Niki DeMar’s 70s-Inspired Apartment Makeover | OMG We're Coming Over

Niki DeMar’s 70s-Inspired Apartment Makeover | OMG We're Coming Over

no doubt can't wait to decorate there's so much we can make how will it turn out oMG we're coming over open up we're here okay you're yelling like so loud what's up guys why are we you do I don't know we're so cringy but hey welcome to our videos we're always going to be what we're doing Nikki DeMars place guys and she just happens to be obsessed with the 1770s hey guys I'm Nicky from niki and gabi to youtube channels one with my twin sister Gabby and then my own channel and a cutie mark I've been trying to work with mr. Kate for a few years now she's done all my friends places but I feel like things happen for a reason because the apartment I was living in before this I didn't like and this is my dream apartment so if I'm gonna interior design any apartment I'm glad it to this one this is gonna be an insane episode it's so fun not just specific aesthetic yes I'm leavin wanting to work with Nikki for so long she and I have been texting obviously we've done a ton of her friends places other youtubers so this is just meant to me and I'm really excited about the 70 theme she likes she knows what she likes I love when people know what they like and have a very specific aesthetic guys if you're from Nikki's channel welcome where the creative weirdos over here at mr. Kate and joy the family hit the subscribe button we would love to have you we're all about embracing your unique weirdness which just makes you view and being unapologetic and creative and just living the because why not lifestyle and if you guys are already creative weirdos and you want to take the relationship to the next level you can hit the join button and become a member we have vlogs live chats everything all so huge thanks to ring for sponsoring today's video obviously ring is a really cool company so we're excited to show you some of their stuff in a little bit bring in our house so yeah ring-a-ding-ding ring-a-ding-ding looks good too episode [Applause] hey what's up bad we are small with our little hair and you guys are both drummers here this is meant there's a lot of synchronicity it's so funny we're like mirror images I know guys we're excited about this project so this is your living dining room yeah this is a big room it is it was a big white box that's how I would explain it like it is okay so the challenge in this room is that it's big it's one of those modern apartments with an open floor plan which is cool but again not totally 70s so we're gonna try to make the areas of the room stand alone with decorating I am so excited about your style I mean I know even texting and I've been saying like I love your aesthetic because it is so specific I have this obsession with the 70s mid-century modern Palm Springs I also love summer and warm colors oh my gosh you guys what do you meet challenge this is like normally the design style that's in right now is like white walls and black and white minimalism or like you know kind of pastels but Nikki likes literally the opposite of that with her brown and orange and blue accented like super 70s very retro like to a tee retro like she wants it to look like basically the Brady Bunch house and they wear do you follow yeah this is perfect for me because like she's pretty gender neutral so it like kind of falls in my favorite that it's not gonna be super girly or anything like you have let go a slight retro I really dig the same style yeah I got your inner retro we're gonna bring it out for both of you on the wall urban space so you guys are gonna be heading to Vegas for the night which is great and we'll be here finishing up but we wanted to start some projects with you like we do you're going to add-ons yeah through 21st birthday oh my gosh so you'll come come over and we'll reveal a nice apartment cool a Yugo because they just leave off your face hangover no are you guys so excited for what the first part is gonna be what is it we're gonna dye your hair buckets here it's like it's a new way of dying you should be or I would be cold orange on my channel I'm really known for saying the phrase cooling warm tones I always call it out if I'm wearing it if I see it I'll vlog it cool in room tone okay so we're gonna start doing what we do a lot of people let's paint paint oh my god what color is in that can all right so the first I'm going to do is paint the walls the white walls are just not gonna work for the 70s vibe we're going for white is currently very popular a lot of people let their walls white but for this 70s vibe we got to get some crazy color Nicki loves it it's like a muted teal color the whole thing about 70s vibes in particular is that it wasn't a lot of primary colors per se and decorating it with some more off shade so this paint color is perfect for that I would pick that out I was literally okay good I am like very messy I'm not good at DIYs I'm very organized I'm impatient everything you shouldn't be if you want to be a good DIY er so I'm not the best but nate is actually the complete opposite of me when it comes to that I've got some crazy OCD so I feel like once I start one wall I got to finish the whole thing he can finish the whole [Applause] so what Nikki doesn't know is that we're not painting this whole room this blue color I have planned some removable wallpaper which is so exciting because hello so 70s and also a way for us to really designate these areas of space so you like the color and Nate basically said that he's gonna finish the wall by himself kicking in we he wants to finish it yeah I heard that so you know what bro you got this I will gladly step away and let you finish bathing okay so why don't you take Nicky to do the art project I can get set for another project and they can make