Best town to live in Arizona – Life in Phoenix

Best town to live in Arizona – Life in Phoenix

Where is the best town to live in
Arizona? Well one national magazine thinks that it is
Goodyear Arizona and named it in its top 50 cities to live in the entire US
of A. So let’s find out why Goodyear is one of the best places to live in the
Phoenix area and why it’s getting national attention. Hi i I’m Amy Hayslett and
I’m a Realtor in Phoenix and on my channel I talk about life in Phoenix and
the Phoenix real estate market. So if that’s something that interests you I’d
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So Goodyear is a city located in the West Valley. It’s a suburb of Phoenix and
it was established in 1917 and it’s one of the fastest growing areas around
Phoenix. Currently with about 83,000 residents. Money Magazine recognized it
and ranked it as the 22nd best city to live in in the US of A and it’s the only
city in Arizona that made this year’s list.So why is Goodyear such a great
place to live? First of all it has great communities. communities like Pebble
Creek which is an award-winning 55-plus master plan community, Palm Valley and
Estrella, which was recently named as the top 27th selling master
plan community in the entire United States by Real Estate Advisors. Goodyear
has been growing and is becoming more popular so its prices are going up a
little bit. The median price home in Goodyear is around $295,000 which is a little bit higher than the rest of the valley
coming in around $270,00 for median price. You can still
however find many affordable homes in the Goodyear area in the mid 200s.
nother reason why Goodyear is one of the best places to live in the Phoenix
area is because of jobs. The median household income in Goodyear is right
around $78,000. Many of the residents do commute back
into Phoenix because of the proximity to the
city and also because traffic on the westside is a bit lighter than it is on
the eastside making Goodyear a good option for those who work downtown. The
City of Goodyear itself is attracting lots of jobs though including great
employers like Nike and Microsoft. Great amenities are another reason why
Goodyear is a great place to live in the Phoenix area. Spring training is huge
here in Arizona and the Goodyear Ballpark is home to both the Cincinnati
Reds and the Cleveland Indians during spring training but the rest of the year
you’ll find all kinds of events going on at this wonderful facility including
movies in the park and food truck events just to name a few.
Goodyear is also home to the Estrella Mountain Regional Park which is 19,480 acres of desert and mountains.It includes 33 miles of trails
for hiking biking and horseback riding and it’s one of the largest county parks
in the country. And Goodyear will soon be building its first ever Recreation
Center with an 86 acre campus and aquatics facility. So those are just a
few reasons why Goodyear is one of the best places to live in the Phoenix area
and why Money Magazine ranked the city as one of its top 50 cities to live in the
entire US. Now I want to hear from you what do you think about Goodyear do you
love it? Ttell me what you like about Goodyear in the comments below. I look
forward to hearing from you. Thank you for joining me and I’ll see you next
time.Bye bye!


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    Kristina Smallhorn

    It has "Good" in the name, how bad could it be!? Wooo, 295K median price is high in comparison to our area here in Baton Rouge. But that county park looks amazing.

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    Jose M Garcia

    Thank you for sharing this video about Goodyear Az. This is wonderful news to me because I am going out there for a visit in November to do a little bit exploring in different areas of Goodyear.

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