LAST TO LEAVE Bounce House on Roof Wins $10,000! (Game Master Challenge) | Rebecca Zamolo

LAST TO LEAVE Bounce House on Roof Wins $10,000! (Game Master Challenge) | Rebecca Zamolo

– How do we get off the roof? I think we’re trapped here! – We’re trapped here. There’s a secret meeting
happening up on a roof. We need to get prepared! But most importantly, we
need to get her backpack. – It’s so important
that you get his phone. – What’s inside this mystery box? What is it? – It’s a bounce house. – Alice, I know you’re my best friend, but why did you get me
a giant bounce house? – I thought we could play Last to Leave the Bounce House wins! – [Matt] $10,000! – No! I have something much better. – Okay? – You want my backpack. – Yeah, yeah, we just
wanna see what’s inside it. – And I want the phone that you guys took. – Are we doing it on the roof? – I mean, you’ve never had a bounce house on the roof, have you? – I guess I haven’t, I’ve
done 24-hour challenges here. – [Matt] You have, Rebecca. – I have, when? – [Matt] For the Camry, remember? – Oh yeah, we did do that one Tik Tok. Okay. But never for a Last to Leave challenge. – [Matt] Yep. – It’s Matt and I against you, right? – Well, I mean, I guess that’s true, so, yeah, Matt, you’re in. – Okay, so two against one, this is gonna be easy. Okay, Zamfam, so we are about to play the Last to Leave the
Bounce House on the Roof wins $10,000, well, not exactly $10,000, it’s a backpack versus a phone, but Matt and I have to get it because we wanna see
what’s inside the backpack. – They don’t have a chance. – Yeah, we do. So, Zamfam, make sure you are subscribed, have notifications on, and give the video a bit thumbs up in five, four, three, two, one! If you did it in that time, I want you comment below
Bounce House Squad. And now, we gotta set this up. Alice, we’re gonna set
it up right over there. Can you go, maybe you
should like get it ready a little bit, okay? – We need to do whatever
it takes to get her to leave this bounce house first. – Yes, you guys, we have to figure out what has been inside her backpack that the GMI gave her, okay? – And there’s no way that we
can let her get the phone back. – Absolutely not, there’s gonna be very
vital information there. So let’s get the bounce house set up and wish us good luck, Zamfam! So, now that my best friend Alice got me the perfect gift, which
is a giant bounce house, we’re doing the Last to Leave challenge. And we have two minutes to get everything that we think we would need
to stay in that bounce house so that we can win. Alice, are you ready? – I’m excited, let’s do this. – Okay, on your mark, get set, go! So, my strategy is get a ton of water, so they have to drink and
go to the bathroom, right? – All right, you guys, I’m gonna grab a couple
of things from in here. This is perfect. Blanket. – All right, let’s see. Gonna grab a sweater. Wait, where’s my yellow sweater? Okay, I’ll just, here, I can
grab this in case it gets cold. Zamfam, comment what
you would bring up there so you could win this
Last to Leave challenge. – Gonna call Daniel and
actually catch him up with what’s goin’ on, tell him that we’re doin’
the Last to Leave challenge up on the roof and figure
out where that phone’s at. Hey, Daniel.
– Yeah? – We’re up on the roof right now, we’re doin’ a Last to Leave challenge. Whoever wins, wins the backpack
or the phone that you have. Yeah, do you still have the phone? – [Daniel] No, I don’t have the phone. – What?! Daniel, we need that phone. Just in case. – [Daniel] Okay, when I had the phone, I was able to check those two emails and then it just kinda stopped working. – Well, where’s it at? – [Daniel] Well, I didn’t
wanna keep it on me while I was traveling around, so– – Smart. – [Daniel] I hid it in your apartment. I hid it near the TV. You know that there’s like a little wooden or like a basket up the left– – Yeah, of course. – [Daniel] Yeah, yeah, yeah, I just, I hid it in there ’cause I
didn’t wanna tell you guys where it was so you guys
knew where it was at, but I just wanted to keep it safe. – We might need that phone. – [Daniel] Uh-oh, okay. – If we lose, we have to
give it over to Alice. – [Daniel] Was there something
important on that phone why they want the phone? – I don’t know. – [Daniel] Good luck trying to turn it on. – I’ll keep you posted, okay? But come back to the house soon. – [Daniel] Okay, I’ll try and help ya, but I’m still doing some
stuff with RC Twins, but I’ll be there soon. – Okay. Hurry back. – Okay! I got a bunch of stuff. I’m not gonna show you guys what I got, but wait– Are those my clothes? – Yeah.
