hey y’all and welcome back to my channel today’s video is going to be a Christmas clean and decorate with me plus it’s going to be our whole house tour for Christmas in this video I’m gonna be doing some DIY Christmas decorations for the front porch and then I’m also going to be cleaning and decorating the front porch and then after I have done all the decorating and everything I’m going to take you guys around the outside and inside of my house for our 2019 Christmas house tour alright so we’re going to use the golf cart to get rid of some of these moms that are dead on our front porch and then we’re also going to use the golf cart to transport some of our flowers to the back and then use our big wood crates that you see our flowers in by the front door for some Christmas trees so we’re going to clean up this porch and get it ready for Christmas [Music] now here I’m going to use the in dust to dust all of our furniture in the front door and then for all the windows and the glass on the front door I’m going to use the method glass and surface cleaner [Music] [Music] [Music] all right now that the porch is all cleaned off we’re about to get started on some DIYs but before we do that I wanted to let you guys know that today’s video is also a collaboration with two of my best friends here on YouTube we have Micah stopper and then Breanna Kay and both of them are gonna be doing their christmas house tours on their channels today and I’m so excited to see how they decorated for Christmas now both of these women have gorgeous homes and they always decorate so beautifully in their houses for the holidays and they just have amazing content on their channels so I’m gonna have a link to both their videos down in my description box so that you can go check them out as soon as you’re done here and then in my description box I’m also going to tell you why I love these women so much and just a little bit more about their channels so you can go subscribe to them and if you guys are coming over from Breanna or Micah’s channel or you just randomly feel my channel for some reason then welcome I’m so so glad that you’re here I do lots of cleaning and lifestyle home decor related content so hopefully you guys will love what you see here and consider subscribing before you leave so before I started decorating the front porch I had three little DIYs that I wanted to do so the first one that I’m doing here is making pillows out of Dollar Tree placemats so each of these pillowcases were $8 now the red and black plaid ones actually got from Walmart but I thought that they were really cute and I’m pretty sure that those were less than two dollars each – so they were still really cheap and all I’m doing is I’m hot gluing the two pillowcases together leaving an opening to put the pillow stuffing in – and then hot gluing the rest of it together so these are no sew pillows that were super cheap and easy to make and the pillow stuffing actually already had from another pillow the pillow was getting all funky looking so I decided to keep the pillow cover and then just use the stuffing out of that pillow cover to put into these little pillow cases and then I’ll use that pillow cover for another with another insert or something later so as you can see this was a quick and easy DIY it took me hardly any time at all to make and they turned out super cute the next yawn I’m doing our wreaths for our front porch I decided I wanted to do wreaths on the windows this year as well as the front door so I’m making all of our wreaths using these wreaths that are from Walmart they were four dollars and forty eight cents each through the 24 inch wreaths and honestly they don’t look too bad but if I were you I would get the 24 inch wreaths from Hobby Lobby because they were only $5 so only like 50 cents more each with the 50% off so they’re originally $10 but with the 50% off at Hobby Lobby they end up being around five and I personally think they look a lot better than these ones do but these will have to work because I already bought them before I saw those so now I’m just using some ribbon that I found that Hobby Lobby and it was a huge roll of ribbon each of them were $10 each but then I got them for $5 with the 50% off and I ended up getting four rolls but I really only needed one roll for this entire project so here you’ll see I’m cutting all the ribbon that I need first before I actually start making the bows I made the first boat just to make sure I knew how to do it and then now I’m cutting the rest of the ribbon and I’m going to try to explain this the best way that I know how so basically what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna cut two pieces that you’re gonna hot glue in two loops and put on top of each other so the first piece I cut was about ten inches once it was folded and hot glued so here I’m doing all of those first and in the next piece that I cut once it’s folded over its gonna be eight inches your third piece of ribbon is going to be your tail tail I can’t even say that word but it’s gonna be your tail so as long as you want it to be you’re gonna cut those out and then I actually suggest going ahead and cutting the ends of your tails before you put the whole ribbon together but then I just took a little piece of ribbon that I’m going to take to wrap around it and hot glue that on you’re also going to need some wire I have some floral wire that I’ve already had and I just cut a bunch of pieces off and it’s going to go on the inside so that you can actually hook it onto your wreath if that makes sense [Music] so for the rest of my ribbon tails I went ahead and cut them so all you’re gonna do is fold them over and then cut from the center to the outside corners and it just cuts the perfect little ribbon tails for you so this is what all my ribbons ended up looking like after they were finished I loved how pretty they are I love the color and everything I feel like it’s super farmhouse II and the next piece of ribbon that you’re gonna cut is going to be for hanging your wreath and I ended up cutting these the exact same length as the tails are on the bows so I just cut double of that amount and then hot