Land of Honor | Episode113 | Telemundo English

Land of Honor | Episode113 | Telemundo English

NETWORK LAND OF HONOR Sit! What do you want? Who are you? What do you want? You’ll find out soon enough. Get up! Send word that we
have the package so they can come get him. Hey! Your gift is wrapped
and ready to go. You can come pick it up. Let him go! Andrea? Is that you, Andrea? Hand me your gun.
Slowly. Be careful, Andrea! You heard him.
You drop your gun! -Andrea!
-Give me your gun! Give it to me! Do it! What’s going on? Are you okay? Yeah… What do we do with him? I’ll handle this fool. That’s enough, Samuel! I’ll tie him up so
he can’t follow us. There were two of them!
Where’s the other guy? I took care of him. Wait, wait… Tie him up as well. Now you’ll know what it’s like,
you idiot. Hand me the rope. Hey, hey… You saved me. Thank you. Let’s go, Samuel. How’d you get here, miss? Did you follow us? Yes. I’ll explain later. Why’d you do it? Well… They grabbed you…
They could’ve hurt you… Don’t tell me you care about
this opportunistic laborer? Samuel… let’s get out of here. Those two could wake up
or have back-up on the way. It’s dangerous. Come on!
Let’s go! I couldn’t wait for everyone to
leave so we could be all alone. You look… ravishing! All those kisses…
How sexy. You naughty boy!
I was hoping they’d leave too. You did? No, no… Don’t.
I will. Alright. -You know what, babe?
-What? I’ve waited for
this moment for so long that I wish I could
love you all night long. Softly… Slowly… Have you ever
heard of tantric sex? -Is that some sort of food?
-No! It’s a lovemaking technique. We must take our time and
enjoy each other’s caresses. -Will you teach me?
-You already know it. Slowly… You know how! Do you like this? Yes, but we can’t do it here. Listen, it’s best if we
go to your office. -What if get wild right here?
-No, no… Behave! To your office! Are you my new boss? With each passing day I find
it more difficult to leave you. Let’s put an end to this, honey. I want you to be my wife. And I want you to be my husband. I want to be
able to close my eyes and know that
nothing will break us up. I have to go.
I have to face my mother. Let’s go. -What?
-Let’s go. You’re not going alone.
I’m coming with you. Honey, please don’t. Sofia, this is something
we have to resolve. -I want to face your mother.
-No, Arturo. That would make things worse. Trust me, will you? Just drop me off at the ranch’s
front entrance and head back. It’s very possible that when
everything’s said and done I’ll call you to ask you to
fetch Arturito and me. I promise. I can’t take it anymore, babe. I want you all to myself. -No, no…
-Wait… Hold your horses. You have to wait. I’ve given it much thought and I want you to fulfill
one of my fantasies. A fantasy?
You naughty girl! Ask and you shall receive. What do you want? I want you… to strip for me. Okay. Is that it? Alright. Let’s see how good you are. For you, babe… anything. Good job. -No touching allowed.
-Okay. -I’ll just watch.
-That’s right. So you do know what to do. Great job, babe! Hurry! You’re too slow. I’m being seductive. Wow! Mine! Way to go, babe! The best part is here! Yeah! Hand it over! Great job!
No, no… Now it’s my turn, but I
have a surprise for you. And in order for it to be a
big hit, I have to get ready. Wait for me in the bathroom. Don’t come out until
I tell you to, okay? You’re killing me, babe. Yeah, yeah! I’m dying! >>ARDIENTE. I’m almost ready. What are you doing? Hold on! Malkovich!
Nicholson! Would you look at that?
It’s Gallardo. Well, what do you know?
It’s the idiot of the century. You’re going to pay
for getting in my way. Come here!
Raise your head. This is the price you’ll have to
pay for touching my woman. Wait… You already have him.
Have some fun. Rough him up a little. Prop him up. Hey!
He’s waking up. I’m sure they drugged him so he’d be a bigger idiot
than what he already is. Wake up, you lowlife. Maybe you’ll die standing
up like a real man! Get up! >>¡PÁRATE! This is how I make
traitors like you pay! Hang on… What’s this? Wait, Ulises! That’s Malkovich! You idiot! I can’t believe this!
You morons! Do you really think
I look like Gallardo? That bastard got away. Thank you for
bringing me home, miss. I hope you’re okay. Goodbye. No, no…
Wait… Don’t go. What’s wrong?
Are you okay? Yeah… Well, my ribs hurt due to
the beating I received, but… -I’ll call 911.
-No, no… I’m okay, really. I’m okay and it’s
all thanks to you. Samuel, you need to report this. Those guys tried to kill you. You worry a lot about me. No, I don’t care about you. I would’ve done
the same for anybody. I don’t know of any
woman who’d risk her life and fight off thugs,
for no reason at all. I did it because I can
wield a gun and because… Because you’re very brave. I must admit that I enjoyed
watching you defend me. Even though I’ve
been very rude to you. LAND OF HONOR


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    شُيَبًوٌبً آلَهۣۗہآجۣۗہريۣۗہ

    آبًحًثً عٌنِ آعٌجّوٌزٍ تٌجّيَ سِنِآبً Wmgnb3

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    ملك الاحساس

    هلو رومانسي حاب اتعرف على رومانسية
    اللي تحب ترتاح تدخل على الرابط

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    آبہوٌ جہوٌد عہلوٌشہ

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    Elizabete Santos

    Samuel e Andréia "Nossa" mais parece cena de filme super Amei esse capítulo!

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