[6 of 7] Answered: The top 10 FAQ's About Rental Property Management

[6 of 7] Answered: The top 10 FAQ's About Rental Property Management


  1. Dan Dean

    When getting your unit ready in between tenants… What are your most frequent tasks, and who do you get to do them? For example: painting, carpeting, deep cleaning, etc…

  2. Frank E

    I likd ur vids…..but you two must manage at a very landlord friendly state,…. such as Arkansas. some places, if the tenent pays late or pays before eviction court, the landlord cannot refuse payment, even if its the wrong form, but currect amount. You need to address landlord and property mgt in tenent friendly jurisdictions,….San Francisco, New York City, Chicago,….etc.

  3. Brad Pietrzak

    Wow I'm saving for a large down payment now. I got my money in order finally. These videos bring alot of questions to light. If I am not going to hire a property manager I need to make a business plan and created tons of systems before I even think of buying. I am in college soon I probably will start out hiring a manager just so I can focus on school but man this really opened my eyes

  4. Tyler Sellars

    Hey guys, how many Canadian clients do you service and would you be oping to share a testimonial from one?

  5. June Chen

    Excellent video. follow the process and treat as a business. This principle is not only applied to Rental business, it is also applied to any professional / business area.

  6. Jordan Guinn

    I am Interested in any forms that you may have on hand to make this process easier and to see if I have left out any valuable information that could save me money in the long run.

  7. working shlub

    property management is one of those business that it is better to be allies with your competition….share info on bad tenants etc…share storys and ideas. there is plenty of money to be made by everyone when they are managed well.

  8. Jack Burton

    You guys are awesome. I'll help you answer your own question, how often do you guys evict? If it is less than half a percent per month per 100 units, you are evicting 1 person or less, every two months.

  9. Grace H

    Hey there! First off, thanks so much for this video! My brother recently bought about 40 units with the majority already having tenants in lease here in North Carolina. He has hired me on as the property manager (background in real estate), and I'm currently working on getting everything streamlined, easy & accessible, and checklist-ready. We use the software, Buildium, which is very helpful.

    Do you have a specific set of checklists for the life of the tenant that you would be willing to direct me to or possibly sell for a small cost?

    Thanks again for all your expertise! I want to follow all of your videos like the bible- haha!

    -Grace H.

  10. Gustavo Montes

    Do you also as a property manager company need to have liability insurance to cover the properties you manage?

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