Linden Homes: Your Own Private Home in Second Life

Linden Homes: Your Own Private Home in Second Life

hi I'm SP Lyndon a product manager here at Linden Lab today I'm going to give you a quick demo of our newest land offering linden homes linden homes are available at no cost to premium members and make owning land in second life so easy you get a pre-built home that gives you a permanent virtual address a social environment where you can hang out with your friends and a place where you're free to be creative you can build res objects and experiment with your own personal look all in the privacy of your own home getting a Linden home is a simple web easy experience let me show you the sign up is just a few quick steps first you select one of four themed neighborhoods I chose this Japanese one once you've found a neighborhood you like you choose a house also available in a variety of different styles I picked the house of Mews ooh finally you need to name your home I called mine SPS retreat a couple more clicks and you're done you can teleport right to your new home it's that fast now let's go check out my home I just started to furnish it with some great stuff I found on Xtreme there's still a lot to do but it's a start so as you can see getting land and owning a home in second life just got a whole lot easier you


  1. Jacob Persico

    Can you tour Linden Lab homes before you buy? Who wants to rent a home with out taking a tour first. Also what if you don't want it, can you cancel it so your house and land goes away and then pick out a different parcel?

  2. ShomaTube

    these homes are 117 prims max, you better stay non-premium and just rent a small residential parcel from an estate, it would have more prims and space for a smaller price

  3. Lei Arnaz

    why cant you give us tropical homes? Who the hell wants to live on a depressing ugly green sim?? Give us tree houses, or beach huts

  4. Christina George

    I think they give you a free land slot and you can pick out a linden home design with new ones. With new textures and little more prim.

  5. NuntiusLegis

    I like her avatar and style – a relief after seeing all the Barbie dolls during my annual attempt to get into SL.

  6. Hoppimike

    hm… they're ok… I just found them a bit soulless and I didn't like the location.

    I just privately rent now on a sim, but I do miss certain aspects of having a Linden home, like being able to play your own music.

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