How to Make Spider Repellent | At Home With P. Allen Smith

How to Make Spider Repellent | At Home With P. Allen Smith

You know, I think there’s a universal dislike
of spiders. You know, there’s a condition where people just hate spiders — it’s called
arachnephobia. But, you know, spiders get a bad rap. Spiders are actually good to have
around. Now don’t get me wrong — I’m not going there, but I just wanna say a few words
for the spiders: They eat insects, they’re great outside. Like you, I don’t like them
inside my house. So here is a natural way to repel spiders. I’m telling ya, this recipe
is simple, it doesn’t take any time to create, it’s effective, and, like I said, it’s all-natural.
Now, what you’re gonna use is the essential oil of a certain kind of plant or fruit. You
can use orange extract. You can use citronella. Lavender oil is perfect. In this case, I’m
using mint oil. And specifically, peppermint, in this case. Of course, there are all kinds
of mints you can use. You can use peppermint, spearmint and contentment — but we won’t
go there. Okay, the way you put this together is you just wanna take 3 cups of water in
a spray bottle like this, and you wanna take, as a surfactant (big word), but the effect
is fantastic. And very simple, just take some dishwashing liquid, about a teaspoon of it,
and 3 cups is all you need. What the surfactant does is it breaks down the beading of water.
So if you spray something and you get all these little beads everywhere, and it just
sort of sits, if you put a surfactant like this dishwashing liquid in there, it’ll cause
the water to spread out and be even and sort of soak in. Now, the active ingredient here
is the peppermint. And I’m using 1 tablespoon of peppermint in here. Ooh, it smells so good.
But the spiders don’t like it. And then all I do is add this to the top, shake it, and
I’m ready to start moving the spiders out. Now, why do spiders start gathering up in
the house? There are couple of things you should know. There’s certain times of year
when they’re more active — you probably noticed this. For instance, if it’s been dry outside
for a long time, and we get a rain, the spiders start moving inside. In late summer, early
fall, when night time temperatures begin to drop, the spiders start looking for a warmer
place to live — your house. And the other thing to keep in mind is you don’t want any
rotting fruit around. Why? Not because of the spiders, but rotting fruit attracts flies
— like fruit flies. And guess what? Fruit flies are food for spiders. So it’s important
to understand the food chain. Now, the thing you wanna realize is this is actually a repellent.
It doesn’t kill the spiders. It just makes the environment uncomfortable for them and
moves them on out. Most spiders are not gonna hurt ya. I know, they may freak you out, but
they’re not gonna hurt ya. But there are some you need to be aware of. Like a Black Widow
or a Brown Recluse. You wanna make sure that you do away with those or escort them out
of the house. And hey, if Spiderman shows up, don’t spray him with this — he’s a good
guy. If you’re enjoying these tips on how to improve your life, make sure you check
in with us regularly. And give this spider repellent a try. Let me know. And subscribe
to eHow Home. Alright, watch out, spiders.


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    marie 2112

    I have the smallest room in my house and too much in it,I "deep" clean it every other month. I was cleaning my stuffed animals, removed one and found a spider corpse in its web under one and I found a new web behind my desk. I'm not ok there's too much for me to clean every week, my room will now be doused in peppermint oil until the day I die. 😫

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    Mr. N

    There is a Hobo Spider in my room as I type and it is terrifying. This is first I've encountered a wild spider about the size of my palm especially since its venomous and I'm terrified of spiders bigger than a common house spider.

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    I've been getting spider bites all over my legs and feet. They itch and burn but they go away after a week. The only bothersome thing is that the mark of the bite is still there.

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    It works but I add Tea tree and lemon oil as an Extra Kick to Get Out and I mean it NoW !!! 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

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    I’ve used different kinds of essential oils/water in a spray bottle and it didn’t help at all.

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    Ash's Treasure Homesteading and Gardening

    Oh thank you so much for this recipe. We have been using this and only a couple of spiders that we have seen. So far so good and we will be making more of this stuff. Thank you.

