Dirty, rotten, lying real estate agent trying to play me and another buyer.

Dirty, rotten, lying real estate agent trying to play me and another buyer.

Tom here flip anything USA so look today
I’m gonna take you to by the poolside and tell you about a dirty rotten lyin
cheatin real estate agent grandma so anyways I’ll tell you that story and
listen below at the bottom here you got to get the real estate app the flip
anything app this is how I’ve been making deals and making money you know
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flip anything that is for now anyways so while it’s free go download it Android
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enjoy by not too long ago some of these deals
you know some deals I I can’t show you every single deal I work on I try to
show you the ones you know I try to do it live action as I can but I had one
that kind of happened in the evening and there wasn’t time to regret turn on a
camera I ran over and this agent she really pulled a fast one on me and
that’ll happen to you once in a while but she called me and said look at this
house and do you want to buy it and I said we I do but I said you told me it
was sold last week she said well we’re they’ve got till five o’clock tonight to
buy this thing and they’re you know they’re playing
with the price and so I always said I’ve told you before a lot of my best deals
are by being number two I’m I’m like in line waiting you know I
get there it’s gone I’m upset darn it I missed it right but I don’t give up I
say look I want to put up a backup offer I’m your backup offer if they slip or
you know fall off or play games because a lot of times a viral go in to buy
something taco big and then when they get down to closing they start
complaining about every little thing and then they try to hit them to take more
money off the price and I hate buyers like that I don’t do that I just don’t
do it I won’t do it but I’m always standing in the wings behind a buyer
like that if they try to pull that crap on the person when they’ve already got a
good deal I’m standing there saying hey if this guy tries to pull a fast one on
you and beat you up on price I’m standing right here
I will pay you what he’s paying for it right down no questions asked or maybe
I’ll even say I’ll give you five grand more so that’s kind of what happened in
this deal so this lady calls me back and says well they had until five o’clock
and so we’re gonna let it expire and at five if you want well you can have it
and I said what number do I gotta hit she told me and it was a little more
than probably they were paying I said okay it’s a deal I said but I don’t want
you going back to them and so no I’d never do that
so as soon as we get off the phone and we make a deal I’m like heading over
there with my checkbook she calls me back and says oh well they came back and
they came back with more than you’re off Reiko Wow
makes sense you’ve already made a deal at a certain offer that was gonna expire
now you tell me when it happen is she called them up and said hey we got a guy
that’s gonna pay it buy it if you don’t and then they up their profit price to
match what I’d offered and then really piss me off and this is a property that
to be honest about a $400,000 property and I was buying it for two hundred and
eighty five thousand and you know here’s the deal it’s fine so this guy came back
with another offer a little higher than mine but I was so mad at this woman I
was so mad at this realtor that I thought you know what I’m not gonna bid
on it I could have been it out we could have been it up maybe this guy would
have bid it up we could have gone up to three hundred and thirty thousand I
don’t know I don’t know where he would have quit at some point he would have
quit or I would have quit and then they would have got another say thirty forty
fifty thousand dollars because instead of 285 you know we’d go back and forth
and then maybe we’d get two three hundred and thirty or maybe we get to
three hundred fifty I don’t know maybe he’d go far beyond me but I said you
know what I don’t like it she didn’t keep her word she didn’t do what she
said she would do so I just said well look I expect you to make the deal that
we agreed to and if you don’t then you know shame on you whatever and so I
didn’t make another offer I let this other buyer get it and so he got it
he closed the deal and now I’m going to him and saying hey look I could have bid
this thing way up and bid bought you out of this if I wanted to I hadn’t talked
to him yet but my plan is go back and talk to him because I would rather give
the new buyer forty thousand more than he paid for it
then give it to the original seller who was playing games with me and this guy
so that just just it just rubbed me wrong because what she did and you know
obviously wasn’t that bright a realtor because if she was she would she would
have stuck to it and tried to you know she’d have done a better job
marketing because it was really so wasn’t doing a good job


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    I would have done the same thing Tom. It’s not nice when selling agents do that. The bad ones give the good ones a bad name. Thanks for sharing 👍

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    John boy6993

    Tom thanks for sharing I hate people that don't stick to their word disgraceful but it is unfortunately common nowadays.

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    Professor Crow

    Tom believe it or not I actually have a 400k deal for 285k I've been trying to wholesale in East Tx. I have comps and all. It's a preforeclosure with 13 Acres 3 ponds built in 07 beautiful with a garage apartment. Needs minimal work 9037210736

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    Desiree Jones

    Hi Tom. I am a NY Agent and I am embarrassed that this agent did that too you and we don't even work in the same office. We're not even in the same market and I'm embarrassed by what she did. But unfortunately Tom, in my 5 years thus far, I know of and have came across some shitty, unprofessional, think they are slick ones.

    BUT……Is it possible that this Real Estate Agent was a DUAL AGENT (had both the Buyer & Seller sign an agreement with her)? Wherein she represented both the Seller and the 1st Investor who was going to buy the property and you were just her customer who came along and also wanted to buy the property. But her 1st obligation was to her Clients/Principal.

    Maybe that was the case.

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    Desiree Jones

    Tom, I have been trying to download the app on my Android Tablet but I just got a message stating that "Your device is not compatible with this version". Can you help this? I wish to load it on my Tablet not my phone. Please let me know what's possible. Thank you.

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    J. C. Smith

    Hey Tom man, don't let that get you down. Some agents are so full of crap and what you said about them is so true! All they care about is how much money they can make by being lying sacks of shit! The sad thing is the agent blew any chance of making any real money with you because she tried to screw you and just like you said "she try to play me"'. Now I'm sure if the agent comes at you again wanting help with a deal you'll have nothing to do with them. So think of it like this Tom, it's their lost not yours! Peace

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    J. C. Smith

    To Desiree Jones, because the same thing happen to me. It's not the software it's your phone. You have to get a new phone if you have an old phone like I did, you won't be able to download the software. Get an up to date more modern phone and you'll be able to download the software just fine. Peace

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    c s

    Unethical real estate agents are the worst. How can we even tell that there is even another buyer? Maybe there is no other buyer and wanted to get the most out of us knowing that we want to buy the property.

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