How to Pull a Pre-foreclosure List on Listsource | Wholesaling Real Estate

How to Pull a Pre-foreclosure List on Listsource | Wholesaling Real Estate

hey guys welcome to my channel if you're new welcome back if you're true I'm Dara real estate investor entrepreneur and consultant out of Atlanta Georgia and in this video I'm going to show you how to pull list from list source specifically the pre foreclosure list as well as an absentee owners list and how to customize it so right now I'm logged in to my list account you just go to the source calm you can make an account for free I'm gonna go to create your own so I click on create your own and now is going to ask me to pick a location so geography tab please be mindful that these states are excluded from pulling lists from list source so I liked to go to the county and of course you got to put in what state and we're gonna go to Bolton and you click Add so of course whatever county or state you're in or you want to mark it in do that you can add literally all of them if you wanted you can do investigate then you would just do it by state rather than county you can do it by zip code area code and all these other great things so so we're just gonna do one County for the example purposes in the states of this video and as you can see there are two hundred and seventy three seventy three thousand and four leads and that's just because I picked the county right so that's just the data nothing specified about it and then go to the property tab to specify again this is showing you how to pull a pre foreclosure list so you go to property tab and drop down menu hit pre foreclosure and hit only so it went from two hundred and seventy three thousand leads now down to two hundred and sixty eight now with pre foreclosure leads I like to keep it as as possible or as broad as possible because I as you can see this really is not a large number of leads so of course this is just the entire county whereas i could have specified by zip code but then it would have been probably like three you know the number would have been the count would have been very very low so that's why i had the entire county and of course if you want more than this because this number will drop and i'll show you a little shortly if you want more leads you just put in more areas because that is what makes the search broader and everything else that i'm about to show you it's what makes it narrower so with pre-foreclosures i pretty much just like to just do pre pro closure and go over to the options tab so where this says owner-occupied status whether I want owner occupied or absentee owned I put no preference because I you know if the owner lives in the house and they're going through pre foreclosure that's someone I want to target as well as if they don't live in the house and they're still going through foreclosure I want to target them as well just to show you if I was to pick one and specify that that number went down not by much but it did go down so I want to have as many leads as possible of exactly what I want and then targeting here trustee owned typically I like to exclude that and that only took away one lead so we're good there corporate-owned just by default I believe the source has that excluded and I want to keep it that way and then the address completeness requirements I want both mailing and property address complete and again that didn't change anything we still have all 267 leads so from there I just click purchase list and while it loads up I also hit this down here remove duplicate duplicate seize me property mailing addresses because say this was a list I wanted to mail out I don't want more than one of mailing addresses if you know more than one person owns more than one property so I clicked that and as you can see nothing changed so I guess it's all 267 unique addresses there's no duplicates here this is the process being charged now of course this isn't a lot of money you know but teaches all and everybody's situation is different but I want to show you how you can maybe you want an even number maybe you only have a budget of I don't know thirty dollars or you only want 250 leads or you only want a specified number then you go to this tab purchase partial list and then you can put however many you want I only want 200 leads right and then you recalculate and then this is for two hundred leads I would have to pay this much instead of forty-four for 267 so you can change that based on again if you want a certain amount or if you want to only pay a certain amount and I hope that makes sense you just continue to checkout and go from there alright so now I want to show you guys how to pull a different type of list so that was a pre foreclosure list that I just showed you now I'm gonna show you how to pull an absentee owner list and how you can customize certain things on what you're looking for so I hit create your own and of course they're gonna take you through the same set geography I just want to show you something different this time around so let's do the code of course you're gonna have to specify this date and then you have all the zip code so you can sit here and go through all of them and click one and hold down shift to get multiple or control to specify or you could just come here and do something along of this and then it'll have all of these and of course you can take it out the ones you don't want and then call it a day so these are all the zip codes that I'm choosing for this example and here you see there's fifty six thousand eight hundred and seventy four leads just based off the zip code alum gonna go to property and there's things that I want to specify before I get to the fact that I want absentee owners so I like to specify I'm not your bill where is it at length of residency is what I'm looking for so if you find it before me let me know just kidding so there it is right so length of residency I like people to target people who own the home for more than ten years just a preference but you can see is you know from zero months or or unknown from unknown zero months to three months and the list goes on so there's that so now we're down to twenty four thousand four hundred ninety seven leads then also looking for equity how much equity in the home and of course you could specify that some people go after people with negative equity in the home or no equity let's just do sixty percent or higher so I just clicked it shift add now you see there's only fifty six hundred leads so as you can see I'm narrowing down my search so that's about that and then I go to options and here I want to specify and just make them absentee owners in-state and out-of-state owners is fine definitely just the own I exclude corporate owned as I showed you is already pre-populated to exclude so now we're down to fourteen hundred and seventeen leads and again I want both mailing and property address complete didn't change anything and then I would go purchase a list and that's the total again I got fourteen hundred seventeen so if I wanted to for whatever reason only get a thousand of those I do that recalculate and that'd be my total forgot to remove the duplicate still out of thousand because that's what I wanted them to do for me continue checkout and voila that is all for that so that's a absentee owner list with 60% more equity and ten or more years of ownership but again you can specify however you want I'll just go back to let's see if I want to refine the search I just go back to show you what all else things you can specify for whatever reason basement type bedrooms bathrooms you can so you just search for homes that are only three bedrooms too bad then you can get that specific property type where did I just see that property type you can get you know a single-family bacon land condominium quads duplex so yeah and that's all for that show or tutorial or demonstration so people ask me all the time Dhar how do you get your leads you know what lead source do you use to reach out to homeowners and driving for dollars it's a great great great way to get your leads but I also definitely do purchase my list of leads on list source though you do not have things like probate or tax delinquent to my knowledge I've never used those for that I actually go down to the courthouse or have somebody go down to the courthouse to get those specifically types for me so this video was in no way shape or form sponsored by lists sores or anything is just actually the platform that I use to purchase my list and the great thing for you watching this video is that you too can get your list from list source for a lot cheaper than what you just saw listed from my example so how can you do that you can just look down in the description box below on how you can order your own leads you don't have to go through list source and it's customized and everything that I just did or showed you you just order them through me or from me for a huge huge discount so again that link to do so is down below in the description box down there you'll also find a lot of other good things such as contracts the contracts that I use in my whole selling business five of them to be exact there's also a link to schedule a consultation call with me as well as a link to join my coaching program a lot of people have asked me since day one of making this YouTube channel on whether or not coach or mentor so I finally decided to create a coaching program and of course if you want to join or learn more about it you can click that link down below I think that's all she wrote thank you guys so much for tuning into this video if you found it valuable go ahead and give me a thumbs up subscribe to my channel and share this video comment below and I will see you in the next one


