Abandoned Log Mansion In the Woods (Forgotten Homes Ontario Ep.20)

Abandoned Log Mansion In the Woods (Forgotten Homes Ontario Ep.20)

no I'm I'm so gasps I'm gonna have to check for so many pics after this oh yeah alright what is up guys it's Noah here and today we were exploring an amazing abandoned log mansion it's just in the middle of nowhere but it's so crazy it's it's unlike any other abandoned spot I've ever seen super sick big shout out to Ethan for the help on this one well not even the help for finding this one this was a pain in the ass I look for like two like days straight almost just for this so it's gonna be sick I'm hyped to check this one out and yeah let's go explore alright guys so I don't know what this is for here but looks like they would have like old wagon wheels almost hanging from it like that was just one but it's just split in half now this place is incredible like if that like without even going inside it's incredible we actually it geez this is like a dream home to find at their garage holy that's crazy okay that's what the go in so you can see the garage over there was that three car for car here's the front of the house holy crap that's a shame though look how nice the house is literally though that is ridiculous oh my god all right guys we're gonna go inside check it out see what's up that's creepy Oh door swinging oh my god welcome thank you holy holy Wow bro what are you saying about this I don't even this that's shaded like what he call me Jesus man I mean it's been right think it's been a little bit more wrapped up since we saw them go but who cares guys this is incredible look at this staircase in here Wow it's all it seems like it's all real wood I mean it would make sense it's a log cabin how do you think like this is pretty fire so there obviously was a railing here there obviously was a railing here but it looks like some kids have come through and they've demolished it pretty much as you can see it's sitting over here she's cool what I think is cool is how they mixed in like the brickwork with the actual house jeez man somebody set a fire in here you can see I mean of course there's gonna be a fireplace and somewhere like this there's no way that they're not gonna have that so this is just another entrance from the main patio in the backyard the deck sorry it's in here interesting law firm choice got a bidet and then the regular toilet I think it's cool everything's like with the green pattern and like the nature bar in there they've got some birds I like a branch and they have the wood tram it all feels like it fits really well sounds like a closet that they had she's cool like this is almost like a resort that's what it feels like I think the style of the house just another washroom geez I might be a little bit windy guys that they are noisy with the wind imagine your bathtub being right here and this is where you look at it taking your bath that's your view and you got a nice mirror and then even over here you've got there was glass for the shower it all ran like right here but that's obviously then smashed it's everywhere on the ground this house this this one of the houses I've been wanting to see since it wasn't discovered it is absolutely amazing all right so that's gonna do it for this room here now we're gonna walk over and check out the kitchen look at this kitchen here man super-nice to get the fireplace in the kitchen look at the old stove look at that that's super nice tiling at the back at the pipe that runs up I'm gonna guess this there was a sink or something here I'm not sure old appliances old microwave all wood cabinets like this is that fridge actually yeah this is the fridge they hid the fridge within the style at the home that's amazing and the refrigerator's down there – got a big hood so they're really cooking in here it seems like seems like they're really this is a home though so it wasn't just like a little getaway log cabin in my opinion got the four burners at the top they were set up then over here I'm gonna guess over here was a dining room possibly it might have been a living room pretty sure the living rooms that room over there but this I think would have been some sort of dining room a formal eating area alright so we're gonna go check upstairs now guys first of all though this beautiful staircase so sick I like the green carpeting with it then from up here I feel like at that crazy chandelier I mean it's been it's been really vandalized there's a brick in it and there's that and there's no outside light but you know is what it is possibly a bedroom be crazy bedroom needs that right over the front of the house look at this washroom really crap man so we also smash the glass in here but again like this washroom is really nice fancy and you get a view outside kind of you can see from the actual bathtub itself but it's definitely nice awesome for sure then I mean obviously the woodwork in here absolutely amazing and then that thing up there that's a heat lamp for the room you can taught me that what do you think so far one of the best best mansions I've seen then I'm guessing these are bedrooms I mean they're really nice bedrooms are like it's almost like a t-shaped bedroom but you've got the big fan at the top woodwork again beautiful nice big beans everything's stained really nicely it doesn't smell like an abandoned house smells like a wood log cabin then from this bedroom here's the view you get might be windy but sorry but there's your nice square ways down to look at this the yeah I didn't even noticed that literally so this house like really really reminds me of something you find a Muskoka and that's kind of where we assumed this house would have been but I mean the odds of us finding something like this in Muskoka that's abandoned with the thousands of log managers that are there super unlikely so we're happy we found it one of my favorite spots of the year so far personally I mean we just hit a really nice time capsule the other day but this is just so unique it's so different it's awesome alright guys we're gonna go venture now into the basement apparently smells like fire so that's something to keep enough a mind over these stairs are insane oh my god I can't see anything yet does my fire but their bar you're like the bar just so much would work in this house man oh the whole room that's like the only sort of spray-paint I've seen in this whole house is that one little mark so far yes if it's even these could have been bedrooms down here too I mean kids were in here punching holes in the wall or kicking holes yeah I know kicking you can see the footprint the bathrooms in this house are crazy-looking they're all nice and the doors intact big ol near and see yourself and there's angels that's interesting too Wow there is if you look there's angels all of painted above here for change think this room doesn't fit the rest of the house it's like the only one that doesn't but the the roof tiling or whatever is interesting the ceiling tiling yeah yeah laughs I mean it's fine not sure what this room was but you can see the kicks and the walls and stuff it's a shame for such a beautiful house so this is really the only graffiti that's in this house and there's some over here it says Bloods stuff like that but I mean other than that house is pretty much perfect still other than the vandalism I mean this once you know where this house is it's not super hard to find it so I mean the local kids have definitely come here and done a number on it but you know so brick in the frickin in the sink the hell's in here [Applause] I guess I guess they were putting in a sauna cuz there's the rocks for it but they either took it out or they never finished it that should be what it is then this is just unfinished in here so just go by it it's a big storage area under the stairs nothing really else in here doors are like solid would do I don't know what kind of wood but guess this is the laundry room probably trying to wind the window closed yeah I don't think it's gonna work for all the actual arms working it's funny okay guys so we're on the balcony you'd say I had two huge skylight so you can see all the glasses down here and shattered door inside something that's really cool it's this you'd see right here there's a spiral staircase that goes all the way down like a took an iron spiral staircase look at that it's so sick with yeah with a barbecue that some kids threw over yes oh it just happened Ethan so you're out front and taking some pictures and a couple of the residents nearby came and basically a couple words with us and they're actually over there right now walking in the front door savage if you say say the least but actually the guys were super super nice they're just telling us how the houses like I was like a hundred this thing was like a hundred years old or something oh yeah said it was historic I don't know if that's true or not but said that like a year ago it's the HUD stuff in it too yeah so I know it's interesting they're probably gonna be pretty shocked at the difference and they go in there but definitely interesting to see other people of your actions Nate it's funny because they they're literally they live in the neighborhood that's close to this and they're saying the kids come here all the time of party and nobody does anything about it so they don't care about the house this house is just being left to be demolished at this point super super shame but you know it's whatever can't do much about it at least the houses here we get to see it before it's completely mangled alright guys thanks so much for watching this explore of this massive event log mansion it was absolutely insane to check out you guys enjoyed if you did don't forget to leave a like on the video make sure to smash the subscribe button and make sure to go follow Ethan he's the one that brought us here as always big shot of him links will be in the description below and go follow my girlfriend Haley on Instagram links in the description below I'm hoping she's gonna start posting more photos so this is I'm hoping this locations gonna get her starting to do that so yeah hope you guys enjoyed see you guys in the next episode you you


