Bill Black – How a Neighbor Can Affect Your Home's Value

Bill Black - How a Neighbor Can Affect Your Home's Value

hey welcome back to the blog I want to talk to you about something serious today we've had a lot of people that have gotten in touch with us in regards to what are my legal rights as far as my neighbor goes you've always told us that when you buy a house you're buying the neighborhood and so make a make sure you look around and see what the neighborhood looks like drive around the block and all that kind of stuff it's wise counsel you don't want to necessarily be the most expensive house in the neighborhood nor do you want to be the nicest house in the neighborhood if you wind up buying the junkie estas in the neighborhood and the money you put into the house is going to increase the value and increase the neighborhood that's a great situation to be in so let's talk about the neighbor that maybe you buy a house and the neighbors not keeping his property of what can you do first of all is list out the things that you want him to take care of him or her second of all make sure you know what your state ordinances are there may be some city ordinances where maybe a trees out of control that you can call them and say hey this trees creating a big problem come and come and talk to us about what our options are here you can get a hold of the city officials in that regards the other thing is I keep in mind that when you buy a house you're not buying the house you're buying the land and that boundary and that boundary goes up into the air and so you've got legal rights to everything that is imagined offense you've got you've got that boundary that you have legal rights to so if you've got a neighbor's tree that is over on your property draw a line straight up from where that fence is and go straight up and you have the right to trim that tree from without permission you can do it you may cost a little bit of a fight or consternation with the neighbor so best thing is you can go talk to them but if you want to go ahead and and trim it you cannot kill that tree though you kill that tree legally you can be responsible up to three times the value of what that tree is so you got to be careful in that regards if it's a mud issue or if it's a water issue there may be a situation there where the engineers for the s ID or if you've got a homeowner's association they'll get involved in it as well so if you've got an issue like I call me and let me know and we can take care of it I have physically gone over taking a look at a house and I've written the people at it and say you know you're affecting the values of the neighbor the neighbors thinking about putting their house up for sale can you do something about it but the best thing is don't get an attitude don't lose your temper over it set up a time go talk to him and chat with them we've even seen some people offer to go over and help clean up the property in one case of as an elderly man and he just couldn't do it and so they got a church group to go over there in that church group took care of it so reach out to your neighbor and help them out they may not know how they may not even know that it's an issue so talk to him do it in love be patient be kind to them and I'm going to put an article on the blog so that you've got more information and then go from there so if you have any questions give me a call otherwise go out make it a great day okay we'll talk you later

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