Gorgeous TINY HOUSE Helps Family Start Over After Losing Job

Gorgeous TINY HOUSE Helps Family Start Over After Losing Job

Hey guys, Jenna here, and I’m back with
another tiny house tour for you today. In this week’s video, you’re going to meet a husband and wife
who decided to downsize into a tiny house, not only to
obtain financial freedom, but also so that they can connect more
with each other and with their young son. Their tiny house is jam packed full
of amazing space savers and innovative multipurpose furniture. So let’s explore how this alternative
housing is working for them. So before going tiny, we were both in corporate America and
we were struggling to stay connected. We had a big mortgage, uh, living in an over 2000 square foot home. It was one of those things that we never
really got to see our son and we were both traveling quite a bit in
the type of careers that we have. And the company that I was
working with got bought out. And through that process I got laid
off. When he was laid off, we realized, Oh wow, there’s a different way to live.
Like we don’t have to just be working. But obviously we had to then figure out
how do we still meet on our expenses. And that’s where the idea of minimizing
and coming into a smarter space started. Mr numbers guy over here
working in corporate finance, ran all the numbers and said, wow, this would actually work out if I built
this tiny house and to go this route. There’s a lot that goes into building and
just from being able to figure out where you’re going to build it and then the
equipment that you’re going to have for it, you’re essentially building a real
foundation home is just on top of a, you know, on a trailer with no
experience with no experience. So going into that and
you know, working eight, 10 12 hours per day and
building and then, you know, still trying to maintain the communication
that we have between us trying to save costs. Yes. So there’s obviously a lot that
goes into that that you need to, that we had to consider and be able to
figure out how we were going to into that because we knew
that once we went tiny, every space needed to have
an intentional use for it. One of the decisions in going tiny
was trying to figure out how to, you know, live more intentionally so we can
be more present parents to our son, present parents to each other. And I don’t think that we have
realized how much of that was lacking, lacking before and definitely going tiny into
a smaller space. Forces to rethink everything and to calm down and
sort of take more one day at a time. And then that has an allowed us to
extend that to other parts of our life. This is our tiny home, the Big casita. It’s 338 square feet and we’ve been
living here now for almost two years. So this is our entry closet that we
utilize on a daily basis and we keep here all our jackets, we keep
here, all our handy stuff. And here is our full range
stove. We love to cook. So we wanted to make sure
that we had a full range stove. And also we wanted to take
advantage of the space here. Either having it clear or being able to
take advantage of the counter space over here instead of with a draft, we
got this stove that has a downdraft. It’s able to just suck everything in. It’s very powerful and out and instead
take a little bit of space on the bottom instead of up here on the top.
And then we can keep that clear. And then here we have our sink. We also need it to have a big sink because
this is where I bathe my dog and so he needed to fit. And uh, this is actually one of my favorite
pieces of the kitchen just because we were able to find this copper sink in this
size that just fit our dog perfectly With a big kitchen. We wanted to be able to have a bigger
size refrigerator than what you would normally find in tiny homes. On the left of our house
is our dining area. Uh, we ended up building out the sitting
area on top of the wheel well, so we would utilize that space. But the other great thing about our
dining area that it’s multi-use is that we can also utilize it as an Island so we
can push this to the middle and then this goes up so we can go ahead
and cook on it as well. And it’s really just a desk that goes up
and down that we can have multi-use for it, which is great for
tiny spaces have it, we’ll just put it back here
and we lower it. We use that. And then on the, as part of the desk, we have our utensils. In our previous home we had a bar and
we wanted to figure out how we would be able to fit a bar in our tiny home because
we enjoy hosting and we didn’t know exactly where to put it in
our tiny space. So we figured, why not just build our bar as part
of the access ladder for our son. So we actually ended up repurposing our
material from our build and we ended up getting a wine barrel. We cut