– She went in your closet! – That’s my bodysuit, that’s my t-shirt! I got that for Hawaii. That blanket? Okay, what else did you get? – I got some candies so we
have some sugar to stay awake. – Ooh. – Some gum, so we can chew to stay awake. – Okay, yeah. I’m gonna stay awake no matter what. – [Matt] Is that Rebecca’s, like, merch? – Like merch, where did you get that? – I found it downstairs. – Okay. – I figured it’d be okay, right? – Yeah, yeah, yeah, totally. Matt, what did you get? – [Matt] I don’t really wanna tell ya. It’s gonna be a surprise. – Is that your sleeping bag? – [Matt] Maybe, hey, hey, no,
I’m leaving that stuff alone. – Okay, all right, I guess it’s time to get into the bounce house. – [Matt] You’re bringin’ it all in? – My strategy is to leave
my stuff on the outside and then strategically
bring it in when I need to. – [Matt] Alice, do you have a strategy? – I’ve never been in
a bounce house before, so my strategy is actually
just to stay standing because it looks very unstable. – [Matt] Okay! Oh, your backpack almost came off! – Maybe you should take off your backpack! – I mean, you guys can’t
go anywhere with it, right? Because it’s a part of the challenge. – Exactly.
– Exactly. – Yeah, we’re definitely
not gonna your backpack or check and see what’s inside. – Settin’ up a security camera right here this way we can keep an
eye on that backpack, see if anything is gonna– – [Rebecca] How you doing? – My strategy is not working! – [Rebecca] Have you ever been on a bounce house on a roof? – No.
– No. – This is my first time. – Okay, I’m comin’ in! Three, two, one! – [Rebecca] Whoa! – Whoa, whoa! – [Rebecca] Oh my gosh, okay. – Was this a good idea? – [Rebecca] Okay, this is hard to film inside a bounce house. – I’ll take it!
– On the roof. – [Matt] We’re in a
bounce house on a roof! – For the first challenge
that we have to do, we have to try to go down the slide and get back in without
touching the ground. – [Matt] What?! – You can do that? – We’re gonna have to try, we have to figure out a way. – [Matt] All right, who goes first? – It’s Last to Leave, I’ll go first. – [Matt] I can’t really move! – Okay, Matt, you go first. – Okay, okay! Is this slide even
workable with my weight? – [Alice] Oh man, Matt. – Whoa-ho! I made it down, I made it down. How did that happen? – [Rebecca] Okay, Matt. – Oh!
– Whoa! – [Rebecca] He made it! – What am I doing? – [Rebecca] It’s seriously
just hard to stand, huh? – Oh my God. – Okay, I’m gonna try to go. I got this, ’cause I’m
gonna be the last to leave. I am winning ’cause I wanna see what’s inside Alice’s backpack. – [Matt] Oh, collapse! – Wow, this thing is not strong. I don’t think it’s supposed
to support three humans. – [Matt] Alice, you doing okay? – Strategy’s still
working, still standing. – [Matt] Yep, you’re still standing. – Still balanced.
– Pretty good. – Okay. I dropped my phone, but I got it. We have to go out. Now I have to get back in here. Okay, three, two, one– – [Matt] Whoo! – Pretty sure I touched
the floor on that, Alice. Can’t, this is so hard, Matt. – [Matt] This was not a good idea. – No. – Oh, she– – Oh my gosh. – Maybe I’m not tall enough. – It’s so hard to get up. Is this working, Rebecca? – I don’t know, I have some water. Maybe we’ll get her to drink, she’ll have to use the bathroom. – Okay. – Hopefully we can get her out soon, she needs to get out of
here as soon as possible. – [Alice] It’s so hard getting up here! – [Matt] Inflatable is filled
up a little bit better now. – It’s better, but you still
have to go down the slide and and get back in without falling. Zamfam, comment below if you
think Alice is going to do it. – Whoo! – [Matt] Okay, can she jump? – Oh man, is she gonna make it? – [Matt] Rebecca, that might be it. – Socks were not a good idea, guys. – Oh yeah, you’re right. Maybe she won’t make
it and then we’re done! – [Matt] You got it, yeah. – Done with the challenge. – [Matt] Quickest challenge ever. Oh, she’s climbing. She’s a climber. – Oh no! – I think we might win, we might win. – [Matt] This is it, this is it. – This is so fast, this is
the best challenge ever. – [Matt] She made it! – She made it! – [Alice] I barely made it. – How did you make that?! Okay, Zamfam, so it looks like we’re all still in the bounce house. No one has left. Matt, you get to decide what we do next for the next challenge
in the bounce house. – Okay, next challenge is
the Ball Toss Challenge. – Ball Toss Challenge, okay. – Yeah, everybody grab a ball. I got ’em. They’re right over there, let’s go. – Oh, okay, so the most wins? – [Matt] Rebecca, wait, wait– – What?