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    Peyton Gallogly

    Watching cause I just had a spider crawl across my body while in bed AFTER I checked the bed for spiders cause I killed 4 earlier today and I’m a paranoid person when it comes to mf spiders.

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    Erica Racz

    While going to the bathroom at home, I felt like something was crawling on me and sure enough it was a little black spider…it happened 4 more times while sitting on the toilet in the last few days and I have come across at least 6 more of them in the bathroom and house. I looked it up and they are called Ground Spiders which apparently don’t use a web but instead they hunt for their prey mostly at night. I can’t figure out where they are coming from. They are supposedly non-venomous but can bite and now I constantly feel like I have something crawling on my skin. I can’t use a toxic spider spray because I have indoor cats. I hope this works to at least keep them out of the bathroom while I pee..

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    lucian kristov

    I don't mind spiders. Not afraid of them I have a pet tarantula. but im under siege by brown recluse cock suckers!. Killed 3 today , went hunting them around my house with an RPG7. fuckers trying to move in on my turf. I declared war. So I soaked the walls corners and everything with peppermint oil to keep them out. Next step is gasoline some styrofoam a bottle of vodka a match and some metal music.
    Wish me luck

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    Scammer Mechanic

    I get up and right over my head looking down at me 3 inches above my head against the wall theres a huge wolf spider just staring down at me so now I'm here 🙂

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    anyone do any experiments with this? does this actually work? i usually use Home Defense once a year around my baseboards .. im wondering if this would do just as good?

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    David Mccormick

    i had a few in my house.i cleaned alot and thought i cleaned everwhere.but then i cleaned more and found webs behind radiaters.on the front of house above doors windows etc.they get in corners alot.since then not seen so many.and i sprayed white vinegar that seems to work aswell in corners.

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    Little Z

    In my house there are red backs and white tails and house spiders EVERYWHERE! one time I woke up in the middle of the night and there was a spider 🕷 above my BED and I have a bunk bed and guess what… I WAS ON THE TOP BUNK!!

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    I’m in the middle of dropping a deuce and see at corner my eye something crawling then didn’t pay mind so next thing this midsize spider crawls underneath door crack and I look up and it senses I’m looking at it I’m thinking 🤔 this spider 🕷 bout to jump at me looking for doo doo 💩 spray to kill it but it’s out of reach so we’re both looking at each other like come on with it bruh and wiping 🧻 my butt in this intense moment…I grabbed the shower rug threw at it and grabbed spray
    Walked slowly towards it
    He there chilling I spray and pull rug his ass run 🏃‍♀️ underneath the washer so know I’m watching this video 😂

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    Kyo Jane

    Spiders wouldn't even be as big a problem if they'd just stay the fuck off of me and my bed. I recently moved to the oceanfront but in my last house it was AWFUL!!! every year "Spider Season" as i call it when it starts to get wet and cold at the end of summer I would have tons of the little fuckers. Once i felt my head itch in bed so i casually reached up to scratch it and brought my hand back down with a huge fucking spider in it. I can't even count the number of times I was laying in bed and a little 8 legged freak just casually decided to share my pillow. I bought one of those low frequency plug ins and honestly i wasn't expecting it to work but either i just had a super lucky spider season or it actually worked!!!

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    Y R

    At min 2:37 he says this is a repellent, it won’t kill the spiders. I guess burning your house down is the best option.

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    K I

    I live in a Mobil home in california. And it got infested by brown recluse between the ceiling and roof section…
    I found out the most horrific way!
    One night,sleeping around 3am.I started to feel little steps every where..guess what! I turn the light on next to the bed and Poom!!😖😭 if not 100's dozens of Spiders coming down from the Furnace vents!!! I put RAID bombs..It help.
    Sleep out of my house for 3 days.
    It was horrible,just like a nightmare!! It did traumatize me for life!! I hate spiders since that incident!!😖😫🕷🕸🕷🕸🕷🕸🕷

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    im so scared of spiders, my blood preasure goes sky-high and i feel like im gonna pass out. i have an absoulute spider TERROR. i despise them with my very soul

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    go det

    Dude. When i came home from work today there was a spider sitting on the doorhandle to my house.