glued it on the top and this is how it looks it’s gonna hang from the windows in the front door the last DIY that I’m doing today is a Christmas doormat I got this doormat from Target for like ten dollars I’m gonna use a stencil spray paint on here and make my own little DIY doormat and I’ll show you exactly how I did it all right so I am NOT gonna lie this was the hardest DIY of all the ones that I did for Christmas this year and I’ve never made my own doormat so maybe that’s why is the first time making it but it was so tough and I will probably buy them off of Etsy from now on because all the women that do this as they’re a little sad business I want to support you guys because this is a lot of work so if you have an Etsy shop where you make DIY doormats let us know in the comments below so we can support your business so basically what I did was after I cut out my vinyl I pulled all the little pieces out so that I would have a stencil and I would highly recommend using freezer paper to do this and not vinyl because the vinyl sticks together it’s really hard to get it laid straight but after I finally got it where I wanted it I’d taped it off with some black tape and then originally I started using acrylic paint but realized that the spray paint would work so much better so that’s what I ended up doing and it worked out great now that we’re done with all the DIYs we’re gonna go ahead and start decorating the front porch and here we’re just using our wooden flowerpots and then these two trees that I got from Walmart they were $20 each they’re 4-foot tall it’s the same tree that actually have up in the playroom except the one in the playroom is blocked and I love these I feel like they are so cute and super chic now I’m just putting out the pillows that I made and then a few other pillows that I had from last year from Walmart and here on the swing I’m actually gonna use a blanket scarf instead of a regular blanket and then when we want to come cuddle up on the swing we can just bring our blankets out with us now chance is helping me hang our wreaths and we just use command hooks to hang them right above the windowsill and we also poked a hole into the ribbon so they could just hang right there and chance actually used a lighter to make sure that the ribbon was sealed and wasn’t gonna unravel now I’m going to add a few more pieces here to the front entryway and I just have this galvanized bin from Walmart and then the to lantern actually all three of the lanterns are from Walmart the two on the left were just recent purchases and then of course I’m adding bows to all the things just to make it look a little bit more festive and the last thing I’m adding is my new mat that I made I think it turned out super cute the one that is below it is actually from Hobby Lobby I picked up during the summer but I have seen them there recently as well you might know me to open the door just watching from inside here on the outdoor table I’m just adding this little bucket that I got from Walmart and one of my Walmart trees and then in this bucket I’m actually putting some fresh pine that chance pulled down up the pond trees in our yard now that we’re all done decorating I’m going to give you guys a house tour of the outside and inside of all the decorations now in my last to clean and decorate with me videos for Christmas I told you where I found all of my Christmas decor as I was putting it out and decorating so if you want to go watch those you can definitely check those out to see where I got items or if you have a question about something then definitely let me know in the comments and I’ll tell you where I got it from and anything that you want to know about my house as we go through this tour but to keep it pretty simple and not overwhelm you guys I’m not gonna tell you where every single thing is from but if there is anything that I missed when I was doing those decorating videos or if there’s something that I’ve added I will tell you guys throughout the video all right so I hope you guys enjoy this house tour and enjoy the music while you’re watching [Music] Merry Christmas [Music] every Christmas with now that you guys have seen the front porch we’re gonna go on inside and I’ll share with you the rest of the house so this is the view when you first walk into my house we have the dining room on the left and then right here to the right is our barn door where it actually goes into our office but we are not sharing that in this video because it is full of Christmas tubs that need to be cleaned and put up so I did not decorate in there at all and we’re actually trying to finish the office so hopefully that will be done within the next few weeks and I can share that with you guys but this little wreath here is from Walmart it was $10 and I just threw a little red bow on it [Music] here in our entryway I have our wedding vows that was actually a gift from chance for our anniversary a few years ago and then our mirror from Target and our entryway table which was actually a table that we had for a long time and a few years ago I decided to repaint it before we moved in our house with the a nice lone duck egg blue chalk paint and then we always like to just decorate here with some seasonal decor now these little Christmas trees that you see here are one of my favorite purchases from the last few years at Walmart and they were less than five dollars you can use them all over your house which I do you’ll see in the video they’re all over my house but I feel like they just make any room look more Christmasy or even wintery you keep them out for winter I just love them and I feel like they are such a great fund and now we are moving into the dining room [Music] now since my first clean and decorate with me I did add a few little pine trees here on the table from Walmart and I did tell you guys about the place settings and everything in my first clean and decorate with me for Christmas video but these plates napkins table runner and salt and pepper shakers are all from Target and they’re the threshold brand I feel like these plates were super affordable and so cute for Christmas and then these wicker placements