Arnold Schwarzenegger: Real estate mogul?

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Real estate mogul?

when you were in your early 20s why did you always feel your future was in business and how much easier did you find it to start a business in the States well you know there's some people are born with a certain talent and I don't know why I had a feel for business to make you know money and – I was never shy of working I always loved working and always kind of was good and figuring out and how to make money and even when it was a little kid at the age of 13 I was working at various different places and making my money so I could buy my gym outfits I could buy my training shoes I could buy myself a bicycle and all of those things I never had to ask my parents first of all my parents would have never bought it for me because they didn't have the money and so I bought it myself I went to work and they figured out how to make the money and how to make them pay me a lot of times as a grown-up even though it was like a 13 or 14 year old kid but they loved the idea so much like it some Factory I would work in the glass factory where just sweep up glass and you know and get rid of it and you know they will pay me as a grown up having you've been on the business front involved with everything from owning a 747 to construction to a mail-order business to real estate what have you found the obviously outside of acting that you've had most success in over the years I was very fortunate in real estate for instance but again it you know you have a nose for you don't you have a were a young kid who was just over in the States and you're just starting to make money and investing like it seemed like every dollar you could into real estate like how did you I would save I would save every single dollar that I made and I didn't make much money at all but I would save every single dollar that they made if it did a seminar somewhere or posing exhibition or my mail-order business that started really little I will save everything and I remember that when at $26,000 or whatever it was I had in cash in the bank and I was looking around like a fanatic for a apartment building and I felt very strongly that before I ever buy an apartment condominium or a house I got to have income property first so and what was what happened was is that they bought then eventually a six unit apartment building and in the front it had the owners unit which was electable the size of all the other apartments so there was perfect for me so that my apartment and I had an apartment building and I remember I bought that apartment building for 235 for $240,000 and then you know two or three years later we sold it dig for double and so I made me this twenty six thousand dollars basically you know 150 thousand dollars almost two hundred thousand dollars profit so think about what percentage of profit there's over a period of just three years right so this to me was very clear but ain't no I had I had the courage to do it to take all my money and that there wasn't one single dollar left and put it in the end of this investment and that's what I always did and eventually I had like you know a hundred plus apartments and I had a great business and this was way before and then offices also started investing in offices and Main Street in Santa Monica and so before I ever did if the film or God really heavily into the film business I already was a millionaire from the real estate deals that I've made them forward a success that in real estate


  1. Mister Statisyahu

    Something about his real estate story doesn't quit add up to me. He is smart enough as a kid to look for income property, but doesn't know the profit margin? Who took care of this place? Did he pay for that or do the vurk himself? How is he bodybuilding and managing property? I love Arnold, but my bullshit meter is getting a slight reading. Also at the end he claims he was a Billionaire. In 1970 by sweeping glass and doing posing routines, then buying a small apt he became a billionaire? Also how did he sell for double three years later? This was the 70's I just do not think real estate was that volitile back then. What would make someone pay twice what he paid. Did he make massive inprovements, where did he get this knowledge from? It seems really fishy. But I still love Arnold but I feel like he is telling us a fib here.

  2. shanenolan85

    His rags to riches real estate story sounds similar to past Lakers owner Jerry Buss 💯 pumped majority of income into rental property and took advantage of the tax credits and loop holes and built a fortune 💰💰

  3. Eric Haynes

    Funny, in his book Arnold admits a real estate lady went out of her way to explain every housing segment in L.A. and she was the one who set him up with his first apartment building. It wasn't his nose, it was a CONNECTION.

  4. TDA Telefonio Do Antonio

    Yeah but he has no honor. He fucked the maid and made a bastard kid. Maria trusted Arnold and the maid. Very bad thing to do to your family and wife. Arnold can go fuck himself with his money. He is a piece of shit. Even though he did well in life he failed at the most important thing. So he is stupid.

  5. Gary Tesla

    Arnold is gifted and talented. He could easily be a teacher. I wish I could meet him. He's inspirational.

  6. Richard Ong

    I keep on thinking about the Bill Burr bit on Arnold which is hilariously true and even an ESPN short film on his start in body building. The man is pretty remarkable.

  7. Bryce

    It would be epic to be late on your rent, and the terminator kicks in the door and says your rents due motherf**ker

  8. insaneapples

    People think Arnold is a big, dumb action star with no real education and a limited English vocabulary but he's actually brilliant.

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