two rolls I can need to roll Joey to roll remix Nate to rolls I was such a dumb dad thing to do it looks like such a tool using the tools DIY yes would you want to know if I'm fact what do you know when like DIY I was like hugely 2015 and me and my twin yeah always like me we suck at DIY I became known as a twin on YouTube and I want to say these last two years I really become my own and I've started to try to do my own thing a little bit and now I have my channel Nikki de Mar where I post vlogs and regular videos so obviously you've seen our videos you know I like to do like a custom piece of art either photography or painting and it's just a way to further personalize the space get a nice big statement piece on the wall without spending too much money and it's also just fun like it just makes it so much more fun when you can actually interact with the things that you then end up seeing on your wall everyday so this project is something I've never done before the biggest issue in this apartment with your aesthetic is that it's modern yes right so these walls are all flat there isn't any architectural interest so I didn't just want to put up like a flat canvas on the wall I wanted to make it more sculptural so the whole thought behind this project is using geometry again in 60s 70s retro design you see a lot of shapes you see cubes you see triangles you see then spheres right it was it was sort of the Space Age it was the 60s the first man on the moon there were lots of kind of planetary elements that were infused into the design so we have here like to explain for the viewers at home what at what's happening here it's a balloon and paper mache there you go so what we're gonna do is I'm gonna hand you this sharp I'm nervous I hate loud sporadic sounds that I'm not expecting even though I'm like expecting it it's still unexpected I don't like balloon popping no it's it's like a cymbal clap I think I'm gonna clutch my baby paper mache let's demo on one so you would pull out the balloon and then what we're gonna do is we're going to cut it spilling itself it's just kind of like sucking itself in it's actually sounds really cool it sounds like a crackle situation we just let it do it so anyways we're gonna we want these to be more of like half circles so I'll let you do this so these spheres have a rough edge so we want to cut that with a scissor it's really easy we're just gonna create more of a straight line to really get these into half circle shapes that we can then lay down on the canvas and let them sort of overhang the ones on the edge because we're kind of making this canvas not look like a square anymore after we get all of our spheres down on this canvas we're then gonna come in with you want to do some more paint reveals yes okay so now it's time for Nicky to open more cans of paint we've got these three little cans for the DIY so three different shades of our beautiful retro orange and kind of you know randomly paint different shapes differently but let them kind of run together I love the three shades of orange like one's like a smoky orange and other ones like a crimson they're all muted which is really cool because I hate in-your-face saturation I love colors but toned down a little so why don't you just get to gluing these down and like I said don't worry if it sort of spills out over that's cuz we're gonna paint everything okay I'm not the neatest I'm warning you well great this is perfect for you then so is it okay if there's like stringy clue yeah yeah don't worry about the strings this is the messy so I think like this piece looks cool too right like a like a ribbon II piece I made some of these as well like some bigger two to kind of fill in just keep the texture going I love that yeah okay cool cuz that'll help I have like another bigger one right there I think it's just gonna turn out super cool it's a really unique design and I know it's gonna be a huge centerpiece alright so I feel like you're seeing enough of this and you've had a lot of say and placing the domes I think I'm ready to send you over to Joey because I know you guys have to go to Vegas alright so this is looking amazing I think nikki has the vision obviously I have lots to finish on this still but thankfully she's gonna be out of the house in Vegas far away cannot peek so yeah go do some stuff with Joey alright I'm gonna continue have fun with Joey don't lose a finger oh hey everybody want to quickly tell you backstage saw her ring I'm obsessed with ring 100% true fan it's true at our house we use ring for everything in addition to keeping our house safe we also know when packages are being delivered answering the doorbell when we're at him indisposed thank you you gonna leave the package inside the front gate on the porch to asking Joey doing some favors while he is outside and I am still unlikely Joey while you're out there can you water the product plants I promise you that earlier yeah thank you love you ring has a whole suite of tools that effortlessly connects together in the ring app to help you monitor your house there's hardwired battery-powered and even solar options so pretty much you can install a ring device anywhere you want since you're one of our subscribers you have a special offer on a ring starter kit available right now the kit includes a video doorbell and motion activated spotlight cam which is everything you need to start building a ring of security around your home ring dot-com mr. heat now let's go back to episode oh my god how does your project go it's going you know it's a work in progress are you ready to do stuff with wood heck yeah alright so one of the things we're trying to do in this room is bring in some of those seventies textures so what we're gonna do is we are going to do a wood paneling project wood is not my territory I've never played