How to pass the real estate exam

How to pass the real estate exam

I became licensed here in Texas back in 2013 and I will never forget that real estate license exam back in school I've never really been a big test taker like I I just never was really good at tests and I realized on this test hadn't nothing changed I'm just gonna be upfront with you that test was tricky so in this video what I want to tell you is one what I remember from the test and two what I would do differently if I had to take it again studying wise and preparation and everything like that towards the end of the video though I'm gonna tell you the things that I did too that I realized really helped me out with this real estate exam so I did end up passing my test on the first try which was a miracle I passed that sucker by one question the minimum you could get was like a 75 and I got a 76 but hey passing this passing and once you pass you don't ever have to look back at that score again so about the test the test was broken up in two parts there was the state and then there was the National portion the National portion was pretty standard it was just a lot of like real estate rules and stuff that was just pretty straightforward across the board and the state portion was things that were specific to the state of Texas so about the national portion the national portion was a lot easier to me there was there was more so just like general principles and it was kind of a lot of common sense stuff but on the national portion there was a lot of math I remember there being a lot of questions regarding like square footage and how many square feet are in an acre and determining the square footage of certain shapes and then there was easier stuff like calculating commissions and things like that there were other questions like determining costs and value methods that investors use so you need to know that type of stuff as well even things like depreciation of land was on my test so know those basic principles and how that all works but to be honest with you math was never my strongest subject so I didn't go into it super confident from the start on the state portion though there was a crap ton of questions about state laws and things that are that are just here in Texas actually my state portion was pretty much like I would say maybe like 90% laws they like to make sure because there are some things in Texas that are different from other states so they they really ask you those questions to make sure you can distinguish like what's specific here versus what's everywhere else but they still bring up stuff that is relevant in in other states so it's kind of like you got to know both at the end of the day there were questions regarding like our Texas real estate commission so the the actual governing body of the real estate agents anything regarding like punishment fines or breaking laws all that stuff was on there they really want you to know specific what will happen if you do break some rules or break the law there were ethics questions there was procedure questions and there were questions about like brokerage rules and stuff so you had to know all of that the biggest thing that I remember though about this course is that those questions are so tricky like they would give you multiple choice questions and the answers would have like slight differences in them so say for instance it was a math question they may put the decimal in different places on all four of the answers or they may add more zeros on there so you really have to make sure your math was right and tight in order to pick the right one they would even ask you questions where they sound it right but they weren't like say for instance we were talking about like punishment right and it would say okay if you do this are you gonna be suspended for six months you're gonna be your license revoked for six months inactive for six months or on probation for six months so you really have to know specifically what would happen if you broke a rule and hey like I said they all sounded right to me if I had to take it again the biggest thing that I would worry about is tightening up on my like basic math skills so how to convert numbers to percentages and where the decimals go and things like order of operations knowing when you need to multiply or divide based on like the answer that you're trying to get or or the the question and so I would have tightened up on that a lot better that was from like high school in college that you just kind of forget it really makes a difference I would have also tightened up on my vocabulary like if there's a word that you really don't know you really want to learn it and not only just learn it and know the definition but know when to use it how to use it and know the the differences in other words that they may be grouped with that test got so specific it was crazy so now the things that really helped me and the first thing that really helped me was taking a cram course a cram course is literally like a two-day course that goes over everything that you learned in your real estate course in like two days and so I recommend taking this cram course like no more than two days before you're scheduled to take the actual test even though I did take my classes online I took a cram course on online and I also did it in person and so I'll put a link down below of the real estate school that I that I went to because they actually do offer a cram course something else that I did was I created flashcards and I know that sounds basic but it really helped and I had a flat I had a stack of flashcards like that thick because there were so many words but it truly helped with the vocabulary the last thing that I did was I went and bought one of those real estate for dummies books you know those like yellow ones and I'll put a link to it down below in the description but that really helped me with the the national portion because I'm guessing that book is sold everywhere so a lot of things that were in that book were on the National portion of the test and so it it it really helped me out looking back I don't think that there's a way to 100% be ready for that test so I recommend when you finish your course go ahead and schedule your tests you know like schedule it maybe for a week out and use that time in between from when you finish your course to you taking the test to really study hard and take that cram course and really pack it all in because if you wait too late or if you put too much time into it you're gonna start to forget stuff or you're gonna become overloaded and it'll just turn into a disaster I also want to say do not be discouraged if you failed on the first try I have many friends who failed on the first try it's very common and to be honest with you I didn't even think that I passed mine like I remember there was a point when I was taking the test where I was like already felt this and so I was literally clicking answers that just sounded like half way right not even like checking my my work I mean it was it was kind of I gave up because I was like I feel this a long time ago but you know if you do fail you can always get up and retake it again it's not a big deal as a matter of fact something good could come out of failure because at least you'll know what to expect the next time you take it but I will say on these tests they will jumble up the questions and the answers and so you're gonna have different questions than the person sitting next to you then the person across the room and y'all's answers are gonna be be different and so it's it's kind of no real way to cheat on this test and they are watching you like a hawk I mean they got like cameras on you and they're watching your computers and I mean it's a pretty big deal but you know go into it feel as prepared as you can and again if you fail you can always go and take it again it's it's not a big deal so I hope this information has been helpful if you're recently taking your test I'd love to hear all about it or what you remember from taking your your real-estate exam and you know study hard keep your head up schedule it set a goal make it happen leave me a comment and give me a thumbs up if you thought this video was helpful and if you haven't subscribed yet I would really appreciate you subscribing until next time I'm chasing J mouth and I will talk to you soon