– You can’t leave. – Oh, I meant, I knew that. I wasn’t gonna go out.
– Wow! – No, I wasn’t, of course I wasn’t! – [Matt] You almost fell for my trick! – No, what do we do? There’s a basketball hoop right there. – I brought a bunch of balls with me. Here, hold onto this. Okay, brought this. – [Rebecca] What, you hae a whole thing of a bounce house balls? – Okay, everybody gets four. – [Rebecca] That’s it? – Yep. Whoever makes the most inside that hoop, gets to dare everybody
else to do one dare. – [Rebecca] And we have to do the dare? – You have to do the dare! – [Rebecca] Okay, all right, there it is. – All right, here go. Still made it! – [Rebecca] You made that? – Ahh, two. Last one! That’s it, this is for all the money. I got one. – [Rebecca] One out of four? – One out of four. – [Rebecca] I think that’s only 25%, Matt. – Let’s see if you guys
can do any better, okay? – [Rebecca] Alice, your turn. – So I just have to make at
least one ball in, right? – [Matt] Yeah. One, what?! Two. – Okay, she got two. So Matt definitely didn’t win, so I guess it’s up to me. No! Oh, one. – One! Okay. – [Matt] Last one, to tie– – If I don’t get this, Alice wins, and she has to dare us
to do something, Matt. Three, two, one! – Oh.
– Tie! – [Matt] Tie breaker. – What do we do for a tie breaker? – [Matt] Rock, paper scissors. – Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! No! Alice won. Who are you daring, Matt or I? – Well, you matched me. Matt, one ball, you have to jump over the side of the bounce house. – [Matt] Oh. – That’s easy! – [Matt] Over this thing? – Matt, you can do that. – Oh yeah, super easy, I
did high jump in college. I got this. Okay, here go. – You got this, Matt!
– It’s pretty high! – [Rebecca] Remember, Matt, you wanna be Last to Leave, Matt. – Last to Leave, this is
about seven feet high, so I have use all my jump. But I’m in a bounce house. – [Rebecca] Oh no, okay, we’re all on the bounce house, Matt. – Here we go, three, two, one– – Ow!
– Oh my God! – [Rebecca] Matt, Matt! – Yes! One down, one to go. – [Rebecca] Matt, how did you get out? You lost. – I know, I’m so confused right now. – [Rebecca] How did that happen? – I don’t know! – [Rebecca] You just like tumbled down! – I thought I had it! – [Rebecca] Was that on purpose? – It was not! – Now it’s all on me to win the backpack, otherwise she gets the phone. – [Matt] You have to win, Rebecca. – You know what? I’m really tired right now. Alice, do you wanna take a break? We should probably hydrate. Do you want a sip of water?
– Yeah, I’m here, I’m definitely thirsty. – So, we’re just takin’
a break, having water. You gotta drink up. – Oh, that was such a good idea. – Yeah, really a great idea. – [Matt] Thirsty. – Keep drinkin’, you wanna stay hydrated for this challenge lastly. Zamfam, I gave her this because hopefully she’ll drink enough fluids where she’ll have to use the bathroom. Yeah, it’s such a hot day. – [Matt] Feelin’ good? – Yeah, just startin’
to get a little full. – Just gonna put mine
down for a little bit. So what I thought we would
do for this next challenge is that we film a Tik Tok. You know who did the Tik Tok? – Yeah, okay – We did the Tik Tok before when we were handcuffed for 24 hours. So I was like, we’re in a bounce house, we might as well. Okay, so, for this Tik Tok, you guys will have to go
onto my Tik Tok to see it. We’re just gonna start
with like a bunch of poses. – [Matt] I’m gonna challenge
you guys something. – What? – [Matt] You can’t sit down at all. – We have to stand the whole time? – [Matt] Yup, you have
to stand the whole time. – This is harder than you think! – Oh my God. – Now we could do some, like, slow-mo. Okay. – Two, one– – Ahh! – Whoa, whoa! That was close, that was close. While they’re doing
their Tik Tok over there, I think I’m gonna prank them by putting all of the balls
that I brought over into there. I’m gonna just dump it all in. Give me a thumbs up right now if you think this is good idea. They have no idea they’re
about to get punked! – What? We have one more shot
for our Tik Tok, Matt. – [Matt] Oh, fantastic. – The count of three. Three, two, one, okay. – [Matt] Gotcha! – Matt! All right, so for the next challenge, even though we have all
of these balls here, I thought we would try some gymnastics! Do you wanna do first? Do you want me to go? – [Matt] Gymnastics in a bounce house? – Yeah! – I mean, it could be fun. – Yeah, okay. I’ll go first. I’m gonna try a handstand. It doesn’t help that we
have all these balls. Handstand! – [Alice] Oh, that’s not bad! – Your turn, Alice! What are you gonna do? – Simple cartwheel. I mean, you can’t get too
hurt doing a cartwheel. – Okay, and you guys, she has
shorts on, so don’t worry. Black shorts. Oh my gosh! – [Alice] Let’s sit down really quick. – I think that we should do
the Twin Telepathy Challenge, have you done that before? – No, is it kinda like
a Best Friend Challenge? – It’s kinda like a Best Friend Challenge. Okay, so you’re gonna close your eyes. I’m gonna pick one color ball and you’re gonna try to
pick the exact same one. And if it wins, that
means that we’re twins, like we have twin telepathy, okay? – Okay. – Okay, so close your eyes. Okay, I’m picking a ball. Open your eyes, try to guess
which ball color I picked. Matt, she got it.
