How To Use ClickFunnels for Real Estate Leads

How To Use ClickFunnels for Real Estate Leads

Hey there Mike Grady here from
business fuel what I’m going to do in this short video is show you a
real-estate funnel that we recommend our clients so that Realtors can get real
estate leads for their listings so stay tuned hey there everybody Mike Grady here with
business fuel and we create videos on how to use click funnels to get more
business in your business so if you go ahead and subscribe to the channel or if
you click the bell you’ll get updates every time we put out a video which is
at least once a week and how to use click photos so let’s get right into it
this is a funnel that we recommend to our clients so that they can actually
get listing leads for their listings and it’s a very simple funnel that just
consists of a landing page and opt-in a Thank You page a contact request page
like if you want to do a showing and of course a thanks for the request and what
we’re going to do is just going to go through page by page of how this works
so basically what we have here is we have a simple funnel very little
information and all we want the person that comes to this page to do is just
take the next step so we can gather their email and market to them later so
again what we have here is an attractive funnel that shows a nice modern home so
some of them might be looking for a home like this or if they’re looking for a
list of properties that you represent in a specific city and all you would need
to do in this funnel is put in the name of the city this funnel is already
pre-built and at the end of this video I’m actually going to give you a link
where you can actually download this funnel for yourself and load it up into
your click funnels account now you will need to click funnels account for this
it’s $97 a month very inexpensive but you’ll be able to download this actual
funnel for yourself so when somebody actually comes into this funnel opt-in
page all they’re gonna do is they have one thing to do nothing to confuse them
just one thing to do which of course is send me the list which you represent
then the next page that they go through again the image shows them a nice modern
kitchen and all they’re gonna do is put in their full name their email address
and then they can actually select a neighborhood where you have listings and
then put in their phone number so that you can follow up with them later and
that’s all they’re gonna do and the reason they’re going to give you that
formation is an exchange for the MLS listings that you represent or that they
would like to see so once a click send the list then it takes into this page
right here which asks them if they want more information from you or if they
want to schedule a private tour and again the theme on the page shows a very
nice bedroom we all know is Realtors the things that people are looking for most
important things are nice living room a nice kitchen nice bedrooms and of course
nice nice bathroom so while we ask him here hey do you want a private tour and
most people that are looking at properties are ready to purchase or to
read they start looking to make a to make a purchase and they want to start
going to see homes so then what happens if one they click that then they can go
in and actually put in more information about themselves first name last name
phone number and the property they’re interested in so you can associate the
property they’re interested in as opposed to when they first put it in
they’re just getting the general list once they give you the contact
information now you have somebody that wants to actually talk to you on the
phone and that gives you another level of buyer interest and you know that
these people are ready to buy and of course once they click that then they
get a thank you page immediately and their information has been received and
that you’ll be in touch with them shortly
so this is just a very effective funnel that we actually recommend to our real
estate clients and that you can actually get for free it’s already built out all
you need is a clickfunnels account like I said it’s $97 a month very simple and
then what you can do is once you’re in your account we’ll send you the link and
automatically send in this funnel this exact funnel and then you can make some
simple changes to elect phone number adding your name and we actually have a
free course that we actually sell for two hundred eighty seven dollars but
once you create your clickfunnels account and download this funnel will
actually give you access to that for free so you can actually get up and
rolling in started very very quickly without that course we actually
discovered and we actually have programmers who do this full-time that
it actually takes them about 24 to 48 hours
to get the thing fully set up we actually put together a series of videos
to make it very simple just a little three-minute video tells you step 1 step
2 step 3 step 4 step 5 there’s ten steps and you’re all set
you’ve got a beautiful website so like I said you get the entire thing built out
for it if you were to try to buy this from a web designer this is going to
cost you anywhere between twenty five hundred and five thousand dollars which
of course we’re giving it to you for free as long as you have a clickfunnels
account so like I said go ahead and click the link below and you know once
you have a clickfunnels account you’ll be able to actually get this imported
directly into your clickfunnels account and then all you got to do is modify it
you don’t have anything to change so hopefully this was helpful and we’ll
talk to you soon


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