Best Free Nature Assets | Unity Asset Store 2019

Best Free Nature Assets | Unity Asset Store 2019

Games contain many assets be that models
textures sound effects etc and as an indie developer or a solo creator
getting high-quality assets without blowing the budget can be challenging so
I decided to start a new short series which goes over my favourite free assets
found on the unity asset store in today’s video we are going to be
covering assets in the nature / organic category, all assets as usual will be
listed in the description below so to start off let’s look at rocks first one
is called ‘Rocks and Boulders 2’ by Manufactura K4
this is a great package with a diverse range of rock models in both a standard
and snow version the prefabs also come with colliders but unfortunately no LOD
system which will make these models difficult for optimization next we have a package called ‘Photoscanned
MountainsRocks PBR’ by the Tales Factory similar to the previous package a
diverse range of rock models are provided in high quality due to the
models being generated by the method of photogrammetry which involves taking a
photo of an object in different angles so that a photogrammetry algorithm can
analyze the photos to create a 3d representation, the prefabs come with
colliders and a LOD system which is great! As a tip I would recommend
adjusting the LOD group fade mode to cross fade and then tick animate
crossfade to create a fading transition between LODs moving away from rocks
let’s now look at trees 🌲 to start off let’s look at ‘HQ autumn dry
maple tree’ by digital Antichrist this package comes with ten variations of the
maple tree all with animated wind effects unfortunately these artists do not come
with an implemented LOD system or colliders. Next we have the ‘birch tree
pack volume 1’ by Works for Fun which includes 10 birch tree models with a
very nice texture quality unfortunately like the previous package LODs aren’t
provided and the prefabs do not have colliders by default Yughues free palm trees by Nobiax / Yughues provides a range of palm tree prefabs perfect for a tropical scene the
prefabs do come with colliders by default, although, there’s no LOD system now, there are a lot of great tree models
hidden in larger packs like the following two that we’ll be looking at
if you don’t want to download the full package remember you can untick the
assets you don’t want when the package preview appears, so our first larger
package is the ‘Rocky Hills Environment Light Pack’ by Toby Fredson I love this
package as it is one of the only free packages you can find good quality
spruce trees and if you have watched any of my other videos you would have seen
the models from this package tons of times
anyway this package contains six different spruce trees all with
colliders on the prefabs unfortunately no LOD system although the package also
contains rocks and various ridges ‘Flooded Grounds’ by Sandro T provides 8
detailed tree models as well as five bush models the trees do not come with
colliders by default or a LOD system 8 rock models are also provided in this
package with colliders and a LOD system there are also 11 grass meshes, effects
are also available providing a falling leaf effect the package is large in size
being 958.1 MB so remember that you can untick the assets that you
don’t want to install into your project if you do install the entire package you
will also have access to an extensive modular building system but I won’t go
over this as it extends outside the topic of this video. Looking at more
specific details now the asset ‘Fallen Tree Barrier-Free’ by Professional 3D Captured
Objects Game Ready and ‘Stump’ by Zura can provide a great way to add further
detail and interest to your grounds the fallen tree barrier also comes with
separate components and a LOD system Mikołaj Spychał asset ‘Toadstool Pack
Photoscanned’ also provides 3 high quality models with an implemented LOD
system. Moving away from trees let’s look at ‘The Grass Flower Pack Free’ by Aleksey8310, as a way to add greater depth and color variation to the
grass textures of our scene this pack comes with 12 1k resolution flower
textures. For water I believe the best you’re going to find for free in a
realistic aspect is from Unity’s environment package, the water from this
package is the water I use in the majority of my videos you can download
this package by going to Assets>Import Package>Environment, if your like me and
“custom package” is the only option that appears don’t worry we can still get the
same pack by going to the asset store and downloading the ‘Standard Assets’
package by Unity Technologies the environment pack also
comes with tree models, grass textures and various terrain textures, for additional
water effects such as waterfalls and rain Unity provides multiple high
quality particle effects For textures good website that are often use is
‘’ which contains a range of high quality materials perfect for any
game. That’s all the assets for now hopefully with all of these you’ll be
able to make some awesome level designs 😊 I understand that there are thousands of
assets out there on the store so if you think that I missed one let me know in
the comments. I’ll be continuing this series looking at more free assets in
differing areas such as effects, audio, buildings etc – make sure to subscribe
to not miss them with that being said I’ll see you in the next one! 😄


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    Alan Friedl

    This is awesome, what i was waiting for. Thank you very much for the effort. I never knew the standard assets package came with such environment sources, or the come separatedly? I couldn't get it clear that. I dont know what happen with the flooded grounds but i keep trying to download the package and it keept failing to finish the download, it simply stop the progress at some random point for no reason aparently. I certainly will take a look on all of those assets, look very good, thanks again.

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    zia azad

    And for the paid ones,
    If its like you can only buy one or two assets, i would say invest in nature manufacture’s vegetation pack,,
    For water i would dfntly recommend aquas :3

    XD btw not saying this to u sketch :V you already have them probably,, and that’s really such a good collection of free assets,,,

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    Thanks! By the way, NatureManufacture is AMAZING, even though they might be kinda expensive to small indie developers, they are always great deals, and more worth it than I would expect.

    Btw, you're getting close to 1000 subs!

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    Agamenton G

    Wait a second, you have only 667 subscribers? I thought it's 677K 😀 …. you deserve way more subs, so +1 from me.

    EDIT: Also if you are still accepting ideas, I'd love to see either a winter forest or something like grand canyon(view from bottom). Or burning village would've looked awesome.

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    Jg GodDelta

    Could someone explain me why when I add the flooded grounds grass to my terrain , the grass tends to acquire a rectangular shape?? Not at first but when you add more it kinds of reorder into rectangles leaving big empty squares. Thanks in advance!

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    Congratulations Sketch for the good work!
    Could u do a tutorial about water reflex?
    That would be great!

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    Challenge Accepted

    Thank you very much…

    I am making a game like PUB-G and i am adding here some animals….is it good idea!

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    A bit late, but you can download some high quality textures at quixels megascans free assets on their site. And you forgot about unity's book of the dead? It is amazing! But still, Very nice video!

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    On remember you can use Materialize (free) to create PBR textures from any flat textures in an instant.

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    Great video. Never actually knew how many things were in those packs and now I do haha ty…also please help with a video on how to apply water please I can never get it to even go on any scenes. One more thing I have that grass flower pack but they look no where near as clean as the one in your video is there something I'm missing work wise in the inspector to get it looking like that and not blotchy crayon Mark's?

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    Great video! These are realistic ones though. How about fantasy nature assets? I guess you could call them "lower poli".

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