How To Sell A Mobile Home Fast! (3 Strategies For Investors)

How To Sell A Mobile Home Fast! (3 Strategies For Investors)

stay tuned in this video we're going to show you the three ways to sell a mobile homes fast and one way using no money of yours at all these shorts subscribe share with a friend and hit the bell button to be notified of videos we post every single week and not every deal is the same and that's why we want to equip you with the best way to sell a mobile home for the many situations that you're gonna write thank you option number one is quick cash now with quick cash deals you're gonna want to make sure that take care of any major repairs the home needs we're talking AC subflooring electrical roofing and plumbing make sure those items are fixed before you sell the home button Samara how long should these transactions take and how fast can they be done once they find a buyer so these transactions are usually really fast we usually get them the home sold within 30 days but the actual transaction takes less than 20 minutes because you're just taking a title from the DMV you're notarizing your signature on the bag and you're transferring it into their name so it's really really fast but you can make some great money right Jay oh absolutely we love quick cash deals because they're so fast it's just like selling a car or selling a personal computer selling any items that you have their personal items clothing what's whatever when you find the buyer and you have the home ready to go and you have the title ready it's as easy as taking candy from a baby so we wanted to provide you guys a quick example of what we're talking about the quick cast so let's just say we find a home and we purchase that home for $2,000 now the repair costs on that home we're looking at a thousand dollars and let's just say we paid one month of lot rent so we're all-in at the home for $3,500 and then you turn around and resell this property for $10,000 so your profit is $6,500 and that can definitely get done in under thirty days right yeah again you just want to make sure you get those repairs done like Samara said this to get done really fast in less than 30 days some of these deals that we find a taking minutes because no repairs are even needed and we already have a buyer that's established people ready to go so find these deals that out there and make some quick cash today option number two its cash flow so with cash flow deals your buyer is going to be paying you in payments before you find your bio just like quick cash deals you're gonna want to make sure that you fix any major repairs need it to the home now any type of cosmetic repairs where left your buyer typically doesn't mind doing that him or herself now what these deals are going to collect a down payment up front versus all cash up front like quick cash deals now that down payment is going to be somewhere between fifty to a hundred percent of your all land costs on the home yeah so after you collect your down payment you're gonna typically collect somewhere between two hundred and five hundred dollars per month for the next four to six years and you're also gonna make your initial investment back within twelve months and and that's what we love so guys let's go ahead and break this deal down just like we did the quick cash deal so again we found a home for $2,000 the repair costs on the home is a thousand dollars and let's just say we paid a month of lot rent a 500 bucks so again we're all-in on the home for $3,500 now with this home we're gonna find a buyer and we're gonna collect a down payment of three thousand five hundred August yeah so you're making all your money back on the down payment and then you're able to charge a little bit more so you're being able to sell this property for fourteen thousand instead of ten thousand that you were able to do with quick cash and now you can collect somewhere between two hundred and five hundred dollars per month for the next four to six years so it's super awesome we love cash flow deals what if they stop paying within one year 6 months what happens if they stop paying gee yeah I stopped paying that's no big deal again that's why we're collecting such a large amount up front if they did stop paying us in one year or six months or even two years from now we'll get the home back we'll fix those same major repairs that are needed again and then we'll do it all over again it's very very simple with these mobile homes so far what are you interested in are you interested in making quick cash are you interested in making some cash flow please comment below we want to know what you're interested in so our third option is to actually wholesale the property and with this strategy you don't make any repairs on the home which makes it even faster and you just all you have to do is you get an agreement with the seller to either sell the property on their behalf or you get an option to purchase the property right Jay yeah it's really great all you're doing is marketing the home for the seller so you're either going to find a buyer who wants to live in the community or you want to find a buyer that wants to move the home either way you're not investing any of your own money you're only investing your time and getting a fee for it so our typical wholesale fee is anywhere between three thousand to five thousand dollars we love wholesale deals so of course we're gonna break down a whole field doing kind of what that looks like so staging on a property that's worth fifteen thousand dollars but you agreed with the seller that you would get them ten thousand dollars for their property now you can resell that property say for $13,000 to a new buyer and you take the fee in between so your fee would be three thousand dollars that you would collect yeah the reason this works for everyone involves a win-win for everyone because the seller is getting what he or she wants sometimes even more than they want and the buyers getting a great deal again are not paying the premium pipes of $15,000 they're buying the home for $13,000 so they're very happy about that sellers happy and we're happy because we got paid just for investing our time versus our money in the deal so now you know the three fastest and easiest ways to sell a mobile home but you can't do this if you don't know the basics to find your next deal that's why we created trailer cash Academy's quick and easy mobile home investing secrets for beginners this free webinar will show you how to make up to $20,000 flipping your first mobile home this month without any prior real estate experience or spending over $5000 in your first deal you can register for the free webinar at the link below this video and if you want to join a community of mobile home investors just like you we've started a Facebook group where we share up-to-date investing advice hope you navigate this sometimes tricky space so the link is also below this video check it out if this video was helpful these shorts subscribe share with a friend and hit the bell button to be notified of videos we 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