How To Flip Houses | Property Walk-Through During Renovations

How To Flip Houses | Property Walk-Through During Renovations

Hi everyone how are you guys today Joe
Perez Flipping Unleashed hope you’re having a good day today so today we’re
coming to another project I figure I can sit in my office and teach you guys all
kinds of stuff or we can go out in the field and show you what it’s really like
to be out there being a real estate investor So today we’re in this area of
Los Angeles called Mount Washington which is about ten minutes from downtown
LA it’s a really cool area kind of a growing hipster area this home was in
the hills and it’s got cool view total fixture this is the first time that I’ve
seen it since I closed escrow so let’s let’s see what’s going on so as you can
see the seller still hasn’t got all their stuff out that cars sitting over
there there’s one of my guys over there so now one of the things that they did
get done during the two week of the seller stayed in here there was a big
tree over here we got rid of that tree so it really opened up this area made it
look like a lot bigger and part of the reason is is because we want to convert
that garage over to living space and one thing about LA when you convert garages
over the living space they make you create like additional parking us for
like car ports and things like that so our plan is to create additional parking
over here in this area so as you can see it’s an older home it needs a lot of
work but do not get it confused these older homes that need a lot of work are
in very expensive neighborhoods this home when I’m done I hope to get one
upwards of a million dollars easy all day all night you know I mean you can
see across the street they got a big ole project over there they’re cutting into
the hill and they’re building a really nice home yeah that’s what the homes
gonna look like over there there’s a demand for housing so this home when I’m
done I think you guys are gonna be amazed to see what I get for it so okay
so let’s go inside you can see all the cracks and everything we knew it’s gonna
have foundation issues so we’re gonna have to do a lot of foundation repairs
but come in here now this floor literally goes down like this and I can
literally feel myself run down but look this is the million-dollar shot BAM
that’s why I bought it and that’s why I was eager and I was aggressive to get
this deal that right there look at that view so let’s go over here you can see
all this is old that’s fine we’re gonna gut it out when this wall is gone right
here we’ve plan on making this area really big we’ll have to do some
designing because we’re gonna lose some cabinet space I got to be careful what
I’m touching because on this one my hands came back sticky so I guess you
can call that the job bonus but always carry sanitary wipes and hand soap in
your car so yeah we’ll have to figure out where to get the new cabinets the
washer and dryer were over here but I’m not a big fan of washer and dryers in
the kitchen especially in a home that you want to command well over a million
dollars for so I got one of the gentlemen I work with get it get a shot
of him Ryan since this guy’s been doing
something out of the camera he’s been doing some incredible camera
gymnastics to get out of every shot he’s been running around so I figured let’s
let’s just get him in so look it’s not a very big backyard I wish it was a bigger
backyard but we’re gonna address that issue one look you can’t buy this you
can’t you can’t fix that look at that view and I don’t know how the heck the
old owner lived here for so many freakin years like all their life she
was like in her 50’s right and they never had like any kind of fencing up
she said it was fine and worked for them but that’s not really me that doesn’t
work for me me I I get the uncles we get drunk and they get sloppy and me as kids
we we test the waters and as you can see you fall on this thing you’re not gonna
fall straight down but you’re gonna be rolling for a long time so look if you
if you come over here real quick and look at that house you see that deck
over there that’s what we’re gonna build here imagine having this beautiful deck
you talk about entertainers delight imagine having coffee in the morning a
glass of wine at night with some neighbors friends over and you have this
beautiful view and what I love about the view it’s perfect in the sense that it’s
very picturesque but you’re not close enough to the freeway where the noise is
gonna bother you can’t hear the cars but you can see it so you have like
mountains canyons freeway and probably probably even a little bit of a some of
these homes generating light at night all that combined this this this is what
I’m banking on this is why I bought the place and one of the goals too is you
got to capitalize on that view water is gonna be glass I don’t know if we’re
gonna put French not French doors glass door sliding doors big windows whatever
but we’re gonna get a lot of glass over here for sure and this is gonna come
down for sure it’s gonna come down probably get rid of
that concrete we’re gonna make this place look really nice and then there’s
