♪ Maggie and the Ferocious Beast
in Nowhere Land ♪ ♪ To Nowhere Land ♪ ♪ Come along if you can ♪ ♪ Hey ho, come on let’s go ♪ ♪ To Nowhere Land ♪ ♪ With Maggie and
the Ferocious Beast ♪ BEAST:
Great googly moogly! (Gurgling) I wish I had
a hat like that. Beast,
your head is too big. I never get anything! Here comes Maggie. Hi, Maggie. Something wrong? I wish I had one
of those French hats like you and Hamilton have. Maggie, I told him
they don’t come in his size. Cheer up, Beast. There aren’t any hats
big enough for you. Look! We’re going to
find this treasure in the desert! Maggie, how do you know
that X means treasure? X marks the spot! Hooray! Let’s go! Hamilton! Are the
canteens filled with water? Canteens filled, General! All right! Mount up! ♪ Beast! Move out! Right, General! But I still wish I had a hat. (Egyptian music) Great googly moogly! HAMILTON:
Amazing! MAGGIE:
Mind-boggling! Whew!
I’m sorry, Maggie, but I’m thirsty again. I am, too. Me, too.
(Sighing) (Gulping) (Gulping) (Gulping) Beast, stop! You were supposed to save some! Now what do we do? Don’t worry,
we’ll just have to find water. In the desert? Sure. Haven’t you ever
heard of an oasis? What’s that? It’s a green spot
in the desert with plants and water. Yeah, Hamilton. Haven’t you ever
heard of an… “osis”? It’s “oasis”, Beast. OK, OK. (Slithering) Uh, Beast? Are you making that noise? (Screaming) (With French accent:)
Relax! I’m not going to hurt you. I’m not afraid of you. I’m only afraid of mice. Really? Have you seen one? Not today. Ah. Too bad. I can’t remember the last time I had a good mouse. I think we better
get moving along. What’s your hurry? Uh, we’re late! For what? Um, I’ll think
of something. Now, move! (Slithering) (Panting) (Sighing) Maggie,
I’m so thirsty! Try not
to think about it. (Gasping)
Green tangerines! There’s a camel coming this way! (Triumphant music) Welcome to the desert. I am Calli. Look! He has
one of those hats! I’m Maggie. This is Hamilton Hocks, and the Ferocious Beast. I am honoured, but I must say
the Great Spotted One does not appear to be
very ferocious. (Beast sighing) It’s very hot, and I’m much too thirsty
to be ferocious. May I ask why you
have come to the desert? We’re searching
for the treasure. What treasure may that be? We’re not sure. Maybe gold or diamonds. And I think we’d
better be on our way. I’ll walk along
with you. Why don’t we head
in this direction? Lead on, Calli! (Egyptian music) (Sniffing) Why are you
stopping, Calli? Do not ask any questions. Quickly! Lie flat on the sand. (Wind blowing) You too, Beast. (Wind howling) The storm is over. You may rise. (Gasping) What’s wrong? Uh… Uh… Why are you
looking at me? (Gasping) My spots are gone! I’m sorry,
O Great Spotted One. I’m afraid they
are gone forever. Swallowed up by the sand. It’s all right, Beast. I always pack an extra set. Thank you! Thank you! (Spots popping) There ya go! Does anyone want to eat lunch? No, thank you. I’m too thirsty to eat. Me too. (Sighing)
I agree. Follow me
just over that dune. (Egyptian music) Oh, Calli! This is beautiful! (All cheering) But what is this
strange-looking spring? May I suggest
you taste it? Are you sure
it’s safe? (Calli laughing)
Trust me. (Splashing, slurping) It’s a
lemonade spring! No! Yes! Taste it! (Slurping) Thank you, Calli! HAMILTON AND BEAST:
Oh, yes, thank you! (Slurping) Mmm, that was delicious! Now, can we look
for the treasure? I believe Calli has brought us to the treasure. But what about
the diamonds and gold? And the rubies
and the emeralds? What greater treasure
could there be in a hot, dry desert, than a lemonade spring? Calli is right. He certainly is. Thank you, Calli. You are most welcome. Now fill your canteens, and I will lead you
to the edge of the desert. We found two treasures
in the desert. The lemonade spring,
and a new and dear friend. I also have a present
for the Great Spotted One. You wanted a hat, but I present you with
this silk umbrella to protect you from the
sun on your journey home. Oh, thank you! It’s beautiful! Are we ready? Ready! CALLI:
Move out! (Birds calling) (Squawking) (Squawking) (Rattling) (Hamilton squealing) ♪ (Yawning) (Squeaking) (Snapping) ♪ (Snapping) (Yawning) Whew! ♪ (Teeth chattering) (Snoring) (Mosquito buzzing) (Fast violin music) ♪ (Buzzing) (Scratching) (Popping) (Splashing) ♪ (Buzzing) (Waltz music) (Splashing) (Splashing) (Snapping) (Fast violin) (Buzzing) ♪ (Clattering) (Gasping) (Clattering) (Squealing) (Upbeat music) (Brushing) (Bird cawing) (Squawking) Ahh! Mmm! (Crunching) (Bird cawing) (Cawing) (Squawking) (Bird cawing, wings flapping) (Rustling) Now, let me see. Hmm. Do you have a three? Hmm. Go fish! All right, then.
If you insist. This is fun, I like Go Fish. (Wind blowing)
My cards! Gotcha! What a close call. Did we get them all? I think so. Now we can’t
finish the game. It’s getting late,
anyway. It’s almost bedtime. Quite right, quite right. Hey, let’s call it a night. (Wind blowing, shivering) Don’t you have a coat, Nedley? (Teeth chattering) Here, Nedley, you can
borrow my sweater. Are you sure? Sure I’m sure. I won’t need it tonight. My box is very warm. Just be careful with it. Yes, yes. It’s my one and only sweater. Yes, Hamilton. And try not to stretch it! Thank you. I do feel a bit of a chill. (Bouncing) Now, I’d better head
out over the hill. I’ll need it back tomorrow. Of course! Good night!
Sleep tight! MAGGIE AND BEAST:
Don’t let the bedbugs bite! I hope my sweater
will be OK. (Sighing) Good night, Hamilton! Oh! Tonight, I’ll sleep
in Hamilton’s sweater. And in the morning,
I’ll feel much better! Whoo-hoo-hoo! Good morning,
Hamilton! It’s a beautiful day! Why are you wearing
your raincoat? It’s not raining. It’s all I have to wear. Nedley still has my sweater. Well, let’s go visit him
and get it back. Good idea!
Let’s go! Are you sure you don’t
have anything else to wear? What about your pyjamas? I can’t go walking around
in my pyjamas! Why not? It isn’t right! That’ll be cooler. Let’s go! Yoo-hoo! Nedley! Are you in there? NEDLEY:
I’ll be up in a flash, I’ve just cleaned up the trash! That’s odd. Nedley doesn’t usually
clean his house. (Gasping) I hope he’s not cleaning his
house in my sweater! He wouldn’t do that. No, he’d never
do that. I just want my sweater back. Oh, don’t worry,
Hamilton. You just have to ask him
for it. Ohh! Nedley! (Jaunty banjo music) (Springing) (Clattering) (Squealing) Hi, everyone! Go on! Nedley, I came
to get my sweater. And I’ll return it
nice and neat. And now, I must get you
something to eat. I want my sweater now! Well, then tell him that. Go on. NEDLEY:
Carrot muffins for us all. So nice of you to come and call. Oh, thank you, Nedley! (Slurping) Now, Nedley,
about my sweater. Excuse me, please. There is work to do. I’ll return your sweater
when I’m through. Oh, ah, no trouble at all. (Springing) Whoo-hoo-hoo! Oh! I’m very disappointed
in Nedley. I should never have
lent him my sweater! Hmm. What can we do? What can we do? Hmm. I know!
We can go swimming! I don’t want
to go swimming! If we take
Nedley swimming, he’ll have to change
into his bathing suit and he’ll take off your sweater! Good idea, Beast! Yeah! Good idea! Nedley? Want to go swimming? (Springing) I must decline
with great regret. I don’t want to
get my sweater wet. Ohh! We need a new plan. What do rabbits like to do? Rabbits like
to play Go Fish. That’s Nedley’s
favourite game. I’ve got an idea! Nedley! Would you like to play
Go Fish? Oh, yes! Let’s go play
at the beach where it’s nice and warm. (Hamilton gasping)
Mm-hmm! That’s a very good plan. We’ll play cards in the sand. (Bouncing) He’ll get so hot, he’ll just have to
take off that sweater. Come on! ♪ I’m as hot
as a boiling carrot. Did you bring lemonade? Can we share it? Sorry, Nedley. We didn’t bring any lemonade. It’s very hot. Luckily I am not. Let’s play here. (Upbeat jazz music) Whew. It’s not working! Oh, I don’t feel
like playing anymore. Come on, Hamilton. This is fun! Don’t spoil it for everyone. I think you know
what’s troubling him. He wants his sweater. That I know. But I just can’t
bear to let it go. Which would you rather keep? A sweater or a friend? Hamilton, I’m as sorry
as sorry can be. And I hope that
you’re not mad at me. Having you for a friend is a whole lot better than even the world’s
most beautiful sweater. Hoo-wee!
Thanks, Nedley! Friends? Friends! Come on, Hamilton! It’s your turn! Oh, go on
and play without me. I’ve got some laundry to do! ♪


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    Maya S

    Is it weird that I watch old kid shows I used to watch, exclusively when I'm having a bad day? Idunno, it's easy to watch and brings back so much.

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    On the third episode, What Hamilton said about walking around in PJs, I feel offended! I walk around in PJs! Does he have a problem with THAT?! And Hamilton is SOOO impatient and selfish on the third episode!

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    martinme 2202

    I'll be up in a Flash I'll just cleaned out the trash and get dressed and eat breakfast and get ready👕🧦🎒👟🧢🥛🥞

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