in half that acts as our bar. And on top of that, it acts as
our ladder for our son’s loft. Our son is actually probably the
most minimalist here in the house. That is his closet, his full closet
space. And this is his space. So this is the entryway into our bathroom. We ended up designing it as a sliding
door to be able to save on space, but we also repurposed a lot
of the material for this. One of the things that
we did to design, uh, the bathroom is that we wanted
to maximize the Headspace. So we actually didn’t put a ceiling in
here and we left that open and we ended up a ceiling, our roof with
rubberized paint for moisture control. We realized that we never utilized
a tub in our previous home. So we left this as a standup shower. We didn’t want to necessarily
go the compost route. So we wanted to just utilize
regular flush toilet. We actually ended up insulating the
outside of the house to be able to leave this open for storage space. So as a family we do a lot of laundry
so we wanted to be able to have a apartment size, stackable washer and dryer in our tiny
and we ended up wanting to utilize as much countertop space. So we ended up building our
sink as a wall-mounted sink. So a lot of people that come into our
house usually comment how big our bathroom is and that was a very actually
a very conscious choice. It’s one of that advantages of being able
to build your own house and customize it to your own needs. Heading into our living space area, we ended up designing a special pace
for our dog Bailey and that’s where he spends his time and this is
where we spend a lot of our time. We’re big movie buffs, so we ended up not wanting
to downsize our TV, so we designed our house so we’d be able to fit our
big TV and we have our sofa. That actually also turns into a bed. So when we have family and
friends over staying here, they utilize this space for it. So through here is our bedroom
and our office space. We utilized the space within our framing
to use it as space saving storage and we also uh, designed so we can have
space for our daily clothes, uh, our pajamas or shirts, stuff
that we use on a, on a regular basis. And this is our home
front also for our office. And I really enjoy working, standing up. And then here is where
my wife is usually at. But the other great part about this
being a bedroom is that we have our bed right behind this. So we have a queen
size bed here in a tiny space. The other thing that we did
here is that we ended up, we have a door where we can close it and
we also soundproof it because being in a tiny space and being a husband
and wife, we need daddy mommy time. So this space allows us to be
on the other side of our son. And up here is our multiuse loft. We use it as a rolling closet. We use it as a guest space. We use it as a reading nook and we use
it as our tech brain of our tiny house. We ended up just kind of designing all
these different things so we can fit our shoes up there and I have a lot of clothes
that I still need to get rid of and here is my wife’s side of the closet. So she has just a few more
shoes than I do on my side. And then this space also is used as our
reading of my wife and my son loves to read so they get to just come out here
where there’s some quiet time and be able to read here. Being in a small space, one of the things that you need
to be controlled is moisture. So throughout the house we have various
sensors and we control that through this system here that that essentially tells
us what the moisture is in the house. And then through this here it controls
when things turn on and turn off in the house to be able to
control our weather inside. And it’s awesome because all the smart
features of the house can also be controlled through our
phone and we can access it, whether we’re inside the
house or outside the house. Living tiny and then having our tiny
house. It’s, it’s, it’s like a tool. It’s a tool for us to be able to have
the type of lifestyle that we have now that we didn’t have before. It just allows us to be able to
have that type of flexibility, that type of intentional type of
lifestyle that we choose to have. There’s only so much I can bring in, but that’s a good thing because there’s
so much materialism and there’s so much consumption because we are socialized to
think a certain way and to grow and to buy and that’s the norm and that’s what
you’re supposed to do and this sort of takes me back and it forces me
to rethink that into realize no, there is another way where we can
still live great and live happy. Thanks for watching and subscribing and
make sure to hit that bell so that you’d get a notification every time I post
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    Ma. Rugene Abasolo

