Creepiest Houses You’d Never Enter Even If You Were Paid

Creepiest Houses You’d Never Enter Even If You Were Paid

– [Narrator] From horror
movies to thriller novels, there’s no setting scarier
than one that takes place inside a terrifying home. When the one place that
should be the safest of all becomes the scene for
your very worst nightmare, where is there to run to? It’s hard to imagine that your home could become a house of horrors, but neither could the owners of the 10 terrifying houses coming up. (playful music) – Amazing! – [Narrator] Number 10: Shanley Hotel. It’s never a good sign when,
after arriving at your hotel, ready to enjoy a relaxing holiday, you’re asked to sign a waiver before even getting your room key. If you’re a guest at the spooky
Shanley Hotel in New York, that’s exactly what you can expect. In fact, this hotel is so haunted that no guests under
16 years old can enter. Said to be the scene of
over half a dozen deaths, this former-home is believed to be cursed. Visitors report hearing footsteps, seeing chairs rocking by themselves, and there has been many ghost sightings, including the mourning spirit of Beatrice, the former owner whose three
children all died in the home before their first birthday. Here’s a story of one
sighting that was recorded: Sal Nicosia, the current
owner, remarked how, after he moved in, his cat,
which he had for 14 years, would refuse to enter certain rooms. The cat then started doing strange things like refusing to move off certain floors, and never exiting the house, despite freely spending
most of its time outside prior to moving in. Then one night, they recorded
this creepy ghost encounter: (eerie music) If that wasn’t spooky enough,
this hotel is so chilling that it inspired one of the
scariest stories of all time. Stephen King was staying
at this very hotel when he wrote The Shining. That’s not exactly the kind of inspiration you’d hope for from a holiday. Who are these crazy people that actually pay to stay there anyway? If anything you’d have
to pay me a lot of money to endure that sort of trauma. Number nine: The Corpse Doll House. There’s not much scarier than a house full of life-size dolls, except when those dolls
are made from real corpses. That’s what greeted investigators when they entered the
house of Anatoly Moskvin, who was, on the surface, a
Russian academic and linguist, but once they dug deeper, they discovered he was
hiding a lot of dark secrets. Moskvin, a paranoid schizophrenic, had dug up the bodies of 26 girls, all aged between three and 15 years old. After mummifying their bodies,
he would dress the corpses up in little girls’ clothing,
apply make-up to their faces, and pose them around his house. Apparently, he claimed to
have felt great sympathy for the dead children, and
thought he could bring them back to life by either
science or black magic. Unbelievably, Moskvin
lived with his parents, who claimed they had
no idea that the dolls were actually dead bodies. They should probably consider
getting their eyesight tested. And probably their sense of smell, too. Eventually, Moskvin pleaded guilty to his spate of grave desecrations, a charge carrying up to
five years in prison. He’s since been moved
to a psychiatric clinic, and every extension to his
stay has been approved since. Number eight: Villa De Vecchi. Known as Italy’s most famous ghost house, this abandoned mansion in the
mountains was built in 1854 by Count Felice De Vecchi, the head of the Italian National Guard. It’s said that the Count
came back home one evening to find his wife had been murdered and that his daughter was
missing, never to be found. Overcome with grief a year later, the Count took his own
life inside the mansion. Since then, locals have
reported ghostly goings-on, including hearing the
piano playing every night. The high levels of paranormal activity attracted occultist Aleister Crowley who is said to have visited many times to carry out seances and satanic rituals. It’s safe to say that if
it’s somewhere Crowley liked to hang out in,
it’s probably not high on anyone’s list of dream destinations. Number seven: The Snake House. After buying their
dream home for $180,000, a couple thought they made
the deal of a century, until they moved into their
new property in Idaho. Not long after did they discovered they weren’t the only residents
calling the house home. In fact, the five-bedroom
house was pretty full already. Of snakes. It turned out their dream
home was already the dream den for hundreds of garter snakes. And those snakes refused to move out, instead slithering around in the walls, and popping out of places
all around the home. Turns out, the home was most likely built on a winter snake den, or hibernaculum, where the reptiles gather in
large numbers to hibernate. Even their water supply
was affected by the snakes, as it carried the foul
onion-y smelling musk that the snakes released
as a warning to predators. Eventually, the new
residents called it quits with their nightmare
neighbor and moved out, leaving the house to be roamed
free by the wriggly reptiles. Number six: The Sallie House. One of America’s most
infamous haunted houses, this House is said to be haunted by a demonic spirit called Sallie. A former resident of the home,
Sally died tragically young after a botched operation that
took place inside the house. Sallie is believed to
have been the first ghost that haunted the house,
but it’s now believed to be the home for many
lost and wayward spirits. In December of 1992 Tony
and Debra Pickman moved in, and their stories are chilling. Lights would randomly turn on and off, their dog would bark
at their nursery room, and their infant would
wake up periodically as if someone was playing with him. Neighbors could see the nursery window and even questioned the parents
why they kept the light on all night with the baby sleeping in there. Of course, they had no idea. Debra always switched off the lights. Tony even saw the little girl one night as he went down to the kitchen. He then sketched what she looked like and showed it to a child
of another former owner, who identified it as her
imaginary friend Sallie from when she was younger. That’s just one story. Former owners have reported literally every possible paranormal act imaginable. From seeing apparitions,
objects flying through the air, and hearing scratching
sounds coming from the walls, to child toys being
strewn around bedrooms, only for the child to explain
it was their friend Sallie. Although the demise of
Sallie was surely tragic, I think I’ll pass on visiting
to offer her my sympathy. Before I reveal the next example, you should subscribe if
