2008 Million Dollar ABANDONED Mansion

2008 Million Dollar ABANDONED Mansion

how's it going everyone this is Jake on the second channel take a look at this home it is bizarre to say the least we are you're just looking around for abandoned places and we came across this home which was built in 2009 this building is practically new this is real marble I mean this home is gorgeous this is gonna be demolished this is still a cooktop right here would have been flats I mean this building looks like brand-new Brendan and his friend Ashley are here this is the living room here this fireplace has seen better days I'd say it even looks like despite it being abandoned for just a few years the water damage is pretty substantial I'm here with Ethan Ethan what's your channel okay yeah what's the history oh she does need custom custom Wow 6,000 square foot redevelop it unbelievable yeah unbelievable staircase all real wood of course I mean this this home was built at I mean very high levels of degree geez Mario car pokemon cards probably the kids room I made this trying office actually printer please hockey or these emblems huh Wow seriously a beautiful house ceilings leave the crown molding on top oh I cannot believe this I mean I really can't let's go upstairs wow what a bomb alright let's just once ever time to a room like some beauty Oh cards back there I try not to get in front of windows here because some lego valuable lega are the most valuable thing of this house right now other than the house of course well the tiles look brand-new I mean other than the dust but they look brand-new this is extravagant this is a huge bathroom – hey pregnant hey yo you gotta see this yeah alright let me just finish off the the upstairs best friend you know it looks like yeah blue Wow look at that window this is a beautiful home I can't go over it I literally can't get over how probably oh my DA goes to jail a pry in the film from the genius of Tyler Perry oh man and they all have huge walking closets that is what's frightening when you see it in an abandoned house these two oh man look at that Proactiv still in there oh look at this it's like whoever bought this house just said okay bye crazy I know there's just stuff everywhere this so this would have been like the the laundry room here in 10 Dodie yes how much they get oh they got it from Blockbuster for one hundred and thirty nine dollars thank you though unfortunately Brennan you're seeing me in my prime now this is like my favorite abandoned spot this is way better than an abandoned Asylum oh please stop defending Ashley you watch me do a video on an asylum and get you two thousand views so oh they got a balcony right here.200 Mike look at this bathroom oh are you freaking kidding me did you guys see the bathroom in here yeah it's spectacular this is the nicest it's enormous oh my god somebody stole the faucet habit yeah they probably took it with them we're descending down down jeez a lot worse yeah where's this glass come from well I think the roof is so new that yeah that's true there's copper and yeah they started the frame thing so it looks like they were gonna build a few had like a door there that was like supplies this they'd probably turn into a washroom because they have water right there oh yeah yeah you're absolutely right that would have been like a family entertainment area rec area for the kids you know to the backyard my people what is it so why they have the fermentation cauldrons these aren't wine no yeah well this and then yeah what to call those jars of tomato sauce and stuff yeah and then they have olives or some sort of yeah use more wine bottles and then those are used to ferment oh yeah yeah this isn't the front of the building yeah what is that it's bird preserve okay well we're gonna end our tour here this is a fascinating what real Italians make their tomato sauce from okay thanks Brendon so we're gonna end the tour here you can't don't never use can't we those I appreciate you watching everyone this is quite the crazy place I'll see you all later


  1. Debbie Brister

    I felt sad for the little girl that left her Barbie collection behind! Someday she will wish she had them!

  2. StarLight

    Shows how shoddy the workmanship is when a house just at tens years has a leaking roof!! Beautiful house but $$$ is what drives these people and they just move on to the next unsuspecting prey!

  3. cheekyoziechick

    21 Irwin Place Bradford is on an invite..so maybe you could find out who lives there and trace the history of this place.

  4. Natanael Silva

    Eu já vir uma infinidade de vídeos de casas abandonadas que estam localizadas em diversas regiões dos EUA !!! A maioria das casas estam com cara de que foram saqueadas !!! E os americanos ainda vem com a conversa que é perigoso viver e morar no Brasil !!! Como vocês explicam essas casas que são mostradas no vídeo , a maioria destruídas, com caras de que foram saqueadas ??? Aonde é que está a falada segurança americana ???

  5. Fingull UK

    It is a shame that the occupants didn't donate to charity, instead of leaving behind toys, etc, some of which still packaged. Anyway, great video! Thank you for filming.

  6. Teresa Rager

    It looks like they said "Oh honey just leave it, it’s only money”! ☹️😖 We are the most wasteful and greedy nation there is. Most would sale their soul to the devil for a dollar. I doubt anyone even tries to salvage any of it. They would rather trash it than give it to someone who sincerely could use it. No we’re not entitled to another’s items but it is just a moral responsibility to be a decent fellow citizen. 💚

  7. Donna Dreyer

    That was built in 2009 ? That house is only 10 YO ! Probably a lottery winner built the home using ALL the money and went bancrupt.you can't bite off more then you can chew.
    Thats a beautiful home

  8. Little Bit

    No mattress on the one bed/ a girl's room. Naked Barbie dolls in Ziploc bags?!! Items, paper's, children's school work, Photos were left behind. Did a crime occur there?? Was/is somebody on the run?? Take the photo of the boy on the video and see if he is possibly a missing child. No I am not joking. I am absolutely serious.

  9. Dee Bee

    I figured they spent around 1 million and probably ran out of money and then developers came around and offered them 4.3 million which in turn the house was probably worth maybe 2 million so they pretty much retired more rich than when they first started off and got the hell out of there and retired rich and now living comfortable without mortguage payments or they just doubled there money on a quick sale.

  10. Heidi Allen

    Sad to see such wastefulness wish they could repurpose stair case use granite counter tops somewhere else,the windows etc

  11. thomas wolfe

    those countertops cost more than most peoples houses. nothing left in that house (NOTHING!) cost more than what they made per hour, and that is being modest. what was left was ALL garbage….they simply said "we dont need it and we cant afford to waste our time on scraps"

    maybe the housing crisis hurt them financially…..so they packed up and took their valuable stuff to one of their other 4 or 5 houses, but that was a family that cant be bothered to be bogged down by "peasant trash"

  12. Patrice C.

    I don't want to be mean, but when you can destroy a wall or a door with a kick or the roof leaks after 10 years you are far away of a high quality house.

  13. Rose Ann Clayton

    Beautiful staircase! Why do people have to damage an empty home? Such a shame. You have a nice voice!

  14. Steven Myers

    I guess it had no dining room. The room with the fireplace was what? Family room or living room? Most houses with 6000 sq ft have both. It would have been nice to see the yards. Best things about the house, in my opinion, is the stairs and the kitchen. Is the kitchen cabinetry cherry wood?

  15. Wendy Cunningham

    Ok….a roof should NOT be leaking on an 11 year old build, this house is not constructed correctly or with the correct materials.

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