were from Bed Bath & Beyond and they were the cheapest ones that I’ve found so far [Music] very Merry Christmas to you now this little cakes in here on the buffet table is actually one of my favorite pieces in here and it’s actually from home goods they do have a similar looking version of this cake stand at Target as well and I think they’re around the same price [Music] Stingo Garland’s a ribbon now this is the view of our living room from the dining room and our Christmas tree which is full of homemade and personalized ornaments I shared that with y’all and my Christmas clean and decorate with me last week when we decorated our Christmas tree and I just love the way it turned out this year and then this is my living room overview we decorate the bookshelves but I try to keep it simple and minimal in here I know some people don’t think that this is minimal but I feel like it is and I love the way that it turned out this year [Music] now another fun thing that I like to display at Christmastime are all the little DIYs that we’ve done over the years and this one I did with Kayson when he was just a baby he was just one year old and I love it it’s one of my favorite little decor pieces [Music] and then these books I always share with you guys I got from illustrated by Ashton on Instagram and she always does such a great job now I can’t remember if I said this in my clean and decorate with me video that I did the bookshelves but this red truck is actually an ornament from Walmart it was like five dollars and I felt like it was way cheaper than all the little red trucks that I’ve seen so definitely look at ornaments if you’re looking for shelf decor or little pieces that can go in baskets things like that [Music] [Applause] for you [Music] now our stockings here are from Personal Creations calm I got them years ago and we actually do have one for Cooper too but I need to find or put up another little hook to hang his but he does have a Christmas stocking that we fill every Christmas for him as well [Music] and I still need to put a picture in this merry and bright Christmas frame but I’m waiting to get our Christmas pictures for this year [Music] now this merry and bright pillow is from the target dollar spot I move the pillow that was on there into our bedroom and then all four of these clothes here are from Hobby Lobby the be merry pillow is from Walmart it was like ten dollars and then the other two pillows are from Amazon and I have these pillowcases and inserts linked in my Amazon favorites as well now here in our basket on the coffee table I actually have our Christmas card booklets that I’ve made over the years and basically audio is when our Christmas cards come I will display them and then after Christmas is over I tape them down punch holes in them and make them into little booklets by year so that way when people come over they can actually check out our cards and look through them and that was actually Brianna’s Christmas card from last year that I randomly flipped to all I was sharing this with y’all but I love going through these every year and seeing how much our friends kids have grown over the years and looking at our Christmas card every single year my kids love to do that and I just feel like it just is a good way to save the Christmas cards and not feel like you’re being wasteful and now we are going to move into our kitchen and breakfast area okay so I feel like Santa mugs are the thing this year y’all let me know if you have one this one came from Publix and I actually have a few from the Dollar Tree that are in our bedroom and then here in this basket I got tons of different snacks from the Dollar Tree I know a lot of people were asking me in my last clean and decorate with me where I got these and most of these snacks came from the Dollar Tree actually all of these right here did and then a few others of the snacks actually came from Target I just love having these fun snacks because when I make the kids snacks for school I try to do trail mixes and then I will actually pick one special treat to go into their trail mix and usually pick you know if I was getting the jingle bells I would just put maybe four of those into their trail mix just to have a little special treat in there slack [Music] now this is our hot cocoa bar and we plan on having lots of hot cocoa nights this year and using up all of these goodies and snacks and everything and this little gnome like I said earlier about the ornaments it was actually an ornament from Walmart and I just stuck it in here and I just thought it was so cute but almost everything in here is either from Target or the Dollar Tree [Music] let me just what [Music] this is where the tide will all your wishes welcome then you to love again now here in the corner of the kitchen I just have a family plate that was created by Gracie Joon and a candle all we have our fruit out and another one of those little Christmas trees [Music] like that shine now I always like to put some sort of festive hand towels here in the kitchen on the stove and on the dishwasher but we don’t use them to dry our hands or anything they’re basically just decorations y’all let me know if you have them for decorations or if you actually use them [Music] and I’ve probably said this in every video recently but this is the mrs. meyer’s snowdrop scent and it smells so good it’s perfect for Christmas it’s perfect for winter they have it at Target I think it was just a target edition and they even have it online at Target now we’re moving on to the breakfast area and this is where we eat the majority of our meals unless we have friends over then we will eat in the dining room but this little centerpiece here was actually all flowers from the Dollar Tree and I just thought that they were so pretty for Christmas I did end up adding this Garlin here on top of our hutch from Amazon and then this wreath is from Hobby Lobby and I just threw a bow on it it’s one that we use year-round and I just added a bow [Music] now I’m taking you guys into our guest bathroom this is the bathroom downstairs that everyone uses so I did try to decorate a little bit in here as well [Music] and