with wood used wood cut wood nothing so this is all new to me so we wanted to do some sort of wood paneling esque project but because this is a rental and also just because we don't want to be too overwhelming we want to figure out a way to like incorporate that vibe but slightly more subtly so we're doing like wood paneling apart okay i pre built some frames just the classic way you always see us build frames on this with some one by two that I'm just mitering the edges making 45 degree angles connecting it all so it makes a square and what we're gonna do is we are going to lay pine wall planks on top of it to create that wall plank vibe so basically what we're going to do is we're going to trace the frame and the excess wood we'll use to fill in the rest of the frame just make sure your corners kind of in the middle of this piece of wood we're gonna do a bunch of rows of this pine wood planking and Nikki's gonna trace around the frame so we know our cuts are gonna go and now it's time for Nikki to get into the power tools are you nervous yeah I've never done anything like this I love wood but I've never cut wood so this is gonna be a first so what you're gonna do is you're gonna hold it you're gonna pull it pull the trigger you're gonna go down and then you're gonna push forward till you go all the way through the world so now pull the trigger hold it all right Nikki did such a great job with the chop saw we have all of our pieces ready to go now we got to get them onto the frame the edges will well clean up yeah but it's pretty good right you see how you don't you know it's covering everything so now that I'm seeing it all in front of me I'm totally picturing it in the room especially with the wall color and the canvas I was working on it's all coming together and I'm so excited so basically what we're gonna do is we're just gonna go along the edges and put in some finish nails all right I think nikki has done enough on this project she crushed it she did amazing on the chop saw amazing on the nail gun good job Nikki I know they got to get to Vegas so I'm just gonna finish this up for her once we have all these planks nailed on we'll apply a dark stain it's gonna be very cool cuz I know you guys get to Vegas let's check in with Kate and see how Nate's doing on his new role it's a good trick right yeah Nate did great the walls are perfectly covered in the pretty blue and he was still double whatever that's called Nikki how good is this color life it's amazing it's like a great mix of like calming meets beachy meets 70s it's perfect and then with the wood powder that you do with Joey and our spheres it's gonna be so good pretty so cool how are you feel about the color I love it it already feels like a new room all right it's time to kick these guys out we have so much to do in here they're gonna leave to Vegas they're giving us the keys always a dangerous idea drive safely say happy birthday to Island for me all right well we got a lot to do you kids go enjoy days Oh wish island we birthday for me for sure that try safely behind you yeah we're driving yeah she already is still here I need these commands yeah all right yes thank you I'll be careful okay Joey and I have so much to do we've got the removable wallpaper to get up I have to finish that DIY project we have to do all of the mounting we have lots of shelves a lot of crazy stuff yeah I'll finish this okay I'm gonna pass okay now here's the problem with NATO rolls he was good but did he have any pep in his step well you look like a mad scientist over here I am Joey this is perfect yeah so we're gonna stain it still exactly what I was picturing and it's so lightweight oh my gosh obviously we have a whit scene plant for this project because this raw light wood is not in our color palette we need to make sure it's like warm and retro looking but that'll come later so staining this and then this is going on that one yes so seeing that our warm wood color the goal for today is to get the wallpaper up wallpaper up and we're doing it we're doing that the trim pieces on these edges and then maybe one over there yeah just anywhere just to cut off our wallpaper and then furniture in alright okay I got a stain keep keep making purple or I'm gonna say in my on my planet you stay on yours alright so we have two really great removable wallpapers these are this wallpaper that we're putting up around the dining room area it's so gorgeous you guys okay his removal wallpaper has like this super retro looking print on it like a mix of orange a little bit of like almost like a mustard and then like the geometric shapes right because we're really playing with geometry in this design now over on this wall opposite to the sofa we are doing a faux stone wallpaper and so obsessed with it like when do you get to use bone so bone stove when do you get to use those beau filling wallpaper like not that often but when you're trying to create the 1970s in 2019 you can use faux stone wallpaper all right so the plan is we are gonna finish the day by getting all this wallpaper up and then tomorrow when we come back we will bring in all the furniture hang all the items get the artwork on the walls finishing touches and then we'll reveal all right guys we are back and Nicky and Nate's place the room is coming together this is very exciting over the weekend Joey and I hit up our favorite flea market because I knew I wanted to bring in some vintage items into this room so check it out all right we should get it before we go Joey might sell out we put it like on a show or even on juries for coffee table or dining tables there's options [Applause] [Applause] we market ha the phone the ashtray okay so that's done I think you need have this sliding glass door that goes out to their balcony at their apartment it already has this roll down shade but