How I Sell Homes – Brendon Payne

How I Sell Homes - Brendon Payne

hi it's brendan pain with century 21 the Harrelson group here along the Grand Strand and I've been serving the Grand Strand real estate market here since 2007 and have been one of the top producing agents here in our market I wanted to talk with you today about a couple of things that are important in terms of getting your home sold once we take the listing now we know there's three main areas that we're going to go after in order to attract buyers to come into your property to ultimately get the best off the point the first area is what most consumers are traditionally thinking about when we're talking about marketing properties so when we go ahead and put your property on the MLS of course we are trying to attract people that are looking from out of the area and here locally we know that ninety percent of the buyers that are searching for property today start their search on the internet so it's important to not only create a great story for what your property offers them but also to help differentiate it versus the other competition that's out there a couple of ways that we do that are through professional photography videography every single one of our properties gets its own single property website and we also do a virtual tour so when someone's sitting 5 800 miles away then they can actually get a picture of the experience that they're going to have by living here on the Grand Strand and possibly purchasing your home the second group of people that we're going to go after in terms of attracting buyers to your home are those that we already have in our database so right now we've got about a hundred thousand buyers in our database now obviously there's not a hundred thousand people that are ready to write a contract today but we know that those folks have taken the time to search for properties here they've set up their search criteria and they're looking for us to keep them in the loop on what new properties are out there so one of the things that we do we monitor the most active buyers that are on the on the website and we're able to then identify what types of properties are they searching for so when we take a new listing we can go back and search through previous buyers that have looked for properties just like yours and now market directly to those buyers the final group of buyers that we're really trying to go after when we're marketing your property are the buyers that are probably going to be working with another agent may be outside of our office our markets got about thirty five hundred agents in it right now and even though the average agents only selling three to five properties a year the reality is if that agent that selling three to five properties a year is selling two or three of those in your neighborhood then I want to be able to put your home in front of them so we do research to figure out who are the agents that are bringing buyers or similar properties to yours in the area and then market your property directly to those so that they don't have to go into the mls and search through all the different properties and try to find the perfect one for their buyer if I can go and put your property in front of them then we've got a better chance of getting the right buyer in and we know that the right buyer is typically the one it's going to pay the highest price so now that we've gotten this first initial stage of getting the property on the market and starting our marketing process there's three critical components to what we're going to provide you in order to make sure that you get the best experience and selling number one is feedback and we know that the number one thing that's important to our clients is feedback from the showings that they've had or feedback on changes that are happening in the market so I have a client service coordinator who spends time purely going through and finding out what are the buyer's saying about your property trying to figure out what roadblocks are keeping them from making offers or what they're finding about other properties it seems more attractive and keeping them for choosing yours to put an offer on we're going to communicate that feedback to you not only through the emails in feedback that we get directly from the agents but also through phone calls and updates every couple of weeks we'll keep you informed on new properties that come in the market that may be competition for you and also ones that go under contract while worth trying to sell next is going to be follow-up so on a monthly basis we're going to be re-evaluating your property as if we were just starting to list it so that means going back through and finding out what new inventories hit market who are you competing with are there other properties that have sold that maybe will give us some insight into what the buyers are looking for and will also follow up with you and make any suggestions on changes that need to be made in order to be able to present a better product to the buyers that are looking the last area is communication we know that communication is very important to our clients and we're committed to making sure that you know any changes that could be made to help put you in a better position and get an offer for your property we know communication is critical not only with you but also within our team my team is committed to daily prospecting to search for buyers for our properties so each day if you come into our office you'll see we're on the phones trying to put buyers and sellers together communicating what do we have in terms of a need for a buyer and what listings do we have that we need to find buyers for that makes the difference in getting you the most showings in the quickest period of time and resulting in the highest offer the most critical part of selling properties in this market is being able to identify the right type of buyer and attract them to your communicate to you as a seller of exactly what's going on and anything that changes while we're on the market as your agent I bring hard work an aggressive marketing plan and a commitment to you having a great real estate experience thanks so much for watching this if I can help you with anything in the real estate world in the future please let me know thanks so much you

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