  1. Chastin J. Miles






  2. Brandon Whitaker

    Great video! It's very helpful because I'm in the process of finishing up my classes to obtain my licence here in the DFW area. 1 more to go then it's the state/national exam!

  3. Rabia R

    Omg I passed My PSI State Exam on 4/06/19. If I can do it and then so can you. Stay positive, study smart stay focused and don’t give up …. memorize the questions on the state exam if you don’t get it go back again. And don’t take gaps. Take the test as many times as you can. You’ll get the hang of it. listen to me don’t give up.
    Remember, how will you become number one agent/broker and helpful to others … if you doubting yourself. Ask yourself just one Question are You IN or are You Out.
    Now get back in there and earn it right. Good Luck 🙂

  4. tony poepoe

    Thank you Brother .. I’ve failed the pre PSI exam twice . Somethings you’ve said I’ve never thought of or been taught .

  5. Darlene Mclaughlin

    What is the best elective to take, In other words which one would be more beneficial when it comes time to test.. I’m speaking about Real Estate Express School courses.

  6. B. Weatherspoon

    Oh trust me, Florida exam I took 13 times, a lot of bottles of wine went into that test 😭 but Alaska I passed first try

  7. ayesha chaudhry

    I’m going to take exam very soon…. but I feel like I’m forgetting all the material…. 🤢

  8. Chastin J. Miles


  9. The Baldheaded Ass Podcast

    Hey Chastin thank you for this video I’m taking my exam at the end of Aug! This definitely boosted my confidence!

  10. Moni Sanchez

    This video is very helpful even though I'm in WA state. I'm 90% complete on my online hours (course work) and plan to take my Real Estate test no later than mid-June. KW already hired me but might be until July when I start, if I get my license by then. Going to take the cram course, have a friend who is a tutor in math and I already have flash cards. Wish me luck, goal is to pass the 1st time 🙂

  11. Justin Z

    I am taking my pre-license course final exam tomorrow afternoon (5/9/2018). My plan is to pass it and then immediately schedule my state exam (Georgia) either this Saturday or next week Monday. Wish me luck!!

  12. Jen Pham

    Chastin thank u so much for making this video and all the other ones. Im currently taking my real estate courses online also and these insights really help me prepare. I will be looking out for more content!

  13. Alex Beckett

    Full-time​ student here and currently halfway through my real estate online course. Your videos are helping me keep motivated. Keep up the good work!

  14. Joel Cruz

    Awesome thanks Chastin this was very helpful. I failed twice, but won’t stop me here in Arizona we have to get a 75 and there are 170 questions. The law states we can’t do it online only at a school and you have to pass the school exam in order to go retake the whole exam with the state so we have to test twice which makes it worse.

  15. jason conditt

    In Texas once you apply at TREC the processing time is about a month to hear back now. So maybe once we hear from trec then schedule the cram

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