    So i drove off to get some bugspray so i could kill the fucker in a safe distance, and when i came back there was 3 more spiders that had moved there. I started spraying on one of them and as it turns out, the bugspray didnt work as well on spiders as i had hoped, because the can says "immidiate effect" but this guy jumped down on the ground sprinting straight at me.
    I am currently 2 hours into running as far away as I can. They can keep the house, its not worth it.

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    Buy an essential
    Peppermint oil
    Spearmint oil
    Lavender oil
    3 cups water in spray bottle
    1 tsp dish washing soap
    1 TBSP peppermint oil
    Add both to water spray bottle and shake well
    Spray those suckers (spiders)

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    David John Barker

    An aggressive huge spider scurrying across my lounge carrying a kalinhnicov riffle under his arms looked up at me and just laughed 😳😳😳

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    Docktor Dicking

    Yesterday I put out the laundry in my living room because it was raining inside. Went to work. Came back from work. Saw 150+ baby spiders crawling the laundry. #fml

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    I felt something crawling on the back of my shirt so i instinctively ripped it off bawled it up and whipped that shit in the fire pit ran to the gasoline can as fast as any human has ever run in their goddamn life and i dowsed that shirt real good lit a fuckin match and watched that little fucker burn all while not even being sure if it wad anything at all, my phobia is that bad where i think i would actually drive my car off a cliff to make sure it dies, also in hopes its stupid brethren understands that i hate them with a red hot burning passion. I have arachnophobia.

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    Melanie Mortenson

    I love this video. Thank you. I'm terribly aracnophobic, and I've been finding them in my kitchen, laundry room, and around where my son sleeps. I normally use my peppermint extract to make rock candy, but I'll use it for that instead

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    CrystalDragon0311 *

    Keep in mind that many essential oils are dangerous to your pets!!! I use them all the time. However Im one of those people that does research on everything. Turns out MANY essential oils are very toxic to our non human family members. For example, Wintergreen
    , Sweet birch, Citrus (d-limonene), Pine, Ylang ylang, Peppermint, Cinnamon, Pennyroyal, Clove, Eucalyptus, Tea tree, Thyme, Oregano, and Lavender are toxic to cats. I use them with this in mind. But I cant just spider spray the whole house with this recipe without causing problems for my cats.

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  54. Post

    I’m literally staying outside while waiting for my parent to come home and kill every spider I’ve saw on my bed😕

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    Miya Pinyon

    I woke out of a sound sleep to what felt as if I’d been hit on the foot with a sledgehammer. It hurt so much I tossed and turned the rest of the night. I could barely walk the next day. When I finally looked I couldn’t believe my eyes. My foot was red and swollen on top and black and blue on the sides. I don’t know what did it but I’m betting it was a spider. 🕷

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    Celtic.-. Dragonfly Fern

    There is a freaking jumping spider in my room. It is climbing towards me on the ceiling

  58. Post
    KE Disbrow

    In the US, you can buy bug bombs that spray a mist out that kills spiders and bugs. You have to be really careful to follow the directions exactly. You remove your family, friends, and pets, no food items or dishes sitting out, follow the directions exactly. Get everything prepared, start the aerosol can of spray off, and scoot out of the house. All doors and windows closed. Don’t come back until the directions say it’s okay. When you return, you open the windows and doors to air the house out, and wipe everything down where food will be. It really works!

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    Naruto Uzumaki

    I literally had a dream where i was stuck in a bathroom because in the doorway there were huge amounts of small spiders hanging in from of the doorway and then when i wake up and wash my face i use my towel and when i put the towel back theres a fucking spider to comes out of the towel i was so fucking annoyed because the place where i put my towel is the only place i trusted of not having a spider on it

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    They gather outside my front and back door. If I spray repellent in these spots, would it make them leave or would it kind of make them try to come in the house? I have the biggest ugliest one that hangs right outside my back door. If I squashed it, it would literally be a big mess to clean. If it came in the house, I’d have to do something…and if it was on me, I’d most probably scream like a little girl.

