Man Moved Into Woman’s House 3 Weeks After They Met (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Man Moved Into Woman’s House 3 Weeks After They Met (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

You may be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Marks-McGhee v. Wright.
Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Ms. Marks-McGhee,
you say the defendant needs to step up
and take responsibility, for your
two-year-old son Ahmari, because you know he is
your son’s biological father.
Is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. Mr. Wright, you claim
Ms. Marks-McGhee, didn’t even tell you
about her baby, until he was
three weeks old, and you know
you are not the father. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Wright,
why do you believe the plaintiff is claiming
you are the father? Well, I believe,
the other guy
she had in her life, didn’t want anything
to do with her
or the baby anymore, so she decided
to push the baby
off on me. (AUDIENCE MUTTERING) Is that true,
Ms. Marks-McGhee? No, that’s not true. I mean,
I did tell a couple lies,
play a mean game, however, I know that
Mr. Wright is Ahmari’s father and I just want the truth
to be out. So that my son
can get to know his family and you know, be a part
of his family’s life. JUDGE LAKE: So, tell me
what was the nature
of your relationship? Uh, the nature
of our relationship was, he was religious, supposed to be something
for me to get over
someone else, but things went further
than what they were
supposed to go… Oh, he was first
just a convenient distraction? MARKS-MCGHEE: In my mind, yes. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIM) WOMAN: Oh, okay. But, um, you know,
like I said, things went farther
than what they were
supposed to go. JUDGE LAKE: When you say
went further… I started getting
feelings for him. So, it was supposed to be
a rebound, then you start
having feelings for him. Real feelings. Mmm-hmm, yes ma’am. He was there for me
a lot, and my other son… Um, we had sexual intercourse
a week after we met. Um, I let him move in
about a couple of weeks
after that. So, a month of us
knowing each other,
I let him move in. He was very helpful. He would watch my son, not Ahmari, my other son,
while I would go to work. He would clean, cook,
help me out
around the house. When I couldn’t get something
he would make sure that
he got it. And he made sure
we were straight, so my feelings for him
got stronger for him. You know,
so one day he cared… He’s a very wonderful man,
he really is. And I just,
I fell in love with him too, so, I call it
a lost love triangle
that I was caught in. However,
I know for a fact, that Mr. Wright,
is Ahmari’s dad. Because he was
the only man
that I was sleeping with, around the time
of conception. So… Did it start off as a rebound
for you too, Mr. Wright? Or you had feelings
from the beginning? I mean, I didn’t have
feelings in the beginning, because,
you know what I’m saying,
when I first met her, I was introduced to her
by a friend. In the beginning though,
she was telling a lot of lies, you know,
that I always
picked up on, you know? But, if you knew
she was lying,
why move in with her? (AUDIENCE MURMURS) WOMAN: Exactly. I was vulnerable. JUDGE LAKE: You were
vulnerable? (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMS) I was vulnerable. All right. Explain. (CHUCKLES) I was…
I had left for a minute
and came back… You know,
when I came back here
and I met her, you know what I’m saying,
I really didn’t have anything. You had a place
in your life where you needed
somewhere to stay. I guess
you could say that. Okay. Was it a relationship, or was it,
“I’m just gonna
stay here for a while.” What was the plan? Yes, it was
a relationship. And then at some point
you realize you’re pregnant,
Ms. Marks-McGhee. Tell me what happened, um, Mr. Wright, when she told you
she was pregnant? Well, she always used to
joke around saying that
she was pregnant a lot, like she said it
plenty of times. Like she would joke
about it right now,
“No, I’m not pregnant.” Then, “I’m pregnant.”
to the point where… You just like,
now in the back of my mind, “Oh, she’s always lying when
she’s talking about that,”
you know. Me, being in my position
hearing that constantly, what would you think? Well, I mean, at some point,
I’m not gonna lie,
Ms. Marks-McGhee, you know, you’ve heard
the story about
the boy that cried wolf. You’ve become
the girl that cried pregnant. Right, but that
wasn’t the case. So, what was the issue?
You kept thinking
you were pregnant? No, I thought I was
pregnant, one time, before I really found out
that I was pregnant. I wasn’t feeling myself,
I know how I feel, you know,
when I’m pregnant,
I’m a female, I’ve had a child before,
I’ve had kids before. When the time came, we were moving
out of our apartment
October first, I took a test that morning and it was positive
and I told him. But, um, then I kind of found out some stuff
on his social media,
that I didn’t like, and there was
another female saying that, she was pregnant by him, and he was saying
she was lying. I broke it off
with him. Then I told him that
I was gonna
get rid of the baby. Then he was seeing
pictures of me
big and pregnant, I wanna say
about five, six months… So, were you lying
when you said that? Yes, ma’am, I was. All right. So, this is what
you talk about when you say
she was lying. WRIGHT: Yes, ma’am. First she’s pregnant, then she’s not pregnant,
then she’s… I mean,
there’s a whole story
behind that too, because, once we left
from the apartment, you know, I barely
had any contact
with her at all. So you moved out? Right. Okay. Apparently, she started
messing with somebody else. And, that’s who
she tried to put
the baby off on. Oh, in the beginning
she told someone else
they were the child’s father? In the beginning,
I told Mr. Wright,
he was the father, but the someone else
was the one that
I was trying to get over, by even starting anything
with Mr. Wright. Oh, so the ex,
came back in the picture. Right. Right. After Mr. Wright moved out. Right. But see,
he was away. Like, far away. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. And, you know,
after I found out that
I was pregnant, was when my ex came back, me and Mr. Wright
had no contact,
we weren’t speaking, after I told him, you know,
I got rid of the baby, and I got re-pregnant
by someone else. Did you say re-pregnant? Yes ma’am. Yes ma’am. (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) JEROME: I heard that. MARKS-MCGHEE: I said it. (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) So, you have
sincere doubt, Mr. Wright? Yes. JUDGE LAKE: You truly
don’t know? I don’t know at all.