the side of the house definitely I’ve got my work cut out from though when you
look at stuff like this you know it needs some work it’s an older home it’s
an older area but it’s a nice area hopefully we can get rid of this thing
too like I said the whole idea and possibly I don’t know we’ll find out
what’s gonna happen with this one but we need to open this thing up as much as
possible you know and you have the obvious the
acoustic ceiling I’m gonna get rid of all that
they don’t make bathrooms like this anymore if if I’m not mistaken the other side of
this right here is a closet so we’re going to knock out that closet and we’re
gonna expand this to make it a really big kick-ass shower
so this is going to be one of the bedrooms I believe over here that’s
going to be a connection and the garage which i think is right next to us yeah
so then they’re probably like steps to go down here and that garage is going to
be the new master and I say I hope so hopefully because we still got to get it
permitted you never know with inspectors and cities how they feel
but we feel very confident 70 80 percent confident that they’re going to approve
our plans as is okay okay this really key out here living space which is
called GLA gross living area it’s really important you you create a premium and
that garage is about a 20 by 20 that’s 400 square feet if I can add that
another 400 square feet this home is about I think 1300 at 1,700 square feet
so this is some work they were doing in here big shower if you look very big
shower so we’ll definitely capitalize on that
looks like they started something but not sure why pink tile but to each his own and
then once again I can feel it taking me but look at that that’s the money shot
this is the shot we’re in that magical moment you grab your significant other
and you say baby I love being married to you, it was totally worth it and then you drink a glass of wine that’s what that’s what I want to sell
that’s what I want to convey with this place we’re gonna like I said open up
this wall make it almost all glass and that view like I said it’s a really nice
view and then you know your typical older closets we’re gonna be doing a lot
of work on this home for sure we’re gonna do a lot of work you can see
there’s a lot of movement issues you know California you got a lot of seismic
activity and things happen so I mean look up here we’ll have to replace and
repair more necessary we’ll pull our permits we’ll do it all right let’s go
take a look out in front oh man come on as you can see the garage is gonna need
some work some pretty good cracks in here so they should probably lead to
that closet in the master bedroom I was talking about it’ll probably be like the
entrance into here this is the level of the house huh yeah so it’ll have to just
have to come up here this side I think I think the property line runs all the way
to that piece right there or to the fence we’ll figure it out so yeah we’ll
have to do something into this the windows too just like it’s gonna be kind
of termite issues it’s a lot of work don’t have to repair all this stuff
let me just show you guys something real quick
I bought this neighborhood this is what I mean about LA certain areas look at
this home right here right obviously it’s in original condition well kept
well maintained and then all of a sudden you look over here and look at what
these guys did that’s a brand-new home look at those stairs that come up look
at that and and they were smart that built it up high I mean that’s like the
equivalent to like easy three floors and the reason is is because they wanted to
get the view if I have a really nice view you see this is what I mean though
in LA you’re gonna have those kind a neighborhoods where you got this beautiful
brand-new built home you know that’s probably can go for I don’t know upwards
of a couple million more surrounded by other homes like I know for a fact that
one over there just sold for 800,000 you know but that one is a fixer as you can
see look at look at the gravel roof and all that it’s got to be fixed up but
look at this guy I mean if you get to the side of it look at that foundation
on the thing you go like concrete there it’s just a gargantuan thing and it
looks beautiful normally houses on this side of the
street don’t have a view so they don’t they don’t always command the high
enough value unless these guys build high enough to overlook the homes on the
other side of the street and this by the way I gotta get my design I thought this
is all dead space there’s got to be something maybe we can do to it
something that we can expand out or something I don’t know but I feel like
it’s all dead space but other than that I’m gonna show you guys everything step
by step and you can see from beginning to end exactly what the whole process
looks like alright so you guys stay tuned and once again if you like the
videos if you like the content please subscribe please like the videos and
please keep supporting me so I can keep doing all this wonderful stuff for you
guys okay thanks and have a good day


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