Interview with a Mortgage Loan Officer

Interview with a Mortgage Loan Officer

Hello, my name is Chris Arrigali, and I am a real estate attorney based out of Staten Island, New York. We are filming a series of videos called the Real Estate of Real Estate in Staten Island. What we hope to accomplish in this video is to instruct clients in both buying and selling real estate in Staten Island and in the New York City area.

It's with great pleasure that I get to introduce our first guest on our first episode to the show. I'd to introduce to you James, Young. He's a mortgage loan officer for Envoy Mortgage. James, welcome to the show. Thank you so much Chris, it's a pleasure to be here. So James, when did you move to Staten Island? I moved to Staten Island when I was about 5 years old. Like a lot of Staten Islanders, I was born in downtown Brooklyn. My father was a firefighter and they rented and they had the dream of home ownership and they bought a house on Gold Avenue in Staten Island which is in Annadale and I've been on Staten Island ever since.
How did you become a loan officer? Well I started out in banking and I've been in banking throughout my career but not in sales not in mortgages. But after 2001 I was working for Deutsche Bank and they sold the business line that I was supporting, and I was married and had my daughter and I really didn't know what I was going to do at that time. Then I saw an ad in the paper it was for foxtons the
real estate company they had a financial division and they said, "Come make six figures as a loan officer, no experience necessary."
So for a year I went and I was at a call center and I stayed for a full year to get, you know, the basics down and mortgages. And that was 15 years ago so I've been in mortgages for 15 years and I love helping people making the largest purchase in their life and that was pretty much my starting point in the industry. That's great. What do you like about Envoy? With Envoy, I've been with the past 2 years. And we have over a 98% customer satisfaction rate, we have unbelievable technology. We have full support in the background, getting our clients to the closing table, we have a closing guarantee, on time every time.

The culture is very good, we spend a lot of time in the office. We're more like a family. We have 3 branches on Staten Island. Our business partners are also very happy. At this stage at my career, I hope to finish out at Envoy. Its been the best company and I've worked for some really good companies but its been something special. So James, in your experience, what's the most common type of loan that people ask for first? And in your experience, what is the most difficult loan?

Each borrower's profile is actually different so we have some first time home buyer programs that are conventional. A lot of people will use a FHA loan depending on their profile, it allows to go higher on the debt income ratio with a low down payment. Each borrower really gets matched with what's really is going to best suit them in their needs. Some people have a lot of money to put down, some people only have a little money to work with to get to their house.

What differentiates you from other loan officers? Why should someone hire you?
Well, there's a few different things. One of the things is that I'm in the community so like you can see me on a Sunday afternoon at the Staten Island mall. You know, if you call a call center in Chicago you'll never even run into that person. So I think it's important to keep business in the community and to know the people that you're dealing with. Basically to have access to me, most people's questions are not 9 to 5, that's when they're at work. Most people's questions are at night after they eat dinner or it's 8, 9, 10 o'clock at night. So really the service is what's the most important thing and what differentiates me, I think, from other whether it's an algorithm or an internet bank or even other loan officers in the community. Absolutely, I completely agree with you on all that, James. One of the things that you mentioned was being in the community. And as I mentioned earlier in the show both you and I are fellow Rotarian, part of the South Shore Rotary Club on Staten Island
and one of the great things about that group is all the community services we do. Do you wan tto speak a little bit about Rotary and your experience with that? Absolutely. I've been part of the Rotary for the past two years
specifically the South Shore Rotary, you know, really felt like a fit for me.
There's a lot of entertainers in that Club. We have a lot of laughs and we take
a lot of action in the community and the work we do with Hungerford is special to
me. We're gonna have their holiday party and we do a prom for them every year and
to watch the, not only the kids come in dressed up and you know, limos and the
whole experience… many of them are not going to have that experience in life
whether it be getting married or whatever it is. And to see the joy, you
know, on the parents' face that's really what it's about so I love, you know,
giving back to the community. Can you elaborate on your interactions with me on a business level? You are a young, up-and-coming attorney that's been established on Staten Island for 10 years. You're very likable on a personal
level but the reason why I really do business with you Chris is I can always
count on you taking care of my clients. You have Carol always in the office and
is always looking for anything that could be going astray. She just wants to
really make sure the commitment to taking care of the clients. I always know
when I refer a client to you that they're going to be taken care of. Thank you so much, that means the world to me. You're welcome. Where can people go to find out more about you? Do you have a website? A Facebook page? Absolutely. I have a business page
on Facebook and a personal Facebook page. JamesYoungEnvoyMortgage. I have an app that you could register for right on your phone and has information about me as well as Social Survey so people get a survey at the end
and they get to read what their experience was, so I have a lot of
information out on Social Survey, as well as Zillow. Great thank you so much for
joining us today James it's a pleasure, you're a class act. I know you on a
personal level. It's always a pleasure working with you on a business level as
well. Again, thank you for joining us today on the show. Thank you. Thanks for having me.

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