– What? – How did you know? – [Matt] That was crazy! – What?! – I just kinda thought about
what color I would pick and what color you might pick and I figured they’d be the same color. – Okay, I guess, yeah, you’re kinda right. That was actually pretty smart. I have a quick question for you. Why do you want the phone so bad? You know, the GMI phone, it
doesn’t even work or turn on. – I think you guys are like really nice, and you guys are so fun to be around and I kinda just want this
whole game to be over. I’m tired of it always being a game. – Yeah, I can relate to that, right, Matt? – [Matt] For sure. – You know, I am getting thirsty, though. Do you want some more water? – Yeah, that sounds like a great idea. – Okay, yeah, here. Gonna let her finish her water off. Drink up! – Much better. – Getting tired? – Actually getting really
full off the water and kinda– – True. – I hope this doesn’t turn into like a 24-hour overnight challenge. – Yeah, me too, I definitely do not want to stay in this overnight. I think we’ll be good. I mean, if you just go
out of the bounce house– – Oh no. You’re not getting my
backpack that easily. – We might as well, you
know, it was worth a shot. Hey Matt, can I use your sleeping bag? – [Matt] Okay. – Yeah, here. – I don’t know long they’re gonna last. Feel like they could last
for quite a long time. This actually might turn into
a 24-hour overnight challenge. I just hope Rebecca wins, we need to get inside that backpack. Comment down below what you
think is inside that backpack, we know, I think, a little bit, but we’re not sure. But I need to wake ’em up, I think it’s time to really
give them a good prank. It’s not just a ball prank this time, I am going to totally deflate everything out of that bounce house. Just makin’ sure that
everything’s working correctly. – Okay. Wait. Matt! We’re losing– – Oh my God. – It’s going back. Matt! Why is it going down?! Matt! – [Matt] Oh no, oh no, oh no! – [Alice] Rebecca, I can’t see you! – [Rebecca] Matt! – [Matt] Prank! – Matt! – [Matt] Hey guys, checkin’ back in. – We’re just hangin’ out. Before I sleep, do you have
any ideas for me, Matt? You know, I’d really
appreciate ’em right now. – [Matt] Did you guys eat any food? – No, we need some snacks.
– I’m starved. – Me too, I’m very hungry. – [Matt] I got some snacks over here. – Yeah, they’re in my bag. – [Matt] Anybody wanna take
a break or anything or? – No, no. No, I will be just fine
in here without a break. Give me snacks.
– I mean, I’m stayin’ in here forever. Over night, 24 hours,
48 hours, seven days, it doesn’t matter to me. – But hopefully not overnight, right? – It’s Last to Leave, so we
could be here at three AM. Just what the challenge is! I mean, how bad do you want that phone? – You’re right, three AM, 48
hours, 36 hours, oh my gosh. I’m just gonna take a nap. I had a lot of water. – We need a plan to get her
out of this bounce house. – Okay. – We have the backpack right here, but we’re not supposed to look inside. – She doesn’t even know what
we’re lookin’ at right now. Should we sneak something out? – Look, it’s her phone. Zamfam, I have a plan. If I throw her phone out there, put like my sweatshirt out, so it doesn’t get injured ’cause obviously I don’t
wanna break her iPhone. But I’ll throw it out and I’ll say that the GMI sent her a message. Remember how she’s been
on edge about the GMI? – Uh-huh, yes. – Throw it out and she’ll
wanna get it, right? – Yeah, I think the last thing she wants is them to come up for another
secret meeting up here. – So let us know if you
think this is going to work. Alice! The GMI just text you! I guess there’s like a meeting! Oh no, oh no! – [Matt] Oh, you dropped it! – Oh my God! – Oh! – [Matt] Oh! – I won the challenge! We get your backpack! We did it, we did it! That was a prank! – No, they didn’t even– – No, they didn’t even text, you just lost the challenge! That means that Matt and I get
to look inside your backpack. – [Matt] Yes! – And I don’t get the phone. – No, you don’t get the phone, sorry! I am so excited, we have
been waiting so long to see what’s inside that backpack, and now she can work for
us instead of the GMI. You can join the Game Master Network. – You know what?