  1. Cindy Silva

    Beautiful home, You can hear voices of children while your In the second bathroom from about 11:45 and a bit beyond, I hear a little girl yelling.. Maybe more children..

  2. Harmin Vlogs

    P.S. I know what you mean when you said it took 2 days straight trying to find this place. That happens to me often when I have little info trying to find a certain spot

  3. Connie Lambdin

    Beautiful log cabine, despite the hoodlums that smashed everything,if I were to guess it was idiots that have no respect for others belongings or an angry person that perhaps lost the home to the lenders, either way very sick,and glass and sheetrock isn't that expensive if you have money,-15 to 20'000 would undo the damages,it looks like they tried to totally destroy the place.

  4. Lacey Ryan

    Absolutely descipable what some people think is fun. That was a beautiful mansion until vagrants went in and proceeded to destroy it. So sad.

  5. ML Isaacs

    Nice job… Noah and Associates…
    You're right…it is a shame…that some folks felt the need to be so destructive….(there was NO need for it…*tsk*)
    If anyone were to take on the task of renovation…it would be costly….to say the least…(shame on the destructive parties….:-( )
    I bet….it was absolutely lovely in it's Glory days….you could almost feel the warmth in certain rooms…
    Thanks so much for sharing guys….


  6. Chris Boisvert

    Wow definitely one of your best finds. You can even hear in your voice how excited you are! Great job!

  7. Susan Miller

    I’ve seen this house explored several times. Each time it gets sadder. I wish a salvage company would please take the logs and doors. And then just tear it town. It breaks my heart. All the green, early 1990s. But still it was someone’s dream home.

  8. beth browne

    that glass panel, when coming out of the bathroom in the basement, ( 15 min, 57 seconds)
    seems to have a handle which looks almost like their may be another room behind.

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