Miami's Real Estate Market is Benefiting from Rising Sea Levels (HBO)

Miami's Real Estate Market is Benefiting from Rising Sea Levels (HBO)


  1. Matthew Delaney

    Anyone in finance looking to short the Miami real estate market will bank some real money once an inevitable mass exodus does occur.

  2. Idylchatter

    He should have told it like it is, the billions and trillions of dollars worth of real estate will be under water. Remember, the CIC considers it a hoax.

  3. Charles Dahmital

    Good luck keeping the sea from permeating into your fresh water aqueduct.
    Ironically (almost) it's getting to the point where if you are putting your
    head in the sand- your going to drown.

  4. Kevin Odom

    I live in the south east US and have a condo on the ocean on a barrier Island. I’m 45 and the ocean is still in exact same spot.

    I go to small local govt meetings and we've literally never even talked about “climate change” or rising ocean. What a joke. If it does dramatically rise likes being said it will happen over the next couple centuries and in that time we will adjust and adapt. This end of the world hysteria must come from all the disaster movies. A 200 foot wave isn’t coming but I guess if an earthquake hits us (which I’m sure will be caused by global warning) there could be a big wave but it won’t wipe out the world.

    There’s more money for propaganda in this climate change nonsense than big tobacco and big oil could have ever dreamed of. Big oil is even getting in on the action and that should tell you something. Lots of $$ to be made.
    Have got to stop w the end of the world craziness and just invest in innovation and every country needs to plant 1 billion trees or more but of course there’s no real money and power in that. Trees etc absorb carbon but you don’t even hear them mention trees.

    If a storm hits tomorrow and you say its because of climate change as if storms haven’t been devastating the earth since day one then it will continue to push me and others even further from wanting to take you serious.
    It’s the boy that cried wolf story w trillions pushing the boys story.

  5. Richard Guy

    Contrary to all the bullshit we read or hear Atlantic City is alive and well and still selling off the new seashore it gets from the sea as it recedes. New York Times " Jersey Rights to Shore prove costly to Casinos" read and see how we are minipulated
    Richard Guy

  6. sundiii99OWS

    America needs to start building only Tower cities connected to maglev Trains, like we should have done in the first place. Eliminate all vehicles and small buildings because they cause most climate change, and the root of the problem is wage slavery because building cars and houses “creates more jobs!” Capitalism is killing the Earth and that includes people.

  7. Fultonfalcons86

    LOL well if you waste millions on a doomed property then you are seriously stupid……………

  8. Remco Van Ek

    Sell it while you can… hahahaha. It is a matter of time that the real estate prices colapse. Locusts.

  9. David Chaveriat

    Infrastructure projects … short term solutions …actually quite sad… and worse they raise false hope for the good people of Florida.

  10. Jim Eckland

    How much have sea levels risen in Florida over the last 50 years. In New England there is no noticeable change.

  11. Jeff P

    These people are not saying the real estate market is benefiting from rising sea levels, they are saying keeping real estate expensive is the only way they know how to deal with it.

  12. ytusernameable

    "We're all aware of whats going on here" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. I am sure that she keeps any warnings she ought to be giving the buyers out of the contract.

  13. japp rivera

    Funny thing is the ones paying to save the "rich ass..ets" don't live even close to the water, like in the rest of america, your favorite politician use you to favor the rich who don't give a shit about you!!
    But is ok, go on and keep voting for them ass…hole!! 😆 😆

  14. japp rivera

    Love the whole human concept of added value… Nothing in society says , human! More than real estate, not even society says it better.

  15. Skeptoptimist

    Breaking: Message from Trump to the people of Florida: "To prevent flooding is easy: everybody get a mop and keep mopping that water away. The leaders of Andorra told me that they mop a lot, and they have no problems with sea flooding and the president of Finland told me that they rake their forests a lot and they have no problem with fires." (That anybody can still vote for lowlife Trump climate science denier, with these huge climate problems, is unbelievable)

  16. Skeptoptimist

    With Trump the climate science denier as president good luck guys. Very sad for Miami. Not just massive rising sea levels, but also increased hurricane activity.

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