actual office so we use our
closet it’s been working pretty well so yeah packed to the brim but it’s pretty
organized so I’m happy with it and then in our bathroom you have a nice sized
bathroom and we have another candle over here that was from the engage me thank
you and then we just have our soap container
and a little toothbrush container that’s from Target another registry item so fun
and then our chakra is from Turkey as well so okay Britney wanted me to show
you guys our cold shower organizer we got this on Amazon but it’s
so satisfying we’re sorry it’s this really tall organizer because
we have like so week between the both of us we have so many different products so
we got this little organizer from Amazon like I said and it’s just me everything
is so much better so that we don’t have to UM we don’t have to have our like the
tub surrounded with shampoo bottles and all that stuff so love it and then over
here we have so we just have our washer and dryer just so great to have this and
we have some more storage that we just pack pile things up there lots of
cleaning supplies I’m just if like that nothing too exciting but really
convenient to have a washer and dryer of course and that’s it I hope you all
enjoyed our little apartment tour and I will see you really soon


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