breaking into my best friends apartment (all nighter vlog) | Olivia Rouyre

breaking into my best friends apartment (all nighter vlog) | Olivia Rouyre

We broke in ! We broke in ! We broke in ! You do it. I'm not youtuber. I give you the honor. Really. Yeah. Practice WE BROKE INNNN Not really because I have keys But let's do some activities Alright what are we doing Amanda? Essentially, Emski is out of town, so we broke into her house. We're gonna do all the fun activities We would normally do if Emma was here But we're gonna do them without her because she's obviously not. Current time is midnight for us, which is basically noon for us. Nights just getting started parties just gonna happen. I'm gonna run into the wall and we're gonna see you on the other side of town WOW Chamberlain paintings!! Sorry! This night is already going bad. Love you CP. We have a lot to do Whoa, say whoa. I look bad. Yeah, me too, but I don't care just me. Ah Its been like 45 minutes and we're a little bit hungry. So we're gonna go through emmas fridge..and dizzy because we spun But we're gonna go through emma's fridge see if there's anything worthwhile. She's got some bread some frozen grapes Wait a second. That could be good put the grapes back in the fridge No, wait, I'm gonna put one in my mouth Fridge. We have yogurt , kombucha.. What is that? That's her steamed nut milk Steamed milk. and then We have a bunch of drinks Ooh. So postmates? So postmates crispy pork then. *fighting over frozen grapes olivia wants.. even tho she's allergic* Oh no no. Now it's under the stove. Catch one. Catch one I don't want that. Please don't unsubscribe. These are really cold. I don't even like grapes. I'm kind of allergic. We're getting postmates food now. I look like a chipmunk with uh.. I've had a smile on my face for like 5 hours Something stanks. mmmm… woah try it. We're gonna postmates crispy pork and then um I look like a potato. I have no idea what we're supposed to do here. Let's just postmates crispy pork Im hungry I want crispy pork king Olivias on X games mode. Im not on X games mode Sorry for using your deodorant emma Crispy pork gang update tired pushing through update don't know what I'm doing with my life or this video update Feeling all right kind of mad amanda didn't let me feed Napa more. Um But that's just how it is so…. don't really know what I'm doing here I feel like being in Emma apartment. There's literally no concept of time like whatsoever, because its so dark in here No natural light so you never know if it's like 1:00 p.m. 2:00 a.m. 6:00 a.m Any of the AM's or PM's. Our all-nighters are boring because realistically we just lay in bed. That's true and eat That's what we do video over So it's not a penny board you are a fraud you're a fraud I've never been on an elevator before We are in parking garage We're in the parking garage We are gonna skate board ok sup bro When did you put on my jacket? What are you doing with your life? We're going down a ramp oh my god this is going really fast this is going really fast ooahh silky smooth how was falling over? hey its me bellschnickel ive hacked the system im radical ok time for bellshnickel to leave You look great You have like a like a swagger. sorry 'bout it I feel like I look like too… "Sup welcome to my crib brah" im a skater boi you want my number momma you want my number? are u good? are you okay? Not in my new sweat pants its okay lemme see your butt lemme see your butt You're totally fine there's nothing. hows my shirt? fine. your good this is .. don't put that in you good bro? i wanna be a boarder bro. bro Prepping. did you not have your phone? No because there's no signal in the garage. We missed our crispy pork cause we were boarding in the garage Delivery never arrived. it said it was coming at 1:30 How many times they call? 3 What do we do? we're gonna reorder our crispy pork amanda's upset don't cry we ended up skating too long. So we missed our crispy pork so we reordered it and it's gonna be okay I just have gone into immediate emo hour. we can accept that. can we? we can. hey its fine your fine everything's fine This is luxury baby. am i feeling sassy. am I feeling sad am i feeling bright am I feeling bright am i feeling like i gotta vomit? Even like Violet Beauregarde Yeah, I am I showered crispy pork just got here We're gonna go to Urgent Care in the morning because I have red bumps all over my body and I'm concerned that I spent ten minutes on WebMD trying to figure out what it is. I told her not to google it. I have red bumps all over my body and I'm concerned. i have a rash Okay roles are reversed I have a rash and I'm worried about it and you tell me we're going to urgent care tomorrow How would you feel would you be like you're gonna be fine, you know think that I wouldn't You you you and you're gonna be fine. Yeah people get rashes all the time. Okay all the time Your could be a detergent could be a perfume could be a lotion could be something in the air, bro okay your right your fine okay. okay lets eat alright okay you got egg roles you got egg roles I got wait. What what no, no no. No, where's our rice? No No I'm gonna kill myself. Ah we literally ordered it and it didn't come because we were skateboarding in the garage then we ordered again and it comes with no rice and the order is wrong. Let's see. What kind of rice she has. All I was looking forward to. um, steamed brown rice i hate brown rice Update first load of laundry completely done. It's 3:00 a.m. Now we're gonna go to Rite Aid. I know how to fold a fitted sheet Save me also showered smell better. Yeah, we both smell a lot better, which is really good made some advancements See you when we go to Rite Aid. Okurr, Okurr. Okurr, Okay Okay! Why do you always have to get angry? Cuz