Jay Z and Beyonce | House Tour 2020 | 88 Million Dollar Bel Air Mansion

Jay Z and Beyonce | House Tour 2020 | 88 Million Dollar Bel Air Mansion

When you think of power couples, one that
definitely comes to mind is Jay Z and Beyonce. The two have been married for over a decade
now and combined their successful hip hop careers to form quite the legacy. Beyonce is one of the world’s best selling
music artists and is the most nominated woman in the Grammy awards history thus far with
a total of 19 wins. She’s a singer, songwriter, record producer,
actress and let’s not forget mama of 3. At the time of this recording she’s 38 years
old and has a beautiful family with her man, Jay Z. Jay Z on the other hand, born Shawn Corey
Carter is 50 at the moment but he doesn’t look a day over 40. Of course he’s also hip hop royalty, and
regarded as one of the greatest rappers of all time. Like his wife, he’s won a ton of Grammy
awards – 22 in fact which is the most for a rap artist. If that’s not enough, Jay Z was named the
first ever hip hop BILLIONAIRE. Aside from Jay Z’s music career, he’s
found a ton of success as an entrepreneur, producer, and record executive. He’s had multiple million dollar business
ventures, including his clothing line Rocawear, and is also known for being the CEO of Def
Jam where at the time he put Rihanna on as a new talent. Just reviewing both Beyonce and Jay Z’s
accomplishments you already know the two have built a crazy empire. Apparently, Jay Z is the main breadwinner
in this couple but Beyonce still brings 355 million to the t able. Together, they’re worth an estimated 1.35
BILLION. With that kind of bank, Jay Z and Beyonce
have been able to live in any mansions they want, whether it was renting or buying properties
over the years. The couple’s main house in Bel Air cost
them a humble 88 MILLION US dollars. And it’s not the only real estate they own. Hey guys, it’s Kara and today we’re doing
another House Tour here on Famous Entertainment. Some of you guys requested this video, so
today we’re gonna be looking at Jay Z and Beyonce’s homes, including their mega mansion
in Bel Air. I’ll also give you the details on where
they used to live, and other properties the couple owns. If you like these videos, make sure you’re
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Offset’s new mansion and Rihanna’s homes, and we’ll have links to those at the end
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because I love connecting with you guys! I’ve also been reading all your comments
and I’m going to be responding to some at the end of this. I need you to let me know who to do next in
the comments down below, and who’s home you’d like to see. Now let’s get into this video. Let’s start with where Beyonce and Jay Z
grew up just to get a little background. Before Jay Z was one of the biggest names
in hip hop history, Shawn Carter grew up in a less than lavish situation. He grew up in Brooklyn’s Marcy Houses which
was in a pretty rough area (photo Marcy houses). According to Jay Z, his humble beginnings
helped shape him and he constantly shouts out his old hood in his work. Beyonce on the other hand, lived pretty comfortably
in the suburbs. She grew up in Houston Texas, in the historic
Third Ward area on Parkwood drive. The columns and driveway on her childhood
house make the place look picture perfect. Let’s fast forward to when Beyonce and Jay
Z joined forces. After the two got hitched, they bought a Miami
Beach mansion which was part of Indian Creek Village – an exclusive, pricey island in
Biscayne Bay. This spot had 7 beds and 8 baths, but the
couple didn’t stay here too long. They sold it for 9.3 mill in 2010 (photo Miami
House) Beyonce and Jay Z also own a fancy looking
property in Beyonce’s hometown Houston Texas, but apparently they bought it for Bey’s
mom. The couple spent about 6 million on this place
but it definitely looks like money well spent. The Houston mansion is 25,000 square feet
and has 8 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms and FOUR kitchens. The home is European style and has one of
a kind architecture, even stain glass windows and painted ceilings. It looks like somewhere a Queen would live,
so I’d assume Beyonce’s mom has been more than happy here. One of the more unique houses on Beyonce and
Jay Z’s real estate portfolio has gotta be the church they bought in New Orleans. In 2015, the couple got this historic church
in the Garden District of New Orleans that was converted into a mansion. It was originally built in 1925, but since
its transformation it looks completely different of course. It’s over 13,000 square feet and is made
up of four distinct living spaces, including a main home and 3 smaller apartments, that
are spread over 3 storeys. Beyonce and Jay Z’s New Orleans mansion
has 22 rooms in total, including 7 beds and 8 baths. There’s also a step up dining room, loft
style sitting room, and a library. Not to mention the historic house has 26 foot
ceilings, floor to ceiling pillars and arched windows. Moving on, you already know the power couple
has to have some real estate in the Big Apple, especially since it’s Jay Z’s home town. Beyonce and Jay Z purchased a penthouse in
the Tribeca area of NYC back in 2004 that served as the couple’s primary residence
for quite some time. They spent around 6.8 mill on this apartment
which is 8000 square feet and occupies the entire seventh floor of the building. Their Tribeca condo would also serve as the
place Beyonce and Jay Z tied the knot in a private ceremony back in 2008. We know that Beyonce also sold an additional
NYC condo back in 2017 that the couple used to house guests and visitors. This apartment was 2,669 square feet and had
3 bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, as well as high 11 foot ceilings. But as Jay Z and Beyonce planned to spend
less time in NYC and more time at their newer properties, which ill show you in a sec, the