I don’t know
what to believe right now. There’s too many
lies around it. There’s just too many lies
around this whole situation. You know about
how females have
their little girl code, right? Girl code? Okay. How you can
look at your friend and you can tell
a whole paragraph
just by doing this. (LAUGHTER) You know what I mean? That’s how we do? (SCATTERED CLAPPING) Look, how you
looking right now… We really can do this. We really can do that. Uh-uh, I’m listening. Okay, so… (STAMMERING) I can also do it to Jerome
and he knows what I’m saying. (LAUGHTER) WRIGHT: Maybe he just
picked up on a girl talk. (APPLAUSE) He’s been with me
long enough, but I understand
what you’re saying.
You’re saying, uh, girls have
non-verbal communication. Right. All right, I’m listening. So, you could be around…
Being around enough of that you could pick up on it
sooner or later. You know, like,
there’s actually
one incident, I acted as if I was her, texting her friend. JUDGE LAKE: Oh! You text from your phone
or you text from her phone? I text from her phone. Okay, so you
got her phone… It just so happened
on this specific day, she was on the phone
a lot. You know, and I was like
“What’s going on? “What you got going on,
on the phone?” So, when I finally
had a chance to grab it,
you know, as if I was playing
a game or something, I went ahead
and texted a friend. Texted one of the friends
on her phone. You text one of the friends
that she has girl code with… Yes. JUDGE LAKE: All right. And so, you’re gonna
crack that code. Yes, ma’am. So, you submitted
these text messages,
to the court, so, you text… WRIGHT: I was like,
“Girl this guy’s acting up.” (JUDGE LAKE READING) Oh! (WRIGHT CHUCKLES) Then she says back, “Who?” Now, mind you… Females are smarter
than what people really
give them credit for… Now you know… (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) Well, Mr. Wright, I’m glad
you filled me in
on that today. (LAUGHTER CONTINUES) …is that,
“What do you mean, who?” That’s the first thing,
“Why you said who?” Who else? Like, who that…
Who’s with… So, your spidey sense
is up now. Yeah. ‘Cause if it was
only you, she would have
just responded. Right. JUDGE LAKE: Okay,
then what happened? So, I text back…
I was still in character
as her. (WRIGHT READING) And I was just waiting,
I’m waiting. Just like, “Okay,
what is she about to say?
What is she about to say?” There’s actually
one incident, I acted as if I was her, texting her friend. JUDGE LAKE: Oh! So you text… WRIGHT: I was like,
“Girl this guy’s acting up.”She says back, “Who?”I text back,
“Who do you think?”
And I was just waiting,
I’m waiting… Just like, “Okay,
what is she about to say?
What is she about to say?” A whole different name
popped up, I was like… JUDGE LAKE: Who is that? WRIGHT: You see
how you looking right now?
I was stuck just like that. (AUDIENCE CHUCKLING) Your Honor, he’s… JUDGE LAKE:
That’s how you were? He’s not lying about that,
it happened. When I felt like
I’m a lady, like… I’m not finished
sitting around
and just be played, when I was
the only one working. I mean, he was cooking,
he was cleaning,
he was watching the kids. However, like,
you wanna go hang out
with your friends, but you don’t
hang out with me. You wanna go always
be with your brothers, but you don’t
wanna be with me, so, yeah,
I was texting other people. Sexually engaging
with other people? No, Mr. Wright,
was the only person that I was having
sexual intercourse with. He had open access
to my phone
anytime he wanted it, because I felt like
I had nothing to hide. Let’s talk about that
though, Mr. Wright. If she did have
something to hide, usually people
that have something
to hide in their phone, they don’t give you
their phone to play a game. She didn’t give it to me. Oh! She set it down
while she was watching TV… Oh, you picked it up and acted like
you were gonna
play a game. She didn’t give you
authorization. No. All right, so,
did you confront Ms. McGhee? Did you confront her? WRIGHT: Yes, ma’am. And what did you say? I asked her…
I asked her
who is this guy? She’s like,
“Oh, that’s a friend.” You know, from the past. Way back in the day. You know what I’m saying. MARKS-MCGHEE:
Right after that… I can’t even sit here
and tell you… He walked around mad, punching holes in my wall
with his head. So, I’m asking, I’m like,
“What is wrong with you?” Like, what do you…
You know, what’s wrong? And he asked me
and I told him who it was. A lot of people
didn’t know about Mr. Wright. And that was
for a reason. Because I had
a lot of problems with a lot of my friends
with my ex. And why are you
so certain he is your child’s
biological father? Oh, I got the proof,
the looks. My son has his mouth,
his eyes, I have big eyes.Ahmari has beady eyes
like his father.
Look at the mouth,
the bridge of his nose.
And he was the only man
that I was, you know,
having intercourse with. I don’t think
Ahmari’s mine at all. JUDGE LAKE: You don’t? No, ma’am. Tell me why? I mean, if you want to,
you can bring up,
I don’t see him in me. Like, I don’t see
me in him, like… He doesn’t
look at all like me. It was just
too much going on, it was just…
It was just
too much going on, she was messing
with some other guy. You know?
And I just don’t feel like
none of this add up. Even while…
Even after he was born,
you know? I tried to reconcile,
you know,
try to be around. She would disappear
all the time,
I couldn’t find her. ‘Cause she won’t
answer the phone. She’s never around.
Like, she says
she’s at work. They say she never came in. But, she’ll leave
with a full work uniform… No. There’s never been a time
that I have
never went to work, because, like I said,
I was the one
paying the bills, paying the rents,
by naturally
taking care of my kids. So… How many children
do you have? Your Honor,
I wanna say this. I have five boys. She cut me off, you know? Five boys
at 24 years old. Yes, ma’am. (AUDIENCE MURMURING) I don’t got no reason
to come up here and lie. You know what I’m saying,
it’s like… I can tell you about times
where, you know, she was supposed to have
been at work when her family members
done came around, go up there,
“Where you at?”
“I’m on break.” Y’all set that up!
Y’all set that up! Playing a game. Here it is. I was at work.
I went to work… But, Your Honor,
after I got off of work, yes, I did go, and I went and
did something else instead of going
straight home. I don’t have to report
to nobody when
I’m doing everything. JUDGE LAKE: Well,
Ms. Marks-McGhee, as it relates to the paternity
and why we are here today, I hope you understand
that it’s really about
the lying and it’s gotten to the point
now, where he doesn’t believe anything you say. Right. But, Your Honor,
this is what
I don’t understand, he doesn’t believe
anything I say, but he’s so quick
to play daddy.And we’re…
You know, we have been…
Everything’s everything.
But then,
when we’re separated,
and we’re not talking, you know,
he goes to his
family members, and he’s telling them
that my son is not his. And my son love him.
You’ve just seen that. I did… My son
loves him to death. Just, you know, the other day,
we seen him, and when he left,
my son was crying. Because,
he wanted his daddy. JUDGE LAKE:
And he calls him Daddy? Mmm-hmm, he does. WRIGHT:You know,
I’m not gonna sit here
leave him out here,
to be out here
without a dad.
You know what I’m saying?
I can’t do it.
I feel like I should just
walk away from him. You know what I’m saying?
Disappear. But, I wouldn’t do that. Because,
that’s who I am. JUDGE LAKE:
You just want answers
before he gets older, and you both
get more attached. Because, I didn’t, like,
I didn’t get to spend
much time with my father. My father got killed
when I was 12. AUDIENCE: Aw! So, I couldn’t see… I couldn’t see
somebody else like that,
but I could prevent it. You understand? I do understand. And so, as you
look at his beautiful
innocent child, you don’t want him
to experience
what you experienced. Right.
That’s exactly
what I’m saying. I did him wrong,
in a big way.
I love him to death. I’ll never, you know,
regret that. And I was wrong
and I do not blame him at all
for not believing it. All I can do
was bring him here
to prove to him that Ahmari is his son. That’s why we’re here
and I have those results
for you. Jerome. Here you go, Your Honor. Thank you. These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics and
they read as follows. JUDGE LAKE: In the case of
Marks-McGhee v. Wright,
when it comes
to two-year-old
Ahmari Marks-McGhee, it has been determined
by this court, Mr. Wright, you… …are not his father. (CHUCKLES) JUDGE LAKE:
What are you feeling,
Mr. Wright? I don’t know
if this is a sad feeling or angry feeling that
I’m feeling right now. So, I was saying, he wasn’t mine,
I did build the bond with him. JUDGE LAKE: Yeah. It’s been two years. You know what?
Ain’t nothing gonna change. Ain’t nothing gonna change. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) That’s still
my little boy. Ms. Marks-McGhee,
I have to ask you, do you know,
who Ahmari’s
biological father is? Yes, Your Honor,
I do. Is it your ex? It has to be,
because they were
the only ones. You know,
when you lie… Mmm-hmm. …it permeates
every part of your life. You gotta start
telling the truth. So that you can tell
Ahmari his truth. You understand
what I’m saying? Yes, ma’am. All right. We have
counseling and resources
for both of you. Mr. Wright,
I know you’re disappointed. I’m very sorry that
this did not turn out, I think, even though
you were uncertain, you were hopeful. And I could see that. I wish you all
the very best of luck. Court is adjourned. (GAVEL STRIKES) (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING)


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