2008 Land Rover LR3/ Quick Drive

2008 Land Rover LR3/ Quick Drive

Hi I’m Joe Weisenfedler for cars.com somewhere between the Land Rover lr2 compact SUV and the full-blown luxury Range Rover is
Land Rover lr3 now gas prices where they are and the
fuel economy on this model 12 City 17 highway the question of why would you
buy this model is more important than ever will examine
that now the main reason to buy NLR three is to go off roading because it
does things that most for my course cannot do it’s partly design short overhangs the
distance between the front bumper and the wheel gives you very steep
approach angle to climb steep inclines and an air
suspension a standard so basically you can adjust the height of the vehicle
for whatever ground here tempting to go over not just like there’s an off-road height
the opposite side that is access height which lowers the body all the way down
lower than you would have a while you’re driving to make it easier to get in and out and
a low-carbon now there’s an adjustment for the suspension height but aside from that instead of having to
manually lock and unlock differential do all that
stuff a lot of people don’t know how to do this truck into terrain response which
is a knob the basically does all the different changes for you in the height and the way that the the drive line
works you just choose by a pictogram whatever condition you’re
driving in so if you look outside to see snowflakes there’s no play return that one on p
look outside you see you know bumpy terrain you choose but
the train look outside there’s like a Buick going forty miles an hour in front
of you in the fast lane now people customarily by SUV’s for
cargo space this one actually does pretty well not
regard now notice that there’s a combination liftgate tailgate the reason is you
don’t need as much clearance back here you can also just reach an and grab
something here poor lower this down obviously when
Florida gotta reach a little bit farther out now with the SIS with the the seats
all folded flat you get close to a hundred cubic feet %uh total cargo volume which is actually
pretty good compared to the BMW x5 the Audi q7 the Mercedes m-class now the seats are
really nicely executed you’ll notice it’s a three-way split not
just a sixty percent forty percent which is nice you can fold them flat like this and then poll a strap on the
front make laps all the way for a flat floor like this or a different strap in the back tumbles the seat forward like so now why do you
need to do that well that’s the end. thorough now the third
row seats are also very slick in the way they work
spring-loaded to help you get it up and then here the question put up lights up at my high I’m 6’3 tall this isn’t bad
as a lot headroom for route the truck are leg room isn’t great on my
knees a raise the bet but it is workable now I’m in the second row again plenty of headroom the leg room is so so
this the seat is all the way back here the proxy I and the backrest a scoped out so it’s
definitely workable I’ve seen worse so we’ve got a vehicle
that is great off-road I it can tell more than most people more
than seventy five hundred pounds which is good but how many people really do that
vehicle starts at in the mid 40s this is a shitty the top 10 level it is
about fifty eight thousand dollars as equipped overall the quality is
decent inside there’s one thing really gets me and
that is to handle that sound if I heard it on like an
entry-level Ford Focus would make me live in for additional
information on this car or any other got a car start com on our blog kicking


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    It doesn't matter, no one buys them in the states anyway because of poor reliabilty ratings and poor reviews LR3 was like 8t of 8 in Car and Driver or something a few months ago.

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    D. Ernest Smith

    Yes, the interior…I complained about the plastic in my Discovery and was told that the thing would cost $200,000 if they made it like I wanted. I got used to it, it's a solid vehicle, but some of the plastic parts in the dash and stuff make me laugh.

    My 1969 on the other hand has NO plastic at all.

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    Jehu Hairston

    I heard that the LR3's have numerous problems like the electronic system and something about uneven tire tread?

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