we needed to bring in a curtain in our quest to break up these flat walls we're gonna put up some wall sconces these are just some plug-in sconces that we'll put on both sides of where the couch is gonna be and then inside that area we're gonna hang both of our awesome wood projects the stain on the wood looks awesome it brings out all of the cool knots and naturalness of that pine wood and it's just gonna go on the wall like that so on the stone wall we're trying to make this one of those 70s built-in media unit things we got these floating shelves that were turning into sort of three tiers of shelving we're mounting the TV on the wall just making sure we find our studs getting the mount on the wall TV goes up Joey young these shows perfectly this is exactly what I was picturing it's super cool it's so sixties with the lines like the horizontal lines and then over the stone wall yeah have you tried this I have to see if it works I haven't but I'm really hoping dude I know it plugged it under the TV we're placing a really cool retro looking wood media unit that has a built-in digital fireplace so cool and like it has the heater to it is the coolest thing okay I found this online I was like we need to have this it has a fireplace in it that you plug in not only does it have a fireplace that works with a switch but it has a heater that you can turn on okay so from the flea market we have our phone love it but I feel like maybe that could go over by the sofa yeah and then I went to the thrift store yep found these like super old-school retro coasters with the cork and the wood yeah I love those oh I don't know you know was it back I don't know but it looks very 70s right it's so cool so cool and then from the thrift store I found could not resist do we put any cassettes in there for her I don't have any cuz that but I was thinking she could put something else in there I don't know hard drives or memory cards something yeah I got a couple old records like just for the shelves for cuteness and then of course we have our tray that's cells proclaiming itself love it it finds a perfect placement I know these turned out really cool I'm obsessed with these yes good project good project great work I think he will be proud when she sees them up so rug rugs so we are reusing in here Nicky and me already had this amazing shag rug that has like a little bit of a diamond pattern on it hello shag rug nothing more 70s than that so I was like let's not spend money on a new rug let's reuse this one did we rug cuddle on her rug that she already had we're sort of doing like a reuse rug cuddle in our 70s sitcom okay here are 76 do-do-do-do-do do-do-do-do-do [Laughter] okay couch oh wait you can't help me with the couch wait Marco you want to enjoy with the couch Marco are you gonna roll the camera yeah oh now the camera is too short so we're a little bit more than halfway and mr. baby so I'm gonna have to call in someone else to help me with this couch Marco our camera guy fits the bill let's look with your legs job we need someone else Ben so Ben is the a/c assistant camera he's one you like wrangles of the gear and cleans the camera and all that so now he's helping so thanks guys oh my god when kate is pregnant the crew steps in and all hell breaks loose yay couches in it looks so good I'm so excited her to see this and I love that it is asymmetrical l so rather than having one side that's shorter both sides are the same exact length which is very 70s looking and further couch we're gonna place another natural wood tone piece a really cool round coffee table this side table was Nikki's already we're repurposing that so there's just a lot of options for people to get cozy in this room and also tabletops allow for some styling [Applause] [Applause] perfect this artwork that we did turn out so cool I'm sure plenty of you at home were like what are they doing what is that that's so weird yes it is weird but what am I creative weirdo what is this room pretty creatively weird and bizarre all right guys 70s rug cuddle time this is like not our normal rugged this is so cool no this is not our normal design at all so excited for this rug cuddle I'm wearing my crew overalls I have my seventies scarf on and this rug is plaid this is our moment do-do-do-do-do do-do-do-do-do this is either Nikki and Nate's room or it's a television set for a 70s sitcom not sure which one careful careful careful whoa whoa whoa ringing in their existing dining table that they already had because it's gigantic and amazing and fits really well it's not that retro it's kind of more rustic but it worked really well the tone of wood works really well in combination with our other tones of wood we have going on and it's budget saving and we have those new retro teal chairs bringing the teal Homer they're great in the wall yeah start the montage [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] this room you guys like how incredibly different does this room look we are in that 70s pad Nicky and me I think you're gonna be blown away I can't wait to see the reaction nice clothes don't open up this like the bird box challenge you know Vegas was so much fun but I think we were even more excited to see our place that we live in every day so we're just ready to open our eyes and see what it looks like I have no idea what its gonna look like me either okay so picture what it looked like before obviously we love your love of retro 70s teal and orange yes you're still into that right know what you know Meghan change you know on the counter you're gonna like it oh my god Wow look like our apartment [Applause] I wasn't expecting this much I told you she literally transformed rooms it they don't even look the same Wow what oh my god Nate why this is our apartment oh my god what nose you look like the same place it's it's