this is probably my all-time favorite Christmas picture with Santa that we have I don’t think case’ never really minded Santa much but Gracie Jun definitely was afraid at first from the lights to the mistletoe [Music] now this is one more little view from this side of the living room of the living room at the entryway the dining room that’s our balcony upstairs and then also the kitchen and breakfast area all right these holiday wanders with Albin oh my this is our master bedroom and it is the last room that’s on the main level so when our door is open you can actually see in here from the living room so I do like to decorate in here for the holidays too [Music] whatever we do we would be alright this holiday wonders will open your [Music] and [Music] now these are the little Santa mugs that I was saying I got from Dollar Tree I actually got those last year but I have found Santa mugs almost at every store I’ve been in recently and most of them are five dollars or less now we are going to move upstairs to the play room first and then we’ll go to kayson’s room the bathroom upstairs which is the kids bathroom and then Gracie Joon’s room now I did say this in my last clean and decorate with me video but I want to stay here again I have never decorated the kids rooms or the playroom for Christmas and this was just so much fun the kids faces were priceless when they came upstairs to see how I decorated the playroom the day that I did it and I just had so much fun decorating in here because I wanted to do it completely different than the rest of the house and I feel like I totally accomplished that we did lots of bright colors and kid-friendly stuff in here so I’m super excited to share this room with y’all [Music] now most of the stuff in this room is either gonna be from Target Hobby Lobby or Walmart and these pillows right here we’re all from Hobby Lobby and then the Christmas tree is the one that I was saying is the same as the ones at the front door except this is a flocked tree it’s $20 from Walmart and I just threw some pom-pom garland on top we got it nice and warm [Music] young and no seeking shelter from the Sun [Music] now we will be using our devotional ornaments to go on this tree as well which we will do every night from December 1st through the 24th and I did talk about this a little bit more in my last video my last clean and decorate with me video as well so if you want to know more about that then just check out that video [Music] now this was another fun little area to decorate was Gracie June’s kitchen and we just have our little advent calendar here and then a lot of this stuff on here came from the target dollar spot and I don’t know about you guys but I have found that the target dollar spot has been my go-to for decorations for pretty much every season recently and it really gets me in trouble because it’s not a dollar I end up spending like 50 to 100 dollars by the time I walk out of there [Music] stripes and kids [Music] see [Music] now the other fun little project in here was this DIY Dollar Tree a village that I created for the kids playroom and I talked about all the steps that I did to make this in my last clean and decorate with me video so definitely go check that out so you can see how I made it and now we are gonna head into kayson’s room now in the kids rooms I kept it pretty simple both of them have a little Christmas tree in their bedrooms kayson’s Christmas tree was actually one that we already had from a few years ago will be used for decoration and it was from Hobby Lobby and then kayson’s pillow cases are from Amazon and the throw blanket is a fabulous row from Walmart [Music] now I did surprise my kids with their Christmas trees their pillows in their blanket and then I also got the ornaments but they actually helped each other and decorated their own Christmas trees by putting their ornaments on together now we’re going into the next room which is the kids bathroom and this is the bathroom where all their friends use the restroom so I just put in a little festive towel one of those little Christmas trees and actually this Christmas tree was from the target dollar spot and then the snowdrop scented hand soap now moving on down the hall we’re gonna go to the last bedroom that we decorated and this is Gracie Joon’s room [Music] now the bigger pillow here is from that same set on Amazon and then the smaller pillow is from the target dollar spot like I said earlier her throw blanket is a five dollar throw from Walmart and then this is another little ornament that I found at Walmart I thought it was so cute and just put it here on her nightstand and Christmas is my favorite time of year it’s beginning to look like all my wishes and then Gracie June’s little Christmas tree was actually a three dollar Christmas tree from the target dollar spot I did fund one at Target that was a little bit bigger than this that was so cute but it was twenty dollars and I don’t know maybe I’ll end up getting it next year but for this year this one is so cute and then I got both of their ornaments from Walmart alright you guys said this ends our tour here and I hope you guys had so much fun seeing my Christmas 2019 house tour as well as all of my clean and decorate with me videos for Christmas I’m so sad that this was the last one because they’ve been so much fun to make and so much fun to hang out with you guys in the lab premieres and in the comments and just chatting back and forth with y’all and hearing all about your Christmas traditions as well now y’all don’t forget to go watch Micha and Brianna’s videos I have links to their videos in my description box I know that they are gonna have such amazing home decor and I’m gonna pour myself a cup of coffee get snuggled up on the couch and start watching Christmas movies now that all of my decor for the season is up make sure to hit that subscribe button before you leave and if you did enjoy this video be sure to give it a thumbs up and I will see you guys in my next video bye babe it’s called they’re saying it’s time to have a merry day what a feeling now it’s time for Christmas

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