it's funny cuz it's a joke just like getting angry at very little things that don't make people angry Let me just explain Olivia for a second She keeps saying that the rash is getting worse as she simultaneity me seriously with the lisp.the whole time touching and scratching and rubbing the rash its like like 3:00 a.m. And I'm not really tired. Which concerns me. Whoa. Oh, this is cool. oh i can't open it. stop touching emma's stuff and do your closet interview There's a panel i just wish my concerns around here would be taken seriously we're gonna go to Rite Aid and we're gonna get Emma a gift and Like a bear or something. Do you want to try on her clothes later? At least we showered really upset about crispy pork King, but We're making do if you rub a rash it's gonna get more red like if you itch a mosquito bite it's gonna get bigger oh that that was hot here's the deal folks it's just past 3 a.m. Olivia wants to go to rite aid I don't want to go to ride I don't want to do that Took a shower over the crispy pork again failed feeling fine. Also. Olivia's rash has really become the Focus of the evening. It's just a rash I get em you get em we all get the rash anyways i've actually never smelled poo pourri before not bad What's your rating it broke my scale she broke my scale she's beautiful is that Satisfactory enough for you. Yeah, k I don't wanna go. Okay, but we're gonna go But we're gonna go we have to get something for EM do it for EM plus. You need a red bull . Okay, but you still have to oh, yes Pulse is active. Okay. Boom. Okay, but you gotta go to Rite Aid i just drooled i don't wanna go Okay, why do i look bald. its 4:10 a.m. We're at Rite Aid now how did we get here We drove actually doing okay, that's sort of concerning. It's really concerning how well we do this late at night. Yeah, actually Nocturnal I'm more awake at night. I used to not be like this. I used to not be able to stay up And now now it's for 4:11 a.m. Even if I go to bed at like 8 p.m. I still sleep till noon Let's go into a freaking rite aid WOO HOO I need shampoo and conditioner because I'm out at my house cuz you guys used it all Yeah cool unpopular opinion i have a toothbrush right? yeah we need to get her more tampons, diapers. we are friends Diapers, yeah, but that's it shopping cream. We want like actual I think this okay Intensive healing cream that's what we're getting. Okay now lets get.. for her rash. for my rash because we're not going to Urgent Care anymore because we think its a stress rash I think it might friends with a child but What about a Bop It no bubbles putty yeah, we can get a dog and a whoopee cushion Okay, hold on I found the cheese it's Sometimes like I have vivid childhood memories buying these markers and then being dry, so we'll see how that goes I think someone stole a mark out of this one. Well, I think that suppose someone comes and steals one marker dude. It happens I'm a natural. Does it look okay. i think u have a rash. what do i do now? got red bull. probably not a good idea. It's 4:34 for how do we spent 23 minutes in there? Yeah, cuz we're ADD comes up. It's Literally 4:36 am i honestly could go on a road trip right now Red Bull looks like urine you know how i know that? I know that dude Red Bull tastes like apple juice piss. That's the most accurate thing You have ever said we don't know where the top of these cans have been and by home, I mean Emma's so ready I feel gross. We're putting on the mouth after we're drinking red bull And the last load of laundry has been put in we're gonna go to bed yeah we are and then we'll get burritos i trust you to write on the poster because I have horrible handwriting I'm gonna draw a cat on it Okay, okay This is why you were student body president because you can do posters I couldn't I could not I that's why I didn't win al first of all I didn't run second of all I can't make posters. We've finished yay Nice t Olivia drew that looks like a person. I'm sorry This is why people don't let me do posters I drew clouds and amanda didn't like them cuz they're purple I'm sorry, it gives it character I'm folding. Okay. Goodnight. The last load of laundry is in the dryer. We're done we've to get up in three hours Good night. We'll do a real outro in the morning. Okay. Bye My battery's about to die. and so am i . We got like three hours of sleep. and then we went and got burritos, and now we're gonna take a three hour nap. How are you feeling? Okay, so that's all for this video see you next time Oh


  1. Maggie Hurley

    Did anyone else think that the "rash" was because of the grape she had in her mouth at the beginning, AND then she said she was allergic to GRAPES??? AND THEN she started complaining about the "rash" for a while and Amanda or Olivia didn't even think about it?

  2. Jianna Young

    Amanda looks so dead but so alive at the same time and im living for it lmao please be a youtuber

  3. Gracie Playle

    how are two people so perfect? like olivia you are the prettiest person i’ve ever seen in my whole life and amanda you’re so prettyyy and funny and pure i love you both so much 💖💖💖

  4. Darian Shimizu

    Olivia to Amanda : Do YoU wAnT tO TrY oN hEr ClOtHeS lAtEr ….. At LeAsT wE sHoWeReD
    such a big mood

  5. Two subscribers With no videos???

    When I was little I had bumps all over my body…

    I went to the dermatologist and she put beetle juice on them…

    They went away…

    I think that beetle juice made me go crazy…

  6. T a c o b o u t A l e x a

    Are y’all stupid or something because at 13:45 it shows Grayson and Ethan together. Turn your phone wide. Lmao.

  7. Laura Torío

    omg all those Ethma😂😂 did you came because the viedo of "proof that Ethma is real"?😂😂

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