completely different but what what what Oh from the seventies this is not the same right is it so crazy look at you matching my apartment yeah you know I love it when you come out to get us I was like I'm seeing a theme here you have a you have a fireplace Nate is making like puzzle I'm speechless oh yeah good okay good this feels so much bigger I like how you utilize like some of the stuff we already had – I've always wanted this and I've never done anything you're gonna live out here now my home anymore oh good well I figured this is like so perfect for your videos it's like solely or aesthetically you can literally like look at this no sorry I hear it was tough to film in now we can come from like it yeah like you don't want to avoid an angle I just want to have so many people over now you have six chairs to host people Oh Thanksgivings I'd like booth said we don't know you're very off-the-wall piece of art and then your and then your beautiful wall paneling projects oh my god me too good yeah look at this like like I like the wood in between the transition between the paint and the wallpaper yeah if that was our way of breaking up cuz I wanted this to feel like a separate area from this and we just kind of decided where to put it there's like four different rooms in this room your chairs now we have nice cute wallpaper we have storage space we have color we have inviting pieces and warm lighting and comfy couch and and rugs different rods different patterns I am thriving right now I'm sure this is my favorite is this corner they love it blown away I think Nate's blown away – he's obviously a little bit more reserved than Nicky but man does she look good in this room with that teal hair so the big challenge in this room was obviously white walls no architecture nothing just recessed lights so we gave you the two wall sconces you got your two new hanging lights over there Lance all around it's all around and this was our kind of cheap way of making it makes sense so we obviously we wanted the TV more over on the side so that it could be convenient for the couch but then having the asymmetrical shelving like that is like super 60s vibes you know like very retro I feel like Netflix is gonna be hitting us up to film an original movies any seventies shows you want to film here no but I just like love this wall so I thank my fans are gonna be sure you guys shucks comment below its this is I wow I can't take this in like the what I could have never put this together I don't know how mr. K does it like you know these are all like me and furniture and wall colors but I couldn't put it all together and make it go good together I don't know how she does it so moving how did she do that she literally transformed the room but that's not our old room that is not our old room I just feel so inspired now like I just sky's the limit I just want to like create and create now cuz it's like your environment really affects your mood absolutely and my life my career is based off my life so yeah if my like space it inspires me and puts me in a good mood then my contents only gonna get better absolutely yeah I know I think like interior design is deeper than just superficial like it really does feed your soul it feeds your creativity just gonna spend every day like every time we can out here on this couch I love it well that's a perfect visual to leave on let you guys Denton that's been a long 24 hours I'm sure you guys are tired from Vegas we're tired from doing it we were excited to get back Nikki and Nate you guys were so much fun thank you so much for having us into your home so glad she likes it this was a really fun room Thank You Nikki for being a total weirdo because I just love it totally alright yeah I'm ready to relax let's do this you're literally the liam to my Miley I'm weird and need to support it [Applause] oh my god it worked it worked wait I like the ho might be fun doing this room and I'm so glad that Nicky was wrong in the way that she did and me too is like whoa what did you think yeah comment below by the way this is probably episode like I don't even know probably 30-something of ohms you were coming over know everything that may be but if you need to catch up catch up go ahead big job huge thanks to ring for sponsoring today's episode check out ring comm for all your devices also if you guys are subscribed by want to take it to the next level or if you're not subscribed but just want to jump all the way in hit the join button remember we would love to have you there too because we do vlogs over there exclusive discount codes live chats we got a bunch of stuff over there so yeah so we'll see you guys on the next one thanks for watching thanks for watching stay creative see weird see you we love you so much so our vlogs are basically just gonna be that like our videos are like expectation and our blogs are reality okay I just parked at the goodwill you guys have seen me shop at the goodwill many many times I love me at their store oh my god


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    I so wish you guys would come to scotland and decorate my house! lol its in dire need of a makeover.

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    You should really do Safyia Nygaards room it would be the BEST COLLABORATION EVER. (PS you are super inspiring I now watch so many more interior design vids because of you guys ily)

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    At 28:20 they are like switched matching ( Kate has yellow shoes and white pants while Joey has white shoes and yellow pants)

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    Niki nails is not gone since the video that she made with her least favourite colour "pink". LOL, pour niki. By the way MR.KATE are the best!!!!

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