How To Raise Private Funds For Real Estate Investing

How To Raise Private Funds For Real Estate Investing

I get it, right? You want to invest in real estate and you’re
looking for private funds. You’re looking for money so that you can get
in the game and make that real estate happen. Am I right? It’s all coming your way right now. So check it out, right? You’re out there, you’ve been watching this
channel. You are a subscriber, right? And you’re thinking to yourself, “I’m ready
to get game on and make this real estate happen. But I’m ready for some money. And I know… Kris, has been teaching me. If I got money, I can make real estate happen
a lot sooner, a lot faster.” So how do actually get the money? What I want to do right now is I want to share
with you a couple of my favorite strategies that I use to help fund all of my real estate
deals. Bottom line is deal of the decade comes along
every single day. And either I am there to capitalize on it
or am not. Now you and many other people, we got excuses
on like why we’re not taking action? Why aren’t we actually things? Why aren’t we making it happen? And money is the number 1 reason why people
aren’t really crushing it in real estate. So here’s what I want to do. I want to share with you what you can do to
make it happen. You’re going to need a couple of things. The first thing that you’re going to need
if you want to get private money to go out there and do more real estate is you got to
have some kind of track record. Now, let me just tell you a little story about
track record for just a second, okay? So, when I had bought my very, very first
home, my father-in-law, he thought that it was a really premature thing to do. I was only 23 years old. My wife was like, 20 years old. We were really, really young. And then a year later, we bought our second
house. My father-in-law was confused. He was like… You got to remember, this is the guy that
went to college and then got an MBA and when he was 30, really started like a career and
making life happen for him. So to be so young and buying a second home
made no sense to him. And when I bought my third house, he kind
of just wrote me off as a strange son-in-law that just doing some weird stuff. But you know what happened? He just come back from a trip from the Caribbean. Anniversary with his wife. And he called me up and he said, “Kris, I
had a dream and I want you to tell me what were you really doing in real estate.” I broke it all down. He was crunching the numbers, he saw that
I was crushing it. It was his idea on my next deal to give me
money so we could make something happen. Why did my father-in-law give me money? Why would anyone give you money? Well, at that point all be at small, I had
a track record. And so whether a track record is one home,
2 homes, 3 homes or 4 homes, every home makes your track record stronger. Like when you say, “Kris, what’s your track
record?” Tight now, to date, my track record is 3,000
homes. Almost a billion dollars of real estate. I am doing deals with 15, 20, 25 percent ROI. If someone has money and they’re not making
that kind of dough, they’re going to give it to me so we can partner up and make things
happen. Happens on a pretty regular basis although
I will tell you. Just a little side tangent, i’m super picky
with the people that I partner with. I am going to tell you right now that not
everyone’s going to make an ideal candidate. Not everyone is someone that I actually want
to work with. You might watching this and say, “Well, I
got some money in 401k, IRA, home equity sitting around. Will Kris partner with me?” You’d have to talk to my team and they would
put you in a vetting process. A little besides the point though. Because here is the point. How do you get a track record when you want
the money to come in? Institutionalized money from banks, 20% down,
things like that. I am going to tell you right now, I’ve got
some shortcuts at the end of this and a bonus. Where I actually show you how can I mentor
you and actually put these resources right in front of you and show you how to crush
it. Track record is your first concern. Now, you could have track record of zero and
you could still move on to phase 2. Phase 2 is you’ve got to shop your track record. You’ve got to shop your experience. What that means is, bundle up your 1, 2, 3,
4 homes that you’ve done and put it infront of somebody with money. As far as where you find that money, that’s
easy. if you have a good deal, it’s going to get
funded. In this world today between social media and
opening up your phone and making a list of the top 10 to 20 people that are financially
successful that you think are maybe financially successful, the money will come. You could go to your local REA’s, real estate
association around that town. Google those. Stop in. Cash buyers are there. So there’s all sorts of ways to get the money. What you’ve got to do is you got to learn
how to package this whole thing. Now, I’ve got a whole program called partner
profits that is all about showing you how to actually package that. But let me give you like the quintessential
elements right now that you’re going to need. If you were going to package it, what would
it need to include? Number 1, it would need to include your deals
and your track record of “I bought this house, this is the cash flow I am making.” Or “I bought this with this equity discount
or this is what I am projected to make on it.” Or “Here are my tax benefits.” I am going to tell you right now what these
financial people are looking for. They’re looking for individuals that can save
money on taxes, make them a superior ROI and most importantly, they don’t want to do the
work. So, if you were just to go to, there’s
a little bonus for you. You could go to and you can download… Anyone can write on the website a free business
plan. You could take that business plan and all
of a sudden make you own and this is like the core of what it might be like. “My name is Kris Krohn. I invest in properties, I have a track record,
I am producing 15 to 20 percent ROIs. I partner with people, they put in the money,
we split things, it’s awesome. Here are my deals. Here are my 3 most recent deals. These are the details that what it would look
like. If you got money, 401k, IRA hanging out, I
can find you these deals. We can partner up and do the same thing.” In 30 seconds I just read you a business plan. Track record and then taking that track record
and getting it front of people in a form of a what? A business plan. It’s what’s going to line up all the money
you could ever want in real estate. Now, your first partner is going to be the
most important. Your second one, also important but easier. You’re fifth one, slam dunk. You’re fifteenth partner… In other words, the more you do…. As ling as you’re doing the real estate the
right way, it will only get easier and easier to access all the funds that you could ever
want for doing real estate investment. Thank you so much for watching this video
today. Listen, if you are not a subscriber, I want
to invite you to take care of that right now and ring the bell because everyday, I got
hot videos coming your way. For those of you that are more aggressive,
tenacious and saying, “Oh, my gosh! Kris, you were young and you did it, I am
young, I wan to do it.” I don’t care what age you are. You want to make this thing happen right now. You just want to tear the fiber of life apart
and actually step into a whole new world of success, what you got to do is click the link
in the description below and that’s where you’re going to access my team and some great
knowledge. Read up, contact my team and they’re going
to explain what would it would look like for me to personally mentor with you inside my
private real estate community. And here’s what I can tell you. I am in there everyday. The deals that are happening, the money that
people are making. I’ve invited some of my students to come out
to my next event just next month. And we are putting them on stage and making
YouTube videos with them. Friends, these stuff works. But you need the knowledge and you need a
mentor. Today, we gotten you started. If you feel like it’s come to just… Just tear and make it happen, then click that
link in the description below. And let’s make some real estate happen for
you right now.


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