  1. Mark Hutchins

    I'm trying to purchase the foreclosure list but unfortunately cannot used the payment methods. My PayPal and Cashapp accounts won't allow me. I'd like to use my bank card to pay. Please dm me. I'm in Atlanta. Thx.

  2. Beastmode -

    Love the videos Dara. Doing a great job. Thank you. I was wondering if you know of any good lease option courses you could refer me to. I'd really like to have that tool to put in my toolbox.

  3. Koritas Jones

    Greetings Dara. Have you ever or do you use REIPro? Also since it's just myself which platform of the Mojo dialer would you recommend to use. I work nights and I'm killing myself trying to call all these people during the daytime lol. Need a more efficient way to do this.

  4. Rashad

    First, i'd like to say thank you for providing a lot of value and giving out great information to all of us! You mention going to the county office (im assuming the county office on pryor st) for a tax delinquent list. Im also in Atlanta and if im not mistaken, a property goes to auction with just 30 days notice where an investor buys the redeemable tax deed. Do you ask for a list of properties going to auction in 30 days or a list of properties that have been sold at an auction, but are in the one year redemption period? Thanks

  5. Edwin Garcia

    WOW this video came at such a perfect time! I'm new at this and these are so helpful keep uo the amazing work! 💯 How long did it take you to contract your first deal Dara?

  6. Tommy J Myers

    Great video! Once you have your list and start cold Calling do you use Mojo dialer, CallRAIL, or any other software to call prospects?

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