    385 sqm is big my grandparents house is 36 sqm two floor with two rooms … I think the 385 sqm is there whole lot…

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    Ma. Rugene Abasolo

    If they are here in the Philippines they would be able to build a two story house with 3 bedroom if they build that

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    Dani Owens

    I need different examples. They're a family that managed to have a California mortgage before his layoff. Show us the less luxurious builds on a budget. I'm not interested in spaces with flat screen TVs and more things put into a tiny space. Any minimalist who do this?

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    Tatiana Sheryl Thornton

    Loved the idea how you build a tiny house and maintain child proofing. I love the idea how teach your home is. I told my fiance we should build a tiny house because property taxes and mortgage is not gonna get cheap. Rent is so high that working multiple jobs is stressful. Plus I want to spend more time with my daughter. Great family project and idea. BTW love the table I need one

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    I love this family so much! You can see the genuine love and affection between the husband and the wife, and they truly did an amazing job prioritizing their needs into the build. They are the first tiny house couple I've seen addressing intimacy in a tiny house as well, which is amazing!

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    g bullitt

    Love their house. It does not feel or look that small. It's designed extreamly well. They definately put thought into the details and their priorities! Flushing toilet, sound proof bedroom AND big screen TV.👍👍👍. They even thought about climate/moisture control. Love the thought/details in the design. Beautiful! I want one.🤗🤗🤗

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    Heidi Cara

    This is bigger than my apartment!!!  This is very well done.  "Mommy and Daddy time" – love it!  This is a great build!

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    Siti Norhayati

    A very functional home wt a private master room, multifunctional loft, nice dining table, a comfy sofa, big tv n fridge plus a cozy shower.. I guess thy can housed 3,4 xtra guests at ease wt those sofa bed n xtra floor space at both lofts

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    love this, great family…awesome home…Mexicans have always been the best house builders, hands down, now watch others steal their ideas like usual …..cough cough….

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    Abby Parentela

    This is unique tiny house I ever seen coz of the sound proof master bedroom so cool and lovely! 😍😂😃😄😁plus their appliances is so big for their tiny home…

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    Karl K

    You need that Mommy and Daddy time! Ladies… Forget this at your own peril! If your intimacy suffers, so will your relationship.

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    I really love this house… They really did think of everything! I love the design and decor… And that they really DO have a lot of space in spite of it being a tiny home! Well done!

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    Johlize Joubert

    Really nice design. But.I was so grossed out by the dog bathing in the KITCHEN SINK i couldn't watch any further. :/

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    Candice Waller

    Would have loved some info about their costs or their land/parking/rental situation. I would also love to know the dimensions of that trailer and what it takes to move it. Beautiful layout, tho.

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    Taimara Miranda

    That's an amazing house I wouldn't call it Tiny but is so well built and organized. I love it.
    Suerte Familia

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    Jesse Meyer

    So well designed. I could easily live in a tiny house like this. The bar check, the full size TV check, the over sized bathroom and full sized fridge! Wow luxury living in a small space looks very tempting.

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    Patricia Lewis-Neal

    Well done. I love your tiny home. God is good. It’s not about having the big house or things, it’s about being in the present and enjoying your family.❤️🙏❤️

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    Christian _person

    The best practical & functional tiny home I have seen so far! You can tell they did their research and built their dream home. Love the soundproof bedroom, Murphy bed combo and bathroom! Genius! Loved seeing an educated loving Latino family , great video! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 well done!

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    Collieco Form

    This is one of the best houses I have seen! Love the bedroom on the main floor, no ladders, no bending crawling. Fantastic.

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    Rita Burleson

    Is it not law to have a front & back door : especially with sleeping in the lofts ?
    It's wonderful to see the
    Characteristics of the builders/owners in "tiny houses" .

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    Pasta 4Me

    Great tiny house and video! I was interested in the smart adjustable table they have in the kitchen so I checked out their website. Although they list many of the products they used for the interior, there was no info on the smart adjustable table. If anyone has info on where it can be found, please leave it on my comment.

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    hanna wilder

    Rarely do people mention the entry area. I love that you designated a coat, backpack, etc area. Love your couch bed! That's super fun when you have a boy that age! Holy amazing bed office space, good job with that thinking! Love your sweet loft.

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    Alexa TheCat

    I absolutely love how they gave their son his own space, so many of these tiny home families only let them have a bed, and I definitely respect that they made sure to let him be able to live and grow!

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    Seastorm 1978

    Your "tours" are great. I appreciate how you allow the owners of the houses you show to take us on the tour! This family has the ideal "tiny" house. Thanks, Jenna, for sharing!

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    Laura Anderson

    I really love!!! your tiny home Its awesome !!,I really think things have to happen to us to appreciate smaller adjustments ,and its wonderful to see that your respectful parents in terms of sound proof in your bed room ,thumbs up for that .It also shows, your skilled people.

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    W.A. watson

    Beautifully done. It's so large, bright and airy. I also fell in love with the kitchen (though for me a oven is a must). Wow their bathroom is larger then my apartment bathroom (I'm jealous). Please get a toilet paper holder (the bathroom floor while clean still has nasty germs).
    Great job. Well planned. The placement of the couple's bedroom, away from their son's was well thought out. The sound proofing makes sense. I always wondered how anyone could live in a open loft and still be intimate with your significant other, and not worry about privacy. Also their ceilings in the lofts didn't seem as claustrophobic as in others. Their lofts are large with ceiling height that is truly impressive. Well done.

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