Dark Secrets The Cast of Full House Tried To Hide

Dark Secrets The Cast of Full House Tried To Hide

To the millions of people who watched Full
House, the Tanners were about as close to the perfect American family as you could find,
even with its trio of father figures and the absence of a mother for the girls. Off-screen, however, the actors who played
those picture-perfect characters were far from the sunny personalities they portrayed
on TV. Here are some of the strangest stories surrounding
the Full House cast over the years. Talk to me In his 2014 memoir, Dirty Daddy, Bob Saget
admitted he was the polar opposite of his perfectly clean character, Danny Tanner, when
cameras weren’t rolling on the set of Full House. As anyone who’s heard a snippet of his standup
routines would know, he can actually be quite crude. “This is true, I know, I thought I f—ed
’em up on television before. This is worse.” His vulgar antics made way onto the supposedly
family-friendly set, too, when he thought only adult crew members were in the room and
made obscene gestures at a four-foot-tall rubber doll used as a stand-in for his TV
daughters. The joke got a load of laughs, until Saget
realized that the monitors were playing the action everywhere and anyone could see what
he was doing. “Okay maybe I do just a little bit but that’s
because when I was five I didn’t really have any friends.” Now that’s a mess not even Danny Tanner would
want to clean up. Cut it out For decades, many believed that Alanis Morissette’s
hit song, “You Oughta Know,” was actually about her ex-boyfriend, Dave Coulier, who
played Joey Gladstone on Full House. The rumors were a real surprise, considering
the lyrics in the song contrasted significantly from Coulier’s on-air persona. Years later, though, Coulier denied the rumors
to BuzzFeed, saying, “The guy in that song is a real a-hole, so I don’t want to be that
guy.” But don’t go believing Uncle Joey is completely
innocent of some of the song’s crimes just yet. In a Reddit AMA, Coulier also revealed that
when he first heard the song on the radio, some of the lyrics sounded a little too familiar,
although he was quick to clarify that the dirty movie theater thing never happened — with
him at least. How rude Jodie Sweetin, who played the sassy middle
Tanner sister, Stephanie, admitted in 2006 that she was once addicted to methamphetamine. She explained that her drug problems stemmed
from the show coming to an end, telling Good Morning America, “There is a certain sense
of loss when a series ends. It is kind of hard to figure out who you are
when you’ve lost your job at age 13, when that was basically how you identified yourself.” She went on to reveal more of the gory details
of her struggles with addiction in her 2010 tell-all, unSweetined, admitting she even
snorted meth at the premiere of the Olsen twins’ movie New York Minute in 2004. She wrote, “I was pulling off the deceit. It was hard for people to believe I was doing
that much drugs. I look at photos from that event, and I didn’t
even look strung out!” Other drugs Sweetin dabbled in at the time
included ecstasy and cocaine. In addition to her substance abuse issues,
Sweetin’s personal life was plagued by a number of failed relationships, too. So far, she has been married and divorced
three times, and her most recent divorce came in 2013 when she filed for legal separation
from her husband of one year, Morty Coyle, with whom she has a daughter, Beatrix. Sweetin also has another daughter, Zoie, from
her second marriage. Apparently the fourth time wasn’t going to
be the charm either. After a blowout fight with her then-fiance,
Justin Hodak, Sweetin was granted a restraining order against would-be-husband number four
when he was arrested. According to TMZ, Hodak “threatened to kill
himself with a 9mm pistol if she made him leave.” Hodak was already a convicted felon, which
means the guns were in his possession illegally. He violated the restraining order just days
later by driving past Sweetin’s house and was arrested again. Soon after word spread of her personal woes,
Sweetin posted a pic of herself with her two daughters to Instagram to let everyone know
this was all under control. But the drama was far from done. According to TMZ, police were again called
to Sweetin’s house when Hodak showed up once more but got scared off by security guards. Hodak denied being there, but it’s clear Sweetin’s
taste in men needs to be reevaluated. Oh Mylanta Candace Cameron Bure’s openly conservative
viewpoints helped establish a new career line for her on The View. However, some of her tenets have been seen
as more controversial than others. In 2014, Bure came under fire for describing
her role in her marriage to hockey player Valeri Bure as “submissive.” She’d written in her memoir Balancing It All,
“I am not a passive person, but I chose to fall into a more submissive role in our relationship
because I wanted to do everything in my power to make my marriage and family work.” Amid the criticism, Bure was forced to go
on the defensive by arguing she was using the Bible’s definition of submissive, explaining,
“It is meekness, it is not weakness. It is strength under control, it is bridled
strength. And that’s what I choose to have in my marriage.” On the bright side, she’s still seen as the
more mainstream of the Cameron siblings, considering her brother Kirk Cameron has emerged as a
full-on religious zealot who runs his own ministry and preaches about female subservience. Aww nuts One of the oddest question marks that resulted
from the death of Heath Ledger, who overdosed on a number of prescription pills, was why
his masseuse called Mary-Kate Olsen’s cell phone instead of the police. “She called not once, not twice, but three
times, his very good friend, another celebrity, Mary-Kate Olsen.” The Feds tried for months to get her to speak
voluntarily, or else risk being subpoenaed. Nevertheless, Olsen refused to talk to the
law without immunity. Ultimately, the case was closed and Olsen’s
knowledge of Ledger’s prescription drug use was never questioned further in an official
capacity. But the stain of that secrecy has certainly
stuck to her reputation ever since. You got it dude The Netflix’s sequel Fuller House might be,
well, full, but one crucial member of the Tanner family has been noticeably missing—the
youngest daughter Michelle, played by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. “Well, Michelle sends her love but she’s busy
in New York running her fashion empire.” When news broke that they wouldn’t be joining
the show, many wondered why would they pass on the opportunity. Pressed at one point for an answer, Mary-Kate
claimed the twins had just found out about the project and were surprised nobody spoke
to them about it before, including co-star John Stamos. Stamos quickly fired back on Twitter, saying
“I call bulls***.” The surprisingly blunt tweet led some to wonder
whether there was a feud brewing between the Olsen twins and the rest of the cast, which
might explain why Stamos was so quick to cover his tracks. The next day, he tweeted: “Had a sweet talk
with M.K. today! There [are] way more important things going
in the world today.” “He’s still mad at me!” “Don’t worry about it shorty, your Uncle Jesse
has it all taken care of.” For what it’s worth: the Olsens ultimately
admitted they didn’t want to do the show because they haven’t acted in years. Anyone who has watched their most recent straight-to-DVD films will certainly understand. Thanks for watching! Click the Nicki Swift icon to subscribe to
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    There not on fuller house because Michelle is one person a d if they switch them out the Olsen twins dont look identical anymore and the were only gonna do Mary Kate but didnt want to leave Ashley out of the family so it was a mutual agreement