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on some amazing knowledge that could have filled your brain. Now let’s get back to it. Number five: Monte Cristo Homestead. Since being built in 1885, this house has become the
scene of many tragedies and is today said to be
Australia’s most haunted house. The first family to live
in the property experienced an unusually high numbers of deaths, all of which took place inside the home, including a young child who was dropped and fell down the stairs. A maid fell to her death from the balcony and a stable boy was burnt to death. The mentally ill son of the
caretaker was kept locked up inside a cottage on the property
and was one day discovered laying down beside the
body of his dead mother. Shortly after being sent
to a mental institute, the son died. Even after the original family moved on, the curse of death lived
on inside the house, including the murder of another caretaker. Said to be haunted by the spirits of all those who tragically died here, this isn’t a house recommended to visit, especially if you’re a caretaker. Number four: The Myrtles Plantation. This Louisiana home is a former plantation and is believed to be
haunted by 12 ghosts, including Chloe, the young
child of a former slave. It is also supposedly
inhabited by the spirits of an unusually high number of people who have been murdered here. The rumor is that 10 people
have lost their lives inside this house, in
various gruesome manners. One such murder victim was William Winter, who was an attorney and lived
on the original plantation from around 1865 until 1871. Winter was shot death by what was believed to be a complete stranger and
nobody has since uncovered the reason for such a
cold-blooded killing. After being shot, Winter
tried to climb the stairs in a bid to seek help. However, Winter never
made it up the stairs, instead bleeding out
right on the stairwell. People have reported
seeing ghostly apparitions, hearing footsteps through the hallways, and when TV show Unsolved
Mysteries tried to film here, they reported experiencing
many technical difficulties while trying to film. However, one of the most commonly reported paranormal experience, and
perhaps the most poignant, is that of the sound of footsteps, climbing the stairwell,
said to be, of course, the last dying footsteps
of William Winter. Number three: Loftus Hall. Widely regarded as Ireland’s
most haunted house, the history of this house
can be dated back to 1170. It has a long and bloody history and many a spirit is said
to roam its hallways. The aboding building is so frightening that locals claim it’s
haunted by the devil himself. In the 1600s, it’s
reported that a young girl living at the mansion, called
Anne, was playing cards with a sailor who was
seeking shelter from a storm. During the game, Anne dropped a card and when she looked under
the table to retrieve it, she saw that the sailor had cloven hooves. After Anne screamed in shock,
the sailor revealed himself as Satan before disappearing
into a ball of fire. It is said that Anne never recovered and lived the rest of her
days in shock-induced silence. When she died, her muscles had seized meaning her body couldn’t be straightened, so she was buried in the
same sitting position in which she had died. Catholic priests have since
tried to exercise the house, but the exorcism didn’t
end its ghostly reign, as staff working there have since claimed to have seen Anne’s ghost
walking down the stairs. Number two: Ancient Ram Inn. This 12th century building, in the village of
Wotton-under-Edge, in the UK, is believed to be riddled
with up to 20 specters who torment visitors. Built on an ancient pagan burial ground, and also believed to be the scene of child sacrifices and devil worship, its haunted by the likes
of a murdered young girl called Rosie, a high priestess,
and even a male sex demon, known as an incubus. But despite its ghoulish reputation, some people are mad enough
to actually pay to visit, which is why it was briefly
turned into a bed and breakfast before its owners death
in December of 2017. Still, most visitors who
paid around $50 a night refused to stay in the
room named The Bishop’s Inn because the ghost of a monk
is said to haunt the room on a regular basis. Some who did sleep ended up fleeing in the middle of the night. Before revealing the number one spot, here are two creepy
occurrences people noted in equally scary houses that
didn’t quite make the top 10. First up, A filmmaker scouting a location for a BBC nature documentary
came across an abandoned house and decided to investigate
further by entering the building. Once in there, what he saw
immediately stopped him in his tracks, the walls were bleeding. After overcoming his shock, the
filmmaker realized the truth was not quite as bizarre but was, perhaps, almost as terrifying as fiction. The bleeding walls were
actually the result of an infestation of hundreds of bats and their digestive system. Still, it gets creepier. There’s nothing quite like creepy-crawlies to get your skin crawling
and your mood creeped out. So, imagine the horror of
coming across a house like this that’s so completely infested with spiders that their webs are blocking the hallways. That’s what happened in one Missouri home after over 6,000 brown
recluse spiders overtook it. Perhaps it would be better just to let the spiders have the house. Number one: McKamey Manor. The ultimate house of horrors, McKamey Manor is a haunted
house experience like no other. It’s so intense, nobody
has ever completed it. The experience is supposed
to last around eight hours, although most don’t make it this long, and it’s so horrific that it
reduces most visitors to tears. Whether it’s being tied up,
forced into small spaces, or covered in snakes or spiders, whatever your worst fear is,
the staff at McKamey Manor will make sure you face it, and fail. The experience takes place
in four separate locations, each one designed to push
visitors to their physical and psychological limit. Basically, it’s an
interactive horror movie. Every participant must be over 21, free of medical conditions
and sign a waiver, which should really be the last red flag telling you to stop. Even so, there’s a waiting
list of over 24,000 people. Makes me seriously question the sanity of the human population. In comparison to McKamey
Manor, I think a haunted house full of ghosts and spirits
sounds like a much better time. So, which house would you refuse to enter? Have you ever experienced an
encounter with a poltergeist? Let me know your thoughts
in the comments down below. Thanks for watching. (eerie music)


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