hi guys welcome back to til vacuum do us
part. Today I’m gonna be sharing with you an entire house clean. I’ve got to work
on this whole house so I hope you guys enjoy watching. If you’re new please
subscribe ,now let’s get straight into cleaning so I’ve been on the hunt for new pots
and pans for a while I had my orange ones from a Rachael Ray and I had
bought them Black Friday one year because they were a really good deal.
well this year I happened to find these white and gold pots and pans at Macy’s. I
was so excited because I had been looking for a set to match my kitchen
and just could not find a set I like. These were originally like 300 and they
were marked down to $89 so I grabbed them I will put the link down below my
description box but last I’ve looked the white was already sold out and the price
went back up to like 150 but I will leave that down below if you guys just
want to check on it as you can see I’m just hand washing all
of these they are dishwasher safe but the first time I like to just hand wash
them before I put them away in my cabinet so I know they’re nice and clean
and ready to go since they’ve been sitting in a warehouse like in a box
somewhere I am so messy when I’m like hand washing
dishes I don’t know if anybody else is the same way I feel like I get water
everywhere and then like my sweaters always wet so I’m gonna go ahead and
wipe that down otherwise like the paint will start to shape on my cabinets so
I’m going to dry everything off and then I’m gonna start working on I’m like my
cabinet that these pots and pans go into I’m gonna pull out a box put all my old
ones in it so then I can start putting my new ones down there while I was pulling out those pots and
pans I noticed it really needed to eat vacuumed so I just grabbed my lg
cordless vacuum and put on the attachment I do have like the gripper
pads down in there so sometimes crumbs drop so I thought I’d go ahead and
vacuum it and then I also grabbed just like a cleaning cloth and cleaning spray
to go ahead and wipe it out and just disinfect it why I had all those pots
and pans out of there gotta get it right
for sure so if you notice my camera wobbling
there it was George walking underneath it and I was probably about to fall over
I didn’t even notice until now but I’m just gonna hand dry all my pots and pans
I don’t want to wait for them to air dry I want to go ahead and get these drawers
organized so I’m just cleaning them as I go I’m putting them in I didn’t realize
how much bigger they were gonna be they weren’t fitting in there like my
original set and there’s actually one less pot that I got with this set so
they are a lot bigger than my last Rachael Ray cookware so I’m excited to
try them out okay I think they look so good in here
it just like matches my kitchen now they are a lot bigger my orange ones fit so
much better in here and there’s actually one less piece in here so all the pots
and pans sizes are a little bit larger but it still fits it still works this is
gonna make me so much happier when I open up instead of seeing all that
orange so I’m so excited I found get started now starting now I feel
adventurous with you and there is nothing that
this bag we can do it now I’m gonna head into my dining room
and I went ahead and decided to take off like all those Christmas trees and shake
out my table runner I hadn’t taken that off since Thanksgiving like I’d lift it
up and clean underneath it but I haven’t liked taking it off I could not believe
how many crumbs came off of it and underneath it so this is just a reminder
whoever needs to hear this if you have a table runner definitely take it and
shake it off unless it’s at a table you don’t use it I definitely needed to do
that a long time ago my so I have a love-hate relationship with
this back door I love that it’s like all glass it makes the house feel so open it
brings in so much natural light but as you can see with dogs it just gets so
dirty even with kids in the summer like they put their hands on it to open and
close it so I’m constantly cleaning but when I thought about getting a new one I
just couldn’t stay in the feeling of like having it closed off and dark in
there so I guess I’ll just clean it every single day of my life you I feel like I’m vacuuming my sectional
every single day now I’m not used to doing that Tiger doesn’t shed so we’ve
never had that issue and then George isn’t supposed to but he is losing his
puppy coat right now and once that’s gone then we’ll be good to go
but until he’s about a year old we’re gonna be dealing with this it’s white so
you don’t notice notices that much on my sectional and pillows but since I wear
black so much I’m starting to notice it like on my yoga pants so I’ve been
trying to vacuum that like every day or every other day Oh maybe I’d you’ll be unread star playing
sons I’m like guitar I have to be some to be able to find myself shouldn’t be
too complicated if I listen to my heart I’m gonna leave it all
I fight myself I’m gonna yeah and here is a quick look at how these
two rooms turned out now I’m gonna head into my Beauty room and just kind of do
a quick tidy up that’s the first thing I do when I go into a space I’m gonna put
everything back into its home and then I need to wipe down my vanity it just gets
really dirty you’re gonna see me wipe down my desk because it gets dirty and
then I noticed my shoe shelf was getting really dusty I’m not used to having the
shelves I really don’t have bookshelves anywhere and each one of those do
collect a lot of dust so I went ahead and worked on that as well like you do like me don’t you wanna see
what this could be baby bothered huh yeah ha heartbreak since I had the vacuum out
from working in my beauty room I decided just to keep it going I’ll be down the
hall until I head into my master bedroom but I wanted to show you a quick look at
our guest bedroom right now we can’t even use it if we need it
George’s crates in there we can’t put him on the wood floor because he
scratches it and we can’t put him on the carpet because he gets the tray out and
messes up the carpet so that is really our only area with tiles so we don’t
even have a functioning guest bathroom right now it just seems crazy but
hopefully once our trees down we can just let him roam again but we have been
having some issues with him so now I’m in my master bedroom and I’m just gonna
do a real quick tidy up in here and I’ll speed it up because I know you guys see
this a lot ready for that handbrake well I’m vacuuming and working on the
floors I was gonna let you guys know if you have any questions about my house or
the decor in it or any of the Christmas decorations I did just put up a
Christmas home tour so you can definitely check that out now this is Savannah’s room and she is
really good about keeping it picked up and it’s pretty easy since she has a
playroom she only sleeps in here but I do like to go in and a vacuum in
occasionally I’ll even wipe it down sometimes but she’s good about doing
that so I’m just gonna go in and freshen up the carpets and here is my crazy laundry room it was
her bedding day so when she woke up she took all her bedding off so that I could
get it washed and I just always have her throw it in there on the floor so I
don’t forget about it so it’ll take me a few loads just since I’m doing her
comforter she actually has like two comforters on there and she so I’m gonna
go ahead and get a load going and then I’ll switch it over and do her comforter
later okay it’s not perfect but it’s better
but like I said as soon as I finish up the laundry this room is back nice and
tidy thank you guys so much for watching
today’s video I hope you enjoyed it I hope you got some cleaning motivation
definitely leave it down below in the comment section what style cleaning
videos you guys enjoy watching or want to see here on my channel. if you’re new
I’d love for you to subscribe and I’ll see you guys in the next one bye


