How to Buy a Home – The Ultimate First Time Home Buyers Guide

How to Buy a Home – The Ultimate First Time Home Buyers Guide

– If you wanna learn how
to buy your first home, then I would like to share our HomeBuyer’s BootCamp
with you, for free. It’s an online video boot camp, featuring actual agents
and mortgage pros that will walk you
through the entire home buying process
in around 30 minutes. If you are currently renting, you have probably
seen the rental market continue to climb up. Rents have been
increasing steadily in most markets since 2014. And if that’s the
case, you are probably starting to think
about the future, and ways to create a
little more stability. And buying a home and getting
out of the uncertainty of the rental market could be
the perfect answer for you. Now, if you have never
done this before, the process may seem
a bit overwhelming and you could be
finding yourself not knowing even where to start. As a homeowner,
I totally get it. The first time I made
an offer on a home, I was not familiar
with the process, and my offer was
so low, the agents didn’t even take me seriously. My name is Olivia
Figured, and I have been in the real estate industry for more than 15 years
on the lending side. And on any given
day, we have between 200 and 300 active home buyers, somewhere within the process, and over 60% of them are
buyers, just like you, looking for their first home. We have broken this boot
camp into three key modules. Module number one is getting
ready to make your offer. We will cover all the
steps you can take before you make an offer,
so you can be ready when you do find a home. Module number two is,
how to make an offer that will get accepted. It’s not always the highest
priced offer that gets accepted. And in this section,
you will learn how the offer process works, and how to position yourself
as the most attractive buyer. Module number three
is what happens after your offer is accepted. At this point, the
process moves pretty fast, and we cover all the
things that happen between now and
your closing day. So if you want to give
yourself an advantage when home shopping, learn the
entire home buying process from the pros, inside
our home buying bootcamp. Just click the
button on this video and you will be taken to a page where you can sign up for free and get instant access
to the course videos, downloadable guides, and even
a digital home buyers’ guide that covers the entire process in an easy to consume
written format. See you on the inside.


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    Alex Barnett

    I have suggested this free course to many friends and family and they have all found it very helpful to better understand what goes into the home buying process!

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