– What? – You’re right. You won.
– Yep. – I lost.
– Yep. – You won fair and square.
– Yeah? – The backpack’s yours. – Yes!
– Yes! Okay, okay, Matt, Matt,
come here really quick. Zamfam, so we just won the backpack. We get to see what’s inside. Let us know what you think
is inside the backpack. Now, I think we’re gonna
be able to defeat the GMI. – Exactly. It was a really good trick, Rebecca. – Zamfam, smash the thumbs up
button if you are proud of us. If you knew we would win this Last to Leave the
Bounce House challenge. – Exactly.
– I am so excited right now. – I have to go to the bathroom, I drank all of that water
and now I really have to go. – Wait, okay. – You guys won the backpack,
so the backpack’s here. I’m gonna go to the bathroom
’cause I really have to go. – Yeah, no problem.
– Okay, great. – See, Matt? I told you we can trust
her, she left the backpack. She’s not cheating. – [Matt] Okay, should we
go through the backpack? – Matt, no, let’s wait for her to come up. We trust her now. – [Matt] Oh, okay, okay, okay. – She has to use the restroom, I gave her all that water so that I could win this challenge, okay? Okay, wow. You guys, I’m so excited
to look inside of this. I have no idea what it’s gonna be. Let us know what you think
is inside the backpack. Maybe it has something to
do with that mirror thing that they said at the
secret meeting, Matt. – [Matt] Oh, good point. – We’re just waiting
for Alice to come back so we can look at this. Should we check on her? – [Matt] Is it rude? – I don’t know, let’s– I don’t know, maybe,
let’s just check on her. We can bring the backpack down there. – Okay, great.
– How ’bout we do that? – [Matt] Good idea. – Alice! Alice, come on, Matt. We’re gonna do the bag in here! – [Matt] Yeah, Alice! – Alice, Alice? – [Matt] Alice? – The door’s open. – [Matt] No. – She had to go to the
bathroom before it opened. Alice! Alice! Alice. She’s not here. Matt.
– What?! – Matt, did she leave? – [Matt] I don’t know,
check the back room, I’m gonna check over here, okay? Alice, Alice? – Alice!
– Alice? – Matt, hold on, we need
to check the backpack. – [Matt] Should we? – The backpack, yeah! – Did she just trick us?
– She’s not here. – [Matt] She’s missing. Merch. – My merch. The Greenies. – Yes. – Okay, whoa, what’s this? Matt, what is this? – [Matt] That’s the SD card. – SD card? – [Matt] She bought that at Target. – Okay. It’s a receipt. Wait. Hold on. There’s one thing that’s
not in here, Matt, hold on. The necklace, do you think
she took the necklace? That’s impossible, she
was in the bounce house with me the whole time, there’s no way! – Rebecca, I set up a spy camera up there. – Okay. – Let’s check it real quick, okay? – Okay. – Let me get right to that spot. Okay.
– Okay. – [Matt] That’s when you won. – [Rebecca] That’s when
I won the Last to Leave. – Okay, I think I’ll fast
forward a little bit, and there’s, wait, what is she doing? What is she doing? – [Rebecca] It looks,
is she taking something out of the backpack? She tricked us, Matt. – [Matt] She took the necklace. – [Rebecca] The necklace. – Rebecca, the phone. The phone is down here. – How do you, where is it? – He told me it’s up here! – Right over there, do you think the necklace and the phone have something to do with Peanut’s bag? Remember the code? Zamfam, I’m putting up the code right now. Go back to that video, see
if you can figure it out. Shout out to you guys that wore my merch and tagged me on Instagram. Go to for more merch and No Books Impact from back to school. Check out the video right here where we were trapped on
the roof for 24 hours, and we need to find the phone. Hopefully it’s still in here! Matt, the phone’s missing.


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