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    Garcia Family

    Good morning & hugs to you from me in Houston!!!! Happy Sunday, as I have a lots of cleaning to do myself today too…so needed the moto! I had gotten some new Viking stainless cookware a month ago, on sale at SAMS!!!! We had been watching the price on them for a year, & waited till they went on sale & BOOM πŸ™‚ We have cats & 2 dogs, even though one of the dogs is a Min. Schnauzer (does not shed) soooo, I get the whole HAIR thing in the home, lolol! Maybe you could find a rubber mat for under Georges kennel? Thank you sooo much for sharing, love you always, God bless xoxo

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    Sassy Chassey

    Hello from Oklahoma as well!! β˜ΊοΈπŸ‘‹πŸΌ So far I am new to your channel this is my 2nd video I watch from your channel an I gotta say you have a beautiful home an your videos is giving me a lot of motivation! Thanks for uploading πŸ˜„

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    Jean Brown

    George cracks me up when your putting your pots n pans up like he’s helping u.its cute. And your pots n pans are so pretty

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    Brooke's Home

    I love when ypu do lots of talking we get to know more about you and the family plus what products you love. I just can stop laughing when the dos are chasing the vacuum lol….

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    Linda Travis

    Love your videos always ❀️ My six year old granddaughter was watching with me today. She wanted you to know your dog looks like Christmas, because he is white and looks like he is made of snow⛄❄️⛄

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    Alecia Rhead

    I definitely feel motivated!!! I cleaned yesterday but today I’ll be ripping out all my old flooring so the new can go in this week!!! Goodbye gross carpet!!

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    Pamela Wingerter

    Hi Ashley, I like your new pots and pans, I have the orange Rachel Ray's too.. funny George sticking his head in the cabinet when you were gone ha ha . Have a nice Sunday..

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    Inspired by a Beautiful life

    I had to stop the video, my daughter in law purchased the same set of pot and pans from Macy they were 99.00 and they are stunning ✨✨

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    Trudy Ann

    Great motivation as always. Love seeing both furbabies trying to help. Lol😍😘 Love a little talking with lots of music and cleaning but really love ALL ur vids 😊

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    Louise Marie

    Love the new pots and pans and how they match your kitchen. I love how your cupboard has pull out draws inside, so much easier to see what you need. As always loving the videos. πŸŽ„πŸŽ…β˜ƒοΈπŸ€—πŸ’–πŸ‘

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    Bob Marley

    Made me laugh when you went to clean your table in the living room cause tiger got squirted with the polish and he soon disappeared. Xxx

