Learn More About – Property Management Systems

Learn More About - Property Management Systems

over the last five years we put together a team of management professionals that cover every detail of the process from marketing leasing maintenance and accounting and we're now managing over 500 properties and growing we started property management systems in 2010 after the crash – the portland real estate market we've been a real estate for years and many of our clients couldn't sell their homes and needed help running and managing them by the end of our first year we were managing over $100 our goal is to educate homeowners on how owning income property can be enjoyable and profitable no property owner wants another job especially if they have to do that job for free you know statistics show that property management companies on average receive additional rent that more than covers the cost of the service plus in addition to receiving more rent we make sure that the rents are raised every year to keep up with the market one of our owners told us that because we were managing his homes he could be out fishing why do out-of-state tenants want to deal with a property management company instead of a home owner well number one we have a large number of tenants moving into the Portland area we market our properties on over a hundred major websites with complete details photos and in many cases video walkthroughs many out-of-state tenants are ready to lease their home before they get here they absolutely don't trust any money to individual owners but they have no problem sending funds to a professional property management company this is one of the reasons we receive a premium for rent walkthroughs are a very important component in our management process we do three walkthroughs the first year the first is when the tenant moves in during this walkthrough we completely document the condition of the property and take over 200 photos the second walkthrough takes place after about three months we want to make sure that the tenant is getting off on the right foot in a second proper care of the home the third is after nine months during this inspection we will talk to the tenant about whether they want to renew the lease for another year when tenants know we're inspecting the home on a regular basis they will take better care of your home why do we love this great city we wake up in the morning and head to Stumptown coffee in order a famous cappuccino then we head north to voodoo donuts and visit with all the unique people stand in line to grab a 12-pack of donuts we might walk through Saturday market and smell all the amazing food cart aromas then we hit the McClay Creek Park trail walk along the beautiful creek until we arrive at Pittock mansion what an amazing view an amazing city with a small-town feel property management systems is not just any average management company we built a unique team of trusted professionals that know their job and have one mandate manage homes you would like to live in yourself and treat and protect those homes as if they were your own that's our commitment to our tenants owners and to our cell this is Frankie our vice president of community relationships

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