House Tour: 1+0 Industrial Home

House Tour: 1+0 Industrial Home

Hi from Indonesia, Bali! we are in a famous area called Ubud and today we’re going to show you a house, which has done in an
industrial design style let’s go and see together we are in! First, when you just come to
this house you see the kitchen. kitchen is super simple, I can say that we have
literally nothing almost here. like we have a huge countertop, which has done from
concrete. and there are a fridge, water… by the way this is a really cool feature – huge
bottle of water, a gas cooker and sink near by this kitchen, we have this
really high table, like bar table, but I can say, that actually by norms of design
it should be a little bit down like around here. to be comfortable. but when
you come and sit with your laptop on this wicker chair – it’s so good. actually
I can say it’s like a perfect condition to do your
job, because the screen is exactly in front of your eyes and you can see, that it had
done in just simple materials. so just concrete on the walls, concrete on the coutertop and here they used wood and also to make an accent on this zone, they used
pendant light. so it’s also pretty cool looks stylish. and behind this zone we
have a living room. this seating area you can see, that the design of this
furniture similar to the bar chairs so we have this armchair, sofa and
table. all this furniture kinda created in one style with
metal basement and wicker seat the coolest thing, that that I liked here, that we have a
huge windows. look at them. from the floor till the ceiling. when you open – you can
feel like you’re inside the garden. it’s so nice and if you need, you can use and
close these blinds and they almost create for you a privacy but it’s really cool, that you can play with it and we have such plants here in
also concrete pots. that also matches our industrial design here actually I would
like much more greeny here, to make the contrast on concrete and greenery but that
what we have now and the next one is our bedroom you can see, it’s also so
minimalist, nothing special, just a metal basement of the bed it’s like black metal and white linens. for me it’s great on the sides, we have a side table, lamp. and
also, I want to note, that in this area we have kinda brick walls on sides, like,
right and left walls have done from brick and it makes more cozy. like you are in
your private area. let’s discover other side you can see that here is located
huge mirror in a wooden frame it’s really practical because on this side we have a wardrobe. directly you can put clothes, see yourself, take a look does it match or not and let’s see what is behind
this door! and here we are! this is our bathroom it’s a pretty big one
and you can see that it also has done in materials like concrete, brick and also tile, wish
imitates concrete look at this sink! I love the design so much, because it
has done with a special shape like a tube actually it’s like a trend to make some
things, sports and interior details from concrete and here we have a mirror,
good lighting and some also metal hanger for soap at this side we have some
shelves. it’s really good. I am happy I can put my stuff there. here is a toilet, towel hanger and shower. the shower is behind this glass wall so it’s pretty nice to use it. a tropical shower too. and we have hot water because in Bali not everywhere you have hot water. here we do. and let’s go and talk about what I like about this house and maybe
first time in our house tour history what I don’t like. come on! I really like that landlords could keep the industrial design in
every space and nothing destroys it you can see on the walls, floor, ceiling
concrete, some elements have done in this concrete also you can
see brick, wood, metal texture here and colors like gray, black, white and
a little bit beige yeah, everything matches this industrial style. and also so cool fans
on the ceilings and they all create together an atmosphere like you are in some factory. so I could say, that it would be really cool for some public spaces, maybe restaurants but for the home, I would like and prefer to put some colorful artworks, I would put some colorful rug textile, that will make you feel cozy here, like at home and a lot, a lot of greenery. so it also could match this industrial style but would be much better for the
house. but actually, it’s just my own opinion I would be happy to know your
thoughts about it. you can comment down below and I want to show you surrounding.
in this house we don’t have a pool, but let’s go and discover together, what do we have As Lena said at the beginning of the video, we are in Ubud are. And this area is famous of their nature and…. And waterfalls! was going to be, but I couldn’t lift Lena. I think I need some more training as you can see this waterfall is like
all empty, there’s no one in here and in Ubud area there’s maybe more than
fifteen or twenty waterfalls and it’s time to enjoy it for us all right, that was it for today, guys. I hope you liked it. and if you liked it, please, hit the like button and let us know, what do you like the most about this house in comments section and we’ll see you in the next house tour! I hope you heard us 😀


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    Engin Özdemir

    Youtube üzerinden türkçe altyazı mevcuttur. Bu daire ile ilgili neyi sevip neyi sevmediğinizi İngilizce olarak yorumlarda iletebilirsiniz.
    (Lena daha rahat cevaplayabiliyor bu şekilde) 😀

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    Cristaldo Donatello

    the house looks simple,lovely but cosy ,relaxing , its my favorit style ) the waterfall outside the house so impressive 👍

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    Ömer Güler

    This house with an orange carpet and large leafy plants can stand more beatiful and chic. Orange and green harmonious colors

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    I am very fortunate to have met this channel when I was an architecture student. I agree with the idea of ​​industrial design being in public buildings. my prep campus was an old nail factory and it had a beautiful design.

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    Özcan GÜZEL

    Как я понял, если квартира без ремонта это называется индустриальный дизайн. Только надо поставить кровать на стройке…

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    Yatak başına komodin koyulabilirdi gardırop uzun kalmalarda olması gerekir yemek yapıldığını düşünürsek kıyafetler yemek kokusu siner

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    Beyza Kurt

    firstly yo're good couple ( + nazar boncuğu) this house is so comfortable and nice for temporary. i dont prefer to live for a long time

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    Bulut Cuhadar

    Harika bir video ellerinize sağlık.Bu daire de güzel fakat daha önceki daire muhteşemdi belki de gittiğiniz yerler arasında en iyisiydi👍👍

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    It is look like very modern but I think it is not comfortable. They not have any comfortable sofa or they don't have nightstands next to bed. Nice , fency but not for me

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