couple didn’t really need this condo anymore. They sold the place for just under 10mill,
and whoever could afford it also got some amazing views of New York City. Jay Z and Beyonce had their sights set on
the Hamptons for awhile. After renting vacation homes there a couple
times, they finally bought their own estate in 2017, known as Pond House. The Hamptons is famously known as a rich vacation
spot located on the East end of Long Island. It’s a group of seaside communities reserved
for the wealthy and affluent New Yorkers, and Beyonce and Jay Z fit the bill of course. The pair rented a spot in the Hamptons back
in 2012 called the Sandcastle and they spent 400K to stay there for the month of August
alone. Beyonce and Jay Z would rent a second home
here to follow, upping it to 500K a month. Finally, they found a Hamptons family home
they wanted to purchase for good. Jay Z and Beyonce settled for Pond House which
cost them just under 26 mill to buy. Their mansion in the Hamptons sits on two
acres of land with 203 feet of direct water front. The main house has 7 beds and 9 baths and
there’s an additional 1800 square foot guest cottage, complete with 2 beds, one bath, a
living room and kitchen. Jay Z and Beyonce’s Hampton estate underwent
serious renovations before they bought it too. Jeffrey Colle was in charge of the renos and
he even rotated the house 90 degrees just so the living room could face the water. Outside, there’s an infinity edge pool and
spa on the pond side of the property, as well as an outdoor grilling area. Pretty sure Beyonce and Jay Z can have their
entire family here for a vacation considering how big this Hamptons estate is. Finally, for Jay Z and Beyonce’s main mansion
and family home – lets take a look at their Bel Air Mansion. It was reported that the couple paid 120 million
for the home or at least offered that much against a 135 Million dollar asking price,
but in the end they got an off market deal which came out to 88 Million for the home. Don’t let the word “deal” fool you though. The amount that the power couple paid was
still the sixth highest price ever paid for a single family home in LA at the time. As you probably know, Bel Air is an area in
the westside of LA, by the santa monica mountains that’s very popular amongst celebs. So all the homes here are well in the multi
million dollar ballpark. So what did 88 mill get Jay Z and Beyonce? Well, essentially a compound. Their Bel Air home is made up of 6 glass walled
buildings with around 30,000 square feet of living space, along with 8 beds and 11 baths. It sits on almost 2 hillside acres of land
and is kept totally private behind massive iron gates. Beyonce and Jay Z’s mega mansion was designed
by the architect and he recreated the property to be ultra modern. It’s a three storey residence complete with
a giant circular staircase that looks like a work of art – not to mention there are
bulletproof floor to ceiling windows throughout the house that open with the touch of a button. Other features of their family mansion include
a home movie theatre, multiple kitchen and living spaces, and separate staff quarters. Looking outside at the additional 10,000 square
feet of living space there are four pools, a 15 car garage, a full sized basketball court,
a spa and wellness centre and more. Each one of the four pools provides a different
and beautiful view, but the one perched on the roof probably has the best. And some say that the huge white space on
the top of the home is a helipad, but if it is im not sure how often that gets used. Although Jay Z’s and Beyonce’s family
home in Bel Air might seem over the top, especially since it was the most expensive sale in all
of LA in 2017 when they purchased, it’s well deserved. A pair as successful as Beyonce and Jay Z
deserve a trophy house like that. It really shows you how much the power couple
has accomplished. Personally, it’s a little bit too big and
modern for my liking, but I’m sure since they got it they’ve made it feel like more
of a family home and added some personal touches. What do you guys think about Jay Z and Beyonces
giant estate? Don’t forget they own plenty of other real
estate too. From the house Bey got her mom in Houston,
their renovated church in New Orleans that’s now a home, their Tribeca penthouse, and their
house in the Hamptons, the list is endless. Which one of their spots did you guys like
the best? I personally like their Hamptons mansion. Ok guys now I’ll be reading out some of
your comments from previous videos. On our Recent Adele Before & After Video,
BonbertosFan commented saying (photo comment 1):
“Adele looks awesome! I’m positive she feels great and is being
healthy. I’m hoping her weight loss is due to new “eating
habits” and not a fly by diet. People NEED to understand healthy weight loss
can be forever, overnight weight loss is temporary. Keep it up Adele you look great.” Also on the same Adele video, Dolores not
Lolita said (photo comment 2): “Shes always been beautiful and talented
so long as shes happy and healthy there shouldn’t be an issue” I agree that she looks great – and all that
matters is that she’s healthy and happy really. Not what the tabloids say. And Finally on our Rihanna house tour vid,
Sno White Said (photo comment 3): “Ms Boss Beauty Queen always has great taste
In everything she does. We love our Queen sis” Aright guys, that’s all I got on Beyonce and
Jay Z’s real estate, including their 88 million dollar family home. I wish we could see how the couple decorated
the inside though since they’ve been living there a few years now. OH WELL
What do you guys think of their place and their other spots? Be sure to lemme know in the comments. AND let me know some other celebrity houses
you’d like to see. Follow me on Instagram if you want to chat
more (@kara_emi) And I’ll see you next time with some more
videos. Bye!


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