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    Debbie Hardy

    I moved into an apt a few yrs ago. Was putting dishes, pots and pans away. I turned around after pulling out drawer on bottom of my stove and there RIGHT behind me on the kitchen counter was a GIANT BROWN RECLUSE. I MEAN IT WAS THE SIZE OF A SAUCER. It just was staring at me, like one and a half ft away from me. I had nothing there to kill it with. All I could think of was it’s gonna jump in my face and bite me. The thing looked like it was twenty years old. It has almost red long ass legs that were like almost three full inches long. So while I was praying for protection, I slowly lifted my foot up and very slowly took my flip flop off and killed the crap out of it. Like twenty times. Then promptly got in my car and went to co-op and bought 8 brown recluse spider traps, some spray just for them and a giant sprayer. I sprayed the total complete inside of that apt, plus the outside. Bricks, dirt, holes, windows. Everything. Plus I did not sleep for months. I hate hate HATE spiders!

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    Nicole Johnson

    Aww. I enjoyed your video so much! You sound like you enjoying making this video! I enjoy classroom instructors and people like you who enjoy what they do! I live in the country setting and it has been raining a lot. So. I see 1 here one there like once a week. I got to nip that in the bud! They can't get warm with me here! Thanks!😂🙏

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    C R

    I Have a Spider In My Garage, I Can’t Use A Vacuum Because The Outlet is Where The Spider is, If anyone has tried this please tell me!

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    Dennis B.

    The farther away from the house the better ! I was bit by a brown recluse spider on top of my big toe. It set me back a little over 1800.00 dollars in Dr bills .

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  76. Post

    After using this recipe religiously for a week (along with frequently vacuuming and cleaning my apartment), I woke up at 4:00am last night to a wolf spider crawling on me.

    I will be purchasing real poison shortly.

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    Retro Raiders

    Is dish washing liquid something you put in a dishwasher or is it the American name for washing up liquid? Either way, awesome video, man. I definitely wanna make this!

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    eddie Dickens

    When I visited my friends in Vietnam we went to this place to drink a few and seen this huge tarantula. My friend was going to kill it, but this one guy stopped him. That crazy guy captured the spider to take home and fry it with some noodles.

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    Life Line

    after watching this video i looked my walls for spider… sadly i came out with two spiders in the stoor room , unfortunately it was 2:00 am midnight and i had no peppermint oil at home so i accidently looked at the spider and shouted fuck you and miraculously both the spiders ran away with a fascinating speed and now its been 6 months they never show up ! thanks to ehowhome my house is clean now !

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    Walid Sarip Sultan Gagandiran lll

    And hey, if SpiderMan shows up, don't spray him with this — hes's a good guy. 😂😂😂

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    Hammy_ :D

    I had a little spider in my windowsill a few months ago and I decided to leave her there because she was doing no harm to me. Now there are a few baby spiders and a giant one and still the same average size one. They aren’t there during the daytime but they come back at night…….I think when they leave I’ll destroy their web and spray some of the stuff on it, my only concern is that a baby will sneak in my room. 😬 🕷

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    Donald Stoute

    ummmm cute, but hey anybody know where i can find or make something that makes spiders implode from the inside an then explode into 100s of pieces??? please help

  99. Post
    alexa fernandez

    i woke up and i saw a big ass spider on my wall, i didn't really cared that much about it until i looked up and it wasn't there. i was panicking, till i saw TWO SPIDERS crawling on my bed. i js took my blankets and i dashed out of my room 💀💀

  100. Post
    Mansi Soni

    I dont know about spiders n all…i ll definately use this repellent…but his way of talking was so good i usually skip videos after they mix all the ingredients but watched this one till the end😅

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