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    Barbara Hock

    Disappointed Saget ultimately turned out like Howard Stern – he left his long term wife and 3 daughters to fool around after he became famous, and recently married a much younger trophy wife.

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    Scott's Tots

    So Candace Cameron-Bure wanting to be submissive in her marriage and follow the Bible with her life is a dark secret?

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    “Religious Zealot”…..??? 🤨🤨🤨
    You mean unapologetic and outspoken Christian?
    Smh 🤦🏾‍♂️

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    Tamara Duro

    I don't blame the Olsen twins at all.. everyone on that set staring down the camera to make "Michelle" feel guilty for not participating can shove it. These twins have trauma and do NOT look back fondly, on their experience acting since they were babies. Everyone else in the show was old enough to talk and think and make their OWN decision to act. M.K and Ashley did not have this choice. They were basically exploited by their parents and now they have no interest in the public eye. They like their privacy and who blames them? Their WHOLE life they were famous and they never seeked that fame, so they had no sense of privacy or normalcy. Now they are old enough to say, we are not interested. Yes it was the show that put them on the map, so many think that they "owe the fans " something and the truth is, they don't owe them ANYTHING. They are old enough to decide to focus on Fashion, which is their callings, not acting. They were forced into acting before they could even say NO, or make their own decision. They look back on their childhood as "monkeys performing" which is very sad. They obviously felt exploited and I support them 100% in their decision. It's not their problem that a sequel was made. They have already made another name for themselves, whereas these other actors only know acting. That is their life. So maybe they don't understand bc they CHOSE to be on the set and they CHOSE to act and cannot understand anyone who doesn't want the same. But that look they all give to the camera shaming the twins for running her fashion industry irks me.. whoever put that "stare down" in the script is an asshole.. 💯

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    Anthony Colon

    Well it was to be expected. Also id read somewere that Bob dirty talks rubbed on the show former producer and Netflix Fired him

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    Emma C

    To everybody saying the Olsen twins “glowed down” and there “so ugly” , everyone’s beautiful in their own way weather it’s inside or out so be quite

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    kyle strong

    Joey isn't the brother of Danny or jesse, he's their best friend and they've known each other since elementary school.

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    Happy Little Tree

    I grew up watching Full House and yes, there was kissing, referring to a person's "bod" was a thing, and some cussing in only season 1, but it was an innocent show that was trying to teach that all you need is family. And it teaches lots of life lessons.

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    Jay's World

    Well fuller House is coming to a end anyways season 5 will be the last season of that show. I love full house still watch it to this day 2019!!

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    lovelove gamer

    If they tried to hide it than why would they tell millions of people?🤦🏼‍♀️
    Oh and by the way that was a really hard time for Jodie when it happened, so don’t just go bringing stuff up when you don’t know the full story!
    In her defence, “How rude!” And I don’t JUST mean it as a joke too.

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    Katie M

    Way is my favorite character 'candace cameron bure' in this how dare you say that about her when she is close to God

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    Crispy_ Noodles

    So actors and actresses aren’t allowed to be different then the people they play on shows and or movies? They aren’t allowed to have secrets without the internet finding out? And I wouldn’t consider it `hiding’ secrets if they admitted them

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    deborah Yunker

    Candice could give everybody advice on marriage she's been married for 30 years she's doing something right

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    Besides John Stamos… am I the only one who could never stand the Olsen twins, even when they were tiny and "cute"?

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    Rebekah Artman

    Personally, I think you shouldn't commentate about the beliefs of Candace and her brother when you obviously don't understand it.

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    Shaun Cougar1986

    Any straight guy watched the show for uncle Jesse. Who cares about the twins it’s all about the Stamos

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    Aoibhe Mae


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    Bung Chew

    What a mess… The Olsen twins are scumbags and Candace Cameron is a religious nut! I think Bob Saget is the only cool one, and wow, Jodie Sweetin is pretty hot now! Holy moly.

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    bmo shareholder apple shareholder

    What really freaks me out is when TV shows and movies use beautiful women to play the role of a nun. Since when do beautiful girls become nuns? That was a stupid show.

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    Ben Adams

    Sweetin's drug addiction shouldn't have been in the list since the show had already gone off the air, widely known, and the show didn't need to "cover it up."

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    Silvio Dante

    I heard that all the dudes had a shot at DJ. They were fucking the shit outta her I heard. And also I heard that John Stamos used to fuck Andrea Barber. They would have a lot of three somes with those young girls. And they did tons of drugs.

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    allison velasquez

    Who laughs at him throwing down a doll made to look like a 4 year old and pretending to have sex with it?! Pedo!!! (Bob saget)
    And uncle Joey… that alanis song was def about you. Also a pedo!!

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    Nilsa Holtz

    How did a nerf like bob saget made it into a sitcom ,he mustve slept with the producer ,I find him yighhhhh and bland and oeeeyyyyy hes creepy

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    Spencer Nicks

    I still love Jodie Sweetin. We all have to realize that nobody's perfect. We all have a past. She was definitely my favorite on both Full House and Fuller House. She's still beautiful to me. May the Lord continue to bless her.

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