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    Autumn Blaze Nielsen

    Thank you so much for your videos! Giving me the motivation to clean after being up till 340am and having to get up before 7 so hubby could get to work. He worked a 15.5 hour shift yesterday after closing Friday and having to open today… I really needed the motivation to clean up so he can come home and watch the Steelers game and eat. I don't want him to come home and clean! And I know he will if there is any mess when he gets off.
    So while you might not see all of the help your channel offers families… Know that you do make a difference and we appreciate you and your family very much.
    Blessings πŸŽ„β€οΈπŸ’šβ€οΈπŸ’šπŸŽ„

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    Beautiful pots/pan set. Amazing what a new set will do for you. Makes you feel like cooking, right Ashley….lol. George poking his head in "Did you leave me something?" He's supercute.

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    Joy Swam

    Always enjoy the cleaning with voice over to hear your thoughts. George is clearly giving you guys a run for your money. Hopefully, his puppy phase will soon be over.😊

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  43. Post

    Still working on my husband to move to the pretty country I see in your vlog videos. He says, "Honey, we live in Miami. We're not moving to Oklahoma." Girl can dream.

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    Tina Rodrigues

    I LOVE your new pots and pans. They are gorgeous and perfect for your home. Thanks for the awesome motivation. Have a blessed day. 😘

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  47. Post

    We are looking at getting a sectional soon and I was just curious how you feel the Ashley one is holding up? Do you feel like the pillows are sagging much?

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    Dawn Bruce

    The ornaments do look really good on her tree! Yay!!! I hoped y’all would love them! πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

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    Makin' the Murphys

    Such a great video and George is so adorable! ❀ I love all your cleaning videos, but if I had to pick a style it would be cleaning and focusing on 1 area. Such as just cleaning the bedrooms in 1 video baths in one, kitchen etc. But, you do such an amazing job so nothing would disappoint! 😊

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    Jane Gardner

    Every time !! You always motivate and inspire me!! Thanks and Season Greetings! God bless you and your family this Christmas πŸŽ„!!!

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    Amanda A

    Can you please link the steam mop that you've used in previous videos? I don't see it in your Amazon Store. Thanks!

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    Jill Martin

    Hi there…..finally we are all beginning to feel a bit better, but now am noticing how much the house needs cleaning. Going to use this video as motivation, thank you. Have a good Sunday. xx

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    Lisa Whitmire

    oh my poor George we have miniature schnauzers one is a puupy she gets into everything but i luv my dogs love Lisa

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    Mary Adam

    George is a trip. I love her m so much. Tyger thinks he is as big as George. Love the pots and pans. So proud of Savy. I know she did great.β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️

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    RoHonda Cason

    Enjoyed this video I watched it while traveling and I wanted to go home and clean!
    Also keep me in prayer; I just wrote my 2nd book and getting ready to publish both of them!
    Love you and your family

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    Holly Posh

    I looove this style of cleaning with music & you talking to us! πŸ’›πŸ’œ I'd honestly watch any style from you though! 😊😊

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    Heather McCarthy

    I love your new pots and pans! I've always wanted to buy a full set like that! I still have my mom's hand me downs that she got from my dad's mom haha.

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    Grant Kindness

    Ashley, a tip for George’s room is at Target and maybe Walmart they sell mats to put down exercise equipment on and they work perfect under the crate to protect your floors and the nice thing is they are super easy to vacuum as well.

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  93. Post

    Love the video as always, lots of motivation! I think perhaps George stole the show this time though ❀️🐾

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    Angela Wilson

    Ms Ashley, my Gracie Mae is a 10 year old golden doodle and she still shedsπŸ˜‚ but we love her so much we just live in dog hair 🀣

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    Kay Burris

    George had me rolling when You were changing out the cook war you went in the other room and he stuck him head in the cabinet. That was so funny. Good video!

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    farrah mcclarity

    Love the pots and pans compliments ur Kitchen beautifully. I want to take the time to say thank you for showing that it’s ok to strive for a clean and organized home. I enjoy cleaning my home cause I learned so many helpful tips from your videos. So thank you again for being that blessing for meπŸ’ž

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    farrah mcclarity

    Funny πŸ˜„ I was so scared when George stuck his head into the cabinet after you walked out I said no George your going to get stuck🐢. He and Tiger are so precious#furryfriends

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    scott a

    LOL George always wanting to be a scene stealer..even at the end πŸ™‚ Sorry he's such a handful. But worth it I know.
    The pots and pans are gorgeous and yeah, what a bargain!
    Ash this style